Chapter 11: A Fairy

The night was dark and cool. After dinner, Xiao Ju and Liu’er went to put Tangtang to sleep. Lin Haihai wandered around the garden by herself. She was feeling wistful. It had been a few days since her transmigration. She had been in a coma for the first few days. Most likely, it was because her spirit needed time to get accustomed to her new body. It had been tough for her to leave a civilized modern society and arrive at this feudalistic era that clearly favored men and oppressed women. Fortunately, Lin Haihai had always been an extremely adaptable person. No matter how grim a situation may be, she always maintained a positive outlook. She should be fine in this era! 


Subconsciously, Lin Haihai had arrived at the bridge. The moonlight shone through the tree leaves and onto the cobblestone. The round, smooth stones were issuing a captivating glow. A cool breeze passed by.


Lin Haihai playfully removed her shoes and walked on the cobblestone. She could feel her feet aching from the pressure. The stones were stimulating the acupoints of her feet. It was a serene feeling. 


Lin Haihai spread her arms wide and experienced the strength of the wind with her fingertips. She raised her head and gazed at the moonlight, just as she did when she was little. It was the same warm and gentle light that traveled 380,000 km before reaching Earth. She felt as if she had reunited with it across the chaos of time and space. 


Suddenly, Lin Haihai didn’t find the moonlight friendly anymore. It had become very blinding. She was appalled and wanted to escape, but it was as if her legs were pinned to the ground and she couldn’t move at all. The bizarre light continued to attack her, and Lin Haihai was slowly floating into the air. Suddenly, it was as if she was weightless, and gravity did not exist. 


The wind picked up, and her hair and sleeves began to flutter in mid-air. Lin Haihai felt nauseous and light-headed. Ultimately, she lost consciousness. 


Lin Haihai was unaware of how much time had gone by. Perhaps, it was only a second. When she woke up and opened her eyes, she heard a lot of other voices. 


“Wow, the moon was so strange just now!” a faint and gentle voice chirped. 


“Mmhm. I thought it was an evil spirit...” a male low hoarse voice replied. 


“Do you think she’s a human or an evil spirit?” 


“She doesn’t have a demonic aura. I think she’s human!” 


“But she was flying though!” 


Lin Haihai looked around her surroundings, baffled. Aside from Xiao Ju and Liu’er, there shouldn’t be anyone else living here. Where are these voices coming from? 


She whispered, “Who is it?”


At once, everything turned silent. After a while, the teeny voices started again. “I think she can understand us.”


“That’s impossible. She’s human. How could she understand the language of insects?” 

“But I think she’s searching for us.” 


This time, Lin Haihai heard everything very clearly. She was staring at the underbrush. Aside from the faint glowing moonlight, it was pitch black. But, she was precisely able to see that the voices were coming from the butterflies resting in between the flowers and plants. 


Thoughts zapped through her mind, and Lin Haihai recalled the moment the spirit pearl fused together with her body. Basically, the old woman’s cultivation powers were all hers now. 


Lin Haihai felt very light and graceful. In addition, her mind was optimistic and carefree. She could feel the powers circulating in her body and recalled a TV commercial she had seen as a child. It was a battery commercial. There was a line: “I’m now filled with power!” Lin Haihai stretched her waist and was tempted to shout, “I’m now filled with power!” too. 


However, when she glanced around her surroundings, she only giggled.

The butterflies were still discussing amongst themselves. Their voices were getting louder and louder. They were becoming more and more hysterical. 


“I already told you she can’t be human! Humans can’t fly!” 


“If she isn’t human, then what is she? She doesn’t possess a demonic aura at all! She can’t be a ghost.”


“In my opinion, she’s a fairy!” declared a rather authoritative voice. 


“That’s possible. She is very beautiful and exceedingly refined, just like a fairy.”


“Have any of you seen fairies before? Are fairies like that?” 


“My grandfather had seen them before. He said fairies are really pretty.” 


The corners of Lin Haihai’s mouth curved upwards and she faintly smiled. She took a couple of steps forward and paused. Suddenly, she turned around and gazed at the underbrush. “Don’t be so noisy. If you wake my little brother, I’ll lock you all up!” 


Lin Haihai raised her brows and spoke coolly, but she had a mischievous smile on her face. Then, she turned and nonchalantly walked away. 


