Chapter 159: I Like To Feel Protected

Yang Shaolun shielded Lin Haihai with his body and demanded, “You want this Emperor’s life. Let them go!”

Zhou Junpeng looked at the obvious disgust in Lin Haihai’s eyes. It felt as if the resulting pain had taken physical shape and prevented him from breathing properly.

“Leave with Physician Lin, Your Majesty!” Chu Zijun took a step forward and exclaimed, pointing his sword at Zhou Junpeng.

“You’re not his match, General Chu. Don’t throw your life away!” Lin Haihai said faintly. “Your master ordered you to strike so soon? Is he tired of waiting to become the emperor?”

Zhou Junpeng met Lin Haihai’s eyes and said with a sigh, “It’s unwise to go against the flow of the world. Physician Lin must know as well. His Highness has gained dominating influence. It’ll be easy for him to take over the nation. Why must you struggle unnecessarily?”

“If you’ve conducted a thorough investigation on me, you must know he is my lover. Do you really think I’ll stand by and do nothing when he’s in trouble?” Lin Haihai huffed. “It’s a kinder fate to be a dog in a peaceful time than a man in a war-torn world. You’ve lived a life of abundance, and you don’t know what the general public wants! The nation is prosperous, and the people are content, but you stuck your fingers where you shouldn’t and carelessly stirred up trouble to put people’s livelihood at risk. Even if you do manage to take over the nation, you won’t be able to stay in power for long!”

Yang Shaolun held her hand tightly, overwhelmed with emotions. He could die happy having met someone who knew him so well. She had taken a stand for him at his moment of crisis, which was worth more to him than the throne!

Expression tightening, Zhou Junpeng said seriously, “Then don’t blame me for not showing you mercy!”

He let out a howl, and a group of men dressed in black descended from above riding the wind. They hovered in the air without touching the ground. Yang Shaolun and the others looked on with shock. What manners of martial arts were they employing? How did they hover in the air without moving? Were they ghosts?

Lin Haihai scoffed. So that’s the trick Prince Pingnan’s pulling on them? Living corpses. They do make great expendable assassins!

She reached out with her right hand and made a circle in the air to gather energy. She then soared into the sky and shot a torrent at every assassin.

Her companions were shocked, especially Yang Shaolun. Chen Luoqing had told him before that Lin Haihai was more than what meets the eyes, but he hadn’t taken it seriously. Now it was clear to him how masterful a martial artist she was!

Startled, Zhou Junpeng leapt into the air and howled incessantly, but the men in black remained unmoving like they had been frozen in place, their gazes empty. 

Lin Haihai landed on the ground and said icily, “I’ll let you off the hook this time for the sake of our previous friendship, Young Master Zhou. There are things I’d like to say to you, but I don’t think you’ll listen. It’s better I save my breath!”

Zhou Junpeng’s expression darkened. Prince Pingnan had told him that this mission was merely a test for Lin Haihai’s true strength. Now it seemed the living corpses were far from ready. He threw Lin Haihai a conflicted look before turning away and leaving.

Yang Shaolun stared at Lin Haihai, his expression serious. “Why didn’t you tell me that you know martial arts?”

In fact, it was an understatement to call her a mere martial artist. That must have been the power she brought to this world as she transmigrated. What kind of a woman had he fallen in love with?

Lin Haihai was regretful when she noted the hurt on his face. She should’ve told him earlier. Wangchen and Zheng Feng turned away. They were long in the know about Lin Haihai’s expertise in martial arts, but they didn’t know exactly how powerful she was. Thus the show she put on today still left them in shock.

Among the group, Yang Shaolun was the only one completely in the dark. Chu Zijun and Mother Qin had had glimpses of her power, while Xiao Yuan had taken some educated guesses. Yang Shaolun was the only one completely oblivious due to his closeness to her. He had been protecting her like a delicate flower, but it turned out she was a great tree that could shield him from danger!

Everyone else stepped back to give them room. Lin Haihai met Yang Shaolun’s gaze and said, “I wasn’t lying to you on purpose. I just love the feeling of being protected by you. If you knew I’m this skilled in martial arts, you wouldn’t pay close attention to my safety!”

That wasn’t exactly a lie. Even the most powerful women yearned for others’ protection. Although she didn't want Yang Shaolun to be too worried about her, she did enjoy the feeling of being treasured.

Yang Shaolun let it go. He knew she wasn’t telling the full truth, but he decided it didn’t really matter. He pulled her into his arms and said, “I can never stop worrying about you. It’s not because I think you’re weak, but because you’re Xiao’hai!”

Lin Haihai beamed warmly.

Once they triumphed over their enemies, they continued their journey as quickly as possible. Finally, they arrived at the capital at noon the next day. Lin Haihai was tired of riding in a horse carriage. She got off as soon as they reached the main street of the city. Yang Shaolun was naturally close by her side, while Zheng Feng, Wangchen, and Suqiu trailed after them. Xiao Yuan, on the other hand, was taking Chu Zijun and Mother Qin to the Court of Judicial Review.

