Chapter 82: Train Station

Chapter 82: Train Station

Yang Chen unenthusiastically said these words, and casually tossed the man towards the Volkswagen Passat that was parked along the road!

The strong metal construction of the German car was an extremely unpleasant spot for the tall man to land on. When he rammed against it, it felt like he was struck by a humongous hammer, and caused him to spit a mouth of fresh blood due to the jolt!

“Team Leader!”

The other men in suits were surprised to see the tall man defeated so easily. The person who did this was completely unscathed and it made them feel indescribably terrified. They hurriedly went up to check on the tall man’s injuries, and entered a dilemma deciding if they should advance or retreat as they stared at Yang Chen.

The tall man took a few deep breaths, in his eyes there was fear and nonacceptance as he looked at Yang Chen who stood at a distance. He wiped off the blood on the side of his mouth, and shuddered, “Leave…… Let’s go!”

As if they were released from a heavy burden, the subordinates hurriedly opened their car doors and got in. They started the car and left the villa as if they were running for their life.

Yang Chen didn’t get in his car to chase them, after all a frightened Wang Ma was still in the house. Moreover, these men definitely had unordinary backgrounds, unless there was no alternative, Yang Chen did not want utterly provoke the power behind them. With his experience of years in trials and hardships, Yang Chen deeply understood that despite how he could do things that were impossible in the eyes of others, it might end up adversely affecting the people close to him. Yang Chen didn’t want to have a situation like that occur, so he learned ‘forbearance.’

But of course, a man has a limit to his patience.

When he entered the villa, Wang Ma was sitting on the floor wiping her tears. After Wang Ma  saw Yang Chen enter, she stood up and grabbed hold of Yang Chen’s hand, “Young Master, are you alright!?”

Watching Wang Ma’s tears of urgent concern, Yang Chen felt warmth in his heart, “Of course, I’m fine, but I apologize that you got frightened, Wang Ma.”

“Young Master, don’t say such a thing, it was clearly those people that had attitude problems. Why can’t they just talk things out? They acted as if they were a god from the heavens, just watching them made me angry.”

“Don’t worry, if they come again, don’t make a move and just give me a call. They won’t dare to do a thing.” Yang Chen spoke with assurance.

Wang Ma smiled as she sighed, “It’s alright if I suffer a little mistreatment, but I’m worried about you, Young Master. Young Master, could it be that you’ve accidentally provoked some important person? They looked like they belonged to a part of the government, when my family’s Old Mistress was still here she said, ‘Civilians do not fight with officials.’ How can ordinary people compete with officials? Young master, if there really is trouble, you should let Miss know, Miss is acquainted with several elders who are in the government, perhaps that would help.”

Yang Chen shook his head, “I didn’t provoke anybody, and I don’t know what they came here for. Don’t mention this matter to Ruoxi, it’s better if I settle this myself.”

Wang Ma knew that Yang Chen wasn’t willing to speak anymore on this topic, so she proceeded to the kitchen to prepare dinner just as always.

Yang Chen took a few steps in the living room in contemplation, then made a phone call…...

The phone was quickly picked up on the other side, and the familiar rough voice of Zhang Hu was heard, “Mr. Yang, you seldom make a call to me, haha.”

Yang Chen wasn’t in a mood to make jokes, so he directly requested, “Zhang Hu, this time I have something I need your help with, I need some of your brothers who are quick-witted and good with their hands to secretly help me protect a place and a person.”

On the other side of the line, Zhang Hu paused for a while before speaking hesitantly, “Mr. Yang, Miss Rose wants to have a word with you……”

“Rose? She’s beside you?” Yang Chen was stunned, then made a bitter laugh, the reason he looked for Zhang Hu was because he was intentionally avoiding Rose on this matter, but he didn’t expect to jump into the line of fire!

Rose’s voice was still as indolent and enchanting as ever. Although Yang Chen could not see her, he could imagine that the expression on Rose’s face at this moment was the smile of a lady who grasped onto her lover’s weakness.

