Chapter 179: I Will Kill Her

Zheng Feng listened as their conversation faded gradually away. Knowing that they were now out of earshot, he tried moving his limbs. Fortunately, his great reserve of inner energy prevented the poison from paralyzing him for long. He had now gained some control over his body. He was certain that he would regain his inner energy as well in a moment.

He knew he was in no danger for now, so he closed his eyes to regulate his breathing. After about an hour, he heard someone being dragged to his location. He quietly listened rather than acting recklessly. He had recovered his full strength, but it wasn’t time for him to act yet.

Judging from their footsteps, it’s the same two men from earlier!

Once they dropped their new victim, one of them said, “Lock the door. Daoist Puremoon said this would be the last one for today. Something I ate hasn’t gone down well. I have to go to the toilet!”

His footsteps were heavy as he ran away. The other man laughed and said, “Told you not to eat too much, but you didn’t listen. You’re regretting it, aren’t you?”

Again, the remaining man kicked their latest victim to make sure he was no longer conscious. That was when Zheng Feng leapt up and knocked him in the back of his head. The man collapsed to the ground with a grunt.

Zheng Feng quickly changed into his clothes. The man was masked, which would help Zheng Feng disguise himself. He slowly found his way out, reaching a great hall with no visible light sources but was unusually bright. He took a closer look to find dense little holes all along the walls with black worms inhabiting within. It was a repulsive sight to behold.

Must be the blood-sucking worms they were talking about, thought Zheng Feng. They looked a little like leeches, but leeches’ natural habitat was water, while these worms lived in caves.

Zheng Feng advanced slowly and steadily. The place was as mysterious and vast as an underground palace, but he didn’t run into anyone. The two men must have been the only manual labor here, while Daoist Puremoon was responsible for catching victims. Zheng Feng still hadn’t figured out how the living corpses were created.

“What are you doing here?” a voice demanded harshly. It was Daoist Puremoon.

Zheng Feng didn’t dare turn around. Instead, he bent down and mumbled, “Nothing. Just passing through!”

“How many times do I have to tell you that you must not come here before nightfall? If you wake the blood-sucking worms, you won’t have enough blood for them to feast on!” The daoist nun’s tone was still serious, but a little less steely.

“I won’t do it again,” Zheng Feng responded in a low voice, turning slightly toward her. “Thank you for your reminder, Daoist Puremoon!”

“Go. Come back for the worms at night!” the daoist nun said, her expression relaxing after he admitted his fault.

Zheng Feng made a sound of assent and walked away. He hadn’t taken more than a couple steps when the nun said insidiously, “Who are you?”

I’m exposed! Zheng Feng hurriedly turned to face the daoist nun. She marched toward him with a dark, mysterious sneer and said, “You’re going in the direction of the tombs!”

When Zheng Feng didn’t respond, she raised her voice and pressed, “Who are you?

“How did you… make those living corpses?” Zheng Feng wasn’t sure how he should describe the act.

“How did I make them?” The daoist nun laughed. “Do you want to know? I’ll show you!”

Zheng Feng scoffed and tore off his mask. The daoist nun was caught off guard. “You?”

“That’s right, it’s me! So you’re responsible for all the missing persons recently - ” Before he could finish, he noticed the strange smile on the daoist nun’s face. His vision went suddenly crimson, and he collapsed to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lin Haihai had found her way to the clearing following her sense of Zheng Feng’s whereabouts. Along with Wangchen, she scanned the area. She could tell that this was where the daoist nun had struck Zheng Feng from the energy he had left here. However, there was nothing but grass where she could see. The shrubs might be enough for one man to hide, but that was it.

She considered the shrubs closely and noticed that they had been stepped on. The traces were faint, but noticeable. It must have been Zheng Feng’s doing. The shrubs remained as green as ever, like a painting that would never change.

“Is this the place, Master?” Wangchen asked hurriedly. She was concerned about Zheng Feng.

Lin Haihai smiled and said confidently, “It is. Do you have a bronze mirror, Zheng Feng?”

Wangchen blushed. She was someone who cared about her looks, so naturally she would have a mirror with her.

Lin Haihai took it to reflect sunlight onto the shrubs, which disappeared and turned into a large pit. Wangchen yelped, “What’s happening?”

Lin Haihai smiled without a word. She couldn’t say this was a mirage, could she?

She took Wangchen’s hand and jumped into the pit, gliding through the air like a swallow before landing lightly on her feet. She then followed her sense of Zheng Feng into the cavern.

“It’s you?” The daoist nun was surprised that someone had found their way here. Her heart sank when she saw that it was Lin Haihai.

