Chapter 71: This tactic is a little too cruel

Chapter 71: This tactic is a little too cruel

Please be advised that this chapter is NSFW, not the usual type

The three quickly got into Yang Chen’s car. While rushing back to the hospital, Yang Chen made a call to Wang Ma to inform her that everybody was safe and sound. Wang Ma cried tears of joy, and asked them to hurry back to the hospital so that they could check on Miss.

Mo Qianni kept pestering Yang Chen about what actually happened. Even though the cold Lin Ruoxi pretended not to care, she too, occasionally glanced at Yang Chen, obviously pretty curious about it as well.

To be honest, her evaluation of this cheap husband of hers, changed from the initial disgust, to disregard. Gradually she began to have some interest in him, particularly with regards to these few days’ of miraculous performances. This was the first time Lin Ruoxi ever had the impulse to understand a person, but if it’s about liking him, it was still a far cry from that. Simply based on that carefree attitude of his, not bothering to climb higher made Lin Ruoxi, who took her work seriously, despise him.

Yang Chen couldn’t endure Mo Qianni’s barrage of questions, and casually cooked up a lie. He said that he when he came he had already called for the Zhong Hai’s Special Forces to deal with their criminal gang. If they didn’t leave at once, they would be encircled and wiped out by the Special Forces. Lin Kun lied to them that there were no Special Forces in this area, so Lin Kun was the true evil-doer. In the end, they wisely chose the take Lin Kun’s money and leave, and no longer gave a damn about the three of them.

A lie like that probably couldn’t even convince a 3-year-old kid, but Yang Chen was dead set on this story without letting it go. In the end, while panting with rage, Mo Qianni gave up, sat back against her seat and no longer bothered Yang Chen.

Fact was, if it wasn’t for Yang Chen ignoring his personal safety and following those people’s request to rescue them alone, they wouldn’t have let Yang Chen off so easily. They would definitely have smashed through every barrier to find the truth.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t ask about that, and abruptly asked just one question, “What language were you using to speak to that man earlier?”

“Oh, Vietnamese.” Yang Chen knew that he wouldn’t be able to conceal this.

Mo Qianni couldn’t help but look at Yang Chen with the expression of looking at a freak, “You’re proficient in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, and even know Vietnamese?”

“Is it really that strange? Actually, I know Thai too, the two languages are pretty similar.” Yang Chen shamelessly took Mo Qianni’s expression as reverence, and slightly boasted.

Lin Ruoxi was slightly touched, when it came to languages, perhaps this man was truly a genius. Yet when she thought about it for a while, she noticed that there was a problem, “Why did you learn Vietnamese?”

Yang Chen grinned and replied, “My wife, you must have heard of this before. That year, Vietnam had a slogan called ‘Sacrificing a generation of maidens, prospering Vietnam’s economy’. Vietnamese girls are pretty good, high quality yet cheap. The language was learnt after going to Vietnam to play a few times.”


After dropping Lin Ruoxi off at the hospital, Yang Chen didn’t stay for long, and left the remaining matters for Mo Qianni and Wang Ma to settle. Luckily, nobody had called the police yet, so they were saved from a lot of trouble.

After Yang Chen went outside the hospital, he made a phone call. The phone soon connected, and a familiar boorish voice came from the other side of the line……

“Mr. Yang, the person you wanted us to catch has been brought here, awaiting you to personally deal with.”

“It’s at Chen Resi…… Oh no, now it’s called Zhang Residences, right? Yang Chen laughed as he inquired.

On the phone, Zhang Hu also straightforwardly laughed, “It’s all thanks to Mr Yang and Miss Rose for secretly helping, otherwise I, Zhang Hu wouldn’t have this day.”

Yang Chen didn’t remain courteous to him, and said, “Zhang Hu, I’m coming over now. Before that, you can begin giving that fella some suffering, but remember this, you’re not allowed to kill him, everything else is fair play…… I want him to never ever have the claws to scratch someone ever again.

“Yes Mr Yang, please be at ease and leave such things to me.” Zhang Hu’s voice carried a trace of cruelty.

Hanging up the phone, Yang Chen slowly got into his car and drove towards the Zhang Residences, this was also to give Zhang Hu a little more time to teach Lin Kun a lesson. If it were up to Yang Chen, he would definitely prefer to get rid of Lin Kun once and for all. But since he decided to assimilate into society, killing his father-in-law was somewhat wrong. Moreover, although Lin Ruoxi was completely disappointed by this father, if she found out that he killed her father, that may become something she will never forgive him for.

The relationship between people is the most difficult to understand, just like him and Lin Ruoxi, a number of days ago, they were just strangers to each other. But now, he already couldn’t help but take her feelings into consideration.

By the time Yang Chen found an empty lot to park his car, about half an hour had passed before he arrived at the Zhang Residences on foot. When the door guards saw Yang Chen, they simultaneously bowed.

Yang Chen saw fear in their eyes, it seemed like their memories of him intruding that night was still fresh in their minds.

“Mr Yang!” Zhang Hu’s familiar voice was heard from the door, alongside him were five robust subordinates, and they walked towards Yang Chen. He wore a white shirt and a gold Rolex watch, which gave this boorish man the air of a boss.

