Chapter 126: Are You Hiding Something From Me?

Lin Haihai cupped his handsome face with both hands. She had dreamed about his adoring eyes more times than she could count. With a laugh, she said, “I thought you were angry at me!” But he wasn’t. She couldn’t help the relief seeping into her tone. She was deeply comforted by the realization.


Yang Shaolun’s heart clenched. The past month must have been difficult for her as well. What he had said in the heat of the moment stuck with her. The adoration and heartache in his gaze deepened as he stared at the bright-eyed woman. That warm and brilliant smile of hers bloomed for him and only him.


How had she been when he was away? Had she stayed up thinking about what they shared? Had she twisted and turned as she slept because she missed him too much? He had never cared about someone so deeply that even thinking about her made his bones ache. The more he missed her, the more he wanted to discard the mantle on his shoulders and eloped with her, leaving behind the mortal world and its trouble.


He put his arms around her slim waist and frowned. “You’ve lost weight!”


Lin Haihai averted her eyes guiltily. She hadn’t been eating well the past month. It was only natural that she would lose weight. “I was on a diet. It’s healthier this way!”


She wasn’t that slim. There was still fat where it mattered.


“Diet? What do you think you’re doing? Look how thin your face has become. You must have two bowls of rice every meal from now on until I deem you healthy enough!” He tightened his arms around her. She was so light it felt as if she would float away if he wasn’t careful. The thought alone filled his heart with dread.


“Two bowls? Do you think you’re feeding pigs?” She pushed him away unhappily. Thinking of having two bowls of rice per meal made her taste bile.


Oblivious to her discomfort, he pulled her back into his arms and whispered into her ears, “Hey, take care of Lin Haihai for me when I’m not with her. When I’m able to take care of her myself, I’ll personally feed her two bowls of rice every meal!”


His words were both loving and resigned. The mournful tone made her heart ache. She buried her face into his chest and said in a nasally voice, “I promise to take care of her for you, but you have to fulfil your promise. I’ll be waiting!”


Only now did she realize that deeper love begot deeper pain. She couldn’t even imagine how they were going to face the devastating pain in the future if they couldn’t be together. Even thinking about the possibility made it felt like someone had stabbed her and twisted the blade. The future… Who knew what their future would entail?


“I’ll fulfil my promise and come to take away my beloved!” Yang Shaolun swore, his dark eyes shining with determination. He pressed a heated kiss to her soft lips, making it clear that he meant every word he said. Lin Haihai felt lightheaded all of a sudden. The happiness she was fighting for would come at a great price, but she believed it would be worth it.


The man before her was equally important as her belief. However, the decades of education she received in the modern days told her that one must not consider only their selfish needs. Since the first year of primary school, it had been instilled in her that she had to contribute to the society when she grew up. The only thing she was good at was the medical expertise she had cultivated over the years. She left behind everything else and became a doctor.


In this era, where healthcare was still immature, she had the ability to revolutionize the system for the welfare of the general public. It was impossible for her not to do something given the circumstances. The more she was concerned about, the more hesitant she was about her relationship with Yang Shaolun.


Love wasn’t the only thing in her life, but she was his everything. In the small hours at night, she often thought about how she had hurt him, and it left her with a hollowing pain. At the end of the day, she still had her child, while he was truly alone. She didn’t even dare tell him that she was pregnant with his child, and that they were a family in the truest sense in the world.


She ached for him, but time stopped for no one. Soon a series of hurried footsteps could be heard from outside the room. They parted reluctantly. At least this time, they parted with a mutual trust and determination in their hearts. Her flushed face seemed to be glowing, and her cool, crystal-like eyes shone with determination. He felt a pang in his heart. He swore he would come take her away like he had promised.


“His Highness has arrived!” Chen Luoqing knocked on the door gently and called out.


Lin Haihai hurriedly moved away from Yang Shaolun. Chen Luoqing sat between the two of them after entering the room, followed by Xiao Yuan and Bai Muyang. Yang Shaolun looked at them with a scowl, feeling dissatisfied. The panic on Lin Haihai’s face stung him. He sighed inwardly.


It didn’t matter now. He had to support her when she was doing the right thing. Even when she was making a mistake, though, there was nothing he could do other than wait for her to turn around.


Yang Hanlun rushed in with a group of men. He came as quickly as he could after being notified that Grand Councilor Yan had charged into the North Court with guards and soldiers. It wasn’t until he saw Lin Haihai safely sitting on a chair that he allowed himself to relax.


“This brother greets Imperial Elder Brother!” Why is he here? He must have come to her rescue! A myriad of emotions rose in Yang Hanlun’s heart. He wanted to be the one to help her when she was in trouble instead of his brother.


“No need for the formalities!” Yang Shaolun felt bitter when he took in the urgent look on his brother’s face. He had hurried here for her because he didn’t want another man to be present when she was in trouble.


“What’s going on?” Yang Hanlun turned to Lin Haihai and reprimanded worriedly. She looked a little pale. “The steward said that you were feeling unwell. What happened? Why didn’t you stay at home and rest?”


Lin Haihai glanced at Yang Shaolun and found him staring at her.


She’s sick? Yang Shaolun’s heart clenched. This woman! I should’ve spanked her in punishment. Why hasn’t she been taking care of herself?


Lin Haihai smiled awkwardly and said, “I’m fine. I’m just feeling a little sick after eating too much. Why wouldn’t I be fine? I’m a physician myself!”


“You’ve eaten too much? You’re no longer vomiting?” Yang Hanlun asked in delight. It had been difficult for him the past month to watch her throw up whenever she ate anything.


