Chapter 12: The Old man Who Sold Sugar Figurines

While Lin Haihai was walking along the ancient flourishing streets of the capital, she came to a bizarre realization. She felt like she wasn’t walking on the road. Instead, she was stepping through time and space. One could only sigh with this feeling of grief. As a time traveler from the future, she was separated from this world, but it was as if she could enter a different time period whenever she wanted. Every second, minute, day, and year were interconnected. There was only one path straight ahead. As long as she kept going, she would step into another spacetime. 


It was a very frightening thought. The old woman had mentioned she could freely travel to whichever era she wanted to. So, Lin Haihai knew it wasn’t nothingness ahead of her. It was right in the open, but she didn’t dare to venture into it. 


“Elder Sister, why are you zoning out? Look at all these items on display!” 


Lin Haihai snapped back to the present and smiled. “No, I was just thinking of what I want to buy.”


The capital was the home of the emperor. The liveliness and prosperity of its streets were naturally extraordinary. There was a large selection of stores and hundreds of thriving businesses. The entire street was filled with pubs, hotels, and restaurants. There were also rows of jewellery shops. Shouts of street vendors filled the air. 


Discounted rice prices were written on red paper. Most walking about were dressed in silk. From time to time, there would be a few dressed in plain cotton clothing. Nonetheless, they were still well put together. 


Lin Haihai was admiring and walking simultaneously. This is truly an example of a flourishing capital! The commoners have high standards of living, and there’s so much intense competition everywhere! 


Tangtang noticed a person making sugar figurines. He forcefully dragged Lin Haihai over. 


The vendor was approximately sixty to seventy years of age. Despite his white hair and beard, his face was very kind and amicable. 


“Old man, how much are your sugar figurines?” Lin Haihai picked up a lifelike rooster. There were all sorts of realistic animals on display. 


The old man raised his head and was greeted with a face as refined as precious jade. 


“Miss, if you want this sugar figurine, you can have it. No need for you to pay.” 


“That wouldn’t do! I cannot just take your item for no exchange.” Then, Lin Haihai took out a banknote and handed it to the old man.


The old man was dumbfounded. “Miss, why are you joking around with this old man?” 


Lin Haihai turned to her maids. “Do you girls have any spare change on you?” 


Xiao Ju took out a few copper coins from her pocket and handed it to the old man. The old man laughed and accepted it. He didn’t expect such a wealthy woman to dress so casually.


Tangtang took the sugar figurine and beamed like a flower. Suddenly, Lin Haihai realized having so much physical money on her was too dangerous. After all, a person’s wealth will arouse the envy of others. In order to prevent herself from getting robbed, she should put the money in the bank as soon as possible. 


So, Lin Haihai turned to Xiao Ju. “Where’s the nearest bank?” 


Xiao Ju was confused. “What is a bank?” 


Lin Haihai felt stumped. What’s the ancient term for a bank? Money exchange? 


So, she reattempted. “I’m talking about a money exchange. I want to put my money inside and watch the coins pile up.” 


Xiao Ju understood. “Oh, the money exchange is this way. The closest one to us is the Yu Tai Money Exchange.” 


So, the group casually headed in that direction.



The Yu Tai Money Exchange was situated in the center of the capital. As a result, there was a lot of foot traffic. When Lin Haihai entered, the worker did not greet her. However, Lin Haihai wasn’t angry. She could understand since the service industry was not huge in ancient times.


Walking up to the counter, she asked, “Are you the shopkeeper?” 


The person sitting in front of her was a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties. He had a long beard and pale skin with a very intellectual face. The man gradually raised his eyes to observe Lin Haihai. At first, he was rather dismissive, but when he saw Lin Haihai’s face, he immediately responded, “Yes, I am. Do you want to withdraw or deposit money, Miss?”


“I would like to deposit my money and exchange a banknote.” Lin Haihai opened her pink lips and gently murmured. The shopkeeper nearly lost his soul. “Ok, how much would you like to deposit?”   


“A hundred thousand taels.”


“What?! A hundred thousand taels!?” the shopkeeper snapped out of his daze and shouted. 


Lin Haihai didn’t expect such a dramatic reaction. Is a hundred thousand taels worth that much?


Xiao Ju and Liu’er also exclaimed, “Miss, how do you have so much money?!” 


“Xiao Ju, didn’t I ask you how much ten thousand taels was worth the other day?” 


“I thought you were just curious! How would I know you have that much money?!” 


The shopkeeper called for an assistant to serve tea. “Miss, please head over to the VIP hall.” 


Lin Haihai followed the shopkeeper while Xiao Ju and Liu’er also hurriedly tagged along.

The shopkeeper indicated for Lin Haihai to sit. Then, he entered another room. Very shortly, he came out with a handsome man.  


“This is our young master, Zhou Junpeng. How would you like to be addressed, Miss?” 


Lin Haihai faintly smiled, “You may call me Lin Haihai. Nice to meet you!” 


Zhou Junpeng sized up the woman in front of her. According to the shopkeeper, this woman wanted to deposit a hundred thousand taels. He didn’t really believe him. At first, he was expecting a prostitute, but she turned out to be such an elegant and refined lady. Although Lin Haihai was dressed very plainly, it didn’t affect her noble aura at all. From how she carried herself, she was most likely a young miss from a wealthy background. 


Likewise, Lin Haihai was analyzing Zhou Junpeng. He was dressed in a long, white satin robe. The belt around his waist was embroidered from golden threads while the sleeves were sewn on with silver threads. The craftsmanship and material must be from a very famous and high-class workshop. It gave him a very imposing and impressive appearance. His eyes were deep and hard to decipher. He was, in modern terms, an absolute hottie. 


“Miss Lin, please have a seat. The shopkeeper has informed me that you are interested in making a deposit in our small money exchange?” Zhou Junpeng murmured in a deep and resounding voice.


“Yes!” Lin Haihai gave him a faint smile. Zhou Junpeng suddenly felt as if spring had arrived early.


“It’s a banknote worth a hundred thousand?” he tested. 


“That’s correct.” Lin Haihai continued to respond in a gentle manner.


“Where are you from, Miss?” 


“The capital!”


“Which estate?”


“Is that important? Young Master, do you want my business or not?” 


“Of course! How could I refuse doing business with you?” Zhou Junpeng smiled. 

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