Chapter 136: I Love You

“I’m telling the truth and only the truth,” Lin Haihai swore. “After Miss Lin died, my soul came from the future to be reborn in her body, assuming her identity and living on.”


“How did you get here?” Yang Shaolun helped her sit down, being so gentle that anyone would think she was heavily pregnant.


“I was a doctor back in my time, a physician. I ran into an old woman on a highway that day. I wanted to save her, but I ended up getting into contact with her poisonous blood and getting killed. The old woman was no regular woman, but a thousand-year-old snake demon. She passed the spiritual pearl she had cultivated for a millenium into my body and sent me here, a thousand years into the past!”


Lin Haihai was challenging Yang Shaolun’s limit of imagination and open-mindedness. His handsome face became slightly twisted with disbelief. Everything was just so unbelievable. “Snake demon? Do you mean demons and ghosts are real?”


Lin Haihai gave him a mysterious smile in lieu of an answer.


“You aren’t gonna tell me that you’re not human, are you?” Yang Shaolun pinched her cheek with a rueful smile. What if that is the case?


Lin Haihai hated it when he pinched her face. Although he didn’t use too much force, it would still reflect badly on her. After all she was an imperial official with a large number of disciples. She would lose all respect if she was seen like this!


“Knock it off!” She batted his hand away.


“But your face is so soft and smooth.”


Yang Shaolun caressed her face and followed his touches with kisses. Lin Haihai immediately threw her earlier complaints out of the window. I’m such a lewd woman. I can never resist his touches and kisses!


“I’m from the future,” she protested weakly.


“You’re my wife!” Yang Shaolun felt a sudden lightness knowing her story, and the burden that had been weighing him down was lifted.


“We haven’t gotten married,” Lin Haihai emphasized.


He smirked. “But you’re pregnant with my child!”


Lin Haihai didn’t have a comeback for that. Bearing a child out of wedlock was shameful no matter if she was in this era or her own. But it’s not my fault! I did kinda seduce him though...


“Fine!” Lin Haihai pushed Yang Shaolun away and put on an icy look. “Then you should stay ten meters away from me today on!”


Yang Shaolun pulled her back into his arms and whispered into her ear, “That’s impossible. I’ll stick to your side every hour of the day like a shadow!”


“Even when I’m using the restroom?”


Yang Shaolun sighed. This woman really had no romantic streak in her. She was an expert in spoiling the mood. To stop her from spouting nonsense again, he leaned in to seal her lips with a kiss. Lin Haihai goggled at his dark, bottomless eyes. Yang Shaolun said with a laugh, “Close your eyes!”


He covered her eyes with a hand and gently captured her lips, exploring and caressing her before sucking on her delicate tongue. His hands were gentle and careful as he stroked her back. His eyes grew dark with desires, but he kept himself under control.


Lin Haihai could sense his concern. As a doctor, she knew it was best not to have sex the first three months during a pregnancy, or the fleeting pleasure might lead to irreversible consequences. She was moved by his reservation.


“It’s time to sleep.” Yang Shaolun picked her up and walked up to the bed. “It’s windy at night. You should dress more warmly!”


“Aren’t you going back to your bedchamber?” Lin Haihai worried that he wouldn’t sleep well on her bed. It would be difficult for any man to control himself.


“I won’t do anything but sleep with you in my arms!”


She was the woman he loved the most, and she was pregnant with his child. If he didn’t even have this level of self-control, how was he going to protect his family?


Lin Haihai tousled her own hair. It wasn’t completely dry yet. Yang Shaolun found a towel to dry her hair for her, letting the dark silky hair run down her back and putting his fingers through it. Lin Haihai looked at him happily. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live a life like this?


“You would be the one I miss the most if I return home one day!” she said with a sigh.


Expression suddenly tense, Yang Shaolun grabbed her by the shoulders and stared at her with piercing eyes. “I won’t let you go back! Don’t even think about going back!”


He couldn’t stand being separated from her by space and time. That would be the worst thing to happen to him!


Lin Haihai laughed. “I’m just saying. I won’t be able to return!”


Baizi must have been humoring her. She still hadn’t been given a mission. Perhaps it was never a thing.


“Promise me that you won’t return home even if you can!” Yang Shaolun said with nervous eyes.


“I promise!” Lin Haihai reassured him and dropped a kiss on his lips.


Panic receded in Yang Shaolun’s heart, but a faint sense of unease remained. It felt as if she might disappear any time. Perhaps she would vanish into thin air in the blink of an eye. He could never be sure. The sense of insecurity wouldn’t let him go.


“Your hair is dry. Come sleep.” He brushed away her long hair and lifted the blanket for her. Lin Haihai lay down on the bed as instructed, watching him lower the canopy before lying right next to her. He then extended his arm so that she could rest her head on his chest. He held her close to him and gently patted her back.


Lin Haihai felt the urge to both laugh and cry. He’s treating me like a little kid! He’s taking care of me in the best way he could think of. She reached out to hold onto him as well and said in a nasally voice, “I love you, Yang Shaolun!”


His movement stopped temporarily before he tightened his arms around her, his chest heaving with overwhelming emotions. He had never been the one in control of this relationship. He knew he was in no place to make any decisions. She only had to smile at him or glance his way to make him beside himself with happiness.


Love made one insatiable, however, and he could no longer be content with such fleeting gestures of affection. He wanted to have her fully, openly. Even if he had to pay a heavy price, he would willingly do so. He would give away everything to fight for her. Tonight, he finally realized that he could have her to himself without feeling guilty to anyone!


Lin Haihai was happy as well. She felt so much lighter after telling the secret she had been keeping. She should’ve done that earlier. Her timidness had ended up hurting more people.


Gentle moonlight streamed into the room like a pool of silk. Lin Haihai murmured, “Husband, we can still do it if you can’t stand it.”


“It’s fine,” Yang Shaolun said hoarsely. “Sleep!”


“But...” She could sense his arousal.


“It’s just a natural reaction. Sleep, my dear, and stop worrying about nothing!” He loved them more than his life. How could he ever hurt her?


“Would you turn to others then?” Lin Haihai asked the question all pregnant women had asked at one point.


“You’ve spoiled me. I’m a very picky eater now!”


Yang Shaolun made the promise teasingly, but Lin Haihai misunderstood him completely and said, “If you like my food, I’ll cook for you often. Once we leave to live the life of a recluse, I’ll be able to cook for you every day!”


Yang Shaolun felt a chill run down his spine. He sighed. It seemed that he would have to learn how to cook from tomorrow on, or the two of them would starve once they left to live on their own!


“I look forward to that future,” he said gently. “But I want to be the one cooking and serving you!”


“Can you really cook? Besides, it’s a wife’s duty to do laundry and cook. Leave those chores to me![1]” They would be living a peaceful life. If she didn’t have to do any chores, she would be the first transmigrator to be bored to death!


Yang Shaolun shuddered. They would have to hire a servant then, or they would either starve to death or die of food poisoning!


The two of them didn’t sleep that night, but instead seized the time to chat about anything and everything. They argued sometimes, but the arguments were soon resolved with passionate kisses. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this serenity could last forever? But alas, a storm was brewing in the Daxing Dynasty, and their future was still murky!

1. Are you sure you’re from the 21st century?

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