Chapter 18: The Handsome General Chen

As expected, Yang Hanlun sent an imperial physician over just when Lin Haihai was drowning in work! The imperial physician’s last name was Shangguan and he was an old man with a beard and white hair. Not only was he short and small in size, but he also had hilarious facial features. While he had a huge face, his facial features didn’t even take up a third of his face. Also, he had a small head; not only was it small, but it was also very pointy! His appearance was one that could make others laugh even though he might just be standing at a spot and not speaking a single word.


The moment Lin Haihai saw him, she immediately burst into laughter in her heart until she felt cramps in her stomach, and then she hurriedly clutched it. “Sorry, my stomach doesn’t feel good. I probably ate something bad, so I need to use the bathroom. Excuse me! I must leave.” She originally wanted to call for her disciple to receive the imperial physician and Yang Hanlun before running off, but she really couldn’t hold it in anymore. If she didn’t dash right now, she wouldn’t be able to stifle her laughter!


She hurriedly turned around and strode off using Duan Yu’s windwalk ability. As fast as lightning, she rushed to the kitchen and closed the door. After a while, a world-shaking laughter reverberated from within! While Lin Haihai rubbed her stomach, she glanced at the kitchen full of disciples. They had already occupied the kitchen before her. 


Qing Feng and Ming Yue propped their chins and tried to press their lips firmly together, but it was clearly a difficult task. After several attempts, they still failed. Their joy transformed into sorrow. 


The two girls’ joy transformed into sorrow, but everyone else in the kitchen was laughing to their heart’s content! After a while, Lin Haihai was the first to stop laughing. She walked to Qing Feng and Ming Yue and reached over, gently caressing them and their jaws were back in place. The two instantly rubbed their faces, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. 


After several deep breaths, Lin Haihai finally faced the imperial physician, but she didn’t dare to look at his face. While talking, she glanced ahead but she was able to recall his appearance from time to time. She tried her hardest to think of unhappy things. It was torture! Yang Hanlun glanced at the strange Lin Haihai and he knew that she wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. It was just like the first time he saw Imperial Physician Shangguan. Thinking back, the pain of holding in his laughter was so terrifying that it was as though it happened yesterday. 


As expected, Imperial Physician Shangguan was a remarkable imperial physician and had superb medical expertise. He took one look at General Chen’s injury and then said, “Consort Lin’s persistence makes sense. It is unfit to move General Chen! His injuries are too deep!”


After taking a closer look, he asked Lin Haihai, “I heard His Highness say that Consort Lin had sewn the general’s injury, right?”


“Yes, I did sew his injury. It’s so his injury can heal quicker and not leave any scars!” Lin Haihai glanced at her shoes and answered respectfully.


“Although it is great, I’m not sure about the effects.” Imperial Physician Shangguan touched his eyebrows. Lin Haihai accidentally looked over and saw that he had no eyebrows! 


“My stomach hurts again.” The imperial physician stared in shock as Lin Haihai rushed out.


Yang Hanlun clutched his stomach. The painful experience had recurred! 


After a while, Lin Haihai came back with her head down. She secretly swore in her heart that even if she was beaten to death, she would refuse to look at his face.


“Can I look at the prescription?” The imperial physician glanced over and asked Lin Haihai. Being polite, Lin Haihai raised her head and a close-up of the imperial physician appeared in front of her eyes. She rushed out again and said, “I’ll get it right away!” After saying this, she was gone. 


The imperial physician smiled and nodded, praising her to Yang Hanlun, “Consort Lin is indeed a dedicated and diligent doctor. She handles work with high efficiency!”


Yang Hanlun’s face was distorted as he nodded. 


After half an incense stick’s worth of time passed, Lin Haihai finally walked in with a prescription. The moment she walked in, she hurriedly explained, “There were a few critical patients outside, so I went to take a look first!” The imperial physician looked at her red face and messy hair. She did indeed look like she just got work done. 


He took the prescription and studied it in detail. Then he looked up at Lin Haihai who said nothing. She didn't dare to look at the imperial physician, however, the scene of the imperial physician touching his eyebrows automatically flashed in her mind. She pinched her thigh hard and tried her best to reveal a humble expression like she was seeking advice from him. 


“Amazing! This is truly amazing! Even this imperial physician’s master doesn’t dare to prescribe this!” the imperial physician slapped the table and excitedly exclaimed. His face immediately turned red!  


Lin Haihai pinched her thigh even harder. She continued to pinch harder!


