Chapter 62: Both Weird People

Chapter 62: Both Weird People

Li Jingjing who sat in Yang Chen’s car felt that this was the happiest day of her life, it was even more exciting than the day she graduated from university.

There was a constant sweet smile on the girl’s face; this made Yang Chen, who was driving,  speechless.

“Are you that happy?” Yang Chen couldn’t resist asking.

Li Jingjing nodded seriously, “But I think Department Head Jiang isn’t very happy.”

Yang Chen glanced at Li Jingjing ponderingly, and couldn’t resist smiling as he said, “So it turns out that you knew everything, yet you still pretended to be ignorant.”

“Hehe.” Li Jingjing pursed her lips and laughed then said, “Actually I didn’t know everything, but by carefully thinking through I was able to understand some of the things big brother Yang did.”

“Listen here, if Jiang Shuo bullies you in the future or makes things difficult for you, let me know. I’ll help you take care of it, just like the Chen family’s father and son previously.” Said Yang Chen seriously.

“Yep, understood big brother Yang.”

From the beginning till the end, Li Jingjing didn’t ask about the matter regarding the Chen family’s father and son, and her wits made Yang Chen surprised. Yang Chen also felt relieved, perhaps this girl knew a lot more than what he had originally thought, but most of the time she preferred to act as a silly girl-next-door, who was silently concerned about him.

When they arrived at Li Jingjing’s home, Old Li and his wife just returned from their walk, seeing Yang Chen and Li Jingjing get off the car, they revealed a look of astonishment.

“Good young chap! You’re rich!” Old Li saw the car Yang Chen drove, and couldn’t help but to be pleasantly surprised as he said, “I knew you weren’t simple little Yang, but I never expected things to change so fast. You changed your job, and your single-wheeled car has been changed to one with 4 wheels!

[TL: The single-wheel car refers to Yang Chen’s mutton skewer stand.]

Aunt Li instead had her eyes on the bags of clothes in Li Jingjing’s hands as she got out of the car, and agitatedly asked, “Jingjing, why did you buy so many clothes? Even the bags that are holding them look so nice, these clothes must be very expensive, right!?”

“Mom……” Li Jingjing shyly called out, and said, “It’s big brother Yang who bought these for me.”

The couple revealed strange expressions, but were happy. The way they looked at Yang Chen also turned increasingly affectionate.

Li Jingjing knew what was on her parents’ minds, but if she revealed that Yang Chen was married, then they definitely wouldn’t allow her to get in touch with Yang Chen in the future. So she could only endure her blushing face, and quickly picked up her bags of clothes and sped into the house. She even forgot to say goodbye to Yang Chen.

Old Li sincerely said, “Little Yang, it has been hard on Jingjing ever since she was a child, don’t disappoint her.”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, and also didn’t know what to say, so he could only nod in an honest manner. Explaining at a time like this would be redundant, and would only bring about more trouble.

After bidding farewell to the elderly couple who treated him like their son-in-law Yang Chen felt lost and frustrated. While driving he thought, if it wasn’t for coincidentally meeting that ice queen Lin Ruoxi, marrying Li Jingjing would actually be a pretty good choice, she’s thoughtful and virtuous.

But once he thought about how his wife was now lying on a hospital bed, Yang Chen got rid of such thoughts. No matter what, he still had to take this path with Lin Ruoxi first, as for the future, who could predict that?

When he drove back to Dragon Garden, the outside air had already turned cool, the cold wind ruffled the tree tops, making the spacious and empty villa seem extremely tranquil.

Yang Chen was just about to walk to the door and enter the house when he saw Wang Ma open the door from inside.

“Wang Ma, you’re going this late?” Yang Chen puzzlingly asked.

Wang Ma was delighted, with a smile she said, “Young Master you’re back, perfect timing, I was planning to bring the books Miss wanted to the hospital. Although Miss agreed to recuperate for half a month, she says she must read books. Perhaps Young Master could go with me? I think Miss would be very happy.”

