Chapter 75-2: Hubby I'm scared

Chapter 75-2: Hubby I'm scared

“Look at what’s ahead.” Yang Chen pointed at a spot not too far away from the windscreen.

In the middle of the road ahead were two Ford pickups, these large pickups have gone through modifications, with high suspension, and extremely loud exhausts. The pickup’s HID headlights shined the path in front of it, being incredibly bright while lighting up the whole road, making it seem like it was daytime.

“It’s Four-eyed Wolf, he came back.” Rose was able make out the figure who stood in front.

It was a skinny man wearing glasses, his hair was gelled up high and he wore a white sleeveless shirt, revealing his shriveled muscles. By his side stood 8 large men that were more robust than him, but he was still their leader.

“Four-eyed Wolf himself isn’t good at fighting, but he has an intelligent mind. It seems like he had sent a scout to keep a close watch over what went on at Karnidi. Once he discovered that I returned alone with you, he planned to bully a weak lady like me……” Rose calmly analyzed.

Baffled, Yang Chen asked, “Does he not know of how skillful you are?”

“His position in West Union Society is not high enough to know about this, so he thought that these people would be enough to hold me down, and turn the tides himself.” Rose laughed as she said.

“He’s really ‘innocent’ but not cute.” Yang Chen evaluated.

Rose suddenly yelped, and jumped into Yang Chen’s bosom from her seat, with a soft and coquettish voice she said, “Hubby I’m scared, you must protect me……”

Hearing the words ‘hubby I’m scared’ that could turn his bones soft, Yang Chen felt blood rushing to his head, and smacked Rose’s fleshy butt, laughing while he scolded, “Don’t stimulate me, if you tempt me like this again, I’ll eat you up in the car before we return home!”

“That’s fine, but hubby look, it seems like they want to wreck our car.” Rose angrily said.

Yang Chen sighed, this woman was turning more and more shrewd. Unfortunately, he himself had a big appetite and couldn’t endure much temptation, perhaps it was because he truly liked her, which made it all the more difficult to resist.

“Fine fine, get up first, I’ll go get rid of them. It’s better to save my car from getting wrecked, for I don’t have any money to repair it.”

Four-eyed Wolf thought that this would be a brilliant counterattack by him, but it did not bring about any success, it instead resulted in him and his 8 subordinates knocked down onto the ground. The two pickups he previously used to escape were taken by the people of Red Thorns Society that rushed over. As for the money he brought along with him, the result was obvious.

However, even after Four-eyed Wolf was packed into a sack and carried away by the people from Red Thorns Society, he couldn’t understand who this mysterious man who suddenly got out of that BMW was. Red Thorns Society definitely didn’t have a person like that, and he had never even heard of somebody who was this good at fighting in the entire Zhong Hai.

Four-eyed Wolf felt incredibly wronged, he wished that this was a competition, one that was a best of 3, because he still had a Type 54 handgun kept inside his pant’s pocket, and didn’t even have a chance to pull it out in that fight…...

It was a pity, that their fate was sealed from the moment those 8 people fell onto the ground. Stuffed into sack bags, tied onto a heavy slab of stone, and dropped into the sea along with the sack bags.

This incident that others would deem fatal did not affect the young couple’s mood. After Rose dealt with the aftermath and gave a call to Little Zhao, she and Yang Chen quickly returned to the large bedroom behind ROSE bar.

A night of intercourse, and Rose daringly welcomed it. Her sexy body allowed the hungry Yang Chen receive immense satisfaction.

In the end, after climaxing 6 times, Rose was out of strength, she weakly crossed her beautiful legs, and lied on the bed. Seeing that Yang Chen wanted to battle after he just released again, she couldn’t help but grab onto Yang Chen’s back and scratch on it, protesting coquettishly, “It’s not fair! How can a man last longer than a woman, this goes against science!”

“What could you possibly know about science theories? Before you met me you were still a virgin.” Yang Chen spoke with disdain, and used one of his hands to toy with the ball of tender flesh on Rose’s chest, forming it into various shapes with his fingers.

“Hmph, but I’ve seen many films online, the only reason they managed to film for such a long time was because those Japanese people in the films all had several men taking turns, how can the real thing still be like this after 2 hours……” Rose’s cheeks were flushed as she lovably panted and spoke.

Yang Chen snickered in his heart, this body of his was unlike one belonging to a mere ordinary man, his ability to last in bed for so long was merely one of the ‘side effects’ when his body changed, perhaps this was the most mentally comforting ability from it.

But such things weren’t suitable to be said to Rose, so Yang Chen said, “Which is why when I find many other women in the future, you’ll all have to understand, after all I do possess this ability.”

“Say that to your legal wife, as your mistress there’s no way I can manage you.” Rose bitterly said.

That girl Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t care about how many women I find. Yang Chen muttered in his heart. Feeling like they’ve rested enough, he once again pounced onto Rose…...


When he woke up in the morning, Rose was naturally still dawdling in bed. So Yang Chen just put on his clothes and left.

As it was Sunday, Yang Chen who didn’t need to go to work didn’t go to the west region’s food market. After he left ROSE bar, he instead drove his car to a wide street that was relatively clean, and ate a large bowl of ramen at a small ramen stall. Yang Chen pondered over whether he should go to the hospital to accompany Lin Ruoxi, but once he thought of the likelihood that many people who he doesn’t recognize would be visiting, he decided to drop that thought.

After he got out of the ramen stall, the number of people on the streets had increased. Yang Chen planned to drive his car back to the villa to watch TV and spend some of his time leisurely, but didn’t expect that someone would suddenly shout his name beside him.

“Yang Chen!”

This was a sharp and clear voice, it was somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t remember whose it was.

Yang Chen turned his head, and saw that the person walking over from the other side of the road was an unfamiliar young lady.

The young lady wore a bright yellow T-shirt, a pair of tight holey jeans, and a pair of dull green running shoes. Her black shoulder length hair was shiny, with a cute blue starfish hair clip. A pure and energetic face was bare without any makeup, while her brows revealed a natural charm. It’s not hard to imagine that in a few years, this young lady would become truly lovely and enchanting.

“Are we acquainted?” Yang Chen truly couldn’t remember being acquainted with a young girl like this, besides, although this little girl was rather young and her figure was still growing, she was still a beautiful woman, so there was no way that he would easily forget.

The young lady lively pouted, and proudly said, “I knew you wouldn’t recognize me, this lady is naturally beautiful, all I did was change my appearance and now you are head over heels for me.”

Seeing this haughty expression, Yang Chen felt that she was rather familiar, after examining her carefully, he noticed that on the back of this young lady’s hand was a small purple butterfly tattoo, and immediately thought of someone. Sizing her up, he clicked his tongue and said, “I couldn’t tell, as a little delinquent girl, you disguise rather well as a student, like you’re Cecilia Cheung in the movie King of Comedy. Why didn’t you tie a pair of twin pigtails?”

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