Chapter 95: Grass that bends with the wind

Chapter 95: Grass that bends with the wind

The faces of the men in the room turned unsightly. The 1.8m tall Dajun whom Zhang Fugui was gambling with stood up, his unbuttoned shirt revealed his bare chest and well-developed pectoral muscles. As he stared at Yang Chen, he squinted his eyes until they formed a thin line, “Brat, get your brain working. Look carefully at who this territory belongs to. Paying a debt is right and unalterable, it’s only right for a father to punish his daughter. You better mind your own business!”

Zhang Fugui was released by Yang Chen, and was once again enraged from the humiliation. He pointed at Yang Chen and Mo Qianni saying, “Good… little slut, so you’ve found a man to help you today! You want me, your father, to be put to death days after arriving at Zhong Hai, don’t you? To bring about a comfortable life for yourself in the future!?”

After he heard Mo Qianni refuse to give him the money, Zhang Fugui was angered to the point of shivering, and began to swear as soon as he opened his mouth.

Teary-eyed, Mo Qianni looked at him full of despair and resentment, and formed a sneer with her lips, “You can say whatever you want, but the money you owe will be paid by yourself! Yang Chen, let’s leave!”

As she said that, Mo Qianni pulled on Yang Chen’s hand, intending to leave.

Yang Chen naturally didn’t mind, there was truly no compliment he could give to Zhang Fugui, this guy was either brain-dead or a retard, the words ‘no medicine can save’ would fit him better than anyone else. If he wasn’t Mo Qianni’s stepfather, that push Yang Chen gave him earlier would have been one that left him with a broken arm.

However, the men in the room obviously wouldn’t let the two leave so easily.

Dajun coldly snorted, “If you don’t pay up, don’t even think about leaving!”

The construction workers wore wicked smiles as they rushed out of the door to block the two’s path of return, and also gazed at all the skin Mo Qianni had exposed with a lustful light.

It could be said that Yang Chen had experienced something new today, which is being forcefully held from leaving in broad daylight. He couldn’t help but smile towards Mo Qianni and say, “I wonder why this feels like we’re filming a movie.”

But Mo Qianni wasn’t in the mood to joke with him. She tried very hard to resist the terror in her heart as she wiped away her tears and yelled: “What are you guys trying to do!? Do you believe that I wouldn't call the police!? What you’re doing is illegal gambling! You will all be detained and fined!”

The men present heartily laughed, as if they heard the biggest joke in the world.

Dajun who looked cruel and untamed walked over, then said with a sardonic smile, “Little girl, let me tell you, in the past, people who owed me, Dajun, money in construction sites all said the same thing. They say that they would report it to the police, and will have us squat in a jail cell. But do you know what happened to them afterwards?”

“What?” Mo Qianni fearlessly stared at them and asked.

Dajun sneered, “In this world, the one with a stronger fist is reason. Once I beat someone to the point their parents can’t even recognize them, how would they manage to report it to the police? Something like the law is just a piece of shit! In the end, they would still have to obediently pay up!”

Dajun sized Mo Qianni up from top to bottom repeatedly, clicked his tongue and said, “However… today’s situation is a little special, I’m not a person who likes to beat women. If this beautiful young lady is willing to give us brothers some pleasure, then the matter regarding the money can be negotiated, and you’ll be released later.”

The meaning behind those words were already very clear, which was to use her ‘flesh’ to pay.

The men who were already harboring sinister thoughts looked at Mo Qianni wickedly, as if they were already awaiting to be served by this delicacy.

Zhang Fugui who was afraid of getting beat up nervously stood at the side. Once he heard that there was hope regarding his debt, his spirits were immediately raised, and he shouted at Mo Qianni, “Little slut! Elder Brother Dajun has already spoken! What are you blankly staring for!?”

“What the fuck does this have to do with you!?” Dajun walked up and gave Zhang Fugui a slap, “Do I look like someone who would force myself on a woman? Besides, how could twenty thousand be of the same value as this tender lady?”

Hearing that Zhang Fugui actually wanted her to agree to Dajun’s request, Mo Qianni nearly fainted from anger, but it was as if her eyes had already run dry, and there was only resolve and anger left, with a grim smile she said, “Stop dreaming, you people can’t scare me. If you’re intelligent enough you’d let me go right now, otherwise I’ll really call the police!”

Mo Qianni’s performance gained admiration from Yang Chen, as expected of a successful career woman, despite having lost control of her emotions earlier, she managed to quickly regain her composure.

“I always say women are stupid, do you think I'm bullshitting?” Dajun scratched his ear, and spoke disdainfully, “Let me be honest with you, the chief of the local police station in this area has ties with my brother-in-law, even if you called the police, nothing would happen. You should know my brother-in-law, he’s the boss in the other room, and he’s been watching us. My money is his money, you think you guys can leave so easily?”

Yang Chen understood everything in a flash, so that fatty was Dajun’s brother-in-law, it’s no wonder that he let Dajun gamble in the neighboring office, it was all a ploy for them to fraudulently take the workers’ money.

Mo Qianni didn’t plan on staying any longer, and said, “Yang Chen, let’s go, ignore them!”

The two were about to move, but several men immediately blocked the path and stared at the two with an ominous glint in their eyes.

“Seize them and bring them in!” Dajun no longer bothered with words, he decided to use force.

When Zhang Fugui saw that this bunch were about to make a move, he hastily wailed and cried out, “Brother Dajun it’s them who don’t want to give you the money! This has nothing to do with me!”

