Chapter 67: The reason for not recognizing

Chapter 67: The reason for not recognizing

Liu Mingyu was a little surprised while she sat in Yang Chen’s car. “I didn’t know you drove a BMW to buy breakfast for us sisters in the office, it must be a really tough job for a rich young master like you.”

I’m not some rich young master, this car is actually my wife’s.” Yang Chen didn’t feel embarrassed saying, “Sis Mingyu, you can just think of me as a pretty boy who is being taken care of by a wealthy woman.”

“Your face isn’t white.” Liu Mingyu chuckled and said, “Moreover, you’re more useful than a pretty boy.”

[TL: Joke lost in translation, the words ??? literally translates to small white face, is a derogative term of calling someone an attractive young man/pretty boy/gigolo that is useless/worthless.”]

As the two joked about, Yang Chen started the car. Only after they got onto the road did Yang Chen ask, “Sis Mingyu, how do you intend to deal with the recorded footage and photos?”

Liu Mingyu remained silent for a moment before saying, “You can keep it, or throw it away.”

“You don’t want it?”

“So what if I keep it. I believe that after this experience, Department Head Ma wouldn’t attempt something like this again. I’m just an ordinary employee, and don’t want to cause so much trouble, as long as nobody tries to intentionally hurt me again, I’m fine.” Those words carried some helplessness, but this was her honest answer.

Yang Chen also expected this outcome, and nodded without appearing to be surprised. He didn’t stay on that topic, and instead asked, “Then I would like to ask, beautiful madam, as thanks, where would you like to treat me to lunch?”

Exhausted, Liu Mingyu rubbed her forehead, “Drive towards Famous Road, they have several restaurants that are pretty good there.”

“You look very tired, are you feeling sleepy?” Yang Chen noticed Liu Mingyu’s little action.

“Yep…… It seems like the drug’s effect hasn’t receded completely.” Liu Mingyu also didn’t hide anything, she truly felt drowsy.

Yang Chen frowned, “Then let’s not go for lunch, it’s better that you rest first. I’ll send you home.”

“Thank you……” Liu Mingyu felt warmth flowing into her heart, she suddenly realized that this man beside her had a caring and considerate side, “We should still go to eat, I may be feeling a little sleepy, but I’m even hungrier.”

Yang Chen followed according to Liu Mingyu’s wish, and the two soon arrived at a rather clean Cantonese Restaurant. It looked like a chain restaurant, and wasn’t especially high-grade. However, it worked well with the city’s fast rhythm when it came to serving meals.

Not long after the two sat down, they quickly ordered the dishes. Yang Chen hadn’t had his fill in the morning before he left to settle Liu Mingyu’s predicament. He was hungry for a while now, so he began to devour the food ravenously.

“Can’t you pay attention to your image? You look like you haven’t eaten for three years.” Liu Mingyu couldn’t resist laughing as she said.

“Something like an image is left for men and women who want to impress, I’m already married; image is worth nothing to me.” Said Yang Chen as he chewed a big mouthful of food.

While the two were chatting, a man and woman suddenly entered the door behind Liu Mingyu. The woman was clothed attractively and prettily, with a petite figure. The two men behind her seemed to be checking her out.”

“What a coincidence, I never would’ve expected Miss Liu Mingyu to also make an appointment to have a meal with a man here.” The woman playfully looked at the two, and smiled as she spoke.

Liu Mingyu reacted slightly strangely, but immediately showed a flowery smile as she stood up and said, “Isn’t Miss Wang the same too? Moreover you even have two men to keep you company.”

“They are just my assistants, we’ve just finished business at a company nearby and came here for a meal. May I know how to address your male friend, Miss Liu?”

Yang Chen somewhat unwillingly put down his chopsticks, smiled and said, “My name is Yang, Yang Chen.”

“Wang Yue, pleased to meet you.” Wang Yue extended her hand with a confident smile.

Yang Chen gently shook her hand, then once again sat down and picked up his chopsticks to eat.

Wang Yue sent a disdainful look, and coldly smiled as she said, “May I know what’s the relationship between Miss Liu and Mr Yang? Could it be that Mr Yang is the new ‘capable person’ that Miss Liu found?”

Liu Mingyu didn’t retreat an inch as she charmingly smiled and said, “Yang Chen is my colleague, we came out to work. If it’s about a ‘capable person’, he definitely can’t compare to Miss Wang’s two assistants in ‘capability’. Furthermore they both have tall figures, and can definitely satisfy Miss Wang.”

