Chapter 73: Can I hug you

Chapter 73: Can I hug you

“What? Can’t speak a word? Have you realized how terrible you are?” Mo Qianni pursued in asking.

“I’m not going to argue with you about this, you can think however you want. Besides, this wasn’t a marriage that I wanted, some things can’t be explained in a few words.” Yang Chen laughed in a carefree manner.

Mo Qianni immediately fumed with rage, “I’m only saying all these things to you because I want to help you get promoted. You’re obviously not stupid, and you’re even more intelligent than most people, this can be seen from the fact that you understand so many foreign languages. But why can’t you properly work hard for your career, and strive to perform like other men in the workplace? Do you want to live off a woman for your entire life!? Even if Ruoxi is just taking you as a shield for other men to see, sooner or later there will be a day where she doesn’t need you anymore, what will you do then?”

“Living off a woman is also pretty good.” Yang Chen contently nodded, “Right now, aren’t I driving my wife’s car, living in my wife’s home? I think my life is pretty good. If some day she truly doesn’t need me by her side, I can just go back to selling mutton skewers.”

“You……” Mo Qianni was filled with anger but had no way to release it. She offered earnest and sincere advice for his own good, yet he didn’t seem to give a damn.

Only after taking a few deep breaths did Mo Qianni ease the tension on her chest, but the more she saw the face of the person in front of her the more pissed she got. Therefore, she called out towards Sis Xiang, “Sis Xiang, bring two bottles of dry wine, the high alcohol content type!”

Sis Xiang was cooking, and consented with a smile after she heard Mo Qianni.

“White liquor? It can’t be Kaoliang wine, right?” Yang Chen still wasn’t familiar with the local drinks.

“Yeah, if I don’t drink I’d be stifled to death by you, you rogue!” Mo Qianni glared at Yang Chen.

Sis Xiang seemed to know that Mo Qianni could eat spicy food, and could drink. So when she served the dishes, it didn’t matter whether it was seafood or vegetables, all were doused in copious amounts of chili oil. As for the two unlabelled bottles of liquor, with one look it was obvious that it’s a cheap yet strong white liquor.

“Can you hold your liquor?” Mo Qianni opened a bottle, and turned to ask Yang Chen.

Yang Chen felt a little dizzy when he tried sniffing at the bottle, while overseas he drank quite a lot of western liquor, and often drank wine. But a scorchingly strong liquor like this with high concentration was something he rarely came into contact with. Seeing Mo Qianni’s ‘this lady is great at drinking’ expression, he couldn’t help but bitterly smile as he answered, “I’ll drink less, I’m not used to this.”

“So unmanly.” Mo Qianni sneered as she poured some into Yang Chen’s shot glass.

Sis Xiang had to take care of her other customers, so after chattering with Mo Qianni for a while, she went elsewhere to do her business. Leaving the two sitting in the corner of the food stall, eating spicy Sichuan cuisine, and drinking liquor with high alcohol content.

As night fell, the streetlights by the river meandered without end.

The inverted reflection of the bright white moon hanging in the sky shone on the river, adorned with countless stars and rippling from the movement of the waters, as if the Milky Way descended upon mortal soil.

The cool wind blew with a whistle that wasn’t ear-piercing.

Yang Chen ate the Ma La dishes, sipped on the scalding liquor, and gradually felt that the surroundings were full of warmth, with his mind exceedingly relaxed, causing him to be somewhat entranced.

Isn’t this the life he yearned for?

There’s liquor, there’s meat, and all kinds of people passing by in his surroundings. He could feel the wind blow, the swaying of the trees, the sound of the river flowing, and the noise from the insects. All of these seemed so beautiful, and was worth looking forward to.

After some time, Yang Chen returned to his senses. When he once again looked at Mo Qianni, he was stunned.

Mo Qianni had already drunk a whole bottle of white liquor, it was at least half a liter, and her tender face was flushed from the alcohol. Her exquisitely fair skin seemed particularly rosy and alluring under the lights.

The woman’s eyes were as clear as spring water, as she quietly stared at the dishes on the table, yet she didn’t move her chopsticks, she just held the shot glass in her hand like she was in a daze.

“This is enough, do you always drink this much?” Yang Chen felt that for a woman, drinking half a liter of highly concentrated white liquor was a lot.

Looking a little frail, Mo Qianni glanced at Yang Chen and was obviously a little drunk. She shook her head, and with a vague voice she said, “In the past there wasn’t anybody that could accompany me here, I can’t drink this much alone.”

“Don’t you have friends?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

Mo Qianni chuckled like a blossoming safflower, “Among our friends from Yu Lei International’s PR Department, which of them do you think will like coming to a dirty food stall to eat?”

Yang Chen was speechless, it was true that with Mo Qianni’s current status, without even considering whether or not those people who befriend her are truly her friends, in that circle, who would come to a noisy place like this to eat without a reason? They would only think that coming to a place like this would lower their social status, and make them lose face.

“That means that it’s my honor to be the first person to accompany you for a meal here.” Yang Chen self-mockingly declared.

“And also the first man I asked out.” Mo Qianni smart and wittily said, “When other men invite me for a meal I don’t even entertain them y’know?”

“Fortunately, it’s a food stall, if it was somewhere else and we were caught, I’d become the public enemy of men.” Yang Chen said.

