Chapter 10: Father

While they were passing through the garden, several servants blocked their path. Li Meilian strutted over with her arm on her waist. She arrogantly jeered, “You think I’ll let you go so easily?” 


After witnessing how Li Meilian treated a two-year-old, Lin Haihai’s distaste towards her had been upgraded to intense loathing. In a crisp tone, she replied, “Oh? Let’s see whether you have the ability to keep me here.”


Li Meilian snorted and barked at her servants. “Why are you guys still standing around? Snatch the child!”  


The boy trembled in Lin Haihai’s arms and tightly clutched onto her. Just as the subordinates were about to take action, an elderly voice rang. “Stop!” 


Lin Haihai turned around and saw two servants approaching while steadily carrying a person on a recliner. The man on the recliner looked like he was in his fifties. His face was pale and withered. However, his eyes were alert and bright. It was no other than Lin Yaokuan, the man with the highest authority in the Lin household! 


Lin Yaokuan stared at Lin Haihai. A short while ago, his servants had voiced that his daughter had returned and became far more daring than she had ever been. Lin Yuguan had the courage to talk back to the first madam. At first, Lin Yaokuan didn’t believe it. But now that Lin Haihai was brazenly staring back at him, he could tell his daughter was no longer the timid little bunny she once was. 


Lin Yaokuan spoke in a dignified manner. “What’s going on? Why are you guys arguing?” Then, he turned to Li Meilian. “Why are you always going against Yuguan? Yuguan is now part of the prince’s household. By acting like this, aren’t you just creating a scene?”


Li Meilian glared at Lin Haihai with hatred. She wasn’t willing to back down. “Lord, how can you help her? Look at her. She wants to take Yutang away. No matter what, Yutang is Lord’s flesh and blood. How can we let him wander elsewhere?”


Lin Haihai interrupted before Lin Yaokuan could speak. “Father, Yutang is plagued by ill luck. Last night, this daughter had a dream and the Daoist immortal said as long as I take Yutang away, it will prevent him from polluting you. In turn, you’ll be able to walk again within a year.”  


Lin Haihai was aware that her father had treated Chen Xiangwen poorly because of the fortune teller’s words. So now, she was taking advantage of his superstitious beliefs to get her way.


Most importantly, Lin Haihai could see that Lin Yaokuan was still able to move his arms and legs a bit. As long as he was committed to physiotherapy, he would be able to walk again in the future.


Lin Yaokuan’s face lit up. He pressed, “Is it true?” 


Lin Haihai made a vow. “This daughter does not dare to deceive her father. How could I fabricate the words of a Daoist immortal? May the heavens strike me dead if I lie.”


Lin Yaokuan was overjoyed on the inside. “Alright! If that’s the case, take him away now! Hurry!”


As expected, businessmen are all selfish. Deep down, Lin Haihai looked down on him. 

Li Meilian’s complexion turned nasty. She urged, “Lord, don’t listen to her bullshit. Yutang is your flesh and blood. How can you let him go just like this?”


Lin Yaokuan’s eyes bulged. He made direct eye contact with Li Meilian and roared. “You are a shameful woman! If you actually cared about my flesh and blood, would you treat Yutang like this? Yutang will be a hundred times better off going with Yuguan. Return to your room. You can’t even do your job and manage the household well. I don’t think you’re fit to be First Madam!” 


Lin Yaokuan’s words caused Li Meilian to tremble in fear. She lowered her head and dolefully left. 


Lin Haihai felt great. But she wasn’t the type to rejoice in others’ misfortunes. Right now, all she wanted to do was leave this place as soon as possible. So, she turned to her father and bid farewell. “Father, this daughter will leave with her little brother now. When I have time, I’ll come back and look after you when I can!” 


Lin Yaokuan warmly replied. “Alright, go. But make sure you inform me immediately if the Daoist immortal has other instructions, understand?” 


Lin Haihai agreed. “Yes, I will.” 