The underbrush immediately exploded with chatter and the insects continued their discussion! 



Early in the morning, Xiao Ju came knocking. “Elder Sister, it is time to wake up!” 

When Lin Haihai opened the door, Xiao Ju was standing right outside with Tangtang in her arms. Tangtang reached out. “Elder Sister, carry me!” 


Lin Haihai took Tangtang into her embrace and asked, “What time is it now?” Since watches didn’t exist in this era, Lin Haihai was always confused about the time. 


“It is now chenshi (7-9am). Yesterday, you said you wanted to go out and roam around. Hurry and get ready. After you have breakfast, we’ll head out.” 


“Here, freshen up first!” Liu’er carried a tray of water and placed it on the frame. Lin Haihai stared at the equipment of this era and accepted her misfortune decreed by fate. 


After rinsing her mouth and washing her face, she sat in front of the dressing table. 

Staring at her reflection, Lin Haihai did not see a need to wear makeup. Her bright eyes and white teeth were already enough to make others go wild. 


“Can I get a plain hairpin?”


Xiao Ju handed Lin Haihai the jewelry box. “Select one that you like.” 


Lin Haihai took a look. Every item inside the box was tacky and graceless. Wearing them would only make her look inelegant. 


“Elder Sister, are you dissatisfied? The palace gifted these to you before your marriage.” 


“Who would like this jewellery? I guess they really loathe me in the palace. They randomly dispatched these to me,” Lin Haihai scoffed. 


“But they are pretty and look quite expensive!” Liu’er commented from the side. 


“An expensive item isn’t necessarily good,” Lin Haihai sighed. Then, she noticed the dark green jade pin on Liu’er’s head. It was a simple design but seemed very elegant and natural. 


Liu’er could see Lin Haihai eyeing her jade hairpin. She smiled, “Does Elder Sister like my crude hairpin?”


“How is it crude? It’s unprocessed and simple. The designer’s message is telling us that simplicity is beauty.” 


“What designer? Liu’er doesn’t understand. If you like it, Liu’er can give it to you.” Liu’er took off her hairpin and handed it to Lin Haihai. 


Lin Haihai instantly declined. “I would never take someone else’s cherished belongings.”


“What cherished belonging!? You can find this cheap hairpin all over the streets. It only costs a few copper coins.”


“Really? How about this, you choose an item you like from my jewellery box as an exchange.”


“What? No way! Mine is of little value. Your accessories are worth so much more. No, no…” Liu’er was startled and quickly waved her hands to decline. 


Lin Haihai sighed, “You’re both my little sisters. Between us, men and toothbrushes are the only things we cannot share. I’m fine with everything else. Xiao Ju, Liu’er, take a look and choose something you like. Don’t be so courteous. Otherwise, it means you don’t treat me like an elder sister.” 


“What is a toothbrush?” Xiao Ju asked, confused. 


“Umm..that’s…. Hey! Why are you two still standing there? Start choosing!” Lin Haihai hurriedly switched topics. Explaining is too tiring. There’s no need!


“Tangtang wants a flower! Give Tangtang!” Tangtang was watching from the side. He really liked shiny golden objects. The three girls exchanged looks and chuckled. 


Ultimately, Xiao Ju and Liu’er each chose a golden hairpin of their liking. As for Lin Haihai, she put up her hair in a simple design and inserted the jade hairpin to keep it in place. A few strands of hair floated down her cheek, adding an implicit charm to her. Now, the natural beauty was ready to face the world.  


Xiao Ju was somewhat troubled. “Elder Sister, you don’t look like a princess consort at all! Even a pretty girl from a humble family seems more highborn than you. Also, you need to wear your hair in a bun. Your current hairstyle represents an unmarried woman.” 


“I am unmarried. Whatever. Do you think I look good?” To be fair, I am still single


“Of course! I’m not sure what has changed, but you do look prettier now than before.” Xiao Ju admitted.


“Of course. I’ve already died once. Obviously, I’ve changed. Since I’m naturally beautiful, there’s no need to wear accessories to set it off. Or else it will only be a hindrance. Understand?” Lin Haihai declared with pride.


Xiao Ju nodded without fully understanding. But Lin Haihai really did look more charming now than before. So, she stopped disputing. 


Lin Haihai held onto Tangtang’s hand and strolled out the door. She was finally going to experience the streets of ancient times. 

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