Chapter 91: Something like this

Chapter 91: Something like this

Since he knew the cause of all this, Yang Chen was able to guess from this scene, who the person An Xin mentioned was.

Out from the two Mercedes-Benz were first several men in black suits.Then an old man and a young man stepped out.

The older man looked to be of fifty years old or so, his mix of black and white hair were neatly combed back, on this healthy face there wasn’t a trace of wrinkles, it seemed as though he took great care of himself, and there weren’t many vestiges of age.

The young man wore a white suit and red tie, he looked like he was bursting with vitality, and had a sunshine-like smile. Since the moment he got out, he stayed a bit besides the older man from the back while giving off the impression of him being intimate yet respectful of his senior.

“That’s your dad? He takes really good care of his health, it’s even possible that he was more handsome than me in his youth, seems like your genes are indeed outstanding.” Yang Chen pointed at the middle-aged man who walked over with an ashen expression.

An Xin saw not the slightest bit of panic on Yang Chen’s face, and curiously asked, “Aren’t you leaving? My dad would definitely feel like ripping you to shreds right now.”

“Of course I’ll leave, but your dad is already in front of my eyes, if I don’t say hello it would mean that I’m fleeing. I don’t like the word ‘flee’.”

Without waiting for An Xin to persuade him, Daddy An who had already walked forward called out, “You can’t escape even if you wished to!”

“Dad, if you want to take revenge for this matter then come at me, this doesn’t concern him.” An Xin stood in front of Yang Chen, blocking him from her father, and calmly said, “I’m the one who seduced him, your daughter An Xin is now a loose woman. In addition, I will be on some gossip newspapers soon, everybody would know that the daughter of the An Clan Group’s Chairman, An Zaihuan, had seduced a stranger in a bar before marriage, and even spent the night in the hotel belonging to her fiance’s family.”


A loud slap fell on An Xin’s delicate cheeks,

“You damn child… you… you’re trying to kill me with anger…” An Zaihuan widened his eyes, had a flushed face, and a shuddering tone. His right hand that he just used to slap her raised in mid-air once again, as though it would be swung anytime.

An Xin didn’t try to dodge, she softly laughed without happiness or sorrow, gracefully tidied up her hair that turned into a mess and said, “If this isn’t enough, you can hit a few more times, you’re the one who brought me into this world after all, you have the right to hit me, I don’t mind.”

“You shouldn’t have done this, you’ve never disappointed me once since you’re a child, you’ve always been obedient… why……” An Zaihuan looked at his only daughter and asked with a grimaced expression.

An Xin looked straight at her father, then glanced at the expressionless man in a white suit beside him, and showed a grieved smile, “That’s right, I’ve always listened to you since childhood, because you told me that I’m the hope that mom left in this world. When I was seven, you told me you wanted me to learn to play the piano, and in less than a year I championed a competition that involved the whole country. When I was nine, you had me learn ballet, then when I was thirteen, you sent me to Vienna, Austria to join the Russian dance troupe. Learning how to draw, learning flower arrangement, and learning everything that a child of nobility should. As long as you wanted me to do it, I would do it, and strive to do it the best I could. When you said you had difficulty choosing between Oxford and Cambridge, I neglected sleep and meals to obtain a Master’s Degree at both universities… Since childhood, as long as you mentioned my mother who had left this world, and tell me not to let down her hopes for me, I would put my utmost effort in doing whatever…”

“However……” An Xin’s eyes turned a little red and moist, the smile on her face was a little bitter as she said, “But my dead mother wouldn’t force me to marry someone I don’t like! You’re forcing me to marry him!”

An Xin pointed at the silent man in white suit, coldly smiled and said, “This person is just the relative of your lover. For your lover, you didn’t give a damn about how I felt, and asked me to marry a complete stranger. To add onto that, a man I don’t like. I am your daughter; that woman only spent two years with you, and you listen to whatever she says, completely forgetting everything that I’ve done… are you going to tell me that this is also for my dead mother!?”


An Zaihuan yelled, and immediately followed with severe coughs, he had a finger pointed at An Xin, yet couldn’t get a word out.

The man in a white suit by his side revealed a slightly nervous look, creased his brows and said, “Don’t be agitated, Uncle An, An Xin is just taking things too hard, she’s young and youngsters always have a rebellious period, it’s normal to err, let me persuade her.”

An Zaihuan heard the man’s words, displayed a gratified expression, and nodded with difficulty, “Liu Yun, it’s my An Family that let you down, this unfilial child An Xin let you down…”

“I didn’t let him down, I’ve never promised to give him anything, to sleep with another man is my freedom.” An Xin sternly replied.

Liu Yun didn’t take offense to that. He placated An Zaihuan, then said to An Xin, “An Xin, don’t be so willful, when this happened to you, Uncle and Aunt were both truly worried, please come home with us.”

“This is my family’s matter, what does it have to do with you?” An Xin turned her head away, ignoring Liu Yun.

Liu Yun still wasn’t angered, and urged with a warm smile, “Alright alright, this is your family’s matter, but even as a friend, I hope you father and daughter could sit at the same table and talk it over. An Xin, I know that you’re dissatisfied with marrying me, we’ve only known each other for a short period of time, but my feelings for you are genuine and sincere. Ever since the first time I saw you, I could never forget you. Please give me time, after we get married, I will let you know that choosing me was the right choice.”

“Are you crazy!? You still want to marry me!?” An Xin was in disbelief as she looked at Liu Yun, “You want to marry a loose woman, taking someone others view as a slut to be your wife? Jade Clouds Corporation’s young Chairman Liu, are you having a fever?”

