Chapter 93: Failure of a man

Chapter 93: Failure of a man

Since it was a work day, Yang Chen directly drove to Yu Lei International after leaving the police station. Although he failed to do his job of buying breakfast, as an outstanding employee who loved his job, Yang Chen felt that he still had to persist in playing computer games till it was time to get off work.

The moment he entered the Public Relations office, countless grudgeful and discontented eyes shot over, giving Yang Chen goosebumps.

“Good morning beauties.” Yang Chen stiffly smiled and greeted. He stood by the door like a machine lacking lubricant.

“Hmph, someone ignored the lives of so many sisters, leaving us to starve since early in the morning.” Zhang Cai pouted her red lips, and grumbled in a dissatisfied manner.

Yang Chen was afraid that these women would take turns bombarding him, so he quickly said, “I can explain this, I met some trouble today.”

“What trouble?” A pretty girl doubtfully asked.

Yang Chen had always been honest, so he directly opened his mouth and said, “Yesterday I seduced a girl in a bar, spent the night in the hotel with her and ended up getting caught by the police. I got out of the police station a little late in the morning, and haven’t eaten breakfast either.”

The many PR ladies had black lines over their foreheads. To fabricate a lie like that, who’s going to believe that!?

Several ladies teased, “Such boasting, you have the lecherous heart but not the guts, how can you seduce a girl to bed you? It can’t be a dinosaur, right?”

“Isn’t it just forgetting to buy breakfast along with coming in late? We know you are famous for not putting any effort into work, we can forgive you, but you don’t need to fabricate such a crappy lie, right?”

“Big brother Yang, how about you seduce me, see if I’d go open a room with you, and let the police catch you again! I still haven’t been in a police station yet!”

“Sly fox, if you want to enter the police station why not just go sell yourself in a bar! Haha……”

The women chattered, and Yang Chen was stunned that no one believed him.

Yang Chen felt depressed. He spoke the truth and no one trusted him, what kind of world is this!?

This little crisis ended just like that. When Yang Chen went to his seat, Zhao Hongyan who was in the middle of typing glanced at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile, “Were you really caught and sent to the police station?”

“Why would I come out with a lie with such contents? I even quarrelled a little with the woman’s family.”

Zhao Hongyan revealed an expression of admiration, “You’re pretty unlucky, just one night of cheating and you’re caught by the police, I’ve never seen such a failure of a man like you.

“Heh, you think cheating is easy?” Yang Chen was discontent, “How about you try cheating too, just don’t get caught by your husband.”

Zhao Hongyan’s face blushed, and she playfully rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, “What nonsense are you spouting, I’m a woman from a good family, the kind that would devote her whole life striving for the family’s happiness.”

“I don’t know who it was the last time that started to get wet after being touched by me.” Yang Chen murmured.

How could Zhao Hongyan endure such ambiguous incitement? She raised her hand and hit Yang Chen’s shoulder several times, and said with her face flushed, “You’re not allowed to mention that! You’re not allowed to do something like that either! I am treating you as an ordinary colleague, and I don’t have dirty thoughts like you do.”

“What filthy thoughts……” Yang Chen mockingly gazed at the shy married lady in front of him, “What you’re doing is revealing exactly what you’re trying to hide, I haven’t said a thing about that, what are you imagining?”

Zhao Hongyan was so angry that her well developed chest repeatedly heaved, then she snorted and turned away, ignoring Yang Chen.

At this moment, Liu Mingyu who wore a white suit walked over while swaying sexily. These days, she no longer needed to deal with the harassment from Department Head Ma, the Public Relations’ number one had a much better better mood. She looked vibrant, and her pretty face was like a blooming tulip.

Liu Mingyu carried a piping-hot cup of coffee in her hand, and leaned against Yang Chen’s office table; because it was squeezed, her well developed butt curves became extremely exaggerated, the snug skirt drew the outline of her perfectly round contours.

“Yang Chen, you shouldn’t tease Hongyan anymore, she’s really worried about you. When she saw that you hadn’t come to work this morning, she even wanted to give you a call to find out what happened to you, but who could’ve known that your phone was shut off.”

With her thoughts exposed, Zhao Hongyan appeared defensive, “Sis Mingyan, what on earth are you saying! As if I’d be worried about this heartless fella! Come or don’t come, he can do whatever he wants!”

Yet Yang Chen felt warmth, it seemed that these ladies truly cared about him, so he said to Zhao Hongyan with a smile, “What are you embarrassed for? There is nothing wrong with caring about your colleague.”

“Who cares about you, don’t be so narcissistic…” Zhao Hongyan pretended to be angry as she glared at him, then turned away to do something else.

Yang Chen then turned to look at Liu Mingyu who was silent, and asked, “What about you, were you worried about me?”

“Me?” Suddenly being asked such a question, Liu Mingyu’s expression was a little unnatural, “What does this have to do with me, with your rogue style, it’s always someone else who suffers losses, how can anything happen to you?” After she said that, Liu Mingyu walked back to her booth with quick steps.

You are all so good at pretending. Yang Chen smiled while shaking his head, then turned on his computer to begin his gaming life.

As usual, lunch was held at Yu Lei International’s staff canteen, and it was as usual with the three women. After giving some of their food to Yang Chen, they basically watched Yang Chen wolf it down, and didn’t eat much themselves. Most of the time they chatted over cosmetics and fashion problems, women always have things things they could chat about to no end, especially women who worked in the fashion industry.

