Chapter 113: He Came To Find Me

Yang Shaolun would have continued his act of aloofness. He’d been doing well, he’d been doing so well. If it hadn’t been the misunderstanding tonight, he would’ve been able to keep fooling himself. Now, however, he couldn’t come up with any lies. He’d come rushing as soon as he thought that she was with Imperial Mother, on the grounds of such a flimsy excuse no less. However, he realized that he’d misunderstood. She wasn’t here!


How had he endured the past month? He’d lost half of his heart. The emptiness left him at a loss of what to do. He often thought back to her many expressions late at night, unable to relieve himself of the pain plaguing his heart.


“I want to see her, Xiao Yuan!” He didn’t call himself “Emperor”, but instead opted for the common “I”. At this moment, he was no emperor, but a man who had lost the woman he loved.


“Consort Lin must have gone to sleep, Your Majesty!” Xiao Yuan had chosen to address Lin Haihai as a princess consort on purpose. It might be cruel to the emperor, but he hoped to at least make his master reclaim some of his reason.


“Without her, my life has no meaning!” he said quietly, the sorrow in his voice stunned Xiao Yuan. Was meeting at the right time that important? He couldn’t let go. With an agile leap, he disappeared into the night. Caught off guard, Xiao Yuan hurriedly chased after him.


Sixth Prince Residence


It was late at night. Yang Shaolun lay quietly on the rooftop, watching Yang Hanlun emerge from her room and walk away. Then he shifted his gaze to her. She had lost weight. She looked so pale. Had she gotten ill? She must have.


His throat constricted. Why hadn’t she been taking care of herself? He couldn’t be with her to keep an eye on her. Why had she allowed herself to fall ill? Didn’t she know that he would ache for her?


All rationality burned away as he stared at her, and he leapt down from the roof. Xiao Yuan wasn’t quick enough to stop him. The many guards standing watch noticed him immediately and yelled, “Assassin!”


A dagger split through the air and buried into Yang Shaolun’s chest, who had been oblivious to the incoming danger since his heart was fully occupied by Lin Haihai. When he regained some of his senses, the blade was already hilt deep in him.


Xiao Yuan’s heart jumped to his throat. He immediately tore down his sleeve to cover his face and rushed down to catch Yang Shaolun. The guards surrounded them. It was fortunate that the night was dark, and they didn’t get a good look at Yang Shaolun. After a few exchanges of blows, Xiao Yuan managed to deter the guards. However, more and more guards were coming this way. He must retreat quickly, but he might not be able to escape with the injured emperor safely on his own!


Just then, a black figure descended from the sky, and a puff of smoke rose from the ground. The guards reflexively stepped back. When the smoke dissipated, the assassins were nowhere to be seen!


Lin Haihai felt a sudden stabbing pain in her heart. With her hand on her chest, she opened the door, only to see Yang Hanlun and a large group of guards rushing her way. Her heart sank.


Noting her paleness, Yang Hanlun said gently, “Don’t worry, it’s just a pair of thieves. Go back to rest and don’t come out.”


“In response to Your Highness,” said one of the guards, “One of the assassins has been injured. We might be able to catch up with them if we hurry now!”


Lin Haihai felt another stabbing pain. It’s him. It must be him! Tears streaked down from her face. She grabbed onto Yang Hanlun’s sleeve and said, “Don’t! You mustn't go after them!”


Yang Hanlun’s heart swelled, assuming that she was worried about him. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll be careful. Remember to stay in your room no matter what!”


He looked around for Wangchen, but didn’t see her anywhere. Instead, it was Guihua who had rushed into the room. He said to the maid, “Go find Wangchen and have her keep the princess consort company!”


Once Guihua left, he returned Lin Haihai to her room and said, “Go back to sleep. I’ll be back soon!”


Lin Haihai became more panicked than ever. She wanted nothing but to hurry outside to look for him. Yang Hanlun had left with his men to chase after the intruders as soon as she was settled, and Lin Haihai rose to make her way out of her room.


