Chapter 19: The Emperor Arrives

Yang Shaolun frowned after listening to Yang Hanlun’s report.


General Chen had always been loyal and devoted. It was impossible for him to leave the army without authorization. Although it was said that generals at the borders can disobey imperial orders and act accordingly to any sudden situations, General Chen would have reported in advance whatever actions he took. In these past two years, particularly, there had been no fighting at the border, but he insisted on staying in the army and leading the troops to cultivate the land, thus saving a lot of money for the imperial court. Yang Shaolun thought something must have happened at the border.


He put his hands behind his back, took a few steps, then summoned the Minister of War. He, precisely, was Chen Birou’s father.


"Imperial Brother, what do you think of this?" Yang Shaolun asked.


"Something major must have happened in the army. Actually, I dispatched an 800-mile-speed urgent delivery to rush to the border last night, hoping to find out the truth as soon as possible!" Yang Hanlun was rather worried.


"Well done! Report to me promptly once you receive any news! " Yang Shaolun's eyes shone with approval.


"Thank you for your compliment, Imperial Elder Brother. I'm just worried about General Chen’s condition. That female doctor said that if he doesn’t wake up after twelve hours, she’ll open his head to have a look!"


“What? She’ll open his head? Absurd! Who is this female doctor? Why didn't you summon the imperial physician!” Yang Shaolun barked.


“I did. The imperial physician is currently diagnosing him and we’ll know the result very soon,” Yang Hanlun answered him timidly.


“What the hell is going on?” Yang Shaolun asked in a bad mood.


Yang Hanlun bolstered his courage and told Yang Shaolun the entire story from start to finish, including being beaten up and kicked out the door. But, he concealed the fact that Lin Haihai was his very own princess consort.


Yang Shaolun furrowed his brows. Who would go so far as to beat up a prince in the imperial city? Who is she to have acted so arrogantly? This woman can actually incite the masses, it seems that she isn't just a random nobody. And, in a short span of one month, she was able to make the hospital known to all. That needed real skills! If it isn't due to her outstanding medical expertise, then there must be forces behind her that can't be ignored


Yang Shaolun recalled the woman who saved people on the streets that day. Her faint smile gave him an indescribable warmth like the warm winter sun. Who is she? Did she have any connection with the woman who opened the hospital?


Yang Hanlun looked at his imperial elder brother's expression that alternated between sorrow and joy. He was baffled. His imperial elder brother had always been dignified and strong, showing a resolute look at all times. But, nowadays, he found Yang Shaolun getting distracted while thinking, which had never happened before. Apparently, things were indeed very troubling that even his omnipotent imperial elder brother was getting fidgety.


“Servants!” Yang Shaolun called out sternly.


“This servant is here!”


“I’m leaving the palace with the Sixth Prince. Change my clothes!”


“Yes!” the eunuch responded and left to prepare.


“Imperial Elder Brother, are you going out to see General Chen?”


“Yes! I want to meet the woman who is so readily able to open other people’s heads!”


Yang Shaolun pondered for a moment and told the eunuch at his side, "When Minister Chen arrives, please tell him to go back and check if any court memorials had been sent from the border recently. If so, report immediately." The eunuch bowed his head and answered in a shrill voice, "This servant acknowledges your imperial decree!"


“Imperial Elder Brother, do you want to bring several guards with you? After all, the situation outside the palace is too unpredictable. It would be a mess if we were ambushed by assassins!"


“No need, the shadow guards will naturally follow us,” Yang Shaolun spoke curtly.


With that, the two men exited the Imperial Palace in plain clothes and went straight to Linhai Hospital.


Yang Hanlun was worried. After all, his imperial elder brother was the emperor. Since he knew that a member of the royal family was beaten up publicly in the imperial capital, he would surely punish that woman severely for the sake of the royal family’s honor! What’s more, General Chen is still in a coma after being treated by her. If an accident occurred, she would have to bear the blame. As his imperial elder brother had always done, there’s no doubt that she would be put to death. But it would be better if that woman was dead. All troubles would end once she’s dead. Even if this rapacious woman was to pass this hurdle, she would certainly land herself in trouble and get killed in the future. Just get it over with! Yang Hanlun comforted himself. He shook his head, wanting to get rid of the inexplicable sadness in his heart.




“Xiao Tao, after you go home, remember to change your mother’s bandage and come here once every seven days. Now, go to the junior physician to get the prescription!” Lin Haihai told the little boy accompanying his mother to see the doctor. The boy looked about ten years old. His mother was gored by an ox while doing farmwork and was injured on her back. She had seen many physicians but the injury recurred and it never got any better. The family had almost exhausted their savings. Later, their neighbour recommended him to see Physician Lin. Lin Haihai saw that he could not afford to pay the medical expenses, so she simply waived it all. But, Xiao Tao was a kid with integrity. When he saw that Lin Haihai used a huge amount of herbs every day, he begged her to accept the herbs he picked in the mountains. One, it was to make up for his mother's medical expenses, and the other to earn some money to support his family.


Lin Haihai admired his filial piety and resolve. She bought his herbs at twice the market price. Xiao Tao, of course, understood Lin Haihai's good intentions. Since Lin Haihai didn’t bring it up, he could only keep his gratitude at the bottom of his heart.