“Get the hell in!” Dajun violently kicked Zhang Fugui’s butt, and Zhang Fugui tumbled back into the room.

The other men walked forward, intending to capture Yang Chen and Mo Qianni separately, and haul them into the room, but how could Yang Chen possibly let things go according to what they wanted? He kept Mo Qianni who was a little hesitant by his side, and then lifted his leg to kick several of those who came near!

The few of them who was about to close in on Yang Chen couldn’t put up a stance in time, and were blown away by the abrupt kicks. It was like their chest bones were broken, but fortunately for them, they had good health, so they didn’t directly spit out blood.

Yang Chen saw their leader Dajun staring blankly, so he sneered, went up to him and grabbed him by his hair. He simply didn’t give Dajun any chance to react, and as he threw Dajun back into the room, he pulled off a large handful of hair.

Dajun fell so hard that he was seeing stars; he always thought that he would be afraid of no one with this robust body, but he never would have thought that he couldn’t even make half a move in front of this ordinary-looking man. He instead fell hard on the ground without the slightest chance to react!

The pain was so excruciating, it was like he lost a layer of skin on his head. Dajun touched his head, and felt a large bundle of hair was already pulled off, there was even blood flowing. With this touch, half of his hand was covered in dark-red blood, immediately terrifying him!

In an instant, the tables were turned. Yang Chen was like a shepherd directing a flock of sheep, with one toss and a string of kicks, he beat these built men to the point that they were crying for their mother.

Zhang Fugui’s eyes which was full of dismay and fear a moment ago revealed being pleasantly surprised when he witnessed this scene. He hastily endured the pain on his butt and ran to Yang Chen’s side, with a grateful smile he said, “So little brother is an expert, hehe, help me give them a proper beating! How dare they beat me earlier! Haha!”

Yang Chen apathetically glanced at him, then lifted a leg to give his butt another kick!


Zhang Fugui once again fell on his face and into the room.

“You! What are you kicking me for!? I’m Ni-zi’s father!” Scolded Zhang Fugui.

“I don’t have a father like you!!” Without waiting for Yang Chen to reply, Mo Qianni coldly stated.

“You…… you……” Zhang Fugui wanted to rain curses, but after seeing Yang Chen’s grim stare, he swallowed it all back down, he didn’t dare make a sound.

Mo Qianni had yet to recover from her fright, but after seeing how this situation was already under Yang Chen’s control, she was both in awe of Yang Chen’s might and glad of her decision to get Yang Chen to accompany her. In the beginning, all she thought of was how inappropriate it was for her to come to a construction site alone, she never expected that Yang Chen would be such a big help. If he wasn’t here, the consequences would be dire!

“What is going on!?”

A voice came from the back, it was the fat manager who just returned from his rounds, who was also Dajun’s brother-in-law. After he saw that there was a messy fight, he cried out.

When Dajun saw the fatty coming over, it was like he found his savior. Without caring about his bleeding head, he loudly wailed, “Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! You’ve returned! They refuse to pay up and even beat my people up!!”

Fatty’s face immediately turned black, his fleshy fierce face shook as he said, “What the hell are you guys made of! So many men and you can’t even settle one man and one woman!?”

“This brat knows some kung fu, owww it really hurts…….” One of the men who was on the ground cried out in pain.

Fatty looked at their wretched appearance, and was a little fearful in his heart as well, but he knew that this wasn’t the time to cower, so he pretended to be calm as he said, “Brat, so what if you can fight? Society is now ruled by the law, you’d have to go to jail for beating people up. Do you believe that I can call the police here to arrest you now!?”

“Go to jail?” Yang Chen smiled, “You people operate illegal gambling like this, and even colluded to rob workers of their money, if this matter was to be exposed, it wouldn’t be as simple as just being locked in a jail cell for a couple of days, would it?”

Hearing this threat, the fatty’s face flushed, “Don’t speak off the cuff! It’s Zhang Fugui himself who wanted to gamble! What does that have to do with us!?”

“Is that so? It has nothing to do with you?” Yang Chen nefariously smiled, then slowly walked up to the fatty, and said, “Since you say it has nothing to do with you, then we’ll turn this into something that has to do with you, what do you think?”

“What… what do you mean?” Fatty was a little startled.

Yang Chen suddenly grabbed hold of the fatty’s neck, without waiting for the fatty to react, he dragged fatty into the room like he was dragging a dead dog; that two hundred pound body seemed insignificant in his hands!

After dropping the fatty off in the room, Yang Chen turned around and smiled at Mo Qianni, “Go to the opposite room and get me some blank papers and pens, I need them.”

Mo Qianni realized that things had already progressed far beyond her imagination, and everything happened too quickly, but she didn’t have any choice other than to trust Yang Chen, so she looked deeply at Yang Chen and nodded.

Very soon, Mo Qianni brought over some paper and ballpoint pens from the opposite room. After handing them over to Yang Chen, she wanted to ask something, but didn’t know how to say it.

Yang Chen understood what she meant, and gave her a relieving smile, “Don’t worry, there won’t be any fatalities.”

Everybody in the room were already frightened by Yang Chen to the point where they dared not make a sound. All they wanted was to get some money out of this activity, they weren’t some martyrs of a revolution, and they were afraid of getting beaten. So while being fully aware that they were no match against Yang Chen, they obviously wouldn’t invite a beating if they could.

After Yang Chen had Mo Qianni leave the room, he locked the room’s door. Then he turned to the bunch of men who were trembling in fear and displayed a harmless and gentle smile.

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