Chapter 183: Drink It

Yang Shaolun stared at Lin Haihai, his gaze no longer muddled with uncertainties. He didn’t care what troubled storms awaited him, as long as she didn’t abandon him halfway!

Lin Haihai gazed up at him, still looking lost. “Doesn’t the Forgetness Pill work on you at all?”

“I didn’t take it. Of course it wouldn’t work on me!” Yang Shaolun’s lips curled into a rueful smile.

“But I saw you take it!” she said, perplexed. “I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Seeing isn’t always believing. Our eyes often deceive us the most!” Yang Shaolun walked up to her and touched her cheek. It was as cool as his heart. “Now, drink the tea!”

Lin Haihai shook her head. “I won’t. I want to give birth to the child. I have a feeling that it’ll be a boy. Imperial Mother will be happy!”

“Imperial Mother doesn’t want you to give birth to the child. She and the empress believe that there is no way to change fate; that’s why they reluctantly accept your decisions. However, I don’t believe in fate. Even if you’re bound to leave this world, I’ll do everything in my power to reunite with you in your spacetime!”

Yang Shaolun’s eyes shone with determination, which floored Lin Haihai. She had trouble wrapping her head around everything. It felt so surreal. If he hadn’t forgotten about her, why would he show favor to Imperial Consort Wen? “Give me some time to think!”

Yang Shaolun held her with his uninjured hand, finally filling up the hole in his heart. However, the path ahead was ever-changing. He wasn’t sure if she would be with him every step of the way!

“Why did you favor Imperial Consort Wen, then?” Lin Haihai couldn’t not ask in the end. She didn’t want to pretend to not care. Although it was part of her plan, it was in a woman’s nature to settle accounts after the fact.

Caught off guard, Yang Shaolun wasn’t sure how he should answer the question. Lin Haihai wouldn’t agree to use Imperial Consort Wen to shift their enemies’ attention.

Lin Haihai gently pushed him away. “Have you really fallen for her?” Imperial Consort Wen did look a little like her. It wasn’t entirely impossible for him to fall for the woman instead.

Yang Shaolun pulled her back into his arms without meeting her gaze. “That’s not it. I was just angry at you for treating me like that, so I used her to anger you! But you didn’t even care!”

Lin Haihai’s instinct told her that it wasn’t the case, but she couldn’t think of an explanation. She had to take that as an answer for now.

“Where are you going?” Yang Shaolun asked, remembering what she had said earlier. “For how long?”

“I’m going to Rong with Keqing!” Lin Haihai gave him a questioning look.

“You mustn’t!” Yang Shaolun shot her down immediately. He wouldn’t allow her to put herself in danger. “Under the circumstances, how are you going to safely return after visiting Rong?”

“I must go. Keqing is running out of time!” Lin Haihai shook her head. “If she dies in Daxing, we won’t be able to explain her death away!”

Yang Shaolun still wasn’t convinced. “What are you going to do once you’re there? Will there be a way for you to cure her gu?”

“I’ll find a way. I’m not sure how long I’ll be there for!” Lin Haihai had made up her mind, and there was no room for discussion.

“Then have the medicine!” Yang Shaolun proposed. “If you take the medicine, I’ll let you go to Rong!”

“No, I’m not taking the medicine, and I’m going to Rong!”

Lin Haihai grabbed her medical kit and made a run for the door. Yang Shaolun stopped her by putting his right arm around her waist, pulling her close and giving her a devouring kiss. Then he caught her bottom lip between his teeth, keeping her in place for a good while.

When he finally let go of her, her lips were swollen and alluringly red. “Why must you always assume that you know better?” he bit out. “Why are you always so stubborn and refuse to listen?”

“That’s the kind of person I am,” Lin Haihai retorted. “Shouldn’t you already know?”

“But I love you for that. I got angry. I got hurt. But I cannot stop loving you. You’re the bane of my existence!” Yang Shaolun sighed and pressed their lips together again. This time, his kiss was lingering and incredibly gentle.

Imperial Consort Wen waited outside nervously. Judging from the way the emperor treated Lin Haihai, their relationship was anything but fleeting. However, she had felt the emperor’s love for her for the past few days. Although he sometimes acted aloof, it was natural for the supreme leader of a nation to hold back from expressing his feelings. She had been so certain about his love for her.

