Chapter 191: Epilogue

The Mid-Autumn Evening was for reunions!

After the queen of snakes ascended to immortality, she knelt before the Supreme Venerable Sovereign to ask for a pill of immortals to pay Lin Haihai back for saving her life. Thus Lin Haihai’s soul was able to return to the Daxing Dynasty. Fortunately, Yang Shaolun had preserved her body with an ice coffin. Lin Haihai returned to her body and opened the coffin before flying her way out. The power of the pill was no lesser than that of the spiritual pearl.

Wangchen’s heart pounded when she heard noises coming from the basement. She dropped everything and rushed in, just in time to see Lin Haihai emerge from the coffin.

She stared. She had had too many dreams like this. She couldn’t be certain if she was dreaming again.

“Do you miss me, Wangchen?” Lin Haihai said with a faint smile. She had finally returned. Wangchen was the first she saw. She would soon reunite with everyone she cared about!

“I don’t miss you!” Wangchen cried. “But I’ve been dreaming of you at night!”

“Where’s my man and my child?” Lin Haihai asked as she walked up to Wangchen. She wanted to see them. She wanted to be with them now!

“They haven’t returned for a long time, but they sent a letter saying that they would come back for the evening of the Mid-Autumn Day.”

Which was today!

Lin Haihai patted Wangchen on the shoulder, her eyes misty with tears that condensed on the tip of her lashes. She had missed her family and friends here so much. “I miss you a lot the past two years, Wangchen!”

Wangchen cried silently as Lin Haihai took her hand and led her out of the basement. Everything looked the same. The hospital seemed to have been frozen in time. The milk cow Zheng Feng acquired for her was still there, and it had gotten company. There were now two cows in the stable. Lin Haihai smoothed a hand over the fences, taking in everything she could see and feel.

“Welcome back, Superintendent Lin!” said Yu Qing’s mischievous voice. Lin Haihai turned to see a group of people looking at her with teary eyes. Everyone was there, except for her husband and their child!

She smiled. Her smile was light and warm. Nothing could possibly keep them apart if even the thousand years between them couldn’t.

She waited on the street for her husband. Finally, he appeared at the other end holding hands with a delicate-looking girl. They had travelled far to reach the city. His dark brows and handsome face were still as she remembered.

That night, their yearning hearts finally found their place.

At midnight, the little girl entered their room holding a pillow in her arms. She climbed into the blanket and declared, “You may be my mother, but father belongs to me!”

Lin Haihai chuckled. “Go stay with Uncle Li!”

Her eyes flashed deep blue, and the girl shuddered. Her mother was no regular woman. She couldn’t afford to get on her bad side!

“But Uncle Li would scold me,” the girl said pitifully. “He gets mad at me for wetting the bed.”

“Then don’t do it!” Lin Haihai beamed while slapping her on the butt.

The girl turned to Yang Shaolun, who wouldn’t even say a word for her. Her gaze shifted thoughtfully, and she said, “How about I stay with you while Father shares a bed with Uncle Li?”

Lin Haihai considered that for a moment. “Good idea. That’s decided then!”

Yang Shaolun widened his eyes, his face twisted into a dark scowl.

The next day, Yang Shaolun and Lin Haihai brought Ruhai to the palace to see the empress dowager. The empress dowager could now walk on her own. Although she wasn’t as agile as she had been in the past, she no longer had difficulties moving.

The empress dowager’s tears dropped like rain when the family of three knelt before her. She had been waiting for two years. Finally, Lin Haihai had returned!

Ruhai latched onto the empress dowager’s leg and said in a clear voice, “Why are you crying, Grandma? Aren’t you happy to see us?”

The empress dowager held the girl and wiped away her tears. “That’s not the case. Grandma is happy. I’m simply too happy!”

Yang Hanlun came as well. He looked handsome and imperious in his dragon robe. The past two years had matured him. He looked visibly delighted to see Lin Haihai.

They spent the night in the company of friends and family. Mid-Autumn Day was for reunions, after all.

Reunions were only possible after overcoming unimaginable difficulties and obstacles. The painful struggles, scorching tears, arduous wait… Any of that could tear a person to pieces.

It was important to have faith, which was what Lin Haihai had given Daxing - Love could fill all void! Even after losing loved ones, we could still love others. When that was also impossible, we could love the world!


Postscript from the Author

And this marks the end of this story!

My inspirations for Lin Haihai came from modern day volunteers. There were many women like her. They were often mocked as fools by those around them, but they held fast to their beliefs and continued to do what they considered the right thing. There was nothing special about them, but their hearts were full of passion and love. They loved themselves as well as other people.

There were many people like that in the aftermath of the Great Wenchuan earthquake. They were nobodies. Some had even been struggling to live under the poverty threshold. And yet those who could afford it donated money, while others donated blood or voluntarily helped raise funds. No one would recognize them once they took off their uniforms. They lived by their beliefs and love.

Lin Haihai was such a person. An incredibly lovely woman!

Finally, there are many people I must thank. Many readers have left comments for me. Last month I was unable to update frequently. People were bothered by that, but their support for me remained steadfast. For that, I’m incredibly grateful! This story has brought me many new friends. That’s something unexpected I gained from the writing process. Sincerely, I’d like to thank everyone again!

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