Chapter 96: Life in the future

Chapter 96: Life in the future

Nearly an hour had passed from when they left Zhong Nan Corporation’s construction site.

When he left the room, Yang Chen rolled up all the papers he held in his hand, and wore a tranquil expression. He didn’t say a thing, which made Mo Qianni very stifled.

Back in the car, Yang Chen remained taciturn and Mo Qianni finally couldn’t resist asking, “What is that in your hand?”

“You obviously wanted to ask me all along, yet purposefully waited for such a long time. You saw that I didn’t take the initiative to tell you, so you only asked after you finally couldn’t contain your curiosity, Miss Mo Qianni, could it be that this is what they call being reserved?”

When Yang Chen exposed what was in her heart, Mo Qianni blushed, then charmingly rolled her eyes at him and snatched the paper from him to take a look.

After reading a few pages of it, Mo Qianni’s pair of limpid eyes widened but she couldn’t get a word out, she looked at Yang Chen with a weird expression, and said, “I suddenly feel sympathy for them, just what kind of threat were they under for them to write such a suicidal admission of guilt……”

That’s right, the paper that was in Yang Chen’s hands were all detailed documents containing a series of confessions of crimes regarding those men’s gambling, brawling, coercing and swindling. It didn’t matter whether it was true or false, these were written by themselves with their handwriting, all of them had their signatures, handprints; blood was even used for the handprints…….

These things would be handed over to the police, and then all that’s needed is to find a lawyer to sue them. In that way these fellas would have to go to jail for at least two to three years, and there’d be things like fines as well.

Yang Chen pointed at one of the papers, and said, “This piece is an IOU from Dajun, if you need money, you can request a repayment of a hundred thousand debt from him or his brother-in-law. But if you feel too lazy to punish them, you can just throw it into the garbage bin.”

Mo Qianni looked at it, this was indeed in standard format, an IOU with both signature and thumbprint. If this was brought to court, it would also be considered as valid evidence……

Originally she was the one who owed them a debt, but now for no reason at all she became the creditor!

“You couldn’t possibly have used torture to force a confession, like those in the movies, right?” Mo Qianni skeptically asked, and in her mind a bloody and terrible scene surfaced, causing her to tremble.

Yang Chen shook his head, with a serious face he answered, “Do I look like that kind of person? All I did was discuss with them about their life in the future.”

“Life in the future?”

“Yeah, I just asked them, do you want to continue your family’s bloodline? Or do you intend to end it……”


After a good while, Mo Qianni casually placed these papers that held the fate of that bunch into the glove compartment of the car, then started the car. After she drove the car out of the construction site, she sighed, and said with a clear voice, “Although I don’t know how you specifically did it, I have to say thanks, you’ve saved me again.”

“Those people tried to make a move against me, so it wasn’t just to help you. I won’t let them have a good time for my own reasons.” Yang Chen thought for a bit, then hesitantly spoke, “I made that stepfather of yours get lost, it wouldn’t be a problem, would it?”

“No problem, I’ve rented a house near this place for him, he can go there.” Mo Qianni creased her brows, obviously laden with grief by Zhang Fugui’s actions. She made a deep sigh then said, “I don’t want to think about that person. Yang Chen, can you accompany me to some place? I want to properly thank you.”

“You wouldn’t treat me to a meal at a roadside stall again, would you?” Yang Chen pouted, “The dishes there are pretty spicy, my lips swelled a little because of it.”

Mo Qianni’s mood appeared to turn better, for she once again displayed the confidence that only she possessed. She looked at Yang Chen with a wide smile, “Right now it’s tea time, let’s forget about eating, I’ll bring you to a place you’d definitely like.”


Yang Chen was once again determined that wherever he went with Mo Qianni would definitely be a strange place.

Half an hour later, Mo Qianni brought Yang Chen to the coastal area in the east of Zhong Hai and into a place that resembled a forest park, then drove along the two-way road full of greenery. The red Audi slowly passed through the forest.

The woods in the surroundings were verdant and lush, the mountain’s scenery had streaks of yellow as autumn was gradually approaching; occasionally there were birds flying amongst the trees. The fallen leaves at the side of the road were lifted and scattered as the car passed through.

Only after another dozen or so minutes did Yang Chen see something on the hill, it was a sports centre that took up a huge amount of land. To be precise, it’s a sports centre for rich people who were way too bored and wanted a place to exercise. Gazing at it from afar, other than various outdoor ball game courts, there was even a racing track.

“The place you said that I would definitely like is this sports centre?” Yang Chen asked with a bitter face.

Mo Qianni nodded, “Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I would often come to this place to exercise. Once I exercised till I’m sweating all over, it’d be like nothing matters anymore.”

“But I don’t like to exercise.”

“You’re so good at fighting, how is it possible that you don’t like exercise?” Mo Qianni doubtfully asked.

Fighting depends on killing people, killing till one becomes proficient, exercise is just a waste of strength…… Yang Chen said in his heart, but just willfully said with his mouth, “I’m just a lazy person, even when I play games, I don’t play those that involve sports.”

“Then you can just sit somewhere in the centre and look at beauties exercise, I know you will like that.”

“Are there many beauties here?” Yang Chen became a little excited.

Mo Qianni looked at him with disdain, “Hmph, you’re already married yet still so lecherous. Let me tell you, this place, Maple Forest Fitness and Leisure Centre has been open for at least twenty years now, an overwhelming majority of high level businesswomen and young ladies of rich families come here to exercise. Rather than calling it a sports centre, you could even call it an all-around top grade country club, it goes without saying that there would be plenty of beauties here.”

