Chapter 8: Chrysanthemum Tea

Chapter 8: Chrysanthemum Tea

Yang Chen walked out of the police station in bewilderment, he had no idea why this lawyer who was a total stranger bailed him out, moreover from the police’s attitude, he could tell that this lawyer had a deep background.

At the police station’s entrance, Lawyer Zhang with a head full of grizzled hair wore a gold framed spectacles, shook Cai Yan’s hands looking dignified, “Many thanks to Bureau Chief Cai for cooperating, it’s rare to see someone as young as Bureau Chief Cai taking up such a position in the West Region’s Police Department, sure enough, a great person has great magnanimity.”

Of that moment, Cai Yan’s face was reserved and serene, with a frosty formal smile pasted on her beautiful face, “Lawyer Zhang is a senior in Zhong Hai’s lawyers scene, us of the younger generation have to treat you with due respect as a matter of course.” Although she said these words to Lawyer Zhang, Cai Yan’s gaze involuntarily turned towards Yang Chen who was lazily stretching.

Cai Yan would never have thought, this Lawyer Zhang’s sudden visit was to bail out Yang Chen. Although Lawyer Zhang wouldn’t reveal who his employer in the background was, someone who was able to request this old veteran lawyer definitely was someone with fame and intelligence in Zhong Hai City, someone like that actually stepped up for the market’s mutton skewers seller Yang Chen. It seemed like her guess was on point——Yang Chen’s background was not ordinary.

After getting out of the police station’s courtyard, Yang Chen modestly smiled towards Lawyer Zhang and said, “This……Thank you Lawyer Zhang for helping, otherwise I would have had to spend 2 days in that interrogation room. You have no idea, I have promised a friend to be their guest tonight, what a headache……”

Watching Yang Chen’s awkward smile, Lawyer Zhang was instead curious in his heart. Previously he still had no idea why that person wanted him to bail out this young man, but meeting him now, he noticed that this man truly had some out of the ordinary points. Simply his indifference and composure while walking out of the police station, the leisurely calmness after leaving it, along with the mood and temper to make a joke, this young man definitely possessed an extraordinary bearing.

Withdrawing the contempt he held in his heart, Lawyer Zhang laughed and said, “Mr Yang need not thank me, I was just entrusted by someone to do something and did what an honest man would, if you wish to thank somebody, that person is right in front.

His gaze followed where Lawyer Zhang had pointed, Yang Chen suddenly noticed a red limousine stopped by on the roadside carpark.

Yang Chen gave it a glance, and immediately became interested. That car was in fact a car rarely seen in the country, a Bentley Arnage, this type of British car represents a graceful and royal temperament, its lowest selling price in Huaxia country hit above 4,000,000. To be able to casually drive a car like that, the worth of that person must surely be at least several hundred million.

After saying his goodbyes to Lawyer Zhang, Yang Chen slowly walked to the side of the Bentley, then looked into towards the driver’s seat, and it was difficult for his gaze to shift away, lightly smiling he said, “It’s you?”

Oh the pure black leather seat, sat a beautiful city girl with a clear face, she wore a pure white cotton dress, and had a head full of beautiful black hair with not a strand out-of-place, on the pretty and delicate face was a large framed sunglasses, covering half of that beautiful face. There was a stark contrast between the sunglasses and her skin color, revealing her proudness and coldness, and at the same time her beauty that could make one’s heart tremble.

The car window winded down, and the beauty didn’t even take another look at Yang Chen, unenthusiastically she said, “Get on.”

Yang Chen was also not overly polite, he laughed a little then entered and freely shifted his butt around, adjusted the height of the seat and shifted it back, with an intimate expression like he met an old friend, “This morning you simply left like that, I was curious as to whether I will meet you again, never would I have expected that you would come to the police station to help me pay bail so quickly, does this count as fate?”

This beautiful lady was the stranger that just did the deed with Yang Chen. Yang Chen saw her frosty face, in his mind thinking back to the passionate night the two shared. It was like she was a totally different person, and he couldn’t help feeling the mood to joke.

“Nobody will think you are mute if you keep quiet.”

Without speaking nonsense with Yang Chen, the woman stepped on the accelerator, and the car quickly left the police station.

After about 10 minutes later, they stopped at a coffee shop near west region’s public square.

Walking past the gigantic fountain, Yang Chen followed the silent lady into the coffee shop, apparently, a small private room had already been booked, following the waiter, the two were guided to a corner of the secluded 2nd-storey. Several large plants were set on the surroundings, giving the place a beautifully tranquil and secluded feel.

“Miss Lin, Mister, what would the two of you like to drink?” The courteous male waiter smiled and asked.

It seemed that she was a regular customer, taking off her sunglasses, revealing that countenance that could lead a majority of men’s blood to flow, the lady surnamed Lin indifferently said, “Blue mountain, add milk, no sugar.”

Yang Chen flipped and turned the menu, creased his brows in thought, then smiled and said, “This…… Let me have a cup of Chrysanthemum Tea, not too hot, I don’t need the best, give me the cheapest.”

The male waiter’s smiling face turned rigid, awkwardly he replied, “Mister, we are a coffee shop, we have no tea, moreover chrysanthemum tea……”

“Then I want a cup of water, does water have to be paid for?” Yang Chen asked in vexation.

“Umm……We do have water, however, Mister, do you really only want water?” The male waiter looked at Yang Chen with a weird expression, as if he simply couldn’t understand, a person who was friend of and entered together with this goddess, was a guest that orders water.

The lady who kept looking out of the window cold and detached shot a glance at Yang Chen, and said to the male waiter, “Give him a cup of Naples, American style.”

“Alright Miss Lin.” Like he received amnesty, the male waiter retreated in a flurry.

Yet Yang Chen had a mournful face, “I say……Miss, your surname is Lin right? Miss Lin, I don’t have the money for that Naples or something you ordered, a few hundred dollars for that cup, I would have to sell a few thousand sticks of mutton skewers!”

“I’ll treat you.” With her eyebrows knit together, the lady impatiently said.

“This is not a matter of whether you treat me or not, it’s about my income not permitting me to drink this grade of coffee. Also, as a literate man with four healthy limbs, how could I covet a coffee treat by a girl like you? You must know, although I’m poor, I’m still an upright person, and not a hoodlum that swindles. If I want to drink coffee, I have to be the one to pay for it, but fact is, I don’t really like to drink coffee……”

“It’s my treat, not you coveting.” Said the lady as she slightly crumbled, she already took a step back to treat a cup of coffee yet she still had to face such nonsense.

But Yang Chen had a face of solemnity, as he seriously spoke, “Miss Lin, as those from the ancient times say, a gentleman does not eat free food, what you are doing is charity to me, if you look down on my income and look down on my status in society that’s fine, that’s right, I’m a mutton skewers seller. But you cannot insult my integrity, and trample on my self-esteem……”


Great beauty Lin suddenly slammed on the table and stood up, her plump chest repeatedly undulated, “Do you have an end? I don’t have the free time to speak drivel to your nonsense!”

The moment those words were spoken, Yang Chen who was constantly jabbering on and on stopped, like he was a totally different person, his face revealed some pride as he smiled, “Miss Lin, this should be the way, you’re so young, be more rich in emotions, don’t maintain a boarded up face. I find your angry expression much prettier than your cold expression.”

“You……” Totally without the manners of a wise and virtuous woman, great beauty Lin sat back down on her seat, a pair of bubbly glittering eyes stared at Yang Chen, “I don’t have the free time to speak such nonsense with you, right now, I have something to discuss with you.”

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