Chapter 64: Your attitude isn't friendly enough

Chapter 64: Your attitude isn't friendly enough

This chapter is mildly NSFW

Yang Chen was thankful for this woman’s involvement, she truly provided help when he needed it most. Just as he was worrying about how to search, she provided the greatest hint.

After the lady took her leave from the door, she started walking back to the elevator with her head lowered. Yang Chen faked a relaxed face as he moved forward to meet the lady.

“Miss, What kind of benefits did you receive?”

The gorgeous lady’s steps came to a halt, and she carefully raised her head to look at the young man who suddenly appeared. She vigilantly asked, “What did you say?”

Because Yang Chen had only joined Yu Lei International recently, this woman didn’t recognize Yang Chen.

“I don’t mean anything else Miss, even if you didn’t receive credit from this you should at least have received benefits for your hard work. That little bit of commission you earned is not something I would snatch from you. However, I hope you will cooperate a little and help me knock on that room’s door.” Yang Chen made a very pure smile.

The lady’s eyes squinted, and with a low voice she said, “You followed me? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll call the police!?”

“I’m truly unafraid of you calling the police.” Yang Chen said.

“You’re crazy!” The lady no longer paid attention to Yang Chen, and nervously tried to leave.

Yang Chen obviously wouldn’t let her go, he casually grabbed onto one of the lady’s arms and pulled her strongly into his embrace. Since he had the opportunity, his hands grabbed onto her breasts and pinched the two lumps of soft pink flesh.


The lady was both frightened and angered, she could only feel her mountain ranges being completely covered, making her feel humiliated! This man had too much strength, she simply couldn’t throw him off! It was as if he was made of steel!

“Let go! Otherwise I’ll shout, I’ll sue you for molestation!” The lady resentfully threatened as a last resort.

Yang Chen didn’t think much of it and smiled, his two hands that held onto the lumps of meat exerted a little more force, to the point the lady moaned softly.

“The texture is unnatural, you had it enlarged right?” Yang Chen evilly smiled and said, “You can scream and sue me, but before you do that, I will take off all of your clothes and throw you into the elevator. There won’t be anybody passing by this place anyway, so don’t underestimate the speed at which I can take your clothes off at. Then we could ride the elevator down to the first floor, where I’ll kick you into the lobby. The lobby on the 1st floor is such a bright and grand place with many people, you can properly exhibit your figure there.”

“If you aren’t happy, you can call the police afterwards, I wouldn’t even mind. All I did was take off your clothes, and I won’t even need to sit in jail. If you want to file a lawsuit, that’s fine by me as well, it’s no big deal. Of course, since I’m going to do all that, I might as well use my phone to take a photo or video while I’m at it…… Create a title and upload it to the internet, calling it…… ‘Office Lady’s Naked Excursion in the Hotel’, this name is pretty good, right?”

The lady’s face immediately paled, if things went the way this man said it would, then even if she received compensation, she would completely lose her social standing, and she could forget about appearing in society ever again! Enraged, she said, “Don’t try to threaten me! I don’t even know what you’re talking about! If you don’t let me go, I will scream. I don’t believe you actually have the guts to do anything to me!!”

*Tearing sound!!*

When she heard the sound of cloth tearing, the lady was dumbstruck to see that half of her skirt had already been torn off, revealing the white pantyhose and her shining white skin beneath!

Yang Chen with a rather dark and hoarse voice once again sounded out, with some impatience he said, “You had better not test my patience, or I will tear off what’s on your chest next.”

“You…… Just what do you want……” The lady was so afraid that she wanted to use her hands to cover the edges of her skirt, but her two hands wouldn’t budge under Yang Chen’s grip. While tearing up, she pleaded, “Please don’t, I…… I’m just following orders……”

Yang Chen coldly smiled and said, “None of this would’ve happened if you cooperated earlier, you only need to do as I say, and I won’t make things difficult for you.”


In the room, Liu Mingyu laid against the soft bed, she could barely prop herself up on the mattress with her hands, and she had difficulties opening her eyes. She saw that Department Head Ma had already taken off all his clothes and only had his boxers remaining, and clenched her teeth as she attempted to stay awake.

Although she had remained vigilant, she never expected Department Head Ma to collude with the client she originally had to meet today, and swindled her into this place.

What was impossible to guard against was that during the car ride, that woman, the villain’s accomplice handed over a bottle of mineral water that was drugged with sleeping pills!

[Fallen: That’s why my mommy always told me not to take things from strangers.]

[TL: FallenS0ul had a rough childhood guys…]

Liu Mingyu felt that the way she thought was too simple. She had thought it was enough to just put up her guard against Department Head Ma, yet never thought that the opposite party had already prepared such a meticulous trap, and waited for her to walk into it!

Once she thought of how this short and fat old man with that large belly and ash-colored chest hair wanted to do those painful things to her, she felt that she would rather receive death. No matter how strong Liu Mingyu usually was she couldn’t prevent her eyes from tearing up.

In her mind, she suddenly thought about Yang Chen asking for her destination. She originally paid little attention to that, and casually replied to the message. But as matters stood, despite how preposterous and unrealistic she sounded, Liu Mingyu wished like never before that the young man whom she had only known recently would suddenly appear like a hero in the movies!

Department Head Ma’s pair of little eyes were filled with lust and greed, and also some craziness. Looking at the mature beauty who wore an office lady skirt suit and with a perfect body outline, he pursed his lips and revealed a nefarious smile like his evil schemes had succeeded.

“Liu Mingyu, oh Liu Mingyu, you thought that by pretending to be a maiden, I can’t deal with you!? There is no woman who I, Old Ma, can’t toy with in this lifetime! You can just enjoy it today, I even brought a video camera here today. Once I take off all your clothes and take some beautiful photos of you in various positions, I’ll place it into my collection……” Department Head Ma walked forward, and looked at the drowsy Liu Mingyu, he evilly smiled and said, “When you wake up, I’ll show it to you for you to admire, and let you consider whether or not to serve me……”

In Liu Mingyu’s eyes, there was dejection, pain, and unreconciliation, but in the end she still couldn’t resist the sleepiness caused by the drug. She laid on the bed, murmured a little, and fell completely unconscious.

Department Head Ma looked at her with lust, and was about to pounce on her and release her beautiful body from the clothes that bound her, when the doorbell was rung.

With a burst of discontent, Department Head Ma frowned, retracted his hands, walked to the door and looked into the peephole, he saw the familiar face of the gorgeous woman, and loosened up.

The room’s door half-opened, and Department Head Ma evilly smiled and said, “What’s up? Little naughty fox, it can’t be that you’re jealous and want me to feed you a load before you’re willing to leave, right?”

The lady’s smile was very rigid, and she didn’t speak a word, like she ate a bittergourd. But slowly, a man walked over from the side.

“It’s you!?” Department Head Ma’s expression turned cold, he immediately recognized that this was the man who embarrassed him in the company’s corridor, the man who wrecked his plans!

Why would he suddenly appear here!? Thinking of this crucial point, Department Head Ma quickly reacted, he withdrew his head and attempted to close the door quickly!


Yang Chen’s hand fiercely pressed against the door, causing the fat body of Department Head Ma to fall back into the room on his butt, and on the carpet!

“Your attitude isn’t friendly enough, Department Head Ma.”

Yang Chen profoundly smiled, pulled the gorgeous lady into the room, and closed the door while he was at it.

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