As soon as she moved, however, her belly began to ache. It hurt so much it felt as if she was dying. The child! The intensity of her emotions must have disturbed the child. She tapped into her inner energy and found her dantian empty. What’s going on? Why have I lost my power? Why now? Her heart clenched painfully. Something must have happened to him!


She endured the pain and stumbled her way out. Guihua rushed in to see her steadying herself by the door with a pale, sweaty face. Guihua jumped and hurriedly prop Lin Haihai up, asking in panic, “What’s wrong, Consort Lin? Are you feeling unwell?”


“Summon Wangchen!” she grabbed Guihua’s hand and whispered.


“Miss Wangchen isn’t in her room,” Guihua said in a trembling voice. “This maid would help you to your room and then have someone find you a physician!”


Guihua had never seen Lin Haihai like this. Her lips were dark, and her brows closely knitted, suggesting that she was in a great deal of pain. Guihua lost her calm and called out for help. A few maids came to help put Lin Haihai back to her bed. Lin Haihai covered her belly with her hands. Nothing must happen to the child! She took a deep breath to calm herself as much as she could.


“Have someone go to the Linhai Hospital for Physician Li!” Guihua said to the maids. “Tell him that Consort Lin is suffering from great stomach pain. Tell him to come at once!”


The maids left in a hurry. Lin Haihai balled her hands into fists. Her body felt so unusually weak. Her heart was trembling. Fear overwhelmed her like the darkness of the night. She must not lose the child. She needed the child to survive!


Meanwhile, Xiao Yuan had hurried his way to Linhai Hospital carrying Yang Shaolun. Following close behind was a figure in black. There was no emergency department at the hospital. Only one imperial physician was on shift every night. Today, it was Li Chaomin. He was shocked to see Xiao Yuan, even more so when he saw the man Xiao Yuan was carrying. He hurriedly ordered the door to be shut and notified Li Junyue.


A few disciples helped put Yang Shaolun onto a bed. Li Junyue arrived not long after and asked with a frown, “What’s going on?”


“Please save His Majesty, Physician Li!” Xiao Yuan knelt down on the floor, his tears dropping like rain. He explained what had happened earlier. The dagger was completely buried into Yang Shaolun’s chest, leaving only the hilt visible. The point of entry was close to the heart. The emperor had lost consciousness on their way here.


Li Junyue ordered everyone to leave the room except for Imperial Li Chaomin, Qing Feng, and Ming Yue. Xiao Yuan sat outside the door, holding his head with overwhelming regret. If he had known what would happen, he would’ve stopped the emperor from leaving the palace at whatever cost.


The figure in black was still standing at the same spot. Xiao Yuan took a closer look and realized that it was Consort Zhuang! He didn’t know Lin Haihai had recruited her and assumed she had snuck into the Prince Residence to hurt Lin Haihai. He sighed inwardly. The former consort turned out to be their sliver of hope. She had unintentionally saved the emperor.


The dagger missed the heart by a hair, but it still caused serious blood loss. That was exactly the situation Li Junyue dreaded the most. There was no reserve of blood for transfusion.


Urgent knocking sounded from the door. A disciple answered it to find a servant from the Prince Residence. Xiao Yuan and Wangchen immediately went into hiding. The servant pleaded, “Is Physician Li around? Consort Lin is sick and has been rolling on the bed in pain!”


The disciple jumped and rushed in to find Li Junyue. He had just extracted the dagger, and was sewing the wound shut. The disciple said worriedly, “Physician Li, someone from the Prince Residence said that Master is ill and has been rolling in pain.”


A tremor passed through Li Junyue’s hand. He calmed himself and said, “Wait for me outside. I’ll go as soon as I complete the suture!”


However, Yang Shaolun had opened his eyes despite the anesthesia and said with an urgent look on his face, “Save her! Go save her!”


Li Junyue felt a lump in his throat and a pang in his heart. If the man hadn’t cared about Lin Haihai deeply, he wouldn’t have been able to regain consciousness and even speak under the effect of anesthesia.


“Imperial Physician Li, I’ll leave the rest to you,” Li Junyue said encouragingly, patting Li Chaomin on the shoulder. “Take your time. You can do it on your own!”


