Chapter 16: Refusing To Back Down

Lin Haihai stood in front of the patient and persistently said, “You guys can’t take him away. He isn’t suited to be moved under such conditions. His wounds would rip open!”


“I don’t believe in your medical expertise. General Chen is the country’s pillar. I can’t allow you, a third-rate physician, to delay his treatment!” Yang Hanlun ruthlessly said. 


“Then you can call the imperial physicians over to diagnose and treat him.” Lin Haihai wasn’t angry. However, she stood firm.


“Humph! There’s no need to discuss this with you. Carry him!”


A guard took a step forward while the group of disciples each took a step back. When they heard that the person before them was a prince, their legs already turned jelly, but their master instructed them that they mustn't allow the prince to take the patient away. So, they heeded his orders!


Lin Haihai was getting a little worked up. “I’m a physician. I said you guys can’t take him away. You can bring the imperial physician over but the patient must remain here. Why can't you understand? If you hastily take him away, the wound that I had painstakingly sewn closed will definitely rip apart. Then wouldn’t this effort go to waste?”


“What? Do you think that people are clothes? You had sewn him? Ridiculous! Take him away.” Yang Hanlun jumped in anger. With what she had done to General Chen, even if he was fine before, he wouldn’t be now! It was already deeply ingrained in Yang Hanlun's mind that Lin Haihai had inferior medical expertise. He was infuriated and immediately ordered people to carry General Chen away. 


When Yang Hunlun’s guards heard Lin Haihai’s words, they were extremely maddened too. Who was General Chen?! How dare a weak woman toyed with General Chen when he was unable to resist. He’d lost his brilliance. They were all upright martial arts practitioners. If it weren’t for the fact that Lin Haihai was the princess consort, they would’ve already apprehended her. Now that the prince had given them the order, they rushed over in large strides, wanting to snatch General Chen from them. 


Lin Haihai stood in front of them with an indignant expression. 


“Move out of the way!” Yang Hanlun spat the words through his gritted teeth. His face was gloomy and looked as though he wanted to kill someone. 


“You should be the one moving out of the way!” There wasn't any fear on Lin Haihai's face, but rather a look of determination!!


“B*tch. If something happens to General Chen, even dying a hundred times is not enough to compensate for your wrongdoings!”


“You’re not any better. I can’t die 100 times. There’s a catch in your wording,” Lin Haihai responded incongruously. 


“You’re seeking death!”


“Who knows who’s going to die!”


“Move out of the way immediately or I’ll make sure you will regret it!”


“If I move out of the way, you’ll be the one to regret it!”


The two engaged in a war of words and the atmosphere intensified. There seemed to be the faint smell of gunpowder in the air.


“Cut the crap, grab him!” Yang Hanlun's guards immediately took action. One of them grabbed a discipline’s hand and the latter groaned in pain. He hurriedly let go of the stretcher and the guard took the chance to grab it. 


When Lin Haihai saw this, she seethed with anger and hollered, “Come, there’s someone stirring up trouble!”


When Yang Hanlun saw that his guards had succeeded, he dismissed her call and ridiculed, “Go ahead, call the kids over.”


The moment he said this, groups of people poured in from all directions. To be accurate, it was a group of angry, half-grown kids. They each held a broken stick in their hand. No, it was two short sticks connected by a chain. Of course, Yang Hanlun didn’t know those were nunchakus, invented by Bruce Lee. 


More and more people poured in. At first, there were just kids. But eventually, even patients followed. They surrounded Yang Hanlun in anger but remained silent, only sending piercing daggers with their eyes. Yang Hanlun and his guards were a bit uneased by the scene. Yang Hanlun cleared his throat and said awkwardly, “Everyone, I’m Sixth Prince. I need to move this patient to another place for treatment. I’m not here to cause trouble, so please move out of the way and don’t hinder the imperial family!”


Everyone remained silent but continued to stare at Yang Hanlun and his guards. 


Yang Hanlun made a decision. “Whatever. Take General Chen away. It’s more important to save him!”


“Be mindful of the patient. As for the rest, throw them out,” Lin Haihai said expressionlessly. 


“How dare you?? Do you know… hey…” A guard was infuriated and immediately pointed a finger at Lin Haihai, scolding her. Before he could finish his sentence, the children immediately attacked him, beating his head with nunchakus. Then a second time, third time...


“Protect the prince! Protect the prince! Ahh…” Some of the guards scampered off like a frightened rat; it was a tragic sight to see.


Yang Hanlun and his guards had never experienced such tragedy, despite their numerous expeditions on the battlefield! The embarrassing thing was how the rods accurately struck their heads, stomachs, or their legs; yet, they couldn’t even fight back. 


They escaped to the door and Yang Hanlun turned around, saying fiercely, “I'll remember this! I won’t allow it to end just like this! I won't retaliate since you guys are just civilians. But only this time. If you guys dare to attack me again, I won’t let you guys off!”


Lin Haihai sat at the table and poured herself a cup of tea. My goodness. She had toiled half the day away and didn’t even have a sip of water yet. I don’t have it easy, okay!  She picked up the teacup and gulped the tea down. Nice! She listened to Yang Hanlun grumbling off for a while before she raised her brows and said, “What did you say? Say it again.”


