Chapter 72: Such an honorable husband

Chapter 72: Such an honorable husband

“That person is…… Chen Feng?” Yang Chen finally recognized that pitiful fellow, he didn’t expect that it would be him.

Compared to the last time he met Chen Feng, he looked hell of a lot different. His originally slim face was now even more slender, his hair was so messy as if he rolled around in the grass, his cheeks were sunken in, and there were quite a number of scratches and bruises on his body.

What made him even harder to recognize was his muddleheaded and crazed smile. Rather than calling him human, he could be called an animal in the shape of a human, that has zero intelligence.

The original Chen family’s young master has now turned into something that doesn’t look like a human or a ghost, perhaps this was heaven’s will.

However, Yang Chen did not pity him in the slightest, karma naturally has its way of doling out retribution. The Chen Feng of now is the result of him being an evildoer in the past.

Zhang Ying looked at Chen Feng with a malevolent gaze. It was Chen Feng who ruined her life, and so there was no reason for her not to hate him.

“That’s right, he is no longer called Chen Feng, now he is just a dog I’m raising!” As Zhang Ying spoke, she suddenly pulled on the rope in her hand!

Chen Feng who was just desperately banging Lin Kun was suddenly dragged down to the ground with a hoarse yelp. Then like a dog he quickly crawled to the front of Zhang Ying’s feet and began licking her toes.

At that moment, Yang Chen noticed that on Chen Feng’s neck was a leather collar used for pets, with the leash in Zhang Ying’s hand!

Chen Feng’s movements had already lost all rationality, it seemed like he had received too many mental shocks and became deranged.

“Everytime I see that bastard I feel like putting a bullet through his head, but my sister just won’t allow it.” Zhang Hu fiercely said.

“Killing him will be letting him off too easy. I want to torture him, he toyed with me in the past, so I’ve let other men toy with him. Every night there are brothers and sisters who had been bullied by him coming to toy with him. It won’t be too late to kill him after we play with him till we are sick of him.” Zhang Ying naturally said, “Mr Yang, do you still need my pet to serve that old man?”

Yang Chen glanced at Lin Kun who had fainted from the pain, and expressionlessly said, “You guys can handle it, but that line remains, as long as he doesn’t die, nothing else matters.”

With his purpose here fulfilled, Yang Chen turned to leave, he did not have the mood to continue watching. Whether it was Lin Kun or Chen Feng, what they ended up as was no longer of any importance.

But in this world, plans will never keep up with reality.

While Yang Chen was on the way to the hospital, Zhang Hu again called, he informed Yang Chen of a piece of news that stunned Yang Chen; Lin Kun became insane!

The multitudinous failed revenge attempts, being thrown into garbage bins, then being tied up by the very mercenaries he hired; he had high aspirations but all his efforts were for naught. In addition, he lost all of his shares in Yu Lei International. Lin Kun who had practically nothing was already downhearted, yet today he was stripped away of his final bit of dignity as a man by that bastardly Chen Feng……

Originally a rich family’s son who had played to his heart’s content for half a lifetime, in the end he received such a miserable ending.

Perhaps turning insane was a type of liberation for Lin Kun.

Yang Chen just asked Zhang Hu to bring Lin Kun to Zhong Hai’s mental hospital. As for everything else, Zhang Hu should understand what to do.

Just as Yang Chen was sighing over the matter of Lin Kun, he suddenly received a call from Mo Qianni. This beautiful superior had never shown him a smile, even though he saved her this time, she still maintained that expression as if he owed her money; Yang Chen felt exceedingly helpless about this.

“Hello, what commands do you have, Miss Mo?” Yang Chen dispiritedly greeted.

On the line, Mo Qianni was a little annoyed, “What? From your tone, it seems like talking to me is a torture to you?”

“It’s not torture, I feel overwhelmed by favor.” Yang Chen frowned, this woman really likes to pick a fight.

Mo Qianni snorted over the phone, “Let me tell you, this lady is inviting you out for dinner tonight, don’t reject her kind offer.”

Yang Chen was extremely skeptical, and vigilantly asked, “Miss Mo, can it be that you’re going to send me to some eating place to chase a debt again?”

“Go die Yang Chen! This lady is showing great kindness by thanking you for saving me, which is why I invited you out for a meal. You think I’m the type that likes to pick a quarrel, the type that is insensitive and heartless, that kind of woman!?”

That goes without saying…… Yang Chen silently criticized, but on his mouth he still agreed . After all there was no reason for him to reject her offer, he was truly a little hungry too.

“If that’s the case, come to our company’s car park, we’ll take my car there.” After she said this, Mo Qianni hung up without allowing any rejection.

Yang Chen’s stomach was rumbling, and so he drove faster, and arrived at Yu Lei International’s basement car park. Most people had already got off work, and so the car park was relatively void of cars.