Lin Haihai almost jumped. Her pregnancy must be kept a secret at the moment, or he would surely lose his calm. This was a critical time! She put her hand on her head and dramatically called out in pain, shocking everyone in the room.


“What’s wrong?!” they asked. She guiltily sank into the chair and rubbed at her temples, saying with a frown, “My head hurts, but I’m not sure why!”


Yang Hanlun rushed up to support her and said in distress, “Does it hurt a lot? What happened? My carriage is right outside. Let’s go to the hospital. You’ve been feeling unwell in the morning. Why didn’t you rest at home? See, you’re suffering the consequences now!”


Yang Shaolun glared at Yang Hanlun’s hands, feeling a stab of jealousy. In a nonchalant voice, he said, “This Emperor’s carriage is right outside as well. Why doesn't this Emperor give her a ride to the hospital? Imperial Brother must have other matters to attend to. Luoqing, help Consort Lin up!”


Yang Hanlun was shocked and a little angry. His elder brother had never taken a firm stance for this relationship. Why would he be so assertive this time?


He didn’t know that his elder brother hadn’t once given an inch. It was Lin Haihai who had been running away. Her timidness had been preventing Yang Shaolun from fighting for what he wanted. Ever since she visited him in the Imperial Garden that night, he had made up his mind to make her his. He stepped back only because she was scared.


Now, however, he had thrown reservations out of the window. He did love his little brother very much, but it didn’t mean he would be willing to surrender the woman he loved to him.


Lin Haihai was stuck in an awkward position. The best strategy for her now was to feign obliviousness. She leaned into Chen Luoqing’s shoulder, making herself look extremely frail. Chen Luoqing’s heart ached as he smelled the faint medicinal fragrance about her. He was fooled by her acting into believing that she was ill. She did look ill, and she had lost a lot of weight. He couldn’t help but feel protective of her.


She was put into the carriage with Yang Shaolun. The imperial guards took point to clear a path, while the two of them sat in the dragon carriage. Lin Haihai still looked pale, but it wasn’t because of an illness, but the nervousness she was still reeling from. How am I going to tell Brother Yang about the child? I shouldn't tell him yet, should I? I have to wait until the coup is resolved, at least. Then nothing will be irreversible even if some trouble arises.


Yang Shaolun reached out to pull her into his arms and brushed away a few stray strands of her hair with wide hands. Her palm-sized face still hadn’t recovered from the shock, and her eyes were flickering.


With a frown, he took her chin and asked, “Are you hiding something from me?”


Lin Haihai settled her clear eyes on him and said guilty, “I am. I got sick a few days ago, but I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry.” She had to conceal her guilty look well, or the intelligent emperor would see through her.


Yang Shaolun considered her with deep, dark eyes before leaning in to catch her lip between his teeth. He bit her in punishment, but it only stung a little. He could never use force on her. He didn’t have the heart. His overwhelming and irresistable tenderness made her want to drown in his warmth.


The carriage stopped before Linhai Hospital. Lin Haihai was about to get off when Yang Shaolun grabbed her and yanked, making her fall into his arms. Then he pressed his lips to hers, chasing her and kissing her so hard that her lips went numb.


She pushed him away with quite some force and shot him a glare.The carriage had stopped for some time. If she stayed in the carriage for too long, people's minds would begin to wander. She turned around and was about to get out when she thought of something. She turned back and grabbed his right hand, rolling up the gilded sleeve of his dragon robe. It wasn’t until she saw the red string around his wrist that she relaxed.


“Never untie the string, or I won’t let you off easy!” she threatened him while cupping his face. After a few seconds of silence, she kissed him hard on the lips and muttered, “Serve you right for seducing me!”


Then she dropped another kiss on his cheek before letting out a sigh of relief and getting out. Meanwhile, the man left in the carriage had a smile on his face that could only be described as dopey. The corners of his lips curled up, and his eyes shone with obvious affection.


As soon as Lin Haihai entered the hospital, she was dragged into a ward by Li Junyue. The grave look on his face made her heart pound. She hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Zheng Feng told me that the woman poisoned you,” Li Junyue said angrily. “Is that true?”


When did Zheng Feng tell him? He’s been with me all the time, aside from the time he went away to ask for help.


“Stop muttering nonsense. He told me immediately after he came into the hospital. He wanted me to talk you into moving back here!”


Zheng Feng had entered the hospital before her, since she had spent some time snuggling with the man who needn’t be named.


“Yang Hanlun wouldn’t agree to it.” Lin Haihai sat down and patted Li Junyue on the shoulder. “Chen Birou won’t be able to hurt me. She’s not a threat to me given her lacking ability and intelligence.”


“But she’s scheming against someone who doesn’t even know how to scheme. You’re no longer on your own. Think about your child. There are plenty of opportunities for her to set you up. I’m against you staying in the Prince Residence!”


Li Junyue was determined. Although Lin Haihai was protected by the spiritual pearl, she was too trusting of other people. It would be too easy for Chen Birou to set her up.


“No, I don’t want things to get complicated at the moment. Let’s wait until we get through this turbulence. I promise I’ll be more careful. I won’t let anyone hurt me!”


It wasn’t the right time to move out now. Even if Yang Hanlun’s objection wasn’t a concern, she was worried that Yang Shaolun wouldn’t be able to stay away from her once she moved to the hospital. She had been making moves openly in the hope of attracting their enemies’ attention. She didn’t want him to risk himself by getting involved!

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