Li Chaomin nodded. “Don’t worry, I believe I can do it!”


Li Junyue acknowledged the promise with a nod and picked up his medical kit before getting into the carriage with the servant.


“How’s Consort Lin?” Li Junyue asked the servant immediately.


“Her stomach aches so hard that her face becomes twisted!” The servant remembered how worried the maids were. Consort Lin must have been in serious pain!


Face darkened, Li Junyue told the rider, “Hurry!”


“Understood!” responded the rider. Then he cracked his whip hard at the horseback. The pain compelled the horse to quicken its gallop.


Prince Residence


Lin Haihai endured the pain and took deep breaths. She knew she must not allow her emotions to run wild. She purposefully relaxed herself and surrendered to her pain, gritting her teeth to stop herself from crying out.


Guihua became even more anxious when she noted Lin Haihia’s trembling lips. She held her hand tight and wiped the sweat on her forehead away. With tremendous difficulty, Lin Haihai said, “I’m fine, Guihua! Don’t worry!”


Guihua wiped away her own tears with a trembling hand and nodded. “I know. I know Consort Lin will be alright!”


Li Jun Yue ran for Lin Haihai’s room as soon as he got off the carriage. His arrival alleviated some of Guihua’s fear. Li Junyue frowned at the sweating and sheet-pale Lin Haihai, asking, “What happened? What’s the diagnosis?”


Lin Haihai ground her teeth together to brace through a wave of pain before clutching Li Junyue’s sleeve. “Inject me with magnesium sulfate mixed with glucose. Quickly!”


Stunned, Li Junyue found a syringe from his kit and drew the solution into the barrel. Then he gingerly inserted the needle to inject her.


“Leave us, Guihua!” Li Junyue said with suppressed emotions, covering the injection point with cotton.


Guihua cast Lin Haihai a worried look before retreating and shutting the door behind her.


“Who’s the father of the child?” Li Junyue asked angrily. “Don’t tell me it’s the emperor’s? Is your brain a mere decoration?”


Lin Haihai looked at him pitifully. “He’s the father, but no one knows! I told Yang Hanlun that I got pregnant after being assaulted by a bandit.”


“Do you think he’ll believe that? How much of a fool do you take him as?” Li Junyue raged. “Why didn’t you ever think about the consequences before you do anything? What do you think the emperor will do if he knows you’ve gotten together with the sixth prince while pregnant with his child?”


“I was going to cut him off. He snuck in to see me today, and he got injured by the guards...”


“What? That was why he was injured? Do you know he almost died?!” Li Junyue sighed as he took a seat by the bed, his short hair shining with sweat.


“But you saved him, didn’t you? How is he?” Lin Haihai struggled to sit up and looked at Li Junyue with eyes wild with relief and delight.


“I did save him, but I may not be able to save him if there’s a second time,” Li Junyue said seriously. “Can you guarantee that it won’t happen again? Silly Xiao’hai, you can’t bear the consequences of seducing the emperor. Do whatever you can to cut him out of your life. Otherwise, sooner or later something will happen that makes you regret everything!”


Tears filled Lin Haihai’s eyes. Li Junyue wiped them away for her and gently said, “Give birth to the child and don’t think about anything else, alright? Love isn’t the only thing in life. We have many things to achieve here. Don’t let such frivolous matters drag us down. Deal with the trouble and sort through your relationship after you recover. Then we’ll spread our wings and start working for our ambitions in this era. Xiao’hai, love is something that lasts longer when you keep it in your heart!”


His tone was caring when he gave her his advice and analysis.


“I know, I’ll deal with everything. I won’t allow him to get into such dangerous situations again!” Tonight’s event made her experience the fear of almost losing him. It was a feeling she didn’t want to undergo again in her lifetime.


Li Junyue smiled at her with pain in his gaze. Then he covered her eyes with a hand and said, “Sleep, little sister!”


I know how much pain you’ve been through, Xiao’hai. Don’t be afraid. Your older brother will always be with you!

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