Chapter 59: My Princess

Chapter 59: My Princess

“Eh?” Li Jingjing was stunned, and her face was immediately flushed, “Big…… Big brother Yang, what did you say?”

Yang Chen realized that his phrasing was imprecise, and smiled, “What I meant was, for you to go to the changing room, and I will have them send the chosen clothes to you. Try on every set, then choose the one you think looks the best on you and show it to me.”

Li Jingjing breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing the surrounding sales smiling at her, she truly wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide her face.

After Li Jingjing was brought into the changing room, Yang Chen walked a few rounds around the ladies’ department at lightning speeds, and took out several sets of clothes that he remembered. Furthermore, he matched the clothes and let a sales lady send it into the changing room.

Several sales ladies saw Yang Chen dazzlingly match up 5 sets of clothes, and were extremely shocked.

Since they were able to work in a shop like this with a big brand name, they naturally had an eye for fashion and beauty. Yang Chen’s choices for matching obviously weren’t randomly chosen. Although they didn’t see how Li Jingjing looked after putting those one, they all understood that the chosen clothes definitely suited her.

“This Miss is really blessed to have such a caring boyfriend like you, Mister.” A sales lady sincerely spoke.

Yang Chen didn’t explain anything, and just smiled as he shook his head.

The other lady curiously asked, “Mister, are you a designer? Or a figure specialized in the fashion industry? You seem extremely familiar with our brand, Balenciaga.”

“I have some friends that are relatively knowledgeable in this field, all I have is the tip of the iceberg.” Yang Chen replied.

This was the truth, when all was said and done, Balenciaga could only be considered a mid-high level brand, the tailoring of the clothes weren’t even a complex fashion design. Due to his many years of experience with those old chaps, analyzing an ordinary foreign brand like this wasn’t difficult at all.

When women pursue beauty, they become extremely careful and patient, therefore men are bound to wait for quite some time before seeing the finished product that went through utmost care.

In about half an hour, Yang Chen and the other sales ladies had chatted until they nearly brought up childhood stories of wetting the bed before Li Jingjing shyly walked out from the changing room.

When everybody looked over, they subconsciously held their breath, and were speechless.

The girl’s ponytail was already let down with her soft straight hair cascading onto her chest which slightly covered those enchanting cheeks that were drunkish red from shyness, while her fresh and delicate face suddenly seemed extremely captivating and attractive.

The white strapless dress leveled perfectly with her arm, with natural creases on the chest, and lacy patterns extending from her elegant waist down to the ends of her tutu skirt. The skirt covered by gauze appeared to be light gold under the lights, causing the exquisitely smooth and white legs to seem extremely warm with luster.

A pair of fashionable white sandals wrapped around the pair of fair feet, and her adorable toes were exposed to the air.

Li Jingjing’s figure could be classified as a young innocent beauty from a small family. It wasn’t exaggerated anywhere, not overly small or skinny, the shoulders and cheeks were perfect shaped, and the breasts and butt was outstanding yet subtle.

It is said that fresh water brings out the naturally sculptured hibiscus. The girl’s unique fresh and pure elegant aura finally revealed itself without any restrains.

“Oh my god, how can an effect like this be brought out from our store’s clothes……” A salesperson found it hard to believe, and subconsciously sighed as she praised.

Li Jingjing noticed everybody staring at her in a daze, while feeling shy and happy, the girl’s natural love for beauty made her unable to resist spinning a circle. With a hopeful expression she asked Yang Chen, “Big brother Yang, how do I look?”

“You are gorgeous?my Princess?……”

[TL: Was in english.]

Yang Chen smiled, and stooped down to make a knight’s greeting.

Li Jingjing was an English teacher, and obviously knew the meaning behind those words, the joy in her heart made her completely forget to wonder why Yang Chen knew English. She could only feel that her heart was about to leap out of her chest, and her body turning into a little bird that could fly.

“I accept your praise?my knight……”

[TL: Was in english.]

Li Jingjing raised the ends of her skirt, and happily returned the greeting.

A salesperson came forward, and enviously smiled saying, “Miss, can you let us take a photo of you, as the most beautiful memory of our shop?”

Li Jingjing hesitated for a moment; actually, she only wanted to hear Yang Chen’s praise, as for taking a photo for others to see, she was very shy about it, so she looked towards Yang Chen with an enquiring expression.

“Of course it’s alright, our Teacher Li is a beauty, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Yang Chen encouraged.

“Then…… Then alright.” Li Jingjing calmly smiled and agreed.

After the few salespersons took a few photos in great delight, Yang Chen had them bring out all of the clothes he chose before, and said, “I’ll buy all of these, help me calculate the total price.”

At this moment, Li Jingjing had already taken off the dress, and changed into a pure white blouse with dark brown jean shorts that was easier to move around in. Her pair of long, smooth, and beautiful white legs that were exposed to the air appeared more vivacious, and gave off a feeling of boldness and sexiness. Hearing Yang Chen say that he would buy everything, she couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, “Big brother Yang, there’s no need to buy all of them!?”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “It’s not like you’re only going to dress up like this once, you can’t possibly be wearing the same thing every time you go for a gathering with those people, right?”

Li Jingjing still felt that it was a waste to spend so much, but didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry Miss, you supplied our shop with such a beautiful feature photo, we will sell these at half price.” The sales lady kindly smiled and said, “Originally it’s over 6400 dollars, but this time we will gift you, our guests 3 sets, and only collect 3000 dollars.”

To Yang Chen 3000 dollars was indeed inexpensive, and he immediately swiped his card to make the payment.

Yet Li Jingjing instead felt regretful, 3000 dollars was about her salary for half a month, she suspected that the cost of all her clothes combined since childhood didn’t even reach 3000 dollars, yet today 3000 dollars were spent buying clothes for her.

“Alright, my princess, it’s getting late, right now many people are getting off work, and the traffic will be heavy. When we reach Heavenly Province it should be around 6PM, let’s go.”

After Li Jingjing firmly made the decision to pay Yang Chen back in the future, she pushed those thoughts behind, and happily held Yang Chen’s hand as they left the store.

But just as the two were about to enter the elevator, Li Jingjing’s phone rang, and she picked up the phone. With a burdened expression she spoke, “I’m sorry Group Leader Jiang, I had some matters to attend to with my brother this afternoon, my brother is now going over with me. Thank you for your good intentions.”

Waiting till she hung up the phone, Li Jingjing apologetically smiled and said, “That was my English Group Leader calling, today’s gathering is organised by him. He said he went to school to pick me up but I wasn’t there, and I told him you are going there with me, and he approved.”

“That group leader of yours was a man, right?” Yang Chen’s ears were sensitive, and could obviously tell that the man’s voice on the phone was somewhat unhappy.

“Yep……” Li Jingjing lowered her head.

“Is he wooing you?” Yang Chen playfully asked.

Li Jingjing hurriedly shook her head, and spoke in a panicked manner, “There’s nothing between him and me, big brother Yang, I even distributed the flowers he gave me to the other female teachers, one for each person!”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, the girl’s cute thoughts made him extremely tempted to pinch her cheeks, “I think you’re the one who shouldn’t let your imaginations run wild. Let’s go, don’t let them wait for too long.”

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