“Are you alright, Zheng Feng?” Wangchen panicked when she saw Zheng Feng lying prone on the ground.

With a wave of her hand, Lin Haihai woke Zheng Feng. He shook his head. His vision was still crimson.

“You were poisoned!” said Lin Haihai. “Take him away, Wangchen. Have Li Junyue cure him!”

Wangchen nodded and helped Zheng Feng up before walking away. The daoist nun stared daggers at Lin Haihai, visibly irritated. “Why won’t you just let us be?”

“I’m here to look for the missing persons,” Lin Haihai said, keeping her eyes fixed on the nun. “Did you kidnap them?”

“What if I did? I’m warning you, you should get out of here now, or - ”

“Xiao’yue,” interjected a low voice. “Why are you being so rude to Physician Lin?”

The daoist nun paused before breaking into a look of joy. She looked bashful like a woman in love.

“It’s been a while, Prince Pingnan!” Lin Haihai turned to face the man, composed.

“It has. You’re as stunning as ever, Physician Lin!” Prince Pingnan’s tone was amused and charming, which confused the daoist nun. Their master wasn’t usually like this.

“And you’re as ambitious and vicious as ever!” Lin Haihai retorted mercilessly.

“You - ” The daoist nun glared at Lin Haihai.

Lin Haihai looked back at the nun with steel in her eyes. “What? Did I say anything wrong? Isn’t he going after the throne of Daxing? Usurpers are treacherous traitors. Am I wrong to call him vicious?”

Prince Pingnan looked at her bemusedly. “You haven’t lost your sharp tongue. This Prince likes that about you. Would you be willing to follow me? Once I become the emperor, I’ll make you the empress!”

Lin Haihai snorted. “Riches are nothing to me. Becoming an empress doesn’t even count as a temptation in my eyes!” Her derision was clear in her tone.

“Oh? You aren’t looking to become an equal partner with me, are you?” Prince Pingnan teased.

“I want the people of this nation to lead a peaceful life free of wars,” Lin Haihai declared. “I want them not to be dislocated and forced to flee from their homes!”

Prince Pingnan chuckled, his eyes shining appreciatively. He truly admired Lin Haihai. Women like her were few and far between.

“Are you sure you don’t want to be with me?” asked Prince Pingnan, his gaze revealing traces of emotions.

Lin Haihai was caught off guard at first. Could it be…? Then a smile bloomed on her face, but her eyes were steely. “Or you can consider coming with me. It’s all peace and serenity around me. I promise there won’t be any troublesome storms or annoying dust!”

“Let me kill this witch, Your Highness!” Women were jealous in nature. The daoist nun had been lured into the mundane world by Prince Pingnan’s charm. Although she never thought about monopolizing his attention, she couldn’t just stand by and watch as he fell for another woman.

“Retreat, Puremoon!” Prince Pingnan ordered.

The daoist nun raised her whisk, her eyes and brows narrowed in anger. “I won’t. I will kill her!”

Lin Haihai huffed. “You’re not my match. Why are you looking for humiliation?” There was no mistaking the derisive tone. She wanted the nun angry!

The daoist nun’s face turned red before darkening. Then she attacked Lin Haihai with a cry. Lin Haihai moved aside swiftly and made a point in the air before advancing toward the nun to seize her weakness. “I’ll be taking care of your woman for a few days, Prince Pingnan!” With those mocking words, Lin Haihai flew away in a flash with the nun.

Prince Pingnan stared dumbly at the direction they had disappeared in. He had underestimated Lin Haihai. She was able to disappear while holding a hostage. Was she human, or some spectre?

His expression darkened. With Puremoon taken away, who would be converting the rest of the living corpses?

“Your Highness!” A man rushed in like a gust of wind.

Prince Pingnan ordered, “Speak!”

“Rong’s empress dowager is in the palace,” the man said respectfully. “And Lin Haihai has given a pill to the dog of an emperor. He’s now forgotten about Lin Haihai and favored Imperial Consort Wen!”

“A Forgetness Pill?” Prince Pingnan perked up. He had heard of the pill, but he didn’t know Lin Haihai could get hold of it. “Why would she give the emperor the pill?”

The man paused. It was a secret no one was willing to tell. “This subordinate doesn’t know!”

“Keep looking into it!” Prince Pingnan’s gaze turned satisfied. For reasons even he couldn’t understand, his heart was fluttering in excitement.

“Understood!” The man vanished without leaving a trace.

“Empress dowager of Rong!” Prince Pingnan smiled. “Finally, I’ve found you!”

His mood improved substantially. Now there was hope for him to form an alliance with Rong!

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