Chapter 83: My first time

Chapter 83: My first time

The place Yang Chen recommended to Chen Bo was the place Rose opened, ROSE bar. This bar was a mid-grade bar, and it wasn’t that Rose didn’t have ambitions, but this bar was left behind by her mother, so maintaining it had much more meaning to her than expanding the bar’s business.

After dropping Chen Rong’s luggage off at Chen Bo’s small apartment, the three had a simple meal at a small restaurant and headed towards ROSE bar.

The bar was cold and deserted during the day, there was practically nobody around other than the servers, which made it suitable for Yang Chen to bring the brother and sister in.

When Chen Bo noticed that this was a bar, he asked in concern, “Yang Chen, this street is pretty rowdy at night, I don’t feel that it’s safe.”

“I’ve thought about this problem before, I’m very familiar with the boss here, the boss here can definitely have someone escort Little Rong home at night.”

Chen Bo did not probe any further, and entered the bar. When he entered the bar, he looked all around it, this bar’s interior decoration had a elegant style, and he couldn’t help but nod, this type of bar seemed to be the more formal type.

Little Zhao who was standing by the bar counter wore a server’s attire saw Yang Chen enter and was immediately full of energy. He grinned and asked, “How did you have the time to come over during the day, Big bro Yang? And you even brought friends?”

Yang Chen greeted several of the servers in the bar, then said, “Is Rose here? I’m here to recommend personnel.”

“The boss just woke up from her afternoon nap, I’ll go call her now.” Little Zhao diligently ran over after he said that.

Rose’s dwelling wasn’t a place that was open to the public, so Yang Chen chose to stay outside with the Chen siblings, waiting for Rose to come out.

Some time passed, and Rose who wore a moon-white cheongsam walked over with light footsteps. That natural face without any makeup seemed incomparably charming under the dim lights. Under her mature aura, her elegant figure seemed all the more beautiful and seductive.

Chen Bo and Chen Rong were both a little dazed as they looked at Rose who walked over with a smile, they never would’ve thought that this bar’s owner was such a young and beautiful woman.

“Yang Chen, you’re here to recommend personnel to me?” With strangers around, Rose wittily addressed Yang Chen by his name, seeming composed and amiable.

Yang Chen hinted towards Chen Rong, “This is my friend’s sister, she just came from Sichuan. They have some problems at home, so she dropped out of school to come to Zhong Hai, hoping to find a job to pay off their debts. I was thinking that this place of yours was pretty good, and with a caretaker there would be less things to worry about.”

Rose quickly understood what Yang Chen meant, and began to carefully size Chen Rong up.

Chen Rong saw how Rose, who emitted a goddess-like aura smile at her, and couldn’t help but blush and lower her head, she didn’t dare to look straight into Rose’s eyes.

“What’s your name?” Rose bent her body forward a little, and warmly asked like a neighboring older sister asking her younger sister.

“Chen Rong, the Rong from Lian Rong(lotus seed paste)......” Chen Rong pursed her lips and answered.

Rose gently smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous, just listen to me. Although Yang Chen recommended you, I can only let you start from the lowest level, like carrying dishes and sweeping the floor. Doing such work might get you tired and dirty, while customers might throw their temper and scold you, are you willing to do it?”

“I’m willing, I’ve always taken care of my parents at home and did such work before, I even did some part-time work at a fast-food restaurant before.” Chen Rong hurriedly replied.

Rose wore a profound smile, and suddenly rubbed her hand on Chen Rong’s cheek, “You shall work here from now on then. I will have Little Zhao and the others show you the ropes, just let me know if you have any troubles, you don’t need to be shy, I will not let my employees get bullied.”

“Yep!” Chen Rong held the tears back in her eyes and innocently smiled.

When Little Zhao brought Chen Rong away to sign the contract, go through the formalities and inform her of various things, Chen Bo who didn’t dare utter a word in front of Rose suddenly said, “Thank you, I know Yang Chen is a good person, you are Yang Chen’s friend, so I trust you. Please take care of my sister!” After he said that, he even bowed.

Rose didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as she supported him with a hand, and said, “Your sister is fresh and pure like the spring waters from a mountain, in present day society, this is too rare. To be honest, I’ve been lacking a good girl like this as an assistant. If your sister is willing to, I really do wish to keep her by my side in the future, and personally teach her some things. I’m just afraid that as her brother you would object.”

While hearing these words, Yang Chen was startled. He looked at Rose with surprise, he didn’t expect that Rose wanted to pick up a disciple. It’s no wonder that she looked at Chen Rong with such a strange gaze. But once he thought about how the innocent Chen Rong might be taught by the big boss of the underworld, Yang Chen felt like laughing.

How could Chen Bo possibly know that Rose’s identity was that of a queen in Zhong Hai’s underworld? He thought that Rose was suggesting to teach Chen Rong how to do business, how could he decline? Therefore he hurriedly smiled and said, “As long as Little Rong is willing, as her brother I will support her decision, Boss Rose wouldn’t cause harm to us, so I’m not worried.”

“You trust Yang Chen and me so much?” Rose had a odd smile as she returned with another question.

Chen Bo nodded seriously, “I do, I’m poor and useless, yet Yang Chen took care of me and helped me, unlike the other people that look down on me. If I don’t trust him, then I’m truly worse than pigs and dogs! Boss Rose is Yang Chen’s friend, I believe in the ancient saying ‘when conversing with great scholars, there are never shallow people in a conversation’. Yang Chen is a great person, so Boss Rose is naturally worth trusting!”

Rose couldn’t help but chuckle and say, “You’re more interesting than Yang Chen, you can even speak in such a manner…… Since you’ve said that, I’ll take it as your approval of me taking care of Chen Rong. In the future, you can’t say that I’m doing things without permission, alright?”