“I may not be someone who has a stubborn character, but for your well-being, Miss Mo, we had better enter as soon as possible.” Yang Chen said with a ‘sincere’ expression.

Just as Mo Qianni had said, after entering Maple Forest Leisure Centre, there was an unceasing flow of women walking about, and adding on to that a majority of them wore hot pants for exercise that were of various colors, showing their bare thighs. Countless pairs of spotlessly white and slender legs swayed in front of his eyes, it could be considered a pleasurable experience for any man.

Due to exercising, many ladies had some sweat on their body, the scent of their body and their perfume became extremely distinct; as long as they walked by, their fragrance would seep into one’s nose.

Mo Qianni led the way, when she turned around and saw how Yang Chen looked all over without the slightest bit of concealing his gaze, it left a slightly bad taste in her mouth, “Hey, even if you want to look, can you not make it so obvious? What if their boyfriend or somebody is here? A conflict might arise, and that would be troublesome.”

“What kind of conflict could arise?” Yang Chen indifferently smiled, “In the worst case, I could just shamelessly refuse to admit that I looked, wouldn’t that be the end of it?”

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes, she couldn't be bothered to care about this rogue.

They walked towards Maple Forest Leisure Centre’s main lounge, the main lounge was made up of transparent reinforced glass, its design seemed very bright and fashionable. The silver modern-looking stereoscopic logo and perfectly-fitted bonsai plants, made the whole lounge feel spacious and full of fresh air.

The employees who walked about were also beautiful young ladies or young men with sunshine-like smiles; they all wore t-shirts with a maple leaf logo. When they saw Mo Qianni and Yang Chen they revealed cordial smiles.

They walked to a gantry in the main lobby. Once they passed this gantry, they would be in the actual fitness centre. A lady with a sweet smile asked Mo Qianni for her pass.

Mo Qianni drew out a deep red card, passed it to the lady, then pointed at Yang Chen, “This is my assistant, can we go in together?”

“Miss, your card is a VIP card, you have the rights to bring one friend in.” The lady patiently answered.

Yang Chen rubbed his nose and followed Mo Qianni in, then asked, “Why does it feel a little like being a little white face that’s taken care of by his sugar mommy?”

[TL: Little white face refers to being an attractive young man in a derogative manner, could also mean pretty boy / gigolo.]

“Don’t say that, your face isn’t white at all.” Mocked Mo Qianni.

Yang Chen felt disappointed, he rubbed his ‘elegant and dashing’ face, and secretly thought: This girl is too naughty, she forgot that I’m her benefactor so quickly.

“Miss Mo, it has been a while since you last came.”

They only took a few steps when a familiar and mature voice came from the side, expressing a sincere welcome to Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni turned back, and gave the person who approached a happy yet reserved smile. It was unknown if this was a PR worker’s trained smile or her innate charm.

As for Yang Chen, the moment he turned around he was startled. Why is it her?

Tang Wan who had a casual attire also noticed that the one who entered was Yang Chen. Seeing Yang Chen’s startled expression, she playfully smiled and greeted him as well, “Mr. Yang, we meet again.”

Yang Chen noticed the sudden ‘knowing’ look from Tang Wan, and felt incredible awkward, he knew what she was thinking of.

The first time they met, he was looking for someone to comfort him of his loneliness that night, but in the end she rejected him. The second time, was in Li Jingjing’s office, and they were together with the fresh and innocent Teacher Li. Yet, only a few days passed and he appeared alongside the confident and charming Mo Qianni in this leisure centre.

Don’t even mention a woman like Tang Wan who looks intelligent, any woman would think in that direction.

“Boss Tang, you’re acquainted with Yang Chen?” Mo Qianni curiously asked, in her eyes, it was simply inconceivable for Yang Chen to be acquainted with this woman who possessed an extraordinary position in Zhong Hai’s high society.

Tang Wan laughed in a gentle and refined manner, “Met twice by coincidence, this is the third, but it seems like Mr. Yang and I are brought together by fate.

*Cough cough* Yang Chen awkwardly smiled and said, “It’s indeed a great coincidence, to be able to bump into each other even at a remote place like this.”

Mo Qianni couldn’t help but smile and mock him, “What coincidence is there? Boss Tang is the owner of Maple Forest Leisure Centre, this is her territory, what coincidence is there here?”

Yang Chen was immediately speechless. It’s no wonder this woman could drive a limited edition Land Rover, she isn’t just ordinarily rich. Therefore he grudgingly said, “Aren’t I silly and ignorant……”

This bullied expression caused the two amazing beauties to chuckle out loud, the mood also became a lot more harmonious.

Tang Wan seemed to have thought of something, and in a blink of an eye she amiably asked, “What have you two come to play? Gym? Swim? Yoga? Or something like racing?”

“We haven’t decided, I just came to relax, does Boss Tang have anything to recommend?” Mo Qianni asked.

Tang Wan nodded, “I was just going to watch a tennis match, the ones playing are all frequent visitors, and are all Maple Forest VIPs like Miss Mo. You’d likely bump into quite a number of acquaintances, everybody gets together to play, I wonder if the two of you would do me the honor of coming?”

Yang Chen was just thinking of rejecting, he wasn’t a VIP, how could there be acquaintances? But Mo Qianni pulled his arm, and quickly said, “Since there’s something great like this going on and Boss Tang has invited us, it’s only natural that we go, let’s go together!”

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