“Hubby, if you need people why didn’t you ask me directly, and instead ask Zhang Hu?”

Rose’s words were straight to the point, causing Yang Chen to feel speechless, but he guiltily replied, “This is because I’m worried that you’re busy, my darling Rose. I heard that you’ve often been playing with West Union Society these days, and didn’t want to trouble you with my trivial matters.”

“Don’t say such a thing, as long as it’s my hubby’s matters, I will make some time no matter how busy I am. Say it, what do you need men for?” Rose smartly asked.

Yang Chen knew that this woman had a nimble mind, and he wouldn’t be able conceal this from her, so he could only speak honestly, “Recently, there has been trouble looking for me. Today, they directly came to the place I’m living at. I’m wondering if you could arrange a few more intelligent ones to protect the surroundings of my house, and help to avoid the people staying there from receiving harm. But of course, the most important thing is to immediately contact me when anything happens.

“Oh? Is it the place where you are staying with your legal wife, hubby? You weren’t willing to let me know previously, where is that?”

In his mind, Yang Chen thought: Can such a thing be casually said? But there was no other way around this, he knew that she would find out sooner or later, so he said it in a relaxed manner.

When Rose heard it, she chuckled and said, “People who are able to stay at Dragon Garden are all rich and famous, hearing these words from you, I feel a little pressure as a mistress.”

“Enough, don’t speak so sarcastically to me please. In the future, I will let the two of you meet if there's a chance, but not now, I’m afraid of being cut with an electric saw in the middle of the night……” Yang Chen helplessly said.

“I’m not going to meet her, it’ll be too humiliating.” Rose flatly declined, “I’ll meet her when I want to, this is a matter between women, men aren’t allowed to interfere.”

Yang Chen anxiously asked, “Darling Rose, you wouldn’t employ the methods you use in the underworld, right?”

Rose broke into a totally unreserved loud laugh, it may be assumed that she was already trembling from the laughter on the other side, “Hubby, you’re really good at teasing, how would I dare? As a concubine, the most I can do is strive for a little space from the empress, I’d rather curry favor with her, you know? If I really dared to make a move on her, wouldn’t I be killed by you, hubby……”

Yang Chen awkwardly laughed and didn’t stay on that topic. After he discussed over arranging protection for Wang Ma, he agreed to see her in two days at ROSE bar, and ended the call.

As for the one in the hospital, Yang Chen wasn’t worried, without even mentioning whether or not these people knew the relationship between him and Lin Ruoxi, even if they knew, he reckoned that they wouldn’t dare to try. After all, Lin Ruoxi was a famous businesswoman, she also had contacts with people in the government, and wasn’t someone who could be easily taken down.


The next day at noon time, in Zhong Hai’s west train station, a train’s horn resounded, and a old-fashioned train slowly entered the station.

On the railway platform, Yang Chen’s calm face was a stark contrast to Chen Bo’s face brimming with anticipation.

Yang Chen held a cigarette in his mouth, with his eyes droopy like he was dozing off. He sat on a wooden bench, and asked Chen Bo beside him, “The one you mentioned was this train, you didn’t make a mistake, right?”

“No mistakes, I definitely won’t make a mistake.” Chen Bo was very excited, “This is the first time my sister has travelled so far, my whole family is worried about her making this trip to Zhong Hai, how would I dare remember wrongly.”

“Does your sister study in a university in Sichuan?”

Chen Bo replied a little sadly, “Actually, my sister passed the exam to enter Beijing University as well, but she took taking care of our parents into consideration, so she stayed in Sichuan for her studies. However, she receives a full scholarship every year, her grades are excellent!”

“You siblings are both pretty good at studies.” Yang Chen smiled and said, “Unlike me, I’ve practically never studied.”

Chen Bo bewilderedly asked, “Yang Chen, aren’t you a graduate from Harvard University? Why do you say that you never studied?”

Embarrassed, Yang Chen smiled but didn’t explain. He can’t possibly say that the degree was stuffed into his hands by that female dean in an attempt to curry favor with him, right? If he really wanted a degree like that, he could fill up an entire car with them.