At this time, Zhang Cai suddenly threw a question, “Geez, the Autumn Fashion Show is coming soon, do you guys think our CEO will be discharged and host it when it comes?”

“It should be fine.” Zhao Hongyan pondered, “It’s nearly half a month away, isn’t the CEO going through recuperation? It should be ending soon.”

“If the CEO isn’t here when the time comes, this year’s fashion show would definitely lack many heavyweights.” Liu Mingyu said with concern, she then turned to look at Yang Chen who was still engrossed in devouring the food, “Yang Chen, whether it’s good or bad, you’re still an employee of the company, can’t you care a little about what’s going on in the company?”

What would my concern even do? Yang Chen secretly thought, and licked away the grains of rice at the corner of his mouth. With a smile he said, “It’s not like I’m a doctor, even if I care about Boss Lin I can’t help her discharge early.”

“Heartless.” Zhang Cai cutely stuck out her tongue, “Your wife is really pitiful to have a husband like you.”

“Yeah, you married to your wife yet you’re still fooling around in bars, as a result you even got caught by the police. You don’t put in effort at work either, I really don’t understand how there is a woman silly enough to marry you.” Zhao Hongyan mocked.

Yang Chen indifferently smiled, he knew that they were joking, otherwise they wouldn’t be eating with him. But he thought in his heart that next week was indeed time for Lin Ruoxi to be discharged, and there were many matters he should discuss with her.

To recount, I, her ‘husband’ was caught by the police for having an affair outside, yet my ‘wife’ Lin Ruoxi didn’t even send me a message and just sent her lawyer to bring me out of the police station. To be able to be so indifferent towards her husband’s extramarital affair, amongst the women in this world, this girl from the Lin Family could be considered to be a weirdo.

I’m too lazy to think about these things. Yang Chen shook his head and planned to continue eating, but from the corner of his eyes he noticed his lady superior Mo Qianni, who he hadn’t seen for days enter the canteen. By her side was Lin Ruoxi’s secretary Wu Yue. Following behind the two ladies were a bunch of men and women who looked like elites just from a glance.

Mo Qianni wore a fashionable slightly translucent shirt, a black vest, a coffee-colored flared trousers that was a throwback, and a pair of cowboy-style boots. Her graceful figure received an unruly sense of beauty from the clothes, yet didn’t lack any charm. The moment she entered the canteen, quite a number of male employees were secretly staring at her.

However, there was exhaustion on Mo Qianni’s bright and beautiful face. Her brows seemed stiff as she chatted with Wu Yue, as if she had problems she couldn’t solve.

“Department Head Mo has been really pitiful recently, she’s busy with the PR department’s matters yet she still needs to take responsibility for the CEO’s work.” Zhang Cai softly said, “Having meetings every day, and coming down for lunch only when we’re just about done.”

“What other way is there? Boss Lin trusts Department Head Mo the most. Moreover, more work is always given to those capable, and Department Head Mo in the past few years increased the profits in the PR Department by multifold. I reckon that when Boss Lin returns, Department Head Mo would definitely receive a promotion, the bunch at the board of directors are already convinced by her ability.” Zhao Hongyan said with admiration.

When the two married women said these, they abruptly turned to look at Liu Mingyu who remained silent with a tranquil smile.

Liu Mingyu looked at the two oddly, “What are you guys staring at me like that for?”

Zhang Cai chuckled, “Sis Mingyu, once Department Head Ma receives a promotion and becomes the vice-chairman, CEO’s assistant or whatever position, the prime candidate for our next PR Department Head would be you, right?”

“What are you drivelling on for!” Liu Mingyu stretched her arm to pinch Zhang Cai’s soft cheek, and said with a smile, “Such a thing cannot be randomly said.”

“But it’s true.” Zhao Hongyan approved of Zhang Cai’s opinion, “Sis Mingyu’s performance has been number one in our department for the last few years, they can’t possibly let an outsider be the Department Head, can they? Us sisters all support you, Sis Mingyu!”

Seeing Liu Mingyu’s happy and bashful look, Yang Chen couldn’t help but say, “You guys make it sound like you’re members of the board of directors, as if it’d be whoever just because you say it.”

“Shut up! Eat!” The three women spoke in unison.

“How can I eat with my mouth shut……” Mumbled Yang Chen, and he no longer bothered to say anymore.

Right at this time, Mo Qianni who just walked past the four suddenly had her phone vibrate. After she picked up the phone, her expression slightly changed, she simply made some “mm” agreeing sounds then ended the call, left some words for Wu Yue and the others, then prepared to leave.

When she turned, she just happened to notice Yang Chen who was in the middle of raking in food. Mo Qianni hesitated for a moment, then walked to Yang Chen’s side and said, “Yang Chen, come with me somewhere to settle a small matter.”

“Ah? But I’m in the middle of my meal.”

“It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t starve to death, this is an order!” Mo Qianni glared at him, this fella still had such an indolent appearance, she felt angry just by looking at him.

Yang Chen felt helpless, if she was just his superior he wouldn’t really care, but they were friends in private after all, so it wasn’t good if he rejected her. He stood up very slowly, “Alright then, but if I’m hungry later you’d have to treat me to a meal.”

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