Mo Qianni’s red Audi A4 was conspicuously parked in a corner, while its owner was staring at her watch waiting for him.

Mo Qianni had already changed into casual clothes, a black cotton dress, perfectly covering her slim waist and outstanding butt, beneath that pair of beautiful long jade-like legs were a pair of crystal high heels. A head of smooth long black hair was untied, complementing her attire. As before, the beautiful face was full of intelligence, and had a little makeup on it, meeting the requirements as a traditional elegant and polished eastern beauty.

If he didn’t know how “vicious and merciless” this woman was, Yang Chen would be like the other men, captivated by Mo Qianni’s elegance and charisma.

“Get in.” Mo Qianni did not beat around the bush, seeing Yang Chen walk over, she immediately opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

After Yang Chen got into the car, Mo Qianni turned on the audio system, using the AUX mode to connect to a silver iPod, and an old Sarah Chen song, ‘Dream to awakening’ melodiously sounded in the car.

Mo Qianni didn’t take the initiative to talk to Yang Chen again, and minded her own business while driving.

After the car got on the highway, Yang Chen was rather surprised to find out that Mo Qianni’s iPod was filled with classical old songs, including the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and other old school western works.

“Looks like you enjoy nostalgia.” Yang Chen was rather moved, this young city woman also had a side like this.

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, “The new things are easily forgotten, things that aren’t easily forgotten are the ones worth ruminating over……” Having said that, she paused for a moment, then said, “A vulgar person like you wouldn’t understand such a thing.”

“I understand.” Yang Chen seriously replied, “Two years ago I felt that Hollywood’s Jessica Alba was incredibly pretty, she was hot and sexy. But after she got pregnant, I felt that the dreams of the past became much more flavorful.”

Mo Qianni almost puked blood all over the steering wheel. If it wasn’t because she had to step on the accelerator, she really wanted to kick this shameless fellow off!

The rest of the journey was awkwardly silent, there was only the English rock and roll and its relaxing beat.

When the car stopped, Mo Qianni finally spoke, “We’ve arrived, get out.”

Yang Chen bewilderedly looked out of the window, and suspected that he might be wrong about something, he couldn’t help but point at that signboard with neon lights asking, “Are you sure we’re eating at that place?”

“Am I not allowed to?” Mo Qianni asked with an unkind expression.

Yang Chen shook his head, “I’m just curious as to why you would eat at a place like this. I thought you would bring me to some classy restaurant, and have some western or French meal or something, befitting your status.”

“I just like to eat at food stalls, I even like to eat street food. Unfortunately you guessed wrong.” Mo Qianni glared at Yang Chen, “Get out!”

Food stall? Fine then. Yang Chen didn’t mind as long as there was someone to settle the bill for him, because he didn’t bring a wallet.

Along the riverside in Zhong Hai’s suburbs, the food stall’s business was so prosperous like a long dragon, one cannot see the end of it with a single glance. The many colors of tents were supported using bamboo or metal poles, and had many different sizes.

The brilliant colors of the neon lamps made the food stalls’ signs show up bright and clear. The street had an unending flow of people walking by, but what made Yang Chen a little surprised was, majority of them were Zhong Hai city center’s white collar workers. Many of them wore western suits here, there were also those who were afraid of heat and hung their ties on their hands, chit-chatting on the streets as they walked.

The river’s wind slightly eased the heat at this time, so it wasn’t that insufferable, it also made the area’s air quality better. However, the smell of seafood, fruits and vegetables still gave this place the distinctive smell of the earth. Perhaps this was also what these people from the city needed.

But no matter how bustling it was, Mo Qianni, who walked amongst them in her black cotton dress remained as beautiful as ever.

If she didn’t open her eyes wide and criticize somebody, Mo Qianni was indeed a really alluring, beautiful woman. She was dignified and elegant, walked nimbly, had a slim waist, and had a great butt that obviously provoked daydreams.

Walking with a woman like that, Yang Chen easily received numerous gazes of jealousy from other males.

“Do you visit here often?” Yang Chen casually asked. He didn’t know there was a place like this in Zhong Hai, it was new fresh and he looked around curiously.

Mo Qianni nodded, “I used to be a regular, but I haven’t come here for a long time.”

“There’re so many of them, which are we going to?” Yang Chen realized that there were so many food stalls to the point that it can make one dizzy. Although they looked similar, there was a discernible difference between their standards when it came to cooking.

Mo Qianni shot him a glance, and said, “Just follow me.”

Yang Chen did not ask more, he realized that Mo Qianni became much quieter after they arrived at this place. It wasn’t her usual kind of silence, it was like there was something on her mind, as if she was recalling something.

