Chapter 58: I Will Help You Get Used To It

Chapter 58: I Will Help You Get Used To It

“Tonight? Where to?” Yang Chen puzzlingly asked.

“Several of the school’s young teachers in the English department have prepared a welcome party for me, they say it will be at Bar Street’s ‘Heavenly Province’ and I…… I’ve never been to a place like that, but feel too embarrassed to reject everyone, so I’d like you to accompany me there……” Towards the end of her sentence, Li Jingjing spoke with lesser and lesser strength……

Fact was, after learning that Yang Chen had married, Li Jingjing was a lost soul. It was only on that day where Yang Chen helped her deal with the problem of the Chen family’s father and son without hesitation, did she come to realize her big brother Yang didn’t discard her.

Although she felt terrible about Yang Chen’s marriage, Li Jingjing was unable to resist the urge to see Yang Chen.

When Yang Chen said he would come to visit her today, she couldn’t sleep well for the whole night. Li Jingjing didn’t know how to face Yang Chen, but once she saw him, she realized that nothing had changed. She would still happily smile in front of Yang Chen, and would still turn shy and blush over little things.

But when she requested Yang Chen to accompany her to a nightclub, Li Jingjing felt afraid. She was afraid that Yang Chen would reject her because of his change in relationship status, and was even more afraid that from the very beginning Yang Chen didn’t have the intention to agree to a little request like this.

Too many thoughts went through her head in this moment, yet when Li Jingjing was getting a little dejected, she heard Yang Chen straightforwardly agree, “No problem!”

“Really?” Li Jingjing was overjoyed by the unexpected good news, and hugged onto Yang Chen’s elbow, “Big brother Yang, you’ll really accompany me there?”

Yang Chen tapped on the girl’s nose in a pampering manner, and it was a simple action like this that made it all the more pitiful, “Look at how happy you look now, you’re supposed to be a role model, pay attention to how you look.”

“But somebody is just really happy……” Li Jingjing stuck out her tongue, and still didn’t let go of his arm.

Yang Chen took a look at the clock on the wall, it was 2PM in the afternoon, after pondering for a moment, he asked, “Jingjing, are you busy this afternoon?”

“I’m not, I only have morning classes today. The term just started, so it isn’t a busy period.” Li Jingjing honestly replied.

With a profound look, Yang Chen laughed, “Then you should follow me somewhere now, since they chose Heavenly Province, it wouldn’t be good if you went looking this casual.”


After dealing with some trivial matters, Yang Chen brought Li Jingjing out of the school, and into his car.

Li Jingjing was astonished when she saw the interior of the BMW, “Big brother Yang, when did you buy a sports car?” Although she didn’t know the brand names of cars, the girl had the insight to notice that this car’s price tag definitely wasn’t low.

“Oh, now that I’ve changed my job and needed a car, I bought it.” Yang Chen didn’t continue explaining, he couldn’t possibly say that he casually took this out from his wife’s garage.

Li Jingjing didn’t continue brooding over the matter, and asked, “Where are you bringing me to, big brother Yang? It’s still so early, the teachers said that the party will start at 6PM this evening.”

“Shopping for clothes, you are still I, Yang Chen’s younger sister, if you get looked down upon when you go to Heavenly Province, that would be terrible.” Yang Chen smiled and spoke.

“Is it embarrassing that I dress like this……” Li Jingjing was a little depressed as she lowered her head.

Yang Chen helplessly sighed, “Jingjing, that isn’t what I meant. It’s just that you’ve never been to Heavenly Province, and you’re not aware of it. From what I know of Bar Street, that place isn’t as casual as other KTV and bars, to simply put, it’s a high-class nightclub. For your colleagues to choose a place like that, it can be seen that they are all quite rich. It’s no big deal if you dress casually most of the time, but if you attend the welcome party that they prepared for you so casually, it’ll not just be bad for you, it’ll also embarrass them.  Of course, for those who are particularly concerned about self-interest, changing into a respectable, and luxurious attire will make them shut up and not affect your mood.