The group walked along the lively main street. All around them were a plethora of different products. Lin Haihai breathed in the familiar air without saying a word.

Then someone yelled, “Physician Lin is back!”

Lin Haihai paused, watching in shock as the people around them swarmed toward her, laughing and crying. What’s going on?

Yang Hanlun approached them on horseback and stopped by Lin Haihai’s side. He first gave Yang Shaolun a meaningful glance before shifting his gaze to Lin Haihai. Thank goodness that she had made it back safely!

The sorrow on his face made her ache in sympathy. “I’m back, Hanlun!”

Yang Hanlun nodded gently, his eyes growing misty with tears. He widened his eyes to stop his tears from falling and took a deep breath. “Thank heavens you’ve returned, or I’d kill myself!”

His words weighed heavily on Lin Haihai. She was saddened by the torment he was going through.

“It’s wonderful that you’re back, Physician Lin. We’ve been so worried!” an older woman said in a trembling voice, her eyes shining with earnest tears. There was no artifice to her relief.

Lin Haihai looked at the people surrounding her, touched. She had offered them meager kindness in her time as a physician, and yet they showed her such genuine care. It made her feel inadequate.

“Have those villains hurt you, Physician Lin?” asked an older man. He was holding the hand of a young child, whom Lin Haihai had saved. The child was bitten last month by a venomous snake. Lin Haihai saved him from the brink of death by giving him an antidote.

“We’ve come as well, Physician Lin!” shouted a thunderous voice. Lin Haihai took a closer look to find those from the Blackhill Village, led by their old chief. They had rushed to the capital to avenge Lin Haihai as soon as they heard about what Chen Birou had done.

Lin Haihai turned to Yang Shaolun, who looked at her with tender eyes. This was the woman he loved, the true mother of this nation who had loved and taken care of its people!

Yang Hanlun’s heart sank. He had mistreated her so terribly. He even misunderstood her as a greedy woman who coveted fortune and glory!

Overwhelming emotions made Lin Haihai tear up. She bowed deeply at the overjoyed people. Her tears dropped before she could say anything. “Lin Haihai doesn’t deserve your affection! I feel guilty when I think about what I’ve done in the past. I haven’t put in as much effort as I should on many occasions!”

There was even less she could do in the future. Once she left these pure-hearted people and returned to the modern day, how was she going to get used to the world? How was she going to let go?

“You’ve granted us a new life, Physician Lin,” said the old chief, his voice trembling with emotions. “There would be no Blackhill Village without you. We would never forget how reluctant you were to leave when you had a palace banquet to attend. We would never forget how you casually put your court attire and shoes on a beam of the carriage. In your eyes, the nobles were much less important than we were. We’ll always remember what you’ve done for us!”

“That’s right, Physician Lin! Do you still remember me? I had my arms and legs broken, and you were the one who treated me, free of charge! I’ll never forget about your kindness. I may be too crude to put my feelings into words, but let it be known that there would be no Chen Dali without Physician Lin! Any enemy of Physician Lin is an enemy of mine, and I’ll give my life going after them!”

The burly man had been working long-term for a wealthy family in the capital. He offended someone and ended up with his limbs broken and his head smashed in. He was close to taking his last breath when he was carried to the Linhai Hospital. It was Lin Haihai who saved him. Since he had a family to feed, he didn’t have enough silver to spare. Lin Haihai treated him for free. It was only natural that a loyal man like Chen Dali would see her as his savior.

Zheng Feng and Wangchen were moved as well. They knew she had won over the people of the city, but they didn’t expect their loyalty and gratitude to be such a tremendous sight to behold.

In the heat of the moment, Zheng Feng raised his voice and said, “Good people of the capital, Physician Lin has gotten away with help, and she hasn’t been hurt! Zheng Feng would like to thank all of you for worrying about Physician Lin. However, she is still a little weak after getting out of danger. Please let us through. We’re taking Physician Lin to the Linhai Hospital to rest. Your feelings have reached Physician Lin loud and clear. Thank you!”

Yang Shaolun smiled, his handsome face glowing with pride.

The crowd parted to make way. Lin Haihai bowed to thank them, her eyes brimming with tears and her expression grateful. Suddenly, she noticed a woman dressed in white, who looked at her with calm eyes. She almost yelped in surprise. She looks just like Yu Qing when she was in highschool! 

Nostalgia and yearning for home spread through Lin Haihai’s heart. When the woman turned to leave, she hurriedly called out without thinking, “Wait, Miss!”

The woman turned and raised an eyebrow. Lin Haihai stared at her dumbly. Even the way she raised her brow was the same! In a calm voice, the woman said, “Are you calling out for me?”

Lin Haihai’s expression crumbled. It can’t be Yu Qing. She’s millennia apart from her. What separated them was space and time rather than mere distance!

“Yes, you look just like a friend of mine. Sorry for troubling you!” Lin Haihai said dejectedly. Even if Yu Qing did manage to come, she wouldn’t look like this. Yu Qing was her age, and while she still looked young and beautiful, her beauty had matured and gained touches of intelligence. The woman before her couldn’t be Yu Qing!

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