Chapter 140: Get Rid Of Him

The Mid-Autumn Day approached, and the temperature began to drop. Li Junyue had returned to the modern world earlier, while Keqing showed signs of the poison acting up. Once the day of the full moon came, she would be under so much pain that she would wish for death!


Lin Haihai lost her appetite more and more. Sometimes she would end up eating nothing at all. Yang Hanlun stuck close to her, keeping an eye on her under the guise of keeping her company. He hadn’t yet reported his findings to Yang Shaolun since he hadn’t gathered enough evidence. He kept the secret lest he hurt his brother for nothing.


The noonday sun blazed hard. Chen Birou left the residence in disguise. A young beggar immediately followed her when he saw her walking away dressed in plain clothes.


Without stopping to rest, Chen Birou rushed to a convent. She stopped and looked around. The beggar hurriedly hid behind a large tree. Once satisfied that she wasn’t followed, Chen Birou opened the door and entered the convent. It was a desolate one with no visitors here to pay tribute. The rampantly spreading weeds and collapsing walls painted a desolate picture.


The beggar quickly caught up with her and got through the dog entrance not far from the main door. From afar, he saw Chen Birou walking up to another woman. He got closer, wondering what they were talking about.


Warily, Chen Birou gazed at the woman before her. “Why would the First-Grade Madam invite me here?”


The woman huffed. “We have a common enemy. I invited you here to go after her, of course!”


The resentment overtaking Chen Birou’s face shocked the little beggar. He took several steps back and lay prone on a pile of stones.


“I know you’ve poisoned her a few times, but she’s a physician, and the poisons you used are the common varieties. Those aren’t going to work on her.” Yan Lirong scoffed. “At least your attempts have shown us her true nature though. She continued to keep her guard down around you despite what you’ve done. It shows that she doesn’t want to make you an enemy!”


“What idea do you have?” Chen Birou pressed.


Yan Lirong smirked maliciously and whispered something into her ear, and Chen Birou pulled her lips into a matching smile. The beggar sighed. The woman hadn’t changed at all. She was as vicious as ever. He took a few steps back and ended up stepping on a piece of iron, making a ringing sound. He cursed inwardly as Chen Birou and Yan Lirong exchanged a look and ran his way.


The little beggar scrambled away in panic. Both his hands had been broken, and frankly he couldn’t even kill an ant. He could do nothing but hoped for a miracle to happen.


“You!” Chen Birou recognized him.


“Spare me, Young Mistress!” The beggar knelt down and fearfully moved backward. “I saw nothing and heard nothing. Please spare me!”


“Kill him!” Yan Lirong said cruely. “He mustn’t be allowed to tell our secrets!”


She took a dagger out of her sleeve and handed it to Chen Birou, who accepted it without hesitation, her eyes shining with killing intent. He should’ve died a long time ago. He’s lucky to survive to this day!


Staring at the glinting dagger, the beggar panickedly squirmed and rose to his feet with the help of a rock. Then he gave all he’d got into running away.


Yan Lirong clapped once. Two figures immediately chased after the beggar.


Chen Birou let out a sigh of relief. She shot Yan Lirong a grateful look and said, “Thank heavens you’re here!”


“Do you know him?” Yan Lirong schooled her expression into a dignified look.


“He was one of my servants,” Chen Birou bit out. “I broke his arms and threw him out of the residence after he offended me. He must have grown resentful and followed me to take revenge!”


“Keep your guard up from now on. This plan must be executed without accidents!” Yan Lirong’s eyes flashed with grim satisfaction. She had found the right person to work with. Chen Birou was indeed vicious and decisive, unlike the young mistresses who couldn’t even kill a chicken she hated the most.



Autumn came fully, while Lin Haihai grew busier and busier. Flute had set out with his brothers to Chen, followed by a few thousands soldiers.


Lin Haihai left the plantation and slowly descended the mountain with Wangchen and Zheng Feng. Yang Hanlun didn’t follow her today. Someone from the army camp had requested his presence.