Chen Bo blushed and laughed, “I won’t I won’t, I hope Boss Rose doesn’t take offense to these words…… Other than my company’s CEO, you’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever met, how can a person like you do anything that lets little people like us down…… Haha……”

“Your company’s CEO?” Rose’s eyes shined, and she profoundly looked at Yang Chen, “That definitely has be a person who is beautiful like a fairy?”

There were beads of cold sweat on Yang Chen’s forehead, he didn’t dare look straight at Rose.

How could Chen Bo know what was going on? With reverence he said, “Yes, I was shocked silly the first time I saw her, just like how I met you today, Boss Rose. However, our company’s employees all respect her very much, many people think of her as their idol.”

Rose nodded with a smile that wasn’t a smile, she then chatted a little more with Chen Bo and said to Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, there’s something I need to talk to you privately about, do you have time tonight?”

Yang Chen clearly saw the words ‘if you don’t come you’re dead’ on Rose’s face, and with a rigid smile he said, “I have time, I’ll definitely come, haha……”

After all of Chen Rong’s work arrangements were handled, Yang Chen the Chen siblings who were in a good mood back to their apartment, Chen Bo had to clean up Chen Rong’s room so he decided not to return to work.

Yang Chen had nothing else to do, while his appointment with Rose was at night, he was afraid of bumping into others if he visited Lin Ruoxi, and that girl Li Jingjing definitely had classes to teach at school. After some pondering, his best option seemed to be to return to the office and play games.

Just as he was about to leave for Yu Lei International, his phone rang. Seeing who the person that called was first made Yang Chen confused, then made his eyebrows purse together as he remembered who it was——TangTang.

Once he picked up the call, TangTang promptly asked straightforwardly, “Uncle, where are you?”

“Is something the matter?” Yang Chen felt that it was better if he was clear of the situation, this girl was trouble.

TangTang directly replied, “Today I had exams, so school ended early this afternoon, I have nothing better to do, so I decided to treat you to a meal; you agreed to this before, you’re not allowed to decline.”

Yang Chen recalled that such a thing did happen, so he rubbed his stomach and replied, “I’m not hungry now, a little later maybe.”

“No can do! Uncle, as a man why are you so mean? Do I absolutely have to treat you to a meal for you to accompany me? I’m alone on the streets and very bored, please come and accompany me to play, we’ll go eat two hours later.” TangTang pleaded.

Yang Chen had trouble facing this girl’s tantrum, and hesitantly suggested, “You should go home, don’t your parents care about you at all?”

“Hmph, what about it? They don’t have the time to take care of a child like me who nobody loves, they’re extremely busy everyday.”

“What about your classmates?”

“They’re all retards, and way too childish…… Uncle come on……” TangTang seemed to have grasped Yang Chen’s personality, he doesn’t succumb to force so she used begging.

Yang Chen felt a little depressed, she was such a pitiful child, she didn’t receive her parents’ love, isn’t that the same as him when he was little? Don’t judge her just by the fact that she could drive a Porsche, she truly seemed to be lonely in her teenage heart.

“Fine, where are you? I’ll go pick you.” Yang Chen had nothing better to do, so there was no harm in accompanying this young lady, meeting her wasn’t a good thing to him though.

“Between Central 3rd Street and 14th Street, at the crossroad, hurry here to pick me, I’m wearing a pink miniskirt!”

With a loud laugh, TangTang hung up the phone.

Yang Chen helplessly sighed, “This girl wouldn’t be worth watching in a movie even if she stripped naked.” As he thought out loud, the foot he had stepping on the accelerator with pressed down further……

In less than a minute, Yang Chen noticed TangTang standing at the side of the road. She wore cute pink clothes, a cap, and a cute innocent smile. It was hard to imagine that that delinquent girl from that day could look so lovely.

Once TangTang got onto the car, Yang Chen couldn’t help but praise, “You look so good like this, much prettier than that appearance before where you didn’t look like a human or a ghost.”

TangTang discontentedly pouted, “That is the trend, but I don’t think you’ll understand anyways Uncle, at worst I could just play the role of a fresh and pure little girl every time I meet you.”

“There’s a generation gap between us.” Muttered Yang Chen before asking, “Where to?”

“Zhong Hai Cinema, let’s go watch a movie!” TangTang blurted.

“You’ve had this all planned?” Yang Chen felt like he fell into a trap, “You can’t possibly have some tricks planned for me, right?”

TangTang clenched her spotlessly white teeth, and angrily took out a pair of tickets, “Movie tickets issued by the school for a patriotism movie, I don’t think it should be wasted since there’s nothing better to do, so I decided to watch it; Uncle do you think that this is harmful to you?”

“This movie is good.” Yang Chen looked at the picture of the nation’s soldier printed on the movie ticket, and with a smile he said, “I like to watch movies that are about Huaxia’s history.”

“Why?” TangTang bewilderedly asked.

“Because I don’t know these stories.” Yang Chen said as a matter of course, “By knowing your own country’s history you would be able to love your country more, your school’s methods are correct.”

TangTang pouted, “These are already old and stale. Moreover, everybody received two movie tickets, but in the whole class I’m the only one who is going without any friends, but instead with a wretched uncle.”

“If worst comes to worst we could go our separate ways after we enter, you watch the movie yourself and I’ll watch the movie myself.” Yang Chen indifferently said as he drove.

“No!” TangTang’s face suddenly flushed, and she shyly rubbed her hands. She displayed a charm that didn’t match her age, and softly said, “This is my first time watching a movie alone with a man, how can we sit separately……”

Yang Chen’s leg suddenly twitched, and he nearly floored the accelerator to bang the car in front!

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