Chapter 180: Poisoned

Lin Haihai rushed straight to the plantation with Puremoon. Flute and his brothers were glad to see her.

“Prepare a house for me, Flute,” ordered Lin Haihai. “It should be isolated so that it is easy to keep watch on. Nothing must go wrong!”

“Who is she?” asked Flute.

“She’s responsible for the living corpses. Who knows how many deaths she’s caused. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to save those who have been converted!” Lin Haihai couldn’t help but get angry at Puremoon when she thought about the victims’ families.

“She created the living corpses? This bitch!” Flute kicked Puremoon in the stomach, sending her rolling on the floor with her hands covering her abdomen. Lin Haihai had told him to look into the matter, so Flute knew how many innocent families had suffered because of this woman. Flute had grown up without the warmth of a family after being kidnapped at a young age. He thus got even more furious and resentful for people like her.

Lin Haihai threw Puremoon a cold glance. “Enough, stop torturing her. Just lock her up and make sure she stays there. I’ll set up a boundary around the house. You are the only one who may get close to the house from now on, Flute. No one else should approach this place. You’ll then be tasked to deliver her food. We don’t torture our prisoners!”

Puremoon was stunned. Boundary? She’s able to set up boundaries? Who is she? Why is she able to command snakes, practice medicine, and even use spells? This woman is bad news. With her around, His Highness will never succeed!

“Are all the living corpses there, Puremoon?” Lin Haihai asked.

Puremoon scoffed and turned away without a word.

Flute grabbed her by the collars in the heat of the moment. Lin Haihai ordered him to let go before saying to Puremoon, “I can’t judge you for falling to this level as someone who pursues dao; after all, everyone makes their own decisions. However, you no longer deserve this whisk. A daoist whisk embodies the sacred will. What you’re doing goes completely against the dao of the world. I’m taking this from you!”

It was the greatest humiliation a daoist could suffer to have their whisks taken. Puremoon’s face grew ashen, and she fell to the ground.

Lin Haihai set up boundaries around a stone house and ordered Flute to throw Puremoon in. She had lost her sympathy for the daoist nun. The nun had been possessed by malice and committed atrocities. It didn’t matter if she was being used. Everyone had to take responsibility for what they had done!

Lin Haihai was about to leave the mountain when she saw Lin Yuchen coming her way. She smiled and greeted him warmly, “Second Brother!”

Lin Yuchen nodded, a little embarrassed. He had long let go of his grudges for his sister.

“How are you feeling?” He looked at the slight swell of Lin Haihai’s belly. Flute and the others had said that Lin Haihai hadn’t been eating well after getting pregnant.

“Much better! Thank you for worrying about me while I was missing, Second Brother!” Lin Haihai was moved when she thought about how Lin Yuchen had taken a stand for her.

“You’re my little sister!” Lin Yuchen said despite his awkwardness. Lin Haihai’s chest tightened. She would be leaving them behind in the near future!

“You must take care of Father and your mother for me if I’m gone, Second Brother!” Lin Haihai threw her arms around Lin Yuchen, yearning for the warmth of an older brother.

Lin Yuchen held onto her shoulders and considered her face inquisitively. “What happened? Why would you say that?”

“Nothing. But accidents happen. I keep thinking if I die from some complications - ”

“What are you talking about? Stop that nonsense!” Lin Yuchen snapped, tightening his arms around her. He had failed to take care of his sister in the past. Now that he wanted to treasure their bond, he was too afraid to take the first step.

“Second Brother!” Lin Haihai was suddenly overwhelmed with helplessness. She buried her face into his chest and broke into tears.

“What happened, Little Sister?” Lin Yuchen wasn’t convinced by her explanation. She must be hiding something from him.

However, Lin Haihai simply kept crying. Then she stopped and broke into a smile. After venting all her frustration through tears, she was feeling much better. The company of her family was a great cure for heartbreak.

“I’ve got to go, Second Brother!” Lin Haihai wiped away her tears and put on a brave smile.

“Remember, I’ll always stand by you no matter what!” Lin Yuchen could tell that Lin Haihai was hiding something, but he wasn’t going to press if she didn’t want to tell him. He noticed traces of melancholy and maturity in her eyes that he hadn’t seen on her before.


Linhai Hospital

Yu Qing had examined the living corpse in the ward. There was no blood in his body. He wasn’t breathing. He had no heartbeats. And his complexion was dark. He might as well be a dead man, and yet he was able to move and even attack people.

“What did you find?” Li Junyue asked.

“Nothing,” Yu Qing said helplessly.

“Why don’t we conduct an autopsy?”

Yu Qing shook her head. Then the patient would surely die. “That won’t do. Perhaps Xiao’hai will be able to save them!”

