Chapter 127: Don’t Be Rash

“Don’t make everything your responsibility. He’s the emperor. He’s been doing well without your protection over the years. You’ve underestimated him!”


Li Junyue didn’t believe for a second that Yang Shaolun wouldn’t be able to deal with the coming crisis himself. If he knew Lin Haihai had been weathering storms for him, he wouldn’t be able to come to terms with it. All men wanted to protect their beloved women rather than hiding behind them like cowardly turtles. Moreover, he had his pride as the emperor.


“It’s not that I’ve been underestimating him. I just don’t want him to take any risks. You haven’t seen the scars on his body. He’s been through dangers of all kinds over the years. Some are serious enough to take his life. It makes my heart ache. I don’t know how to love someone, and I know I cannot be in control of everything. Perhaps I’ll triumph. Perhaps I’ll die. It will be one of the two. Don’t let him know what I’ve been doing for him, Stupid Bear, or he’ll stop me from taking the risks even if the price is his life!”


Lin Haihai spoke seriously. She knew what a proud and dignified man he was. If he knew she had been going after Prince Pingnan for him, he would be furious.


“I still disagree with what you’ve been doing no matter what you say. I believe Yang Shaolun would be able to overcome the crisis. All you have to do is provide him with enough support and to believe in him. You needn’t do anything reckless!”


“Of course I’ll support him. I want to support him with actions!” Lin Haihai said stubbornly. She had never loved someone like she loved him, and she didn’t know how. All she knew was that she didn’t want him to be in any danger.


“You aren’t even listening, are you?” Li Junyue was getting angry. “It’s a matter of life and death. Why are you doing everything without discussing it with him? How is he going to reconcile with himself in the future when he knows? Moreover, he may have his own plan. You’re likely to disrupt his plans by going off and doing your own thing!”


Lin Haihai paused. She had never considered that. At a loss, she asked Li Junyue, “What should I do then?”


“Move out so that he can put his full attention on dealing with Prince Pingnan!” Li Junyue suggested.


Lin Haihai was hesitant. “Let’s wait after autumn.”


They would be spending the Mid-Autumn Festival in the palace. The other princes would attend with their wives as well. She wanted to have a peaceful holiday before she did anything.


“Where’s Wangchen? Have her keep an eye on that woman. Zheng Feng often has to leave to go on missions. It’s better to have someone by your side!” He hadn’t seen Wangchen for a few days. She had been tailing Lin Haihai wherever she went.


“I had her investigate something. She will be back soon!”


There was something more to Zhou Junpeng. She told Wangchen to follow him for a few days and see what she would find out.


Of course, she couldn’t hide anything from Li Junyue. “Are you investigating Zhou Junpeng?”


Lin Haihai paused in surprise. “How did you know?”


“You aren’t the only one who finds him suspicious. I had a drink with Zhou Junpeng at the Carefree Tavern. He approached me on purpose, but I didn’t know what that purpose was. Perhaps It’s because I work at Linhai Hospital. He seems to be an old friend of the tavern owner!”


Li Junyue thought back to what had happened that night. The owner’s dress brushed past Zhou Junpeng, and neither of them seemed awkward or embarrassed. It was as if they were used to it. Them knowing each other wasn’t strange. What tickled his suspicion was them pretending to be strangers.


“Is that so?” Lin Haihai pondered his words. She had only suspected Zhou Junpeng on instinct. There was something mysterious about the man. The man acted like he had known her for a long time. He knew everything about her, including the kind of food she liked, what she liked to do, and the way she did things.


At first, she had thought he was merely observant and happened to guess her preferences. After meeting him a few times, though, his understanding of her began to scare her. The man must have investigated her before, and the reason must be something he couldn’t let anyone know!


Moreover, he was the owner of Yu Tai Money Exchange, which had established branches all over the nation. The implications were great if he was a follower of Prince Pingnan’s. She had to carefully investigate those around him first.


“Just be careful. You have to tell me whatever trouble you run into, alright?” Li Junyue sighed. Lin Haihai was stubborn, and she wouldn’t change her mind once it was made up.


“I will!” Lin Haihai nodded and sighed. “That reminds me. Baizi told me that there’s a mission I have to complete in this era. He never told me what it was, only that I would be able to return to the modern day once I complete it. I hadn’t put that much thought into it at first, but I have been thinking about it the past few nights.”


Li Junyue frowned. She’ll be able to return to the modern day after completing a mission? There must be something fishy about it. Is Baizi an enemy? But he’s saved the emperor multiple times. He couldn’t have been on Prince PIngnan’s side. Who is he? What is the mission?


Lin Haihai lowered her head in deep thoughts, unable to come up with an answer. She shook her head in frustration and looked up at Li Junyue.


“There’s no use worrying about it too much,” Li Junyue reassured her. “We’ll cross the bridge when we come to it. It’s more important for you to be careful. Don’t think of yourself as invincible just because you have some power. And don’t go charging around like a gung ho soldier of the Qing Dynasty!”


Lin Haihai rolled her eyes at him. His reassurance had turned into reprimand and warning in the end. He sounded like a typical parent.


