Chapter 80: Talk about that in the next life

Chapter 80: Talk about that in the next life

Yang Chen came to an understanding, for someone to be able to send Guo Ziheng to chase after someone, that person must have a considerable status. At the very least, it’s someone who the small gangster boss Guo Ziheng doesn’t dare offend. However, Guo Ziheng was no match for Yang Chen, and still had difficulty erasing the fear he has for Yang Chen. Thus, he was trying to push the blame onto Yang Chen.

“Fine fine, don’t show me such a sly expression.” Yang Chen didn’t seem to care at all as he smiled and said, “You may just report my name to him, if there’s a problem he can confront me, I’ll be at Yu Lei International’s PR Department awaiting him.”

“Mr. Yang is truly a straightforward person!” Guo Ziheng laughed out loud, and ordered his flock of subordinates, “Let’s leave!”

But how could Yang Chen allow him to leave as he pleases? He waved his hand, “Wait! I’m not done speaking!”

Guo Ziheng’s steps came to a stop, he had a premonition that something bad was about to happen, and stiffly enquired, “Does Mr. Yang have more instructions?”

Yang Chen chuckled, “Boss Guo, for me to shoulder this matter, there must be some fees don’t you think……?” As he said that, he rubbed his hands.

As expected! Extortion! Vampire! Gangster!!

Guo Ziheng’s heart was filled with curses, but he maintained an incredibly willing expression on his face. He had a subordinate bring him his chequebook, scribbled on it, and presented it to Yang Chen. With a flattering smile he said, “Mr. Yang is right, this Guo has truly been inconsiderate.”

The pack of subordinates couldn’t believe their eyes, what happened to their boss? Giving money to this guy and being so polite!?

Yang Chen was pleased, he nodded and flicked the cheque in his hands. This Guo Ziheng was still considered rather well off, to casually give away 20 thousand Huaxia dollars, therefore Yang Chen said, “You guys may leave, as for everything else, lay it all on me.”

How could Guo Ziheng dare stay for a moment longer? If he stayed for a moment longer he might lose another tens of thousands, so he brought his bunch of subordinates away, as if he was evading a ghost.

Watching that bunch of people leave imposingly, Yang Chen turned away with a smile, and said to Chen Bo who was still stunned, “Don’t you have something that you want to explain to me?”

Chen Bo swallowed his saliva, and vaguely said, “Thank…… Thank you, Yang Chen……”

“Is that all?” Asked Yang Chen with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Chen Bo’s hands clasped onto the edge of his shirt, but remained silent with a flushed face.

Yang Chen didn’t force the issue, and minded his own business walking to the noodle stall and picking up a few bottles of beer, saying to Feng Biao who hid in a corner, “Boss Feng, I’m taking a few bottles of beer, is that okay?”

“Of course, of course!” Feng Biao rained curses in his heart, what he saw was simply a devil on earth, he had already fallen so low yet he still brought more disaster to him. If those hoodlums truly came in for a fight, wouldn’t they end up tearing apart his little stall!?

Yang Chen threw Chen Bo a look, “Come with me.”

Together, they strolled to the riverbank. Along the way they both remained silent, feeling the cool breeze, seeming tranquil yet awkward.

They walked to the slope, and Yang Chen sat on the grass, while Chen Bo hesitated for a moment before sitting beside him as well.

“Do you drink?” Yang Chen picked up a bottle of beer, pinched and slightly twisted the cap with his fingers making the lid fall off.

Chen Bo swallowed his saliva, nodded, and received the bottle of beer. He took a few big gulps of it, and immediately choked and coughed a few times. He had tears flowing out, but immediately continued to drink the beer in gulps, as if he had a feud with the beer.

Without interrupting him, Yang Chen picked up another bottle and drank a few mouthfuls.

Chen Bo’s capacity for alcohol was obviously crap, because after a few mouthfuls his face was totally flushed and his eyes were a little dazed.

The night breeze blew across the river plain, allowing one’s mind be clearer. Chen Bo who had drank just about enough had calmed his breathing. He suddenly put down his empty beer bottle and turned to look straight at Yang Chen. On his face that was overly delicate and pretty, a never before seen seriousness was revealed.

“Yang Chen, do you despise me?” Chen Bo asked.

“If I look down upon you, I won’t shoulder this burden to save you.” Yang Chen shot a glance at him.

Chen Bo’s lips faintly shuddered, and said, “I’m not that kind of person, I was forced, I don’t like men……”

“Well, to be honest, you know that I came back from overseas, homosexuality isn’t a big deal in my eyes, so you do not need to explain such things to me, for whether or not you say this will not make any difference to me. I just want to know how all of this began.” Yang Chen replied.