When Yang Chen heard of this, he couldn’t help but be astounded, this young man Liu Yun was actually Jade Clouds Corporation’s Young Master. An Xin this little demoness was truly evil, she didn’t just ruin her own reputation, she even wanted to toss a blow at her fiance’s family, choosing to do something like that in their family’s property. He reckoned that even if he didn’t take the initiative to bring her to Jade Clouds Hotel, she would bring it up herself.

At this moment, Liu Yun shook his head, “I’m sincere, and I’m saying these words to you seriously.”

An Zaihuan was moved, he initially thought that this marriage would be turned into smoke after a matter like this, he never expected Liu Yun to be this magnanimous, and immediately said, “Liu Yun, you’re really a good child, this brat An Xin doesn’t know what’s good for her, and did such an unfilial and utterly filthy thing, yet you’re willing to let this go and marry her. Sure enough, I didn’t make a mistake at choosing you. An Xin! Quickly apologize to Liu Yun!”

An Xin sneered, and turned her head away.

“You……” An Zaihuan was immediately angered again, “Are you trying to anger me to death!”

Right at this time, Yang Chen who had been ignored couldn’t help but ask, “Erm… if there’s nothing else you guys need me for, then I’m going to leave, I’m already late for work today, and can’t delay any longer.”

Only then did the few of them remember that the male protagonist of this crime was still here.

Towards the stranger Yang Chen who did a “traitorous affair” with his daughter, An Zaihuan naturally didn’t look at Yang Chen with kindness, but his anger turned into smiles as she said, “You want to run? You think that after seducing my daughter and after causing her to make such a big mistake, you could still leave with totally unharmed?”

“Then what do you have in mind, Uncle?” Yang Chen forced a smile, “These things have already happened, I can’t possibly turn your daughter back into a virgin, right?”

“You… you bastard!” An Zaihuan didn’t expect Yang Chen to have absolutely no fear, with an expression like all these were a matter of course.

Liu Yun’s expression changed for a moment, then he warmly said to Yang Chen, “May I have your name, Mister?”

“I’m Yang Chen, if Mr. Liu is unhappy that I snatched away your fiancee’s first time, you can say it, and even scold me, yep… I understand, as a man, nobody would like it when their woman is snatched away, even though she hasn’t become your woman yet.” Yang Chen rubbed his head, and was at a loss as to what he should do, this matter was simply a complete mess.

Liu Yun maintained a smile as he said, “Mr. Yang is an understanding person, but I never thought of taking revenge against Mr.Yang, I hope that this matter could be peacefully settled. An Xin is my fiancee and I love her, this mishap she had was because I didn’t take good care of her, I can’t pass the blame to others. If Mr. Yang doesn’t mind, we can actually peacefully settle this matter. As long as Mr. Yang keeps a tight lip regarding this matter, and deny that this matter ever happened if someone asks, that will be enough.”

“Deny? The reporters had already come, what good would denying do?” Yang Chen replied.

Liu Yun confidently smiled, “Mr. Yang probably doesn’t know this, the media companies under my Jade Clouds Corporation are rather powerful. The material that those of the media obtained have basically all been contained, so Mr. Yang does not need to worry, for there won’t be any news or images being circulated that will negatively impact you. All we need to do is deny that this matter ever happened, in that way, both An Xin and you, Mr. Yang wouldn’t have any future troubles.”

Yang Chen understood what he meant, Jade Clouds Corporation’s young chairman sure enough had the ability, to even be able to control the flow of information on Zhong Hai’s media outlets.

An Zaihuan happily clapped, “Nephew Liu Yun, you’re truly great, the Liu Family indeed can’t be compared with us ordinary families. If this is the case, then I’m relieved, look at this silly brat, after doing something like this that ruins her reputation, even if she does marry into the Liu Family, she would still be met with disdain!”

“Don’t worry, Uncle. If anyone dares speak of An Xin maliciously, I, Liu Yun would definitely spare no effort to protect An Xin from any harm.” Said Liu Yun, his eyes that were rich in love once again looked towards An Xin.

An Xin was finally emotionally moved, but it wasn’t because of Liu Yun’s eyes that were full of fiery love, it was instead because Liu Yun’s methods caught her off guard. If the plan of utilizing the media to ruin her reputation fails, then she would still have no other choice but to marry into the Liu Family.

Now, her only hope was for Yang Chen to choose not to deny this matter, and honestly say what happened that night, that way, the materials that had been contained wouldn’t be of much use anyway, because the words of someone involved possesses the most persuasiveness!

However, if Yang Chen speaks the truth, that would mean that he would have to bear the bad name of being a traitorous husband, which would adversely affect his reputation……

Given a choice, who would be so senseless as to bear a horrid reputation and be shunned upon!?

An Xin’s face turned pale, and she turned to look at Yang Chen who remained silent. This was the man who took away her chastity which she protected for over twenty years, would he still be the way he was yesterday, be her brave knight, and save her from this perilous situation?

It was unbeknownst to them when Yang Chen took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up, he creased his brows and blew out smoke, looking like an old farmer that was from a different world from Liu Yun who looked like a successful person.

Liu Yun had a confident smile, prideful yet warm, as if this was the natural state of this handsome young man. Seeing how Yang Chen remained silent as if he was considering something, he didn’t become anxious, “Does Mr. Yang feel that this is hard to do? If Mr. Yang doesn’t mind this Liu being meddlesome, this Liu is willing to pay a certain amount as compensation to Mr. Yang. As long as Mr. Yang keeps a tight lip, and protect both yours and my fiancee’s reputation, that would be enough……”

“No need.” Yang Chen waved his hand while blowing out smoke, his brows were creased as he looked at the fidgety An Xin, then smiled at Liu Yun who gave the impression of being in control of everything and said, “As a person, I don’t consider myself great, and don’t consider myself a coward. However… to say that nothing happened after doing a woman, I can’t do it.”

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