“Those bastards have no conscience!” Li Junyue cursed under his breath before turning to leave, only to find Wangchen rushing in with Zheng Feng propped on her shoulder. Zheng Feng’s skin was dark, and his forehead covered in sweat. Li Junyue ran up to them and asked, “What happened?”

“Please cure him, Physician Li!” Wangchen sobbed. “He was poisoned!”

Yu Qing had come out to find them as well. Li Junyue hurriedly called out for her, “Come help me!”

Yu Qing rushed to help carry Zheng Feng into an empty ward. Li Junyue then turned to Wangchen and asked, “What was he poisoned with?”

Wangchen shook her head, still reeling from the shock. “Master said that you would be able to save him!”

Li Junyue didn’t press. After a thorough checkup, he told Yu Qing, “Prepare an antivenom. He was hit by snake venom!”

Yu Qing rushed out to make preparations. Li Junyue began treatment as he asked Wangchen, “Where’s your master?”

“She’s fighting the daoist nun on her own!” Wangchen got worried as soon as she said that. Li Junyue gave her a reassuring smile and said, “It’s fine. The daoist nun isn’t your master’s match!”

Wangchen nodded. That she agreed.

Once injected with the antivenom, Zheng Feng’s complexion returned to normal, while his body was still weak. Li Junyue put an IV in his vein for replenishment. The whole process almost scared Zheng Feng to death. He never wanted to see a needle inserted into the back of his hand again. Even though it didn’t hurt that much, the experience had been burned into his memory. He fancied himself a brave man, but needles were another story.

His fearful reaction made Wangchen laugh, but at the same time she ached for the man. He’s such a child!

Zheng Feng gazed at Wangchen. He hadn’t lost his consciousness when Wangchen carried him to the hospital, and he had witnessed her pain and concern, which moved him and filled his heart with happiness. Perhaps this would be a fresh start for them!

Lin Haihai returned not long after to check on Zheng Feng. Zheng Feng was no longer obsessed with her. Love often grew fonder through shared difficulties.

Lin Haihai touched her own cheek when she noticed Zheng Feng’s bemused gaze. “What? Is my face dirty or something?”

She wouldn’t know what revelation Zheng Feng had come to just then, or how Zheng Feng had moved on from his obsession over her. Things would only get better from then on.

Zheng Feng shook his head with a smile. Lin Haihai was like a mythical figure to him. It was good enough for him to serve her as a follower. He wouldn’t ask for more.

His mysterious expression confused Lin Haihai, while Yu Qing had read Zheng Feng’s thoughts. She shook her head with a faint smile.

“What did you find?” Li Junyue asked.

“I’ve imprisoned Daoist Puremoon at the plantation,” Lin Haihai sat down and explained one thing at a time. “Even if Prince Pingnan refuses to give up, this will buy us some time. I want to seize this opening and visit Rong!”

“Visit Rong?” Li Junyue clearly disagreed with the idea. “We don’t yet know our enemies from our allies. It’s unwise to visit the nation now. Who knows what kind of a person their empress is?”

“Keqing’s illness has to be dealt with now. I’ll bring her with me. Please take care of things when I’m away!” Lin Haihai finished the water Qing Feng had poured her. Many things were happening all at once. She was having difficulties dealing with all of them.

“Then we’ll go back to make preparations,” said Zheng Feng. “When are we setting out?”

“I’m not taking you with me this time. Please stay in the capital to look after the hospital and His Majesty!” She would be away for more than a couple days. She couldn’t leave the hospital with only non-combatants who didn’t know martial arts.

“You aren’t taking us with you?” Zheng Feng blurted out.

“You mustn’t go alone!” said Li Junyue. “It’s dangerous for you to go to Rong. You have to bring your guards. Linhai Hospital doesn’t need protection. Who in the capital would dare lay a finger on us?”

The way the commoners reacted to Chen Birou’s crime was proof enough of Linhai Hospital’s influence. No one would dare go after them.

“That’s right,” Wangchen agreed. “You have to take us with you!”

“That’s going to attract too much attention.” Lin Haihai tried to find a good excuse. In truth, she was simply worried.

“That won’t be a problem. That’s decided then. Let’s pack up, Zheng Feng!” Wangchen went up to help Zheng Feng get to his feet. He had recovered already, but he allowed Wangchen to shoulder his weight. It felt good to be taken care of.

“That’s a plan! We’ll be keeping an eye on our homebase, Yu Qing!” Li Junyue clapped to dismiss everyone. Lin Haihai gaped at them, dumbfounded. She hadn’t given her permission!

Yu Qing went up to her and patted her on the shoulder, saying in a serious tone, “You’ve lost a man who loved you!” Then she walked away as well.

Lin Haihai stared at her back with confusion, but then she cracked a smile. Yu Qing still loves telling jokes!

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