Chen Bo nodded, as if he had been prepared mentally, and slowly explained, “Since you’ve helped me so much, I should tell you everything, even if it makes you despise me after hearing it……”

“When I was a child, my family was very poor, but I always excelled in my studies. Although I always got bullied due to my weak physique, I still managed to receive a recommendation and enter Peking University. Because I look like a girl, I was a joke for others to gossip about in the school. In my 3rd year, a senior from the basketball team invited me for a meal. His family was very rich, and I didn’t dare decline. When I went to have that meal with him, he drugged me…… and did…… and did those things to me……”

[TL: I previously tled his school as North University and that was wrong, I just didn’t notice that it was an abbreviation for Peking University orz]

When Chen Bo spoke up to this point, his eyes displayed pain, hatred and unwillingness, “Only then did I find out that he liked men. But he didn’t allow me to speak of this to others, and I didn’t dare report this to the police, because I was alone in the capital without any relatives, there was basically no one that would help me. Furthermore, at that time I was worried that others would look down on me, worried that they would alienate me and thus, I endured. After that day, that senior repeatedly called me out to do that thing…… but he gave me some money, which allowed me to have an easier time in the capital. Sometimes I also sent the some of the money I received to my family as well. During that period, I thought, it didn’t matter if I was wronged like this. Receiving so much money was better than receiving nothing in return for getting screwed over.”

“...... But afterwards, that senior began to call other men over as well, that was when I found out that they had an organization just for such a thing. Those people were very rich, and I had no way to defy them, which was why after I graduated from college, I stayed away from conversing with others, because I was afraid that I would reveal some clues of this in conversations and cause others to look down upon me……”

Yang Chen sighed endlessly in his heart, so Chen Bo had such a terrible experience in his past, although this wasn’t too miserable in his opinion, but when it happened to an ordinary college student in the country, it must have been excruciatingly difficult to accept. This wasn’t just selling his dignity as a man, it was also him selling his soul.

Chen Bo continued to speak, “Afterwards, I graduated and many companies invited me, but I still decided to come to Zhong Hai, that way I could break free from those men in the capital who tormented me. Fortunately, I succeeded. They probably were sick of playing with me, so I managed to work peacefully in Yu Lei International up till now, and nobody from the past came looking for me…… but…… but something happened recently, and I needed a lot of money……”

“What happened?” Bewildered, Yang Chen asked.

“When my dad was younger, he took up labor intensive work that caused long-term detriments, we recently discovered that he was having a kidney failure and needed a new kidney, but even though we are more well off than before, it still wasn’t enough…… as a result, I……”

“So you thought of making money through other ways?” Yang Chen pondered for a moment, then asked, “Several days ago I saw someone who looked like you at Heavenly Province, was that you?”

Chen Bo gave a start, “You were at Heavenly Province? You…… the one you saw was indeed me, I’m working part-time there.”

“So that’s why you have been so sleepy in the mornings, you haven’t been sleeping at night.” Yang Chen now understood.

“In Heavenly Province…… there…… there are those services……” It seemed like Chen Bo had accepted this fact, and said in a more relaxed manner, “There are many male customers that like men, I occasionally received a significant amount of tips there…… although it was difficult to bear, at least that money could help support the family. Besides, I’ve already done those things before, this was just shattering glass that had already been broken, at the very least, it could support the monetary needs for my father to receive treatment.”

“Then what’s the matter today?” Yang Chen asked.

Chen Bo bit his lip, and spoke with suffering, “It’s a pervert; that man is simply a lunatic. I’ve seen him toying with other men in Heavenly Province…… The way he plays could torment them to death, I managed to see it happen by coincidence, and was afraid that it would someday be my turn, so I kept avoiding him. But today that man wanted me, the gangster boss that wanted to catch me earlier also accompanies him in playing, and wanted to capture me and gift me to him. I do not intend to work at Heavenly Province anymore, I will resign tomorrow and find somewhere else to work at.”

“Do you know what’s his name?” Yang Chen had a rough understanding of what happened, it could be assumed that the pervert Chen Bo spoke of was a terrifyingly perverted homosexual.

Chen Bo shook his head, “All I know is his surname, Sir Zhou. They called him Gongzi and I don’t know anything else, but he seemed to have a lot of power as that gangster boss named Guo kept boot-licking him.

Yang Chen seemed to have thought of something and nodded, gently smiled and patted Chen Bo on the shoulder, “You need not worry, if you need money for your father’s illness, you can borrow from me and slowly return it. Although I don’t contribute much as a person, I can at the very least help my friends. Besides, money can be earned after it’s spent, but if a person is gone, then everything is lost.”

“Thank you……” Chen Bo couldn’t hold back the tears, he wiped them off, and said with a smile, “I know you are a good person, but I don’t want to borrow money from you. My sister and I have already gathered enough money, and borrowed quite a lot of it from our relatives and friends. The reason my sister is coming to Zhong Hai on Wednesday is to work hard here with me and return back what we owe.”

“Your sister is coming to Zhong Hai to work? Doesn’t she need to study?” Yang Chen originally thought that Chen Bo’s sister was just here to visit Chen Bo.

Chen Bo bitterly shook his head, “My sister is very sensible and stopped schooling half way, but her university kept her in their records, so she could return to school for her studies anytime within the next two years.”

“Every family has its share of problems, since you said you don’t need to borrow money, I won’t force you, but if you have any needs or things you need help with, you can let me know, I’m very free, and you know that too.” Yang Chen winked.

When Chen Bo released the load on his mind, and saw that Yang Chen did not despise him, he was in a much better mood. He couldn’t help but blush as he said, “Yang Chen, if I was a woman, I would definitely marry you, you’re a true man.”

Seeing the pretty boy Chen Bo’s peach red face bashfully speak these words, Yang Chen quivered, hastily waved his hands and spoke with a forced smile, “About that…… Talk about that in the next life…… Haha……”

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