However, she couldn’t help but doubt herself with Lin Haihai here. The two of them had been in the room for an hour. What could they possibly be talking about? Would the emperor be persuaded into letting her keep their child? Lin Haihai turned out to be a shrewd woman who shouldn’t be underestimated!

“I’m going now!” Lin Haihai pushed Yang Shaolun away reluctantly. Her plan had turned into a farce. She ended up hurting both herself and those around her!

“You’re not going until we talk this through!” Yang Shaolun demanded. “You must take the medicine first!” That was what he had to achieve tonight!

“We’ll discuss that later. I’m going now!” Lin Haihai didn’t want to clash with him head on, so she could only stall the issue.

“Drink it. I’m not a patient man, Lin Haihai. Don’t test my limits!” He couldn’t help but get angry. Lin Haihai wouldn’t listen at all! Those outside the room were shocked by Yang Shaolun’s growls. Imperial Consort Wen was much less nervous now.

He dares shout at me? Lin Haihai pushed Yang Shaolun away and grabbed her medical kit before pushing the door open. Yang Shaolun wasn’t able to react as quickly since he was injured. He hurriedly called out, “Stop her, Xiao Yuan!”

Xiao Yuan reflexively reached out to stop Lin Haihai, but her angry gaze made him flip his extended hand. He instead gestured for her to go ahead and said with an amusingly differential expression, “Please go on, Physician Lin!”

“How dare you, Xiao Yuan?!” Yang Shaolun rushed out just in time to see Xiao Yuan going against his order.

Xiao Yuan grimaced and said, “This servant deserves death. This servant deserves death!”

Yang Shaolun ran into the hallway, but Lin Haihai was nowhere to be seen. He returned with a dark expression on his face. Imperial Consort Wen timidly walked up to him and bowed. “This Consort will take my leave!”

At the end of the day, she was a proud woman. It was already difficult enough for her to behave meekly before a man. She wasn’t going to give up on her dignity as well.

“Farewell, Consort Wen!” Yang Shaolun didn’t feel like keeping up the act anymore. Lin Haihai wouldn’t approve anyway. He wasn’t her. He wasn’t going to do things that she didn’t want him to do.

Lin Haihai went straight to Keqing to tell her that they would be visiting Rong. Keqing responded after a pause, “Even if I cannot survive, I’d like to die in my homeland. I’m going with you!”

Lin Haihai’s heart clenched. “Don’t be so pessimistic. There’s still hope!”

“Hope? That’s a luxury for me. I’ve held onto this life for so long because I want to see my foolish son, Xiao’hai. Now that he had been killed by the regent, there is nothing for me to live for. It’s time for me to return!”

Keqing’s gaze was dark with pain. Her fugitive days in another nation had allowed her a clear look at life and death as well as human nature.

Lin Haihai’s throat tightened. She didn’t know what she could say to make things better for the despairing empress dowager. Instead, she instructed Juanzi to prepare for the trip well. Juanzi seemed to want to say something. Lin Haihai knew she must be worried that the regent would go after Keqing upon her return. However, if she stayed in Daxing, there would be no way for her to survive!

“Don’t worry. I’ll do everything in my power to keep both of you safe!” Lin Haihai gave Juanzi a reassuring smile. That was a promise. She would make sure everyone was well taken care of before her departure. Then she wouldn’t have to worry about them in the modern day.

Juanzi’s eyes went red in gratitude. Lin Haihai had been a princess consort, and yet she treated a servant like her with such care. No wonder the people of the capital would love and support her this much. She more than deserved it!

Early the next morning, Lin Haihai left with Keqing without alerting Yang Shaolun.

Meanwhile, Prince Pingnan’s people had infiltrated the palace and kidnapped Imperial Consort Wen. The assassins searched through the palace without finding their target - Keqing. Lin Haihai had taken her away with no one the wiser!

Yang Shaolun had to admire Lin Haihai for her cleverness. She had managed to take Keqing away before Prince Pingnan struck. If Keqing fell into Prince Pingnan’s hand, a bloody storm would be on the horizon. It was all Yang Shaolun could do to wish her luck. Hope Xiao’ahi will be able to deal with the matter safely!

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