Nobody can tell even if she’s happy…… Thought Yang Chen in his heart, he then said, “Wang Ma, it’s already this late, how about you rest early? I can send the books myself.”

Wang Ma took it that the couple wanted some private time together, and didn’t say any superfluous words. She immediately passed the large plastic bag of books to Yang Chen, and returned to the house.

Yang Chen who had just returned home once again set off, heading towards Zhong Hai First Hospital for the second time today.

Half an hour later, when he reached Lin Ruoxi’s ward, the lights inside were still switched on, however Lin Ruoxi wasn’t alone in that room, there was also a woman sitting inside that Yang Chen wasn’t really happy to meet, even though she was a real beauty.

“Yo, some busy person even knows to come to the hospital to visit.” Mo Qianni seemed to be discussing something with Lin Ruoxi, and when she saw Yang Chen open the door, she unhappily ridiculed him.

Yang Chen ignored this superior that kept trying to pick a quarrel him, smiled and placed the bag of books onto the bedside table, “Wang Ma is getting on in years, it’s too taxing for her to leave home in the middle of the night, so I sent it on her behalf. Just call me out for something like that, it’s really toiling for an elder like Wang Ma.”

Lin Ruoxi indifferently looked at the books, and said, “Next time I’ll call you.”

With regards to Lin Ruoxi listening to his words, Yang Chen felt considerably satisfied. Looks like this woman is pretty rational, and isn’t just someone with an indifferent and cold character.

Mo Qianni wrinkled her nose, and discontentedly said, “Yang Chen, you stink of alcohol and smoke, stand further away, don’t hurt Ruoxi’s nose!”

“Oh.” Yang Chen apologetically smiled and took a few steps back, “I had a drink with some friends I just made, and forgot I haven’t taken a shower.”

“Hmph! Ruoxi is so tired and sick that she’s on the bed, yet as her husband you still live a life debauchery, and don’t know shame……” Mo Qianni sneered with disdain.

Even a clay buddha can get angry from such accusations, Yang Chen was a little impatient, “My wife hasn’t spoken a word, what are you blindly accusing me for? The emperor isn’t anxious but the eunuch is.”

[TL: The idiom means that the person involved is calm and collected, yet someone uninvolved is anxious.]

“What did you say!?” Mo Qianni’s eyes opened up wide as she stood up, her well developed chest repeatedly heaved because of the anger, and her beautiful face flushed, “You dare to call me an eunuch, you’re the eunuch!”

“Whether I’m a eunuch or not, wouldn’t you know if you come and try me?” Yang Chen evilly smiled and said.

“You’re shameless!”

“Stop……” Lin Ruoxi finally spoke a word, with her brows knitted together, she looked at Yang Chen and Mo Qianni, and rubbed her forehead like she was having a headache, “Can the two of you not quarrel in a hospital? It’s already late, can you guys be quieter?”

Mo Qianni pouted as she held onto Lin Ruoxi’s hand, “Ruoxi look at this husband of yours, who does he think he is? He doesn’t take good care of you when you’re sick, and instead has the mood to go out to drink and philander.”

Lin Ruoxi remained silent for a moment, before raising her head to ask Yang Chen, “Where did you go to drink?”

Yang Chen who was feeling a little stuffy lazily replied, “Heavenly Province, there were many ladies. Why, my great wife, do you want to restrict me?”

“Oh, got it.” Lin Ruoxi nodded, then as if nothing happened, she stretched her hand, took out a book from the plastic bag, and began reading.

Yang Chen saw that things were fine, so he sighed and shook his head, and left the ward.

All that was left was Mo Qianni who sat by the bedside, looking at the door. She turned to look at Lin Ruoxi who was reading her book with concentration, and became dumbstruck and slack jawed. She wasn’t able to voice out a word for a long time, but in the end she finally managed to say one sentence, “You husband and wife are both weird people!”

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