Chapter 63: Sure knows how to pick a place

Chapter 63: Sure knows how to pick a place

Despite tossing and turning the entire night, Yang Chen’s lack of sleep didn’t cause any problems for him, and he set out to buy breakfast from the peddlers as scheduled. After making his rounds, he brought the bags of varying sizes into the office.

The beauties had long been raising their heads in anticipation, once they saw Yang Chen arrive, they rushed over to grab what they wanted to eat. Several brazen sisters even intimately left moist marks on Yang Chen’s face.

Zhao Hongyan smiled as she made fun of him, “Did you insist on buying breakfast from the outset because you expected to receive this kind of treatment?”

Yang Chen wasn’t shy either, while gnawing on the youtiao he smiled and said, “If you also give me a kiss, I’ll tell you.”

“All you know is how to take advantage of innocent married ladies!” Zhao Hongyan rolled her eyes and no longer paid him any attention.

Suddenly remembering something, Yang Chen picked up a meat bun and walked to his male brethren, Chen Bo’s booth. He was surprised to discover that Chen Bo was napping on the table early in the morning.

“Hey, Chen Bo, it’s breakfast time.” Yang Chen nudged.

Chen Bo murmured in a soft voice, then rubbed his reddish eyes and stood up with a ladylike posture. Seeing the meat bun handed over by Yang Chen, he revealed a “lovely” smile, “Thank you so much for bringing me breakfast everyday.”

Yang Chen looked at him profoundly, and said, “Don’t exhaust yourself too much, if there’s anything you need help with, you can ask us for help, perhaps we can help you.”

Chen Bo’s complexion immediately turned unsightly, his pale face now panicked a little, and he rapidly blinked, “No…… Nothing, I just didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Don’t overexert yourself.” Yang Chen didn’t enquire further, he patted Chen Bo’s shoulder, then returned to his seat and began to play games.

Only a short amount of time passed before a gorgeous-looking lady entered the office. She walked to Liu Mingyu’s booth, and chatted with her about something.

Liu Mingyu who wore a moon-white skirt suit seemed to have a troubled expression, but in the end she helplessly tidied her documents, and followed the lady out.

When the two left, the round-faced Zhang Cai who was still eating a cupcake anxiously ran over, and with a worried expression she said to Zhao Hongyan, “Sis Hongyan, it can’t be that something is about to happen to sis Mingyu, right? That Department Head Ma has been bothering her for so long now, why hasn’t he given up yet?”

“That woman was sent by Department Head Ma?” Yang Chen puzzlingly asked.

Zhao Hongyan knitted her eyebrows and nodded, “She’s one of the directors under Department Head Ma; the whole company is aware that she is Department Head Ma’s lover, it’s just that nobody bluntly points it out. I wonder what Department Head Ma was asking sis Mingyu to go over for. In the past it was always Department Head Ma that came here by himself, I wonder why he sent that woman over this time.”

As if he thought of something, Yang Chen took out his phone and sent Liu Mingyu a message.

In a short while, Liu Mingyu replied back.

With merely a glance, Yang Chen placed the phone back into his pocket, picked up two of the meat buns on table, and walked towards the office’s exit.

“Yang Chen, where are you going? If Department Head Mo doesn’t see you here later, you’re going to have to endure torment again.” Zhao Hongyan said in a panic.

“My stomach isn’t feeling well, I’ll eat while squatting in the toilet.” Yang Chen turned and said.

The bunch of beautiful PR ladies immediately had a bunch of black lines on their foreheads as they pouted.

[ED: Black lines on the forehead refer to the wrinkles made by frowning]

It obviously wasn’t possible that Yang Chen was going to go to the toilet, to squat and eat his meat buns. However, even if he did go there, he would still possess the appetite to eat.

Once he walked out of the Public Relations’ lounge, he immediately entered the elevator, and went straight to the car park.

