Chapter 75: Hubby I'm scared

Chapter 75: Hubby I'm scared

That box of glutinous rice balls was already open, and Lin Ruoxi had extracted a white ball out of it, pinching onto it with her thumb and forefinger of both hands, while slowly nibbling it. She looked so lovely, like a little white rabbit nibbling on its carrot during meal time.

Seeing Yang Chen enter, Lin Ruoxi blushed; she was still chewing the glutinous rice ball in her mouth. After a few blinks, she said with a vague and soft voice, “I thought you left……”

“I couldn’t bear to leave, otherwise I would miss the cute way my lord wife eats glutinous rice balls.” Yang Chen playfully smiled as he spoke.

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned redder, yet she still wasn’t willing to put down the half-eaten glutinous rice ball, so she just ignored Yang Chen, and continued to nibble in relish.

Actually, this ice lady had a really cute side to her, previously Yang Chen discovered that she likes watching Korean romance dramas, and now he discovered that she likes eating glutinous rice balls. Furthermore, the way she ate was also very child-like. Perhaps under that ice-cold countenance, Lin Ruoxi had a more childish heart than other girls of the same age.

After he left the ward, Yang Chen thought for a bit, and decided to call Rose. Many days had passed since he last contacted this enchanting beauty, firstly because many abrupt things happened, and secondly he knew that Rose was very busy these days. Now that the situation has turned stable, he began to think of that thoughtful woman.

The phone rang thrice before connecting, while Rose’s voice was as charming as ever, “Hubby, you finally remembered to call me?” In her tone was a little bitterness and tantrum.

“I’ve been busy, and I know that you’ve also been busy. Yang Chen felt a fire burning in his heart after he heard her voice, and then said, “Are you home? I’ll come find you tonight.”

“You always come at night, can’t you come see me during daytime?”

“Erm…… I have work during the day, but next weekend I’ll see you during the day.” Yang Chen pledged.

“Gege……” Rose happily chuckled, “I’m not home, but if you’re willing, hubby you can come to Karnidi night club, south of the city. If you make it in time, there will be a good show to watch.”

Although he didn’t know what the good show was, Yang Chen still agreed, and quickly drove towards Karnidi in the south of the west region of the city.

In fact this nightclub was rather famous even in the west district. But because it has not been renovated for many years, it gradually lost business, while its security also did not keep up, and it gradually became one of the most chaotic night clubs.

But none of these were important, what was important was that this nightclub was positioned on the boundary between the territories belonging to the two big west region gangs, the West Union Society and the Red Thorns Society. It was currently West Union Society’s territory, so there was only one reason Rose would appear there, which is to snatch territory.

When he arrived at the Karnidi nightclub’s entrance, Yang Chen was stunned, because at the nightclub’s entrance ahead, the familiar figure of Rose was leading a large group of men in black out.

There was a middle-aged man wearing a white suit beside Rose, saying something in a flattering manner. Rose’s indifferently nodded from time to time, until she arrived at the car park and saw Yang Chen. She said something to that person, then walked towards Yang Chen alone.

She wore a black tailored dress, and a skinny white bootcut-style pants, it was a rare sight for her to have tied her hair up. Under the night lights the slim and graceful Rose looked like a dainty black rose.

“Where’s the good show?” Asked Yang Chen.

Rose smiled like a flower, it seemed like she was in a good mood. She didn’t reply, and instead walked up to Yang Chen with open arms and embraced him from his neck, her captivating scarlet lips tightly stuck onto his.

Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t reject the beauty’s sweet greeting, and kissed the tender flowery lips, he nimbly stuck out his tongue and twined with the lilac in Rose’s mouth. The unending sweetness in her mouth quietly flowed into his.

Only until the beautiful woman he was kissing in his arms was short of breath did Yang Chen slowly released his arms, and make a quick kiss onto Rose’s forehead.

“The good show that you mentioned can’t be this french kiss, right?” Yang Chen asked with a smile as he caressed Rose’s smooth and clean face.

“Do you dislike it?”

“It’s just a little different from what I imagined, I thought there would be a great spectacle.” Yang Chen honestly replied.

Rose wittily blinked, and said, “Hubby you came late, the great spectacle ended 10 minutes ago.”

“Then why did you still call me here to look?” Yang Chen’s eyes were open wide.

Rose innocently revealed a wronged look in her eyes, “I want you to send me home, you’ve never picked me up before.”

The underworld female boss was like a little girl acting like a spoilt child wanting her boyfriend to drive her home, Yang Chen felt that this scene was rather ironic, but because it’s also Rose’s little wish, he felt somewhat ashamed of his conduct and deeds/ himself.

“Alright, don’t look like this, obediently get in the car and we’ll continue on the road.” Yang Chen smacked Rose’s flexible and well rounded butt, and said with a smile.

Rose immediately hit Yang Chen with a soft punch, and bashfully said, “Don’t be like this, those subordinates of mine are still watching, you’re not allowed to hit my butt in front of them!”

“Che, that’s nothing.” Yang Chen laughed without a care, “Whether I hit my woman’s butt or not has nothing to do with them, whoever can’t accept this I’ll kill.”

“Full of drivel.” Rose felt happy when she heard Yang Chen say ‘my woman’ earlier, but still rolled her eyes at him in an aloof manner, and very quickly got into the car.

Late at night, on the journey back to the bar it was rare to see other cars on the road, on the sides desolate road were lines of trees. Occasionally, there were small night vendor stands in some empty spaces.

Yang Chen wasn’t in a hurry, and chatted with Rose while driving.

Rose narrated what happened in the Karnidi nightclub, “......The man in white who spoke to me earlier was Karnidi’s manager, because the money invested by West Union Society to that place is too little, they can no longer make ends meet, so the day before he took the initiative to contact me, hoping to rely on our Red Thorns Society. I had him hand over the two small gang leaders assigned there. One of them is called Four-eyed Wolf, the other is called Flower Eagle. As long as he ties them up and hand them over to me, I will trust him and also invest into a renovation for Karnidi, while providing people to protect his business.

“Did he agree?”

“Fact is, he has to agree. The one who was originally responsible for providing him funds was none other than the one you killed, Chen Dehai. As of present, Chen Dehai’s position is taken over by Zhang Hu, while under my instructions, Zhang Hu selectively neglected a bunch of people, and invested into people I selected for him. It’s only natural that Karnidi can no longer stay afloat.” Rose’s smile was like a beautiful little fox.

Yang Chen gasped in admiration, then said, “Using this plan, on the surface West Union Society’s territory isn’t shrinking, but in reality once the people of West Union Society finds out, they will realize that they aren’t actually exchanging territories of an equal size, and are instead making losses in multiple folds. By that time it would already be too late.”

“The only pity was that only Flower Eagle was caught, while Four-eyed Wolf managed to escape, along with a large sum of money, but at least not much blood was spilled to stably procure this piece of territory. A small slip-up like this is negligible.” Said Rose as she faced Yang Chen.

“That may not be true.” Yang Chen suddenly let loose a weird smile, “Perhaps there would be a perfect/happy ending.”


Rose was bewildered, while the car suddenly came to a screeching halt by the side of the road.

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