Yang Hanlun felt that his lungs were about to explode. He had underestimated this woman. How dare she act dumb! He angrily stormed off in a huff. 


Lin Haihai laughed out loud and then puzzledly asked, “Why do they have bruises on their heads? Did they trip and fall? I have to tell them to pay more attention.” Then, Lin Haihai actually said to the children, “Quickly go after them and relay the message to them. Just say what I said, word for word. 'Listen up, the person by the last name Yang. Watch your steps when you are coming to Linhai Hospital next time, especially when so late in the night!'”


When the children heard this, they immediately sprinted out and hollered towards Yang Hanlun and his guards, “Listen up, the person by the last name Yang!”


Yang Hanlun and his guards looked back to see the group of children chasing after them. They all felt slight chills and couldn’t help but take a few steps back. 


The children said in unison, “Watch your steps when you are coming to Linhai Hospital next time, especially so late into the night!”


Yang Hanlun and his guards paled immediately. She had already seen through our plan. Just who is this woman? The more Yang Hanlun thought about it, the more dumbstruck he was. 






After Xiao Ju and Liu’er listened to Qing Feng and Ming Yue’s traumatic description, they sat paralyzed on their seats with open mouths. For a very long time, they didn’t dare to breathe heavily. Who was the sixth prince?! He was callous, dominant, merciless, and definitely not a kind person. Besides the young miss of the Chen Family, the emperor, and the empress dowager, he didn’t give anyone face. How would such a prideful and arrogant person be willing to let this go easily after suffering such humiliation?!


Just thinking of it gave Xiao Ju the cold sweats. Yet, Lin Haihai acted like it was nothing important and continued to fiddle with her experiment. 


Meanwhile, Liu’er was by the side murmuring under her breath, “What do you think the consequences would be for angering His Highness? Will he behead all of us? Why don’t we apologize and send him apology gifts? After all, we’re wealthy. Money, right, money. Will he stop giving us money in the future?


Lin Haihai knitted her eyebrows. This was an issue. If Yang Hanlun stopped giving her money, it would affect the hospital’s operations. In the worst-case scenario, the hospital might even shut down! This was a huge issue!


“Did he mention why he was looking for me?” she asked Xiao Ju. 


“No, but it seemed urgent.” Xiao Ju stared at Lin Haihai, the latter was usually strange but now appeared sane. She finally concerned herself with these important issues. 


“Then, let’s visit the prince’s residence this evening!”


“What? That’s not a good idea. Look at the time now. It’s already past midnight and His Highness would have already turned in for the night. Let’s go tomorrow!” Xiao Ju speedily objected. Is she kidding? If they were to go and disturb the prince while he's asleep, wouldn’t that be seeking death? Also, they were entering his territory. They had already offended him during the day, and going over at such a late time was as good as asking for a beating! 


“How would we have time in the day?” Lin Haihai gave Xiao Ju a look as if she should’ve known this. 


“No, no matter what you’re going to say, the answer is no! Even if you beat both of us to death, we can’t allow you to go to the prince’s residence!”


“Right! You must not go right now! Sister, quickly go take a shower and rest. You reek of alcohol disinfectants. Go shower and sleep!” Liu'er and Xiao Ju stood on the same front.


“But!...” Nevertheless, I should apologize, shouldn't I? Although it wasn’t my fault, I have no choice but to give in since he is the wealthy one here! 


“There are no buts. No matter what, we said you can’t go, so you can’t. If you dare to go, we will die before you!” Xiao Ju glared and said with extra firmness and tenacity. She even said these ruthless words, hoping that it would dispel Lin Haihai’s thoughts. 


“Right, even if you beat us to death, you can’t go!” Liu’er agreed in an assertive tone. There was no room for discussion. 


Qing Feng and Ming Yue understood the seriousness of this matter and stood on Xiao Ju’s side as well. 


By the common law in this world, the minority shall follow the majority. That had always been the case, but there were always exceptions! 


“Quickly, guys. Stop dilly-dallying. The sun’s about to rise!” Lin Haihai urged Xiao Ju and Liu’er for the nth time while the two glanced at each other, crying out for their fathers in their hearts! 


“Sister, there’s no one who'd give lotus seeds as a present. How about we buy something good tomorrow?” Xiao Ju glanced at the bag of lotus seeds in her hands, guessing that it was probably not even worth two taels. Isn’t she being a little stingy?! On another note, who would give an apology gift like this?


“Right, gifting Guangdong Abrus isn’t good either. It’s a little bit… erm!” Liu’er was carrying a bundle of Guangdong Abrus; of course, most of it was just the straw rope used to tie the Guangdong Abrus together and there were only a few strands of Guangdong Abrus in reality. 


“What do you know?! Lotus seeds can clear one's internal heat, and is suitable for those with an irritable temper to drink. Guangdong Abrus can clear up the inflammation of the liver and once it has been cleared, one would naturally be unlikely to get angry.” Lin Haihai held a lantern in one hand and explained confidently. 


“I’m just afraid that he will immediately burst into anger when he sees this!” Xiao Ju whispered into Liu’er’s ears.


“I can imagine!”


From afar, Lin Haihai’s gloomy and deep voice rang, “There’s… a… ghost!”


Xiao Ju and Liu’er glanced at each other before screaming in fright and immediately chased after Lin Haihai. 

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