“I feel that the teachers in school treat me pretty well…… They probably won’t ridicule me……” Li Jingjing bit her lip, and spoke with hesitantly.

“Jingjing……” While driving the car, Yang Chen spoke, “You have graduated from university for quite a while now, and ought to face the reality of society. For some matters, even though you don’t care, it doesn’t mean everybody else won’t. Since you entered this society, you can only do your best to adapt. There is nothing to grieve or feel sad about, and nothing you can reject or loathe.”

“I…… I understand.” Li Jingjing nodded, “Big brother Yang, thank you. It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s just that I’m still not used to it.”

I will help you get used to it.” Yang Chen gently smiled.

In less than half an hour, the car stopped at Zhong Hai Mall, in the mall, clothing products from all over the world could be purchased, and would save Yang Chen the effort of going all around Zhong Hai to find clothes for Li Jingjing.

This was Yang Chen’s first time entering a large shopping mall after returning to the country. In the morning, he went to the bank to deposit the “extorted” cheque, and after he cashed it in he had a card made. Now that he finally had a little capital in his wallet, he had a little more confidence as he brought Li Jingjing into the elevator to go up. If it was like before and he wanted to buy clothes, he would have to first borrow some money from others.

Li Jingjing had never been to a rich and majestic place like this which had perfumes pervading in the air like this to shop. She nervously held on to Yang Chen’s arm, with her originally lily-like fresh, pure and beautiful face, combined with her current cute and helpless look, many other customers that walked around couldn’t help but steal glances at her.

As they walked, they passed by Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel and a few other branded stores. Yang Chen frowned, and bitterly said to Li Jingjing, “Seems like these shops are more expensive than I expected, how about we take a look at Balenciaga?” Although he had some money, it was still not enough to buy those clothes that cost thousands.

Li Jingjing simply had no knowledge of the meaning behind these brand names, all she knew was the design of their clothes were extremely beautiful, while some were extremely embarrassing. At this moment she lovably nodded, “I’ll listen to big brother Yang, it’s better not to buy something too expensive, I…… I’m afraid I don’t have enough money.” As she said that, she even rubbed her little satchel.

Yang Chen knowingly smiled, and couldn’t help pinching the girl’s elastic face, “I will pay for the clothes today.”


“No buts!” Yang Chen immediately said, “Just think of it as something you owe me, and you can return it to me once you earn more money in the future.”

Li Jingjing could only yield and agree to it. She felt secretly happy in her heart.

As Yang Chen expected, the clothes sold by Balenciaga’s specialty store was a little cheaper, this was a French brand with decades of experience, they’ve always been about the clean, simple, refined and pure style. This brand met the requirements to be the outlet to shop for Li Jingjing’s clothes.

[TL: The raws say Balenciaga is a brand based in France brand though it originated in Spain…. In chinese, it’s called “Ba li shi jia” which literally means ‘Paris Aristocratic Family’, kinda funny.]

When the sales lady saw the two enter, she passionately welcomed them, “Mister and miss, is there anything particular you want to look at? This season’s new designs just arrived yesterday, how about I introduce them to the two of you?”

“Oh, you do not need to go through that trouble, we can choose ourselves.” Yang Chen politely refused the sales lady’s good intentions, and pulled Li Jingjing’s hand as he entered the ladies department. On one hand he sized up Li Jingjing’s build, on the other he personally chose clothes for her.

Since it was a work day and also daytime, there weren’t many customers in the store. Several of the sales ladies noticed that there was a young man helping his girlfriend choose her clothes, and all looked over in curiosity.

Li Jingjing was sized up and down by Yang Chen. While feeling a little weird in her heart, she also felt quite touched. Seeing Yang Chen pick out clothes for her so seriously, all the emotional pain she had vanished into thin air.

At this time, as if he suddenly came to a conclusion, Yang Chen nodded, he turned around and said to Li Jingjing, “Jingjing, take off your clothes.”

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