Seeing how busy the hospital was today, Lin Haihai wanted to stay and help, but Li Junyue kicked her out. “Go back and rest. It’s your day off. Shoo, off you go!”


Lin Haihai had no choice but to leave with Zheng Feng. She was now persona non grata at the hospital. Lin Haihai muttered to herself as she walked away. How was she going to rest easy when everyone was so busy?


Her eyes darted around in bemusement before she told Zheng Feng, “Why don’t we buy everyone some snacks from the store across the street?”


Zheng Feng looked at her with exasperation. “If you really can’t allow yourself to relax, just go back to see patients. What’s with all the little tricks you’re pulling?”


“You don’t know how scary Li Junyue can be. He’s like a black-faced god!” Lin Haihai’s heart still pounded when she thought about how Li Junyue lost his temper because of her. Once, she went to school despite being sick, and she began to run a high fever during the evening studying session. When he heard, he threw all her books out of the window. She could still remember his furious face like it had happened yesterday.


“Then you should go back to rest like he told you to,” Zheng Feng said after some hesitation. “I think he’s right. You should move out!”


Lin Haihai huffed. “People will talk. You know the truth about the situation!”


Zheng Feng glared at her angrily before saying in a displeased tone, “Then you may ignore me like I’m a fool!”


Lin Haihai knocked him on the head with her fist and put her hands on her waist. “You are a fool. You should know better than anyone. He told me to move out because he has no faith in my fighting ability. Do you not believe in my martial arts skill, either?”


He had seen what she was capable of. It didn’t make sense for him to agree with Li Junyue.


“I’m confident in your fighting ability, but not in your ability to think and scheme!” Zheng Feng said bluntly, pulling no punches. “You fell into the trap of a frail woman who can’t even kill a chicken! You are only able to keep a clear head when you’re being a physician. Outside of your job, you’re a nuisance that makes everyone worry!”


Lin Haihai fumed. At the end of the day, she was a princess consort. “I’m your boss. You should show me some respect!”


“Respect is earned. Face is what you lose!” Zheng Feng retorted with her own words.


 Lin Haihai moved back and scowled at Zheng Feng. “Apologize!”


Zheng Feng glared back at her in rage. “I don’t get it. Is your brain full of holes? Everyone knows what Chen Birou is thinking. Why would you have the soup she served you? Aren’t you a physician? Couldn’t you tell that there was poison in it? And you wouldn’t admit that you’re worrisome. If Consort Lin believes Zheng Feng is wrong, Zheng Feng will stop talking from now on!”


He was the one who should be angry here. What right did she have to be angry?


His obvious fury made Lin Haihai’s prideful look crumble. She tugged at his sleeve weakly and pleaded, “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t accept her offering when I knew she was up to no good like a woman with the brain of a pig. I admit that I was eager to win her over and resolve our misunderstanding. That was why I didn’t notice the poison. Please don’t be angry with this lowly woman, Sir Zheng!”


Zheng Feng was scary when he was angry as well. People like him were usually easy targets for teasing, but they turned out to be incredibly assertive and frightening when the circumstances called for it. She remembered how Yang Shaolun acted when he was angry, and her heart pounded in fear. She had lied to him about many matters. Would he lose his temper when he knew?


Zheng Feng frowned at the woman before him. The pitiful look on her face made him soften despite himself. He sighed and walked to the snack shop to buy some snacks. Then he broke Lin Haihai out of her reverie, “Come on, aren’t we returning to the hospital?”


Lin Haihai broke into a wide smile, all her previous concerns forgotten. Zheng Feng shook her head. She really was a simple woman with simple needs.


Lin Haihai snuck her way to the hospital. Immediately, Li Junyue’s sharp gaze caught her. She beamed at him and marched toward the door with a smile. “You’ve been busy all morning. I bought some snacks for you. Come have them!”


The imperial physicians laughed. Imperial Physician Chen walked up to her and said, “It seems you just can’t get away from the hospital, Master!”


“It’s my lifelong calling,” Lin Haihai said like it was obvious. “Why would I get away?”


Then a girl in her teenage years came up to Lin Haihai. “Are you Physician Lin Haihai?”


Lin Haihai turned around to see a beautiful woman with delicate features. However, she looked a little sickly, and her clothes were unkempt. There was a looming shadow haunting her.


“I am,” Lin Haihai nodded and said.


The girl knelt down immediately and begged, “My mistress is seriously ill, Physician Lin. Please come to my household to treat her. This woman is willing to serve you in return!”


Although her tone was pitiful, there was still pride remaining in her eyes.


“Get my medical kit and let’s go!” Lin Haihai said to Zheng Feng.


Zheng Feng immediately left to fetch her the medical kit, while Li Junyue emerged and said, “Be careful!”


Lin Haihai nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine with Zheng Feng by my side!”


They never clashed when a patient’s health was on the line. It was not only their profession, but also their calling in life. As long as they were physicians, they had to perform their duty.


Lin Haihai helped the girl up and said, “Please lead the way!”


The girl seemed to be caught off guard by how easily it was to convince Physician Lin. Zheng Feng’s re-emergence with a medical kit was a clear enough confirmation. She wiped away her tears and led them outside.

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