Chapter 65: Shooting a great art film

Chapter 65: Shooting a great art film

This chapter is also mildly NSFW

With his butt in pain, Department Head Ma sat on the ground in a panic. Everything seemed perfect just a moment ago, without a single hole in the plan. All that was left was to strip Liu Mingyu, take a bunch of photos, take a video, and this woman; one of the company’s most popular beauties would belong to him.

But! Why would this jinx suddenly appear here!?

“What are you trying to do!? Who gave you permission to enter!?” Department Head Ma carefully retreated, and spoke very fiercely.

Yang Chen pushed the gorgeous lady onto one of the beds in the room, and glanced at Liu Mingyu who was unconscious on the other bed.

I made it in time.

Department Head Ma saw that Yang Chen remained silent, he slowly picked up the clothes he had taken off, and moved towards the door.

Yang Chen looked at the setup in the room with interest, this Department Head Ma appeared to be an experienced person, not only did he bring various interesting sex toys, he even prepared a video camera on a tripod, and placed a digital camera on the bed. He was a true professional.

Seeing Department Head Ma stealthily walking to the door, Yang Chen smiled as he used a hand to obstruct Department Head Ma from moving forward, “Geez, Department Head Ma, the great play hasn’t started, as the male protagonist you can’t be leaving.”

“Wha…… What great play?” Department Head Ma stuttered as he asked.

Yang Chen pouted, and pointed to the video camera and said, “What you wanted to film earlier, it’s not too late to start filming now.”

Department Head Ma blankly stared, and immediately spoke in a pleasantly surprised manner, “Could it be that you, brat, want to toy with this woman with the surname Liu as well? Sure! As long as you keep this under wraps, we can even do her together!” While he spoke, his eyes once again sparkled. He had also thought it through, since the plan was already exposed, then pulling Yang Chen in to be an accomplice was also a good choice.

“Thank you for your good intentions Department Head Ma, however I do not wish to participate in the shooting of a great art film like this.” Yang Chen made a strange smile and said, “Moreover, the female protagonist isn’t Liu Mingyu, it’s her……”

As he said that, Yang Chen pointed at the gorgeous lady who was as quiet as a cicada in the winter, “I believe Department Head Ma should be extremely familiar with this lady, if the two of you film it together, it will surely be like heavenly lightning striking a volcano, and it will be an amazing spectacle.”

[TL: I TLed it as Heavenly lightning striking a volcano. It apparently has a profound meaning in modern love stories, where the heavenly lightning refers to a male’s craving for sex, while the volcano refers to a female’s craving for sex. Joined together, it frequently refers to the natural primitive instinct humans have that is irresistible, meaning passionate sex is about to happen.]

Department Head Ma’s expression totally changed, and with a start he said, “You’re threatening me!?”

“No no no, I just want to keep a memento of Department Head Ma’s strong and healthy body. As for whether it’s a threat or not, that would depend on whether or not Department Head Ma provokes me in the future, or provoke the other female colleagues by my side.” Said Yang Chen with a harmless smile.

“Impossible! You had better get out right now! I know some people in the underworld, be careful for I will call people to have you……”


Without waiting for Department Head Ma to finish speaking, Yang Chen slapped his face.

After being abruptly hit, Department Head Ma could only feel a scorching pain, covering his left cheek, he opened his eyes wide and inconceivably pointed his finger at Yang Chen. With a trembling voice he said, “You…… You dare hit me!?”


A louder slap landed on Department Head Ma’s right cheek, and a red handprint emerged.

“I don’t have the time to speak drivel with you, begin now. If you don’t follow my instructions to do some things with this woman, I will keep hitting you until you are willing.”

“You basta……”

*Pa! Pa!!*

Department Head Ma was trying to speak, and again received two slaps, making him see stars. His fury reached its boiling point as he loudly howled and swung a fist, trying to hit Yang Chen’s face as well!

But what kind of strength could an old man who spent many years immersing in debauchery have? The moment he raised his hand, his left cheek was once again hit by Yang Chen’s lightning-fast slap!


This time much more force was exerted, Department Head Ma fell onto the ground from that slap, and half of his face was badly swollen.

Department Head Ma was in so much pain that he shed tears, with dread he cowered into a corner, “Don’t…… Don’t come near me! I really have a backer in the underworld!”

“I don’t know if you have a backer or not, but if you don’t obediently take off your clothes, I will have to help the two of you take it off.” Yang Chen said with a smile that wasn’t like a smile.

The gorgeous lady on the bed had already been terrified, seeing the usually arrogant and bossy Department Head Ma beat up to the point that his parents probably wouldn’t be able to recognize him, she tremblingly hugged her knees, looking at Yang Chen with terror.

Cold sweat covered Department Head Ma’s forehead, he wanted to resist, but was no match for Yang Chen. Unable to escape, he felt despair in his heart.

“Looks like Department Head Ma isn’t willing to cooperate.” Yang Chen slowly walked forward and stretched out his hands, like he was about to do something.

Department Head Ma suddenly shouted, “Stop!” With great difficulty he swallowed his saliva and said, “I…… I’ll listen to you, but you must guarantee that you won’t threaten me if I don’t provoke Liu Mingyu and the others……”

Yang Chen sighed, and suddenly trampled on Department Head Ma’s thigh!

“OWW!” Department Head Ma wailed, he felt like his thigh was stabbed by a stake!

“You aren’t qualified to discuss conditions with me, and aren’t qualified to doubt my words. All I’m asking you is, will you do it or not……” Yang Chen expressionlessly said.

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it!!” In this lifetime, Department Head Ma had never received such mistreatment before, a “beat until willing” scene like this only appeared on TV shows. He never expected it to actually happen to himself, he finally understood why those people in movies would give up after being unable to endure, it truly feels terrible!

Without waiting for Yang Chen’s instructions, Department Head Ma crawled on the floor to the gorgeous lady’s bed, and angrily shouted, “Slut! Quickly take off your clothes!”

“Bu…… But……” There were tears in the lady’s eyes as she displayed an expression of humiliation and unreconciliation, “Department Head Ma I don’t want to……”


This time it was Department Head Ma’s turn to give the woman a slap to the face, with a twisted fat face he said, “Take it off if I ask you to, what are you pretending to be an upright maiden in front of me for!”

The woman’s tears poured out, yet she still began taking off her clothes in submission while sobbing.

A fair chest, long perfectly shaped long legs, and an outstanding rear began to progressively expose itself on the pure-white bedsheet. If these were placed in a nightclub, they would definitely be top grade goods.

When the woman stripped down till there was only her bra and skirt left, Yang Chen had already pointed the video camera at the man and woman, and excitedly watched the live erotic performance.

Department Head Ma had always been filming others, this time it was his turn to get filmed. Although he wasn’t used to it, once he thought of getting beat up by Yang Chen, he could only endure the embarrassment, he hugged the lady’s body and began kissing all over it.

The lady was shedding tears at first, but after some of her private parts were kissed, she gradually became horny, and accepted the fact that since she was already this old man’s thing, there was nothing to be embarrassed of. With this experience, her relationship with Department Head Ma would definitely become even closer, since they were in the same boat, perhaps she might even receive more benefits. When she thought that way, the unresigned feelings in her heart also gradually dissipated.

The two who were being filmed, even had a young man spectating by the side; under such mistreatment, all kinds of evil thoughts sprang into their minds. The more they hugged, kissed, and tangled, the more they felt a strange pleasure, way beyond the clandestine sexual adventures they shared in the past!

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