“Any suggestions for the harvest?” They had been suffering from a shortage of manpower. Considering the cost, it was quite ludicrous for common herbs to take such substantial manual labor and money, but there was no alternative. Moreover, most of the herbs cultivated in the plantation were the rare and expensive varieties. They didn’t have enough workers! Lin Haihai was so frustrated she almost clawed her scalp open.


“Would planting so many expensive herbs really help, Master?” Wangchen asked with narrowed eyes. “Aren’t a lot of herbs interchangeable?”


Lin Haihai sighed at the yellowed silvergrass. “It’s not the same. Some herbs are irreplaceable!”


Panax notoginseng was one of the precious herbs she had been cultivating. It was tremendously valuable since it couldn’t be found at all in the market. All the money in the world wouldn’t buy you any since a long time ago.


Notoginseng was the most efficient herb to stop blood loss, and it was effective in treating internal trauma. No other healing medicine could rival it. Unfortunately, the nation was running low on notoginseng. Once a war broke out, many injured soldiers would die of ineffective treatment due to the shortage. Morale would then take a serious hit. It wasn’t difficult to imagine what would happen then.


Suddenly, Lin Haihai smelled a pungent metallic smell. She looked around for its source. Zheng Feng asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Someone’s injured. They’re nearby. Help me find them!” Lin Haihai was the first to run toward the source of the smell. Wangchen looked on with a pounding heart. Has she forgotten about her pregnancy?


Zheng Feng leapt onto a tree to take in the area. Finally, he spotted a bleeding figure among the yellowed silvergrass. He flew his way there with qinggong. Lin Haihai and Wangchen followed shortly after. Lin Haihai checked the person’s breathing. It was shallow, but he was still alive. His face was covered in bruises, and his body littered with bloody cuts. Lin Haihai hurriedly circulated her inner energy to protect his heart and meridians.


“There’s nothing but the plantation within five kilometers in radius. He’s dressed like a beggar. Why would he come to the middle of nowhere rather than begging on the streets?”


Zheng Feng rose to take a look at the surroundings, spotting the abandoned convent not far from here. “Maybe he’s been staying in the convent there, but someone gave him a beating for some reason.”


Lin Haihai pulled her hand back and said, “He wasn’t beaten. His face was dark not because of bruises, but mud. He is indeed a beggar!” She rolled up his clothes to check his wounds. “The cuts were made with sharp blades. There were five slashes in total. Whoever did this bore deep resentment for him. They wanted him dead. Fortunately, he wasn’t so easy to kill and managed to hang onto his life.”


“Who would do this to a beggar?” asked Wangchen.


“We’ll have to wait til he’s awake,” LIn Haihai said gravely. “Get him off the mountain, Zheng Feng. Use qinggong and keep yourself steady!”


Zheng Feng nodded and put the beggar on his back before flying off the mountain. Lin Haihai grabbed Wangchen’s hand, gliding through the sky like a great bird. Wangchen was stunned. Her qinggong was tremendous! Although she had seen what Lin Haihai was capable of in the prison, being carried like this by Lin Haihai impressed upon her further just how masterful Lin Haihai was as a martial artist. Who exactly was her master?


Lin Haihai immediately began to treat the young beggar once they reached the Linhai Hospital. She realized that the beggar’s arms had been broken through force. Who would be malicious enough to do something like this to a beggar?


She conducted a surgery on him and used steel plates to keep his broken bones fixed. The imperial physicians assisted her throughout the four-hour surgery until it was finally done. Thankfully, everything went smoothly, and the beggar would recover. It was already the small hours of the night, and the moon had risen to the top of the dome.


Exhausted, Lin Haihai collapsed onto a chair. She had become more and more tired ever since she became pregnant. Missing a meal made her feel a stabbing hunger, but she couldn’t make herself eat anything. She threw up every time she ate something, which left her lightheaded. The spiritual orb didn’t make it any easier to be pregnant.


Now she again began vomiting after forcing a bowl of porridge down. It was more excruciating than not eating anything. She had no strength left in her. Whenever the child was disturbed, the spiritual orb would put all its power into protecting him, leaving her weak and helpless. She had just spent hours on her feet doing a surgery, her mind fully concentrated. No pregnant women would be able to take it. The spiritual pearl was now protecting the child, but not her!

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