When Yang Shaolun arrived at Linhai Hospital, the place was buzzing with activity. On one side, those with external injuries were having their wounds cleaned, while at the medicine cabinet side, there was a long queue waiting for their prescriptions. All those responsible for dispensing the herbs from the prescriptions were physicians hired by Lin Haihai. They worked meticulously and cautiously. Lin Haihai was currently administering acupuncture on a patient with lung disease. Yang Shaolun silently observed the patients lining up from the door to the street. Those people’s faces exuded confidence as if they firmly believed that they were going to see a miracle physician!


Yang Shaolun gave Yang Hanlun a meaningful glance. Yang Hanlun immediately walked into the inner hall. Lin Haihai was inserting the needles. When she took a glimpse of Yang Hanlun, she motioned him to wait outside. Yang Hanlun leaned over and whispered in her ears, "The emperor is here! Come out quickly and greet him! "


The emperor? He’s the highest leader in the country, equivalent to the president! Lin Haihai frowned. Why do these emperors like to call on others when they are at work? It’s like everyone has to accommodate his timing. Others also have their own schedules ah! How can they change their well-arranged matters just for the sake of him alone?


However, he’s at the top and he can sentence people to death with a single sentence. How could she afford to offend him? It's just that if she didn’t offend the emperor right now, she’s bound to offend the patient. So many people had come to line up early in the morning. They are all sick patients, how could she ask them to keep on waiting?


"Tell him to wait for me. When I'm finished, I'll go to him!" Lin Haihai had no other way. She chose one of the two options: her patients were her priority. She believed the emperor should understand.


“Impudence! You lowly woman, how dare you ask the emperor to wait for you? Are you courting death?" Yang Hanlun immediately lost his composure. What a joke. Throughout history, who would dare keep the emperor waiting when he wants to summon a civilian?


As soon as the patient heard that the emperor had come, he jumped up and panicked. "Physician Lin, please go out and receive the emperor. If you slight His Majesty, you’ll be beheaded for committing this big crime!" Then, he struggled to get out of bed. 


Lin Haihai pressed him down. "Don't move, lie down. I’ll come in 15 minutes later to remove the needles!" Next, she went to the sink to wash her hands and looked at Yang Hanlun helplessly. "Let's go, take me to see the emperor!"


Yang Hanlun hesitated for a moment, then spoke in a low voice, "If Imperial Elder Brother asks you a question, you should answer him nicely. Don’t be rude and don’t argue too much. Answer any question you are asked!"


“Are you concerned about me?” Lin Haihai asked, glancing sideways at him.


“I’m afraid you’ll give me trouble!” Yang Hanlun answered, dodging her gaze uneasily.


"Then rest assured, I'll certainly give you trouble! Who told you to be my husband?" Lin Haihai smiled brightly.


“Nonsense, I’ve already divorced you!”


“Louder! Shout louder!” Lin Haihai crossed her arms over her chest, speaking in a calm and composed manner.


“Humph!” A certain person flew into a rage and flung out his sleeves. Lin Haihai grinned widely.


Yang Shaolun stood in the doorway against the light. The sun in early summer was already quite warm, but fortunately the south wind was blowing in, so he didn't feel hot and stuffy. This place was suitable as a hospital, at least it allowed patients to wait comfortably.


Lin Haihai looked intently at the man standing in the doorway. He wore a large-sleeved robe with a white round collar and an amethyst belt around his waist. He stood with his back to the light, so she couldn't make out his face clearly. Even though he just stood there quietly, Lin Haihai could sense his imposing and commanding manner. Is he the emperor? Lin Haihai squinted. While walking, she tried hard to get a glimpse of him.


Yang Shaolun looked at the woman approaching him. She was dressed in a simple light green buttoned jacket with round collar and tight cuff, her hair tightly coiled in a bun, looking neat and tidy. Her face was fresh and clean. There was a faint ink mark on her forehead. She must have a habit of propping her forehead while writing prescriptions and accidentally left a stain.


She walked in briskly, looking doubtful. It’s her! Lin Haihai! It’s the woman who he assisted that day!


Yang Shaolun was suddenly afraid that she would find out his real identity. Watching her and Yang Hanlun approaching step by step, he was inexplicably flustered. 


“Imperial Elder Brother, she’s Lin Haihai, this hospital’s physician!” Yang Hanlun looked at his brother’s sudden change of expression and gave him a reminder.


Yang Shaolun’s eyes flashed. “His Majesty has something to attend to and has to leave. Leave this matter to me. Hurry into the palace and analyze the situation with Minister Chen!" 


Yang Hanlun was confused. Just as he was about to ask, Yang Shaolun added, "His Majesty told you that if you delay any further, you should watch out for your little junior!” 


Yang Hanlun was surprised and immediately bowed with his palms pressed together. "I shall leave immediately. Imperial Elder Brother, take care!" After he finished speaking, Yang Hanlun disappeared with a whoosh!


Lin Haihai was stunned. It turned out that the person before her wasn't the emperor. But Yang Hanlun seemed to have some treasures that he especially valued; he was terrified to this extent!


“Miss Lin, do you still remember me?” Yang Shaolun inquired courteously.


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