Lin Haihai finally sighed. She had braced herself all the way until the imperial physician said that he was going back to study General Chen's case. She poured herself a cup of water and downed the contents. She was almost dehydrated from laughing so much! The imperial physician knitted his eyebrows as he looked at Lin Haihai, suggesting, “Your stomach isn’t that good. Don’t drink too much cold water!” Then, he grabbed the cup in Lin Haihai’s hands. Oh no. The moment Lin Haihai saw the imperial physician’s tightly knitted eyebrows and pointy head, she spurted the water out of her mouth. She perfectly rendered her wind walking skills again!


Yang Hanlun looked at Lin Haihai’s rearview and finally burst into laughter. This woman is very amusing! 


Imperial Physician Shangguan looked at Yang Hanlun strangely. The young lady just spurted water out! Did he need to laugh that exaggeratingly? But he is the prince, so he can laugh if he wishes to! Imperial Physician Shangguan shrugged and packed his things up before leaving. 


Lin Haihai returned from laughing her head off and then she peered around the door. She only dared to walk in after confirming that Imperial Physician Shangguan had left. Yang Hanlun sat down and smiled at Lin Haihai who was sneaking around. He subconsciously fiddled with his eyebrows with his right hand and laughed. 


“Don’t pull your eyebrows!” Lin Haihai yelled. Yang Hanlun immediately placed his hand down and gazed questioningly at her. 


“Um, your eyebrows… don’t touch it for no reason,” Lin Haihai stammered. 


Yang Hanlun suddenly thought of the imperial physician’s signature move. He enjoyed fiddling with his eyebrows when he had nothing to do. He was actually copying him subconsciously! He shivered from head to toe. No wonder this woman had such a big reaction! 


“How is General Chen?” He changed the topic and asked. 


“From initial observation, he is stable, but he has been unconscious. This might be because there is a blood clot in his head pressing down on an artery or nerve. I prescribed a prescription that could improve the blood circulation and dissolve the blood clot. If he doesn’t wake up in the next twenty-four hours, I will consider a brain surgery to take out the blood clot!” Lin Haihai said with a solemn face. In reality, she already saw that there was a blood clot in General Chen’s brain and that it pressed down against a nerve in the left side of his brain. 


But there are a lot of arteries around the nerve. The medical equipment here is lagging behind and can't even help with transfusing blood. If he bled heavily during the surgery and couldn't get a blood transfusion in time, he would be in grave danger! Plus, she couldn’t control the dosage for the anesthetic accurately right now! 


Yang Hanlun’s first reaction was that this woman was crazy. If sewing people up could barely pass by as creativity, then opening up someone’s brain was definitely something a crazy person would do! But seeing Lin Haihai’s serious expression, she didn’t seem to be fooling around. Could she really be a divine doctor? Should he believe her or not? It seems like he needed to go back to discuss this with his emperor brother! 


Yang Hanlun believed that he needed to hurry back to report this matter to his emperor brother. General Chen would never appear in the capital without reason. Although there were no wars right now, without the emperor’s orders, the commander-in-chief wasn’t allowed to leave easily, unless… Yang Hanlun didn’t dare to continue his thought. He bade farewell to Lin Haihai and made a dash for the imperial palace! 


Lin Haihai was still thinking about her treatment plan, but due to the lack of equipment, each one failed before they could even be carried out. If only she could bring him back to the 21st century where there was superior-quality equipment available and advanced technology, and even experienced professors; it would increase the chances for a successful surgery. The problem was that it was impossible! He was from this era and she couldn’t bring him back through a time tunnel unless they encountered the nine-star alignment. Even so, one couldn’t encounter the nine-star alignment in a century and it was very difficult to calculate this too. 


Just thinking about it made Lin Haihai’s head hurt, but she still had no clues. She gazed at General Chen on the bed. This was the first time she took a good look at his face and she thought that he was quite attractive. He was handsome and his features were well-defined, but he looked pale and weak due to excessive blood loss. Despite this, he was still a handsome fellow. 


Such a young man was actually protecting the Daxing Dynasty from invasions of intruders. He only seemed like a big boy at most. Lin Haihai felt pity towards him. 


In reality, the general was already twenty-five and not a big boy, as she thought. But in the modern world, our heroine was already twenty-eight and considered an old woman in this era. However, she transmigrated into the body of an eighteen years old woman. She became ten years younger for no reason. Lin Haihai also secretly delighted, but at the end of the day, she had the mindset of a person nearing her thirties. Therefore, she called people younger than her, kids! 

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