Lin Yaokuan nodded and smoothed his beard in satisfaction. She’s still the innocent bunny! 


Xiao Ju got down on her knees and bowed to Lin Yaokuan. “This servant will take her leave now. Please take care, Lord!” 


Lin Haihai was irritated by this gesture but currently was too powerless to do anything about it. 



Lin Haihai returned to North Court and asked to see the cooking maid. So, the cooking maid rushed over as if she'd been jolted on the buttocks. When Le Haihai found out the girl was only eleven, she cursed the hierarchical backward society again.


“What’s your name?”


This was the first time the maid had ever interacted with her new master. As a result, she was a bit intimidated and shakily replied, “Responding to Consort Lin, this servant’s name is Dog Girl.”


Lin Haihai crinkled her brows. “Who named you?” 


The maid noticed Lin Haihai’s reaction and assumed she was mad. So, she instantly got down on her knees and repeatedly pounded her forehead to the ground. “Spare my life, Consort Lin! Spare my life! My father named me. He is illiterate.” 


Lin Haihai looked up at the sky and sighed. What the hell? 


She helped the maid up and softly expressed, “From now on, your name is Liu’er. You’re no longer Dog Girl.” 


The maid appeared startled. Then, she burst into tears and got down on her knees again. “I have a name now. Thank you for bestowing a name to me, Consort Lin!” 


Lin Haihai pretended to be mad. “If you don’t get up, I’m going to get angry!” 


Liu’er instantly leaped up and exchanged looks with Lin Haihai. Then, they both laughed out loud. 


Tangtang saw everyone laughing, so he also started to chuckle. Lin Haihai pinched her brother’s cheeks and he fondly beamed at his sister with his watery eyes. Lin Haihai turned to Liu’er and Xiao Ju. “From today onwards, address me as 'elder sister' when no one is around. Also, I forbid you both from kneeling or pressing your foreheads to the ground. Understand?” 


Liu’er and Xiao Ju exchanged looks and shook their heads. How is that appropriate? If others found out, they would be in big trouble.


Lin Haihai sternly continued. “If you both insist on calling me Consort Lin or kneeling down in front of me, I want you to leave. I don’t need people like that here. Have I made myself clear?” 


Liu’er and Xiao Ju were apprehensive. Xiao Ju exclaimed, “Young Miss, please don’t kick me out! I will listen to you!”


Liu’er also nodded vehemently next to her. Lin Haihai smiled. “Alright, then let me hear you call me elder sister!”


Xiao Ju hesitantly paused. Then, she whispered, “Elder Sister.”


Lin Haihai wasn’t satisfied. “Louder. I can’t hear you. Liu’er, I also want to hear you address me.” 


Xiao Ju and Liu’er gazed at each other once again. Then, they clearly called out, “Elder Sister. Elder Sister.” 


Lin Haihai’s eyes curved into a smile. When Tangtang heard the girls calling Lin Haihai elder sister, he also mimicked, “Elder Sister! Elder Sister! Sister Xiao Ju!” 


“Good. Now, I have a younger brother and younger sisters. We’re one family, understand?” 


Xiao Ju and Liu’er happily accepted. After this touching moment was over, Xiao Ju went to buy clothes for Tangtang, while Liu’er went to boil water to bathe him.


A pink child with jade-like features soon emerged after the huge mess. Lin Haihai couldn’t bear to let Tangtang go and showered him with kisses over and over again. Xiao Ju and Liu’er also blindly followed suit. They were fighting to carry him from behind.  


Soon, it was time for Tangtang to take an afternoon nap. Lin Haihai rocked him in her arms and sang a lullaby. “Bright moonlight, shining into the room, my dear child, be good…”


In no time, Tangtang was asleep. Before Lin Haihai carried him into the bedroom, she turned to the girls. “Go and buy some groceries. Tonight, prepare a nice meal to celebrate our new home.” Xiao Ju and Liu’er cheerfully accepted the command.

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