“Isn’t that great? I think the food here is better than those in five-star hotels.” Mo Qianni grinned, she seemed rather joyful.

Yang Chen nodded, although a little spicy, the dishes here had more life, this was something that he was also fond of.

As the two chatted, Mo Qianni’s phone that rested on the table vibrated. Mo Qianni gracefully picked up the phone to see who called, and paused for a brief moment. She then picked up the call.

“Mom…… Yep…… I got it, I will…… Okay…… You take good care of your health……”

After hanging up with a tranquil expression, Mo Qianni put her phone to a side, grabbed the shot glass, and finished what remained in it.

Yang Chen witnessed everything, and asked in befuddlement, “Your mom called?”

Mo Qianni looked at him and nodded, “Didn’t you hear it?”

“Is there some pressing matter?”


“Do you need help?”


“You seem to be in a bad mood.”

“You’re really annoying!” Mo Qianni impatiently frowned as she spoke.

Yang Chen awkwardly smiled, “I’m full, you?”

“Then let’s go.” Mo Qianni didn’t drag on, she picked up her personal belongings and left her seat.

Although Sis Xiang repeatedly declined, Mo Qianni still paid, and even stuffed a few hundred dollars more for Sis Xiang. Saying that it was for Sis Xiang’s children. Sis Xiang seemed to understand Mo Qianni’s crabby temperament, and since she couldn’t keep declining forever, she could only accept it.

When the two walked back towards the car park, Mo Qianni was a little preoccupied, and quietly walked forward.

When they reached the car, the surrounding cobblestone appeared spacious and still under the dusky street lights.

Suddenly, Mo Qianni turned around, her limpid eyes stared fixedly at Yang Chen. Under the night lights, her pretty face looked a lot more exhausted.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Chen felt that something was going on with Mo Qianni, but he could never guess what a woman was thinking, so he had no choice but to remain silent with her.

“Can I hug you……”


Mo Qianni replied Yang Chen with open arms and a hug.

Yang Chen didn’t reject or dodge it, when Mo Qianni’s cool and smooth arms wrapped around his neck, a sweet body scent entered his nose along with the smell of alcohol. While below his chest, Yang Chen could clearly feel Mo Qianni’s pair of large round lumps, flexible yet soft.

Hesitating for a while, Yang Chen sighed, sympathetically opened his arms, and held Mo Qianni’s jade back, gently stroking it.

In this night the two were like a pair of lovers, embracing in a deserted place, enjoying their time together that was hard to come by.

“Actually, you can tell me if there’s something wrong, perhaps I can help you, like I did during the day.” Yang Chen muttered.

Mo Qianni burrowed her face into Yang Chen’s chest, rubbed on it a little, and equivocally replied, “Don’t say anything, don’t ask anything, just let me hug for a while, a while is enough……”

In a daze, this embrace seemed to last very long, but when the two separated, they felt that only a moment passed.

Mo Qianni stroked her hair, a little red in the face as she bashfully looked at Yang Chen, “Thank you, let’s go back.”

“For a beauty to throw herself into my arms, I consider that a blessing.”

“I know that you didn’t have such thoughts.” It was unknown whether it was intentional as Mo Qianni looked at Yang Chen’s bottom, “Unless you don’t have that capability.”

Yang Chen’s face froze. These days, trying to be a clean and honest man is hard, this woman is too naughty, she’s even taking note of any physiological changes on me!

After returning to Yu Lei International in Mo Qianni’s car, Yang Chen said goodbye to her, then hastily drove back to the hospital. Although Lin Ruoxi said that she had completely given up on her father, Lin Kun, she still had to be informed of Lin Kun going insane.

It was already past 10 in the evening when he arrived at the hospital. Other than the nurses on duty, there was practically no one else to be seen. When he walked up to the door of Lin Ruoxi’s ward, he noticed that the lights were still on, and thought that Lin Ruoxi was still awake. When he opened the door, he realized he guessed wrongly.

The table lamp on the bedside table was on, but Lin Ruoxi who laid on the bed was fast asleep, sleeping sideways on the pillow, in her hands was a book regarding the market’s economy. On her upper body she wore a pair of loose blue pajamas with white lines, and her messy hair covered half her face, revealing a delicate side to her that cannot be seen during ordinary times.

It was difficult to imagine that a young lady like this was the CEO of a well-known company, on her thin and weak shoulders she beared the burden of thousands of employees worldwide.

When he thought of this, Yang Chen admired his own wife.

Feeling that the air-conditioning in the room was a little cold, Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi fell asleep while reading a book, the upper half of her body was out of the blanket, and he couldn’t help but worry that she might catch a cold.

Thinking for a moment, he stealthily walked to the side of the bed, calmly supported Lin Ruoxi’s head, removed the back cushion, then let Lin Ruoxi’s head rest against the pillow below.

Subsequently, he slowly pulled the blanket up till it covered Lin Ruoxi’s shoulders, then carefully tucked it into the sides of the bed, ensuring no cold air entered.

Right at this moment, the sleeping Lin Ruoxi drowsily opened her eyes, and looked at Yang Chen with a little confusion.

Despite her just quietly staring at him, Yang Chen could feel the depth and clarity within that pair of eyes, and couldn’t help but blankly stare back.

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