Chapter 78-1: First time in life

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Chapter 78-1: First time in life

When the car reached an exit in the highway, it swerved into a small lane that went in a different direction, towards the east of Zhong Hai, a new industrial area.

After he arrived at a section of the industrial area that was abandoned in the middle of construction, Yang Chen slowed down the car, and parked it on the soil ground by the side of the road. He took out a cigarette and quietly lit it up while leaning against the car, looking towards the oncoming car.

Not too far away, a black Honda Accord silently stopped, and a short while later, 4 men in boorish clothing got off. The 4 men were of different physiques, looks and temperament, but all of them looked maliciously at Yang Chen; there was even some ruthlessness in their eyes.

“How did you discover us?” A tan-skinned man wearing a floral shirt asked.

“A man’s sixth sense.” Yang Chen grinned.

The floral shirt man wrinkled his eyebrows, and bewilderedly questioned, “Since you noticed that you were being followed, why did you bring us here? Did you think that we would stop following you if you changed routes?”

Yang Chen breathed in a few breaths of smoke. He had some money, but the tobacco he smoked was still cheap and spicy. After blowing a few smoke rings in relish, Yang Chen grinned and said, “I didn’t ask for you guys to follow me, all I did was choose a venue that was suitable for you guys to disembark.”

“What do you mean?” The floral shirt man had difficulty understanding the current situation. All they did was follow instructions to investigate this man’s social status and background, and then figure out the next course of action. However, this scenario presented to him left him with no choice but to reconsider what their next step should be.

Yang Chen’s eyes formed two lines as he squinted, and with a weird smile he said, “Fellow brothers, haven’t you realised that in this area… there aren’t any security cameras…….?”

As this was an area that was still opening up for development, the industrial area they were in had its work progress halted, causing its infrastructure to seem exceedingly chaotic and dilapidated. Even the road wasn’t completely laid out, and there was simply no other cars to be seen.

“Cameras?” The floral shirt man maliciously smiled, “I should be the one warning you, in a place without cameras, we don’t need to hold back when taking action.”

“What if it’s the exact opposite?” Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders.

“Big bro, this brat wants to fight. It seems like he’s really stupid.” One subordinate laughed while stating.

The floral shirt man’s face showed that he was displeased as he said, “Youngster, you can talk big, but don’t force us brothers to take you down. Although we haven’t received the order to get rid of you, we can still act first and report later.”

“You guys are really annoying.” Yang Chen beamed as he said, “If you want to make your move, hurry up. I’m in a rush to go home for dinner.”

“Stinking brat, you’re tired of living!”

A man with a groomed beard walked over without saying another word, and the other three no longer said anything either. They charged forward to encircle Yang Chen.

“Let me tell you this, bullshitting won’t work, the one with the mightier fist is reason!” The bearded man spat out a mouthful of saliva, formed a fist, and threw it at Yang Chen’s face like a pouncing tiger!

Yang Chen easily dodged the fist, and at the same time that he dodged, his lips formed a chilly smile, “When I returned to this country I inwardly resolved myself. If others do not provoke me, do not threaten me, or take the initiative to attack me, then I won’t take the initiative to beat them up. So now I’m very thankful to that punch of yours, for it allows me to have no qualms about slaughtering you guys.”

“Everyone attack together!” The floral shirt man was in an unprecedented fury; he truly couldn’t tolerate a youngster like this who held the four of them in such contempt.

But the four’s coordinated attack seemed futile. Yang Chen casually executed some mixed martial arts moves; utilizing lightning speed and tyrannical strength. He caused the four men to have either broken fingers and arms or have their palms ruthlessly hit to  form large bruises.

In a flash, the chaotic fight between the five turned into a scene of Yang Chen toying with them.

“He’s too tough, we can’t beat him!” The bearded man who made the first move shouted while covering his swollen face.

The floral shirt man also noticed how abnormal the situation was. Although he felt unresigned in his heart, he still recognized the fact that the four of them simply weren’t on the same level of strength as the man in front of their eyes.

“Run to the car!”

Under the floral shirt man’s order, the four of them hurriedly ran to the Honda Accord.

Yang Chen didn’t obstruct them, and with a smile that wasn’t a smile he watched the four lock the car and raise the windows as soon as they got in. They started up the car, and urgently turned the car around in an attempt to escape.

When the Honda Accord was about to get away, Yang Chen stooped down and picked up a pebble that was the size of an egg, weighing it in his hand……

In the car, the floral shirt man and his subordinates breathed a sigh of relief after the car started. Although they couldn’t beat him down, they were at least able to get away. Furthermore, no matter how well this youngster could fight, he couldn’t possibly catch up to a car! When they reported this to the higher ups and returned with a huge entourage of their brothers, wouldn’t they be able to take revenge for this defeat!?

However, there’s always a difference between dreams and reality……

After Yang Chen picked up the stone, he immediately got into a pitching stance and closed one eye to take aim. He stretched his arm and leaned back, then his waist abruptly shot forward!

His right hand flung the stone that he was holding!

The stone was like a miniature artillery shell, tearing through the air with a sonic boom!


With a speed that was impossible to see with the human eye, the stone smashed its way into the petrol tank from the side……


The black Honda Accord that was still moving caught fire in a moment like an ignited dynamite; the raging flames soared towards the sky enveloping the entire car in high temperatures. The flames sent it charging towards a lamp post on the side of the road!

In a blink of an eye, the Honda Accord that was perfectly fine a moment ago turned into a flaming piece of coal.

Yang Chen looked at the ‘death case of four men’ he caused like he was looking at a piece of art. The reason he waited for the four to get in the car before disposing of their lives in this manner was mainly because he was afraid that the police might discover some clues.

In addition, killing these people, right when they had relaxed the most gave Yang Chen utmost satisfaction in his heart; this could also be considered a mental disease that he had developed over the years. It was a pity that Yang Chen never thought of treating this cruel shortcoming of his.

“When you leave the womb in your next life, remember to buy a German car, Japanese cars are too fragile.” Yang Chen made a deep smile, returned to his car, and continued on his way back home.

Along the way, Yang Chen pondered over who would take action against him. First, this person was definitely not very familiar with him, otherwise they wouldn’t have dispatched people to follow him, to investigate where he lived and his interpersonal relationships.

After thinking for a while, Yang Chen was still unable to figure out who it was, and could only sigh. With an expressionless face, he thought out loud, “It’s okay to find trouble with me, but if they implicate the people by my side…… They must die……”

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