Soon after, the train’s doors opened. The hasty travelers began to take their bags and luggages off the train, and looked around before making their way to the train station’s exit.

Chen Bo stretched his neck to constantly look for his sister’s figure. He was incredibly anxious. Only when most of the people have more or less left, did he reveal a pleased smile, as if a heavy load was lifted off him he said, “At long last she’s here!”

“Big bro!” A clear voice with sincere joy resounded from one of the train carriages nearby.

Yang Chen stood up and turned to look. What he saw was a girl with a ponytail that was slightly messy, wearing a yellow blouse, loose brown linen trousers, running over while carrying an old suitcase.

Taking a closer look, he noticed that the girl was on the skinny side, extremely similar to Chen Bo. She had a delicate face and her skin was snow white like Chen Bo’s.

Due to the hot weather, the girl’s face was covered with beads of sweat as she revealed an innocent smile. She had a untainted natural atmosphere that city girls did not possess, making her shine in one’s eyes.

Chen Bo passionately hugged his sister, then asked about how her trip was, how things were in the family, and spoke for a full half an hour before chatting enough.

When he suddenly noticed that Yang Chen was still here, Chen Bo made an embarrassed smile as he said, “I’m sorry, I was too excited, I haven’t seen my sister for over a year.”

“You siblings are really alike, you can’t possibly be twins, right?” Yang Chen felt that if Chen Bo was a girl, they would definitely be a pair of charming twin flowers.

Chen Bo dotingly rubbed his sister’s pretty face, and spoke with a little pride, “Our relatives and friends say that as well, but I was indeed born several years earlier than her. However, we are even closer than twins.”

“Bro, who is this big brother?” The girl timidly looked at Yang Chen and carefully asked.

Chen Bo immediately introduced him, “This is my friend and colleague, Yang Chen, Big brother Yang.”

“Hello Big brother Yang, I’m Chen Rong.” Chen Rong face was flushed, it was unknown whether it was due to physical activity or shyness.

“Don’t be nervous, today, I’m just a chauffeur to pick you up. I’m your brother’s friend and not his superior. You need not appear so respectful of me. I don’t have a red packet to give you, and can’t possibly give your brother a raise.” Yang Chen joked.

Chen Rong chuckled, “I’m very grateful that Big brother Yang came to pick me.”

Yang Chen’s humorous attitude let the girl relax, the three chatted and joked about while they slowly made their way out of the station.

They only walked a short distance before Yang Chen suddenly noticed a familiar figure standing on the railway platform far away. It was a woman who wore a blue dress standing alone on the platform, possessing a graceful figure, an outstanding woman. It was precisely his superior, Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni did not notice Yang Chen at all, as if she was waiting for somebody with a heavy heart.

Presently, he had to send the Chen siblings, so Yang Chen did not intend to go up to greet her. After a glance, he decided not to think anymore about it.

In the car, Chen Rong looked as if she was shrinking as she looked at the interior of the car, she was a little curious, but didn’t dare to casually touch anything inside.

But very soon, Chen Rong no longer had the energy to concern herself with these fresh things, sitting on the hard seat in the train is a very tiring matter, in addition, it was a long distance trip. Chen Rong felt like she was fighting a war with her eyelids, and fell asleep in the back seat after a few minutes.

Yang Chen saw this scene from the rearview mirror, and softly asked Chen Bo, “Your sister came to Zhong Hai to look for a job, what kind of job is she planning to do?”

Chen Bo tenderly looked at Chen Rong who was asleep behind, forced a smile and said, “We’ll take our time to find one, I’m looking for a place to work part-time myself, nowadays jobs that could earn a decent amount yet don’t require a degree are decreasing. I don’t intend to let Little Rong go to the kind of place I went to, I want to find her a safer and cleaner place to work at.”

Yang Chen thought for a moment, then said, “I have a place to recommend to your sister, the salary may not be high, but it’s definitely safe, are you willing to consider it?”

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