After walking for about 8 minutes, under Mo Qianni’s lead, Yang Chen walked into a stall bearing the name “Xiang’s Chuan Food Stall” which was obviously a food stall that served Sichuan cuisine.

In the shop, a slightly chubby lady with gray hair noticed Mo Qianni, and revealed a happy expression as she walked to her, “Ni-zi, you haven’t come for a long time, I missed you so much!”

[TL: adding a zi to the last part of somebody’s name is a term of endearment, like sasuke-kun.]

Mo Qianni also revealed a warm and sincere smile, walked up to the lady and gave her a hug, she didn’t even care about possibly getting dirty from the oil and grease on the lady’s clothing.

“Sis Xiang, I’ve been busy lately, and I’m treating my friend to a meal today, so I came here to find you.” Mo Qianni held Sis Xiang’s hand as she smiled and said.

Sis Xiang glanced over to Yang Chen who stood behind Mo Qianni with a weird smile, like she understood something, “Girl, this is your boyfriend, right? What treating your friend to a meal, you didn’t even tell me, Sis Xiang, that you found a boyfriend!”

Mo Qianni blushed, and hastily waved her hand, “That’s not it Sis Xiang, he is my good friend’s husband, and is also my colleague. Today he helped me out with something, which is why I’m treating him to a meal.”

“So that’s what happened……” Sis Xiang regretfully smiled, then greeted, “Ni-zi’s friend please don’t be courteous, take a seat. It’s your first time here, Sis will cook some good food for you, free of charge!”

Yang Chen thanked her, and after they found an empty table and sat down, Sis Xiang served tea, then went back to work in the kitchenette.

“You’re very familiar with the boss, is she your relative?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

Mo Qianni drank a cup of tea, rubbed away the beads of sweat on her forehead, and replied, “We’re both from the same village. Years ago, when I first came to Zhong Hai I wasn’t familiar with this place, and she helped me out a lot; she’s a nice person.”

“So you’re from Sichuan.” Yang Chen was quite surprised, “Previously at the hospital, you said that you’ve known Ruoxi for many years. Doesn’t that mean that you came to Zhong Hai by yourself when you were 13 or 14 years old?”

“What, is that strange?” Mo Qianni replied with a question.

Yang Chen shook his head, “I’m just impressed, for a 13 or 14 years old girl to come to a big city like this all by herself, yet somehow managed to get up to a position like that in a few years. But why would your parents allow you to come here by yourself?”

Mo Qianni’s face darkened, she softly said, “My hometown is in the mountains, it’s destitute there, all year round we depend on several tenths of a hectare to survive. My dad died due to illness when I was thirteen, when he died I didn’t even know what illness he died to. My mother had difficulty raising me, so she remarried another man in the village.

Yang Chen had difficulty finding a word to say, he didn’t expect that behind the bright and beautiful Mo Qianni was such a murky past.

“You don’t agree with your mom’s remarriage, so you left the village alone?” After a brief moment of silence, Yang Chen asked.

“No.” Mo Qianni turned her head away, and her hand rubbed the corner of her eyes. She said, “Anyways, I have my reasons for leaving that place. Besides, that place doesn’t have a junior high, high school, and obviously no university. I didn’t want to waste my whole life there.”

Yang Chen noticed that Mo Qianni’s eyes had turned red, and knew that she didn’t like to think of those matters. So he didn’t continue with questions on that topic, and asked, “For you to bring me here for a meal, it can’t be just to reminisce about your hometown, right?”

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, “The dishes Sis Xiang cooks taste pretty good. Although bringing you here is also for me to see her, it is also to thank you for saving me today.”

“I just did what I should, among the two of you, one is my wife and the other is my superior, I can’t possibly leave you alone when you’re in peril.” Yang Chen honestly stated.

“Whether you should save is your problem, while thanking you is my problem. As for Ruoxi, she’s already unfortunate enough being your wife, so there’s no need for her to thank you with a meal like I do.” Mo Qianni replied like it was a matter of fact.

“Hey, how can you be like this, what do you mean by unfortunate being my wife?” Yang Chen gloomily said, “Is marrying me so terrible? I already put my life on the line to save her, such an honorable husband!”

Mo Qianni said, “For you to save her is something you ought to do, and is a totally different matter from whether or not you deserve her. Other than playing games and acting like a rogue, what else do you usually do? You don’t have motivation, ambition and more so don’t have any good qualities. Graduating from Harvard and knowing so many foreign language is all in vain. In this world, it isn’t the ones who don’t have capability that is disgraceful, it is the ones who obviously have the capability yet do not put in any effort!”

Yang Chen was completely stunned by this evaluation, and was nearly convinced that he was too disgraceful. It’s no wonder that this girl can become the head of PR, she’s so good at talking!

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