Chapter 78-2: First time in life

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Chapter 78-2: First time in life

After having a sumptuous meal in the villa that evening, Wang Ma once again brought a bag of fashion magazines. She smiled to Yang Chen and said, “Young Master, these are magazines that Miss has subscribed to. They arrived today so please bring these to Miss in my stead later.”

Yang Chen was in the midst of watching news on the television. When he heard this, he happily received the bag. “This is how it should be, Wang Ma only needs to provide us with delicious meals; miscellaneous tasks like this should be dealt with by us men.”

“No no.” Wang Ma immediately replied: “Young Master cannot say this. My main goal is for Young Master to see Miss more often. This way Miss will think about how good Young Master is, and in the future the two of you can be more intimate.”

Yang Chen forced a smile and said, “Wang Ma, for you to tenaciously push Ruoxi into my embrace like this, do you trust me that much?

Wang Ma unflinchingly replied, “Young Master, I’ve watched Miss grow up. In this lifetime I’ve never been able to bear and raise my own children. I feel embarrassed to say this, but Miss is like half a daughter to me. After Old Mistress and Mistress passed away, I’ve always hoped for Miss to have a proper home. Miss has always been this pretty since childhood, and the men who are smitten with her are all over Zhong Hai, but those people are too hypocritical.”

As she said that, Wang Ma looked at Yang Chen with a pleased smile, “Young Master isn’t like them. I may be old, but my judgement remains as clear as ever. Young Master, although you have never said it out loud, I know that you truly care for Miss. On the day Miss fainted, I could see it from your eyes that you care about Miss a lot. But like Miss, you’re just not used to expressing yourself. Sometimes, you youngsters worry about your own dignity a little too much, but the importance of dignity can’t compare with affection.”

Yang Chen remained silent for some time before he spoke with a dull smile, “Wang Ma, you can become an expert in psychology. Your words made me doubt whether I am really who I am.”

“Don’t overthink things, Young Master. Just think of it as this old woman speaking drivel. It’s better for you to hurry on and send the magazines to Miss, if we dally any longer, Miss might go to sleep.”

Yang Chen picked up the bag of magazines and glanced through them -- they were mostly fashion and internationally renowned brands’ introduction of their seasonal luxury goods. It can be inferred that as a fashion company’s CEO, Lin Ruoxi herself must personally understand these products.

Very soon, he left Dragon Garden and headed towards the hospital. As he drove along a street bustling with various businesses, Yang Chen glanced at a shop with its lights turned on from the corner of his eyes, and couldn’t help but reveal a knowing smile.

When he arrived at this hospital, it was nearly 10 in the evening. A majority of the wards already had their lights switched off, but Lin Ruoxi’s ward remained brightly lit.

Yang Chen dexterously opened the door. While looking inside, he realised that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t alone in the ward.

The visitor was Lin Ruoxi’s secretary, who was also known as the one with a airport runway (flat-chested) figure, Wu Yue. It was unknown whether this person was originally ice-cold, or if she had learned from Lin Ruoxi on how to be exceedingly cold to the point of being boring.

Lin Ruoxi was lying on the bed. On the table in front of her, there was a pile of documents. She held a silver fountain pen in her hand and was in the midst of writing something down, while Wu Yue stood beside her, wearing an earnest expression. From time to time she tidied the papers and handed over more documents.

After seeing Yang Chen enter, Wu Yue wrinkled her brows, “What did you come here for?”

Yang Chen lifted up the bag of magazines in his hand, “I’m here to deliver these magazines.”

“Why are you the one to deliver them? Who do you think you are to the CEO?” Wu Yue discontentedly reprimanded.

Yang Chen thought for a moment. In any case, she’s considered Lin Ruoxi’s trusted aide. It wouldn’t be a big deal to reveal it to her. But before Yang Chen managed to say anything, Lin Ruoxi indifferently interrupted with a sentence.

“He’s my distant relative.” With that said, Lin Ruoxi faintly hinted him with her eyes, signaling Yang Chen not to say anything superfluous.