“Seems like your days have been good, you look more like a boss now.” Yang Chen playfully joked.

Zhang Hu’s old face blushed, “Hurrhurr, this was all thanks to Miss Rose’s great leadership. I’m just a boorish person, and my subordinates are all sworn brothers, I don’t understand those things.”

Yang Chen puzzlingly asked, “Has Rose been keeping close contact with you?”

Zhang Hu stared blankly, and immediately gave a relaxed laugh, “I know what Mr Yang is worried about, do not worry, Mr Yang. The people from the West Union Society that were planted by my side were all shunned by me. My connection with Miss Rose is also very covert. West Union Society’s President Situ even had a drink with me yesterday. The old ghost’s opinion was that he was actually thankful that I brought down Chen Dehai.”

“Oh? Situ Mingze didn’t suspect a thing?” Yang Chen didn’t believe the big shot of the west region’s underworld could be so stupid.

Zhang Hu excitedly said, “Miss Rose prepared a good play several days ago, her Red Thorns Society and my subordinates battled for a piece of territory, and several people died, in the end the territory was snatched by me. To be honest, that is just a place for me and Miss Rose to discuss things, and is a hideout. However, after sacrificing several of the low-level waste, Situ Mingze has already allowed me to enter West Union Society’s group of elders.”

“You cannot be careless, before the final moment, nobody knows what the result will be.” Yang Chen kept feeling that things couldn’t be this simple, and so he offered this advice.

Zhang Hu seriously nodded, but he continued looking at Yang Chen with great confidence. So what if Situ Mingze doesn’t really trust me? With this man here, in the worst case scenario, we could always break into the old ghost’s hideout and slaughter him, wouldn’t that be about the same as the way he single-handedly got rid of Chen Dehai!?

Yang Chen roughly understood what was on Zhang Hu’s mind, but was too lazy to say more. Although he wasn’t afraid of making a move, the trouble that will be drawn to him if he personally made a move more or less could force him out of his current tranquil lifestyle. This was also the reason Yang Chen doesn’t easily make a move himself.

“Where is that Lin Kun?” Questioned Yang Chen.

Only now did Zhang Hu know that old man’s name was Lin Kun, pointing towards a garage far away he said, “Right inside, my sister Zhang Ying heard about what Yang Chen wanted to be done, and volunteered.”

“Your sister?” Yang Chen thought of that delinquent girl who asked him the silly question “Why aren’t you running?” that day. It seems like after her brother became the boss of this place, life has been comfortable for her.

Zhang Hu weirdly smiled as he said, “Mr Yang might not know this, but my sister has many more tricks up her sleeve than I, her brother. Since Mr Yang said that as long as he doesn’t die anything is fine, my sister immediately charged in after hearing that.”

Yang Chen believed what Zhang Hu said, because he remembered Zhang Ying being tortured by Chen Feng on the bed that day. Receiving such inhumane treatment, it was inevitable that she became psychologically twisted. Naturally, she would also want to perform some perverted things on others.

With Zhang Hu leading the way, Yang Chen walked towards the inconspicuous little garage. Before he even reached the doors, Yang Chen could already hear yelling coming from inside the garage, those shouts were from Lin Kun, and they sounded full of grief and pain.

There wasn’t much sunlight in the garage, so the space was lit up by several white incandescent lights.

Pervading the air was a charred scent, while the surroundings were filled with discarded furniture, curtain fabrics and so on.

In the instant they walked in, the scene gave Yang Chen goosebumps, well, not just Yang Chen, even Zhang Hu and the other robust men all had goose bumps!

In an empty area, Lin Kun’s branded clothes were strewn all over, even his underwear was thrown somewhere. His years of debauchery made his pale body’s flesh loose and heavy.

His hands were tied together by a rope to the ceiling, and couldn’t move an inch, while his legs were also tied together. He could only bend up and down.

If that was all, everybody’s expressions wouldn’t be this strange, but behind Lin Kun stood a skinny youngster. He was also naked, and was even hugging Lin Kun by the waist, doing a certain something that a man shouldn’t do to another man. While panting, he released hoarse cries that resembled liberation……

Lin Kun was actually being violated by another man! No wonder he kept releasing those wails of grief and pain. It had always been him toying with others, now it was him getting toyed with, as of this moment he probably didn’t even have the energy to cry!

While he was overseas, Yang Chen had seen such scenes before, but they truly weren’t as disturbing as this one. Moreover, this was in his face, and he could see every little detail clearly.

“Mr Yang, Bro, how is it? This tactic of mine is pretty good, right?” At this moment, Zhang Ying who stood at a corner of the room saw the people who entered, and walked over with an enchanting smile, like she wanted a praise.

“Ying, this tactic is too cruel isn’t it!” Zhang Hu trembled.

Zhang Ying disdainfully snorted, “For someone who dares to anger Mr Yang, this is considered going easy. If it wasn’t because I can’t take his life, I would still play crueler!” Said Zhang Ying, as she looked at Yang Chen with bewitched eyes.

Yet Yang Chen didn’t dare have more contact with this eccentric woman, he didn’t agree or disagree as he smiled, and once again glanced at the sight that could lead a man astray. This time, he suddenly noticed something about the youngster violating Lin Kun.

Why does he seem a little familiar?

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