Chapter 131: Staying In The Palace Overnight

Time flew by and the sun set to the west in the afternoon. Yang Shaolun and Chen Luoqing still hadn’t emerged, and Lin Haihai didn’t have the time to check on them. Her busy work was temporarily interrupted by Xiao Chong’s briefing. Lin Haihai had appointed him to a leadership role at the Public Welfare Administration after she took office. She led Xiao Chong to one of the wards. There were things that shouldn’t be discussed before the patients.


“We’ve received reports from all over the nation about a large-scale outbreak of acute red eyes, and we await the orders of Branch Head Lin!” Xiao Chong reported.


Li Junyue arrived just in time to hear the briefing. He turned to Lin Haihai and said bemusedly, “Return to your post first, Xiao Chong. Physician Lin and I will make a detailed analysis before seeking you out.”


After Xiao Chong left, Li Junyue asked, “What do you think?”


“It is the season when conjunctivitis is prevalent,” Lin Haihai said.


“I’m asking about a solution for control and treatment,” Li Junyue said with an eyeroll. “We need to provide some guidelines as well.”


“Hospital Authority is in charge in the modern days, while we physicians follow their instructions,” Lin Haihai said worriedly. “It’s just our luck that we would have an outbreak when we’re running out of medicines!”


“We should be thankful that it’s just conjunctivitis. Things would be bad if it were a disease with a high mortality rate!” Li Junyue was an optimist, and he always looked at the bright side.


“You’re right. Why don’t you draft guidelines about conjunctivitis and its routes of transmission for the local governments? Treatment cost for all conjunctivitis patients will be reimbursed by the imperial court. The local governments are to closely monitor and control the spread of the disease, and they are required to report the number of cases every day!”


Be thankful that it’s just conjunctivitis. Lin Haihai had to change her mindset as well.


“Alright, leave it to me. It’s afternoon already. Aren’t you going to go home and rest?” Li Junyue suggested that she take a break when he noticed the sickly look on her face.


“I’m fine. You should work on the guidelines now that there aren’t a lot of patients. I’m going to check our inventory.” Lin Haihai was still worried about the shortage of medicine.


“That won’t be necessary. I checked it yesterday. We’re doing better than before, but it still seems pretty grim.” Li Junyue sounded resigned. They were somewhat powerless facing the surging conjunctivitis.


“It must be bad if you can’t be optimistic! I don’t get it though. There are herbs everywhere in the mountains. Why is there still such a serious shortage? It shouldn’t be as bad as it is even when someone’s been maliciously hoarding medicines.”


Lin Haihai rubbed at her forehead, her delicate face shrouded by looming concerns.


“Forget about it. They have been planning this for a long time, and there are a lot of traitors working against us. It’s only natural that this will happen. It’s not the time to think about the causes. We have to focus on solving the problem!”


Lin Haihai nodded and agonized over the situation before she blurted out, “Chen! I’ll seek help from Chen!”


Li Junyue smiled. That’s right, we can import medicines!


“I’ll visit the palace to seek out the empress. I’ll leave the rest to you!”


Lin Haihai quickly made up her mind. She was about to leave the hospital when Yang Shaolun and Chen Luoqing emerged. They had been unable to find Lin Haihai when they left Keqing’s room. They asked Qing Feng about her whereabouts, and she took them here.


“You’re going to the palace?” Yang Shaolun asked.


“That’s right,” Lin Haihai answered with a faint smile. “I have matters to discuss with Empress Chen!”


Yang Shaolun looked at her with his eyes and brows relaxed in a faint smile. “I’m going back to the palace as well. Let me accompany you!”


“Alright, let’s go!” Lin Haihai turned to Li Junyue. “I’ll trust you to take care of everything else!”


“I will.” Li Junyue nodded. “Go ahead and be careful!”


Yang Shaolun and Lin Haihai got into his carriage while Chen Luoqing rode the horse at the front. They slowly travelled past the main street of the capital.


Lin Haihai parted the curtains to watch the lively city. Her smile was as vibrant as any flowers, and her clear eyes shone like the stars. Captivated, Yang Shaolun pulled her into a tight embrace. Lin Haihai hurriedly let go of the curtains, her heart pounding. Something must have happened!


She buried her face into his chest and breathed in his scent deeply, but she didn’t dare ask the question.


“Are you really willing to come with me, Xiao’hai?” His voice was trembling with suppressed emotions.


“I’m willing. I’ll never regret it!” Lin Haihai promised him. She would follow him to the end of the world.


“Even if you’ll lose everything you have?” He was still uncertain. He needed a lot more reassurance.


“Nothing is more important than you are to me! You’re my everything. We’ll leave together once everything settles down!” Lin Haihai could sense his fear. She sighed inwardly. All these worldly concerns were but fleeting clouds. Their love was the only thing she treasured.


“Really?” He grabbed her by the shoulders, his eyes shining with hope.


“I promise,” she said slowly, staring at his loving eyes, handsome face, and slightly curved lips. “Have someone told you that you have lips that are meant for kissing?”


She put her arms around his neck and kissed his parting lips. The softness ignited sparks in him, and he took the lead to kiss her back. He had been wanting to do this. The kiss started out as gentle touches of the lips. Then he sucked on her supple lips until they stung and became swollen. Their hearts were filled with happiness and contentment.


His breathing grew heavy. Lin Haihai put a stop to the kiss and let go of him. They were in a carriage riding along an open street. Even a breeze would part the curtains and expose them. She had no interest in putting on a show for the pedestrians.


“You drive me crazy!” He gazed at her with dark eyes. The lamenting words sounded more like a confession of the deepest love.


Lin Haihai bashfully held onto his clothes and buried her face into his chest, listening to his strong heartbeats. “You’re not the only one driven mad!”


“Would you stay in the palace tonight?” He missed her. He missed her so much!


“Not tonight. Yang Hanlun will come looking!” Lin Haihai wanted nothing but to stay with him, but Yang Hanlun would be worried sick if she didn’t go home.


Yang Shaolun fell silent, pained by the realization that his imperial brother would be worried about her. Although his brother had made a promise, he found it even more difficult for him to grasp the happiness within his reach. He had an unreasonable fear that there would come a day when he woke up to find Lin Haihai cut off from his life forever.

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