A legal husband turned into an insignificant ‘distant relative’. Yang Chen rubbed his nose, and his lips revealed a slightly pained smile. He initially thought that the two’s relationship had become rather intimate these days, but it seemed that currently, in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, he was still merely a contracted acting companion. She did not truly accept him as someone close to her, and never had the thought of recognizing him as her husband.

He was slightly disappointed, but luckily he had a strong mentality and was prepared for such an outcome. He wasn’t so naive as to believe that the ice lady would be this easy to conquer. Yang Chen casually smiled, and didn’t say anything more. He placed the paper bag on Lin Ruoxi’s bedside cabinet and said, “Wang Ma asked me to deliver these; she said that these are your subscribed magazines for this month.”

Wu Yue showed an expression of sudden understanding. She made the assumption that this man who is famous in the company for being an odd jobs person had depended on the title of ‘distant relative’ to enter the company. She looked at Yang Chen with even more disdain than before, and spoke with a little hostility, “If there’s nothing else then drop the things and leave. Don’t disturb the CEO as she works.”

Yang Chen initially wanted to persuade Lin Ruoxi not to wear herself out at night, but after seeing her focus all her attention on the documents without any intention of talking to him, he didn’t court a rebuff.

“Then I shall leave now.” Although he was rather dissatisfied with Wu Yue, when all was said and done, she was still Lin Ruoxi’s secretary. It wasn’t a good idea to flare-up, so Yang Chen held in his anger and ignored her.

Only when Yang Chen turned to leave did Lin Ruoxi slightly raise her head. Her clear eyes gazed at Yang Chen’s back. His usually unruly and carefree back looked a little depressed and lonely under the lights. Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help feeling regretful inside, she had not even said a word of thanks to him, but her shy temperament had left her simply unaware of how to speak up.

As the door closed, Lin Ruoxi released an unperceivable sigh and continued to deal with the documents.

Approximately an hour later, it was very late at night. Wu Yue took a look at her watch, and hesitantly said, “Boss, let’s stop here for today, I’ll bring the documents back, tidy them up and pass them to Department Head Mo tomorrow. The important ones have already been dealt with, you should rest now.”

Lin Ruoxi rubbed her temples. These days she’d been taking Chinese medicine, recuperating, and also had to receive those people who came to visit. It was late at night, and fact was she was honestly rather tired, so she nodded and said, “Tell Department Head Mo that I’ll personally handle the autumn fashion conference documents and the project for breaking into the Japanese market, while she deals with everything else.”

“Understood, Boss.”

Wu Yue worked extremely fast, in less than 5 minutes, all of the documents were tidied up. She respectfully bid Lin Ruoxi goodbye and left.

Lin Ruoxi relaxed her whole body, inhaled deeply, and leaned against the soft pillow. Her eyes glanced at the big bag of magazines Yang Chen had brought. With some thought, she brought the bag over, intending to take a look at the magazines before sleeping.

The moment she opened the bag, she suddenly smelled a familiar scent of glutinous rice pouring out of the bag. Lin Ruoxi was stunned and took a careful look inside. She discovered that other than the magazines which numbered more than a dozen, there were actually glutinous rice balls packed in a transparent plastic container!

Slowly taking the container out, Lin Ruoxi looked at the 10 round balls of doughy things inside. There were white ones, black ones, green ones, and various other colors. It was also still warm with a little steam at the top.

Lin Ruoxi naturally knew that these weren’t given to her by Wang Ma, because when she was young, she had hurt her stomach from eating too many glutinous rice balls. From then on, Wang Ma never allowed her to eat glutinous rice balls again. Therefore, these could only be bought for her by that person……

Is it because the last time Cai Yan visited, she mentioned that I love eating glutinous rice balls?

Just from that casual conversation, he remembered my favorite food?

Recalling the words she had said to Yang Chen earlier, and how coldly she had treated him as if he was a total stranger, along with the view of Yang Chen’s back when he left……

Lin Ruoxi was completely unaware that her eyes had begun to turn moist.

For the first time in her life, while looking at her favorite glutinous rice balls, Lin Ruoxi didn’t have any appetite.

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