The two women opposed each other with hostility, their eyes were like cold winds and sharp knives, causing Yang Chen who was eating to feel that the air temperature had fallen by a couple of degrees.

“Miss Liu is too courteous, I see that Mr Yang is such a great eater, he must be very strong. When he works for Miss Liu, he definitely has to exert himself a lot. Right, is the reason Mr Yang’s so hungry because he overexerted his body physically?” Wang Yue pretended with a bewildered expression, “Seems like Miss Liu needs Mr Yang to do a lot of things, huh?”

“No matter how big of an eater a person is, he can’t possibly compare with the strength of two people. Furthermore, with two men, you can do things that cannot be done with only one man, what do you think, Miss Wang?” Liu Mingyu wasn’t stingy in her counterattack.

You guys can bicker all your want, why pull me into it? As a lady, speaking like a rogue in the middle of the day, this world is really chaotic. Yang Chen silently criticized, he felt at a loss towards this woman who suddenly appeared.

“Miss Wang, forgive me for being blunt, but you resemble a movie actress that I really like.” Yang Chen raised his head, and spoke seriously.

There’s no woman who wouldn’t like others praising their beauty, especially a young, successful career woman like that who is slightly popular. Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Wang Yue revealed a little pride, then pretended to be indifferent as she said, “Oh? Which? Mr Yang shouldn’t overestimate me, there’s no way I can compare with someone as famous as Miss Liu.”

Yang Chen carefully glanced at Wang Yue a few times, and muttered a praise, “You really resemble her the more I look, I often watch this actress’ films, I remember her name is Matsushima Kaede, has Miss Wang heard of her?”

[TL: Porn star.]

Wang Yue, who looked slightly pleased, immediately turned angry after hearing those words. She angrily snorted, “Mr Yang really knows how to joke, who is that actress? I truly have no idea.”

“It’s normal that you don’t know.” Yang Chen sighed as she said, “I’m pretty familiar with that Miss Matsushima, but I wasn’t able to recognize your similarities to her immediately. I tried hard to think the reason, and finally came to a conclusion. The main reason why I wasn’t able to recognize your similarities at first glance, was because you’re wearing clothes!”

Wang Yue’s face immediately went pale and green from anger, she angrily stamped her feet, glared at Yang Chen, and quickly walked out of the restaurant with her two assistants.

Liu Mingyu at the side finally couldn’t endure her laughter as she said, “You’re truly rotten to the core, to actually place Wang Yue together with a Japanese AV actress. I reckon she won’t be able to fall asleep tonight.”

“That woman was asking for it, why did she disturb me while I was eating?” Yang Chen grumbled.

“She is the PR for a different company, and often runs into me, I snatched away many customers from her hands, so she always quarrels with me whenever we meet.” Liu Mingyu explained.

Yang Chen spiritedly said, “So that’s why Sis Mingyu achieves number 1 in performance every year, being beautiful is indeed the one and only way.”

Liu Mingyu didn’t deny this, she stroked her smooth long hair, smiled and said, “This is how this industry is like, but you shouldn’t think of it in the wrong direction. Fact is, when we have talks with those large corporations, the most they get is eating a little tofu with their eyes. If they really try to have a touch, there isn’t even a need for us resist, the opposite party’s higher ups would severely punish them. Unless they don’t want to work anymore, they definitely wouldn’t dare to do anything to overstep their boundaries. Those large corporations treat their reputation and industry talks extremely seriously. Actually the outside world still has many prejudices towards the job of a PR, but these are things that cannot be helped. Like the matter of me snatching away Wang Yue’s business, if you told others that I didn’t provide any special services, nobody will believe it.”

[TL: In chinese, eating someone’s tofu means taking advantage of a person, usually referring to a lady and her body.

Yang Chen nodded, and once again revealed a naughty smile as he said, “Right, so Sis Mingyu also knows of fellow student Matsushima, seems like you also have knowledge in that field.”

“You can’t clap with one hand, for those kind of things, how can it be done with only a man and without a woman? If a woman knows nothing, how is she going to make her man happy? If a woman learns to act from an actress, is there anything inappropriate about that?” Liu Mingyu replied without the slightest bit of embarrassment.

Yang Chen was truly speechless, he sent Liu Mingyu a thumbs-up, and continued immersing himself in the food.

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