Previously he sent a message to Liu Mingyu asking where she was going, Liu Mingyu evidently understood what Yang Chen meant, and replied with “Flowing Cloud Hotel.”

Although she couldn’t confirm whether or not leaving the office for work this time was a trap laid by Department Head Ma, Liu Mingyu was still a mature woman who was good at consciously protecting herself, so she wisely chose to let Yang Chen know. At the very least, she must let somebody know of her whereabouts.

As for what Yang Chen would do with this information, was not something Liu Mingyu could think of.

Yang Chen chose not to follow their trail to Flowing Cloud Hotel, and instead drove at breakneck speeds on the shortest route. When he arrived at the hotel’s lobby, he picked up a newspaper and quietly sat on a sofa in the corner of the lobby.

Flowing Cloud Hotel possesses a 4-star rating, and also had quite a good reputation among the hotels in Zhong Hai’s city center. The traffic of guests entering and exiting the dazzling lobby was extremely heavy. Therefore, suddenly having one more person sitting at a corner reading a newspaper didn’t arouse any suspicion.

After waiting for more than 5 minutes, Yang Chen noticed two figures that appeared by the hotel’s entrance.

It was the gorgeous-looking lady from before, leading Liu Mingyu who wore a moon-white skirt suit into the hotel.

Both of them had good looks, and were tall with well-developed figures. It seemed like Liu Mingyu had her makeup done in the car, her hair was tied up, and the streaks of red on her hair paired well with her mature and beautiful face, attracting the gazes of many men in the hall.

After entering, Liu Mingyu looked around her, it was unknown whether she was doing it intentionally or subconsciously. Slightly frowning, she appeared to be a little disappointed, but her expression returned to normal in a blink of an eye.

After that lady discussed something with her, Liu Mingyu hesitated for a moment, but in the end she still followed the lady into the elevator, and went up.

Yang Chen quickly walked to the elevator’s doors, and looked at the increasing number above the doors. Starting from the 1st floor, it stopped for a moment at the 5th floor, then moved up to the 13th floor, stopped again for a moment, then went all the way up to the top floor before slowly descending.

Looking at the hotel’s directory on the side, the 5th floor was a spa center, the 10th to 15th floor were rooms for guests, and the top floor was for offices.

Obviously, in a situation like this, going to the guest rooms had the highest probability. After entering the elevator, Yang Chen took out his phone and tried to make a call to Liu Mingyu, to confirm her location.

“The number you’re calling is currently unavailable……”

The emergence of the electronic voice gave Yang Chen a bad premonition, for a PR employee like Liu Mingyu, she should have her phone switched on for 24 hours a day so that business opportunities wouldn’t be missed. In normal situations, it isn’t possible for her to simply turn off her phone. Furthermore, she even sent him a message earlier.

When the elevator reached the 13th floor, Yang Chen walked out of the elevator. The corridor was long, and had approximately 30-40 rooms. As it was morning and office hours, the corridor was absolutely silent, there wasn’t even a single hotel employee on this floor for guests.

Without anybody to ask, it was obviously impossible for Yang Chen to check every room. In addition, what gave him a headache was the electronic locks on these rooms, which meant that it was impossible to open these locks by lock picking.

Unless Yang Chen wanted to be the lead story in the news, he could use his martial arts and smash open every door! Then he would be extremely famous.

“This Ma fella sure knows how to pick a place……” Yang Chen muttered to himself, as he considered whether he should use some forceful methods.

Although he had only known his new colleague Liu Mingyu for about half a month, their relationship was pretty good. The relationship between people doesn’t require the test of time to truly be sincere and reliable, especially those between men and women. If they could trust each other, then it’s worth doing something for the opposite party.

Taking a step back, if such a beautiful and mature lady was tarnished by that old Ma fellow, Yang Chen would definitely feel worse than if he ate a housefly.

Just as he was having a headache, he heard the sound of a door opening and closing from the easternmost corner, and the gorgeously dressed woman who had led Liu Mingyu up walked out with a wide smile…...

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