Chapter 13: Lunch At River View Tavern

After going through all the procedures, Zhou Junpeng walked Lin Haihai to the door. Lin Haihai respectfully cupped her fist to show her appreciation (Author: Sorry, that’s the only salutation she knows). “Master Zhou, thanks for all your help!” 


Zhou Junpeng was a bit reluctant to part but didn’t want to appear impetuous. So, he cupped his fists and responded, “Have a safe trip, Miss.” 


Lin Haihai sweetly smiled and gracefully walked away. Most likely, Xiao Ju and Liu’er were still in shock as they followed after her, dazed.


Zhou Junpeng’s eyes thoughtfully remained on Lin Haihai’s disappearing figure. Then, he crisply instructed his attendant. “Follow her.” 


The attendant made a quick sound of assent and blended himself through the crowd. In no time, he was already behind Lin Haihai. From his abilities, it was clear he was no ordinary staff member.


Lin Haihai and her group continued to walk along the streets, stopping to look around every now and then. Unwittingly, it was already noon. At this moment, the aroma of savory meals happened to enter their noses. Lin Haihai lifted her head and noticed a huge signboard with the words River View Tavern written across it. 


Oh yeah, we didn’t have breakfast this morning. 


Lin Haihai turned to the girls. “You two must be hungry. Why don’t we have lunch here?” 

“Elder Sister, you’re not done shopping, right? We have already bought a lot of things. Why don’t we head home to eat? This place is very expensive.” 


“Expensive? How expensive?” Lin Haihai hesitated a little. Although she had money now, it didn’t seem like a good idea to spend it all on a whim. Not to mention Xiao Ju’s monthly salary was only a silver tael. Unless it was absolutely necessary, she shouldn’t spend. Today, they bought a lot of things, but they were all items the household needed on a daily basis. Not a single item was a luxury good. 


“I haven’t been inside, but I heard it’s very expensive. Someone told me a meal here can cover an ordinary family’s expenses for half a year!” Liu’er sighed with envy. 


“If that’s the case, let’s go somewhere cheaper. We’re not very rich, there’s no need for us to eat this type of food.” Lin Haihai decisively turned. A meal that could cover half a year of expenses? That’s ridiculous! Looks like our ancestors didn’t do a good job of teaching the young generation to be frugal. Besides, in such a high-class environment, all the guests inside are bound to be extremely wealthy. If they were to accidentally offend one of them, it could lead to a lot of trouble. So, Lin Haihai decided there was no need to experience the life of the rich. 


With that thought in mind, Lin Haihai turned. However, Tangtang tugged on Lin Haihai’s sleeve in a very pitiful manner. “Elder Sister, Tangtang is hungry. Tangtang wants to eat meat.” 


There was a brief moment of silence. “Alright, Elder Sister will take you now!” 


“No! No! Tangtang wants to eat here.” Tangtang’s eyes were brimming with tears as he blinked his huge innocent eyes. Lin Haihai completely lost resistance and gave in. “Fine, we’ll eat here once! Let’s just choose the cheaper items.” 


Xiao Ju picked Tangtang up and they entered the building. River View Tavern had two floors. The first floor was for regular customers, while the second floor was reserved for honored guests. Lin Haihai randomly found a table on the first floor near the side and sat down. 


The moment the waiter saw them, he could tell the guests weren’t ordinary people - especially the one leading at the front. She was dressed very casually, but it didn’t mask any of her elegance. Women generally wouldn’t possess such a fascinating aura. 



“Elder Sister, why did you tell Master Zhou to call you Lin Haihai?” 


“Don’t tell me you think I should’ve told him my real name? Maybe no one would know of Lin Yuguan in the past. But now, everyone knows she’s the abandoned wife of the sixth prince.”


“Oh, I see. Elder Sister, you are so careful.”


“Meat! I want to eat meat!” Tangtang persistently whined. Lin Haihai laughed and raised her hand. “Customer service representative, I would like to order some dishes!” The bewildered waiter looked around. Once he confirmed the lady was beckoning for him, he bolted over. “Miss, are you calling for me?” 


Lin Haihai could see everyone’s stunned expressions and felt slightly awkward. She hastily gulped down a cup of tea before she explained. “Yes, um… Back in my hometown, we refer to waiters as customer service representatives to show respect.” Then, she stiffly laughed to try to cover up her mistake.


“Oh, I see. Thank you for respecting me, Miss!” 


Lin Haihai waved her hand. “It’s fine. Please help us write down a few dishes. It’s fine as long as it’s suitable for children’s tastes.” Lin Haihai was afraid to ask for recommendations as it may be too expensive. So, she only said it had to be fitting for a child. That way, it should be relatively affordable.


The waiter made a sound of assent before dashing off. Xiao Ju was confused. “Elder Sister, isn’t this our hometown? When did we ever call a waiter a customer service representative?”


Darn it. I have to explain again. Looks like I better be careful of what I say from now on. 


“In books, that is how they address waiters - a customer service representative.” 


“Books?! Miss, when did you learn to read?!” Xiao Ju’s voice grew loud. She was no longer calling her sister. 


Shit! So my new identity is illiterate too!? How am I going to explain this now? 


“Umm, it’s a long story! I’ll gradually tell you all about it in the future.” Lin Haihai was trying to brush it off. Xiao Ju accepted this answer since her lady had almost died. Miracles were definitely possible. 


“Alright, tell me about it when you have time.”


“Oh yeah! I forgot to buy makeup.” Lin Haihai attempted to change the topic. 


“Didn’t you say you don’t need that stuff? You said your natural beauty is enough!” Xiao Ju rolled her eyes. 


“Haha, true! But I should still get some. I shouldn’t be overly confident.” Lin Haihai picked up her teacup and grinned.


Liu’er gave her a strange look. “All right, then let’s go buy some after lunch.” 


Then, the dishes arrived and everyone stopped talking. It was rare for them to eat at such a high-end restaurant. They must enjoy the food! 



Second floor (inside a VIP room)


From inside the VIP room, there was a window that allowed guests to see the view of the first floor. A man dressed in a yellow robe around thirty years of age was sitting inside, quietly observing Lin Haihai. The handsome man appeared to be in deep thought. He had never seen her before, but for some reason, she seemed so familiar to him. But if they had met, he wouldn’t forget someone like that. 


Lin Haihai could feel someone watching her from a distance. She faintly smiled and looked up to the 2nd floor. Raising her teacup, she placed the tea by her lips and smiled at the open window. 


Suddenly, the man laughed. This girl is definitely not simple!


After everyone was done eating, Lin Haihai noticed Tangtang was falling asleep. So, she asked the waiter for the bill. 


“Thank you, guests! It is a total of fifteen silver taels!” 


Xiao Ju and Liu’er simultaneously held their breath. How could such a casual meal cost fifteen silver taels? 


Based on their reactions, Lin Haihai could tell it was extremely expensive. After all, fifteen silver taels was equivalent to fifteen months of Xiao Ju’s pay. No wonder she looked depressed. 


Lin Haihai reached inside her pocket and took out some money. But how much is fifteen silver taels? 


Thinking about it, she handed the money to Xiao Ju. “You pay.” 


Xiao Ju held the wallet and shakily took out fifteen silver taels. Lin Haihai quickly leaned over to see the bills. But when she saw Xiao Ju’s confused expression, she swiftly turned her head and pretended she was surveying her environment. She was on edge until Xiao Ju finished paying. 


Upstairs, the man was curious. Why is her expression so strange? Is she hurting because of the money? I guess she’s a pretty daughter from a humble family. 


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