Chapter 50: Colleague

Chapter 50: Colleague

Bitterness was displayed in Liu Mingyu’s eyes as she thought of the past, she shook her head, and with a smile she said, “I have a boyfriend, he went to serve in the army, but I haven’t received a message until now, and he still hasn’t returned.”

“Doesn’t serving the army take 2 years before returning? He signed on?” Asked Yang Chen in bewilderment.

“I don’t know, his family also moved……” Liu Mingyu smiled with exhaustion and said, “Perhaps it’s as the others said, and he took up some kind of important post.”

“To continue dragging on like this isn’t the solution. You are a woman, and should know the importance of age.” Yang Chen silently cursed that man for throwing away a woman like that, taking up that secret job or something, what for?

Liu Mingyu nodded, “So what? I always think of him, and I can’t forget him, how can I accept another man?” Stopping for a moment, she then smiled and continued, “Alright, let’s not mention these things, it’s about time to get off work, let’s return to the office.”

Naturally, Yang Chen had no objection. Since the victim had already requested not to make a fuss out of this, he could only listen to her.

That said, Yang Chen still held the cheque written by Guo Ziheng, and he had to hand it over to his heartless, and boring beautiful superior.

When he entered the office, a bunch of office ladies had already began dressing themselves up to prepare to get off from work. They groomed themselves prettily, obviously wanting to go enjoy the radiant, and passionate night life.

Zhao Hongyan and Zhang Cai were instead pretty tranquil, they didn’t specially put on makeup, seeing Yang Chen return, they smiled and greeted him.

“Did the task go smoothly? You returned so late.” Asked Zhao Hongyan.

Yang Chen nodded, he curiously asked, “Why did you and Zhang Cai not groom yourselves like the others, or change your clothes?”

Zhao Hongyan grudgingly sighed and said, “Can’t you tell? Zhang Cai and I are both married women, the both of us married last year, what need do we have for those.”

“So you guys were married?!” Yang Chen was really shocked, he felt deep affection for the 2 newlywed women. No wonder their figures were more well-rounded than the other female colleagues.

Zhang Cai laughed and said, “Yang Chen it can’t be that you really wanted to do something to us right? We have husbands, don’t fight with them for us.”

“Yang Chen is also a married person with a wife, we’re the same.” Zhao Hongyan pursed her lips into a smile and said.

In his heart Yang Chen thought, can the relationship between him and that girl Lin Ruoxi still be considered husband and wife? Naturally, he didn’t say it out, and after awkwardly smiling, he ran towards Mo Qianni’s office with his tail between his legs.

The desk lamp was already turned on in the office, and its light rays were all over the dark room. Mo Qianni had taken off her jacket, and only had a pure white short-sleeved blouse on, seriously writing something.

On top of her sharp nose laid a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, her hair was tied simply into a ponytail, with a few strands of hair covering her smooth face. She had a concentrated expression, so much so that she didn’t even notice Yang Chen lightly pushing the door open.

This was a beautiful young lady that looked pleasing no matter how she groomed herself, just that she had a bad temper. Perhaps the majority of beauties had this sort of shortcoming, Yang Chen realistically thought.

“Don’t you know to knock the door first?” Mo Qianni finally noticed Yang Chen who had walked to the opposite side of the table. Although she was very curious as to how this man seemed unscathed with his hateful smile still remaining, but naturally she wouldn’t even bat an eyelid, and indifferently asked.

Yang Chen pulled a chair over and sat down, then placed the cheque in his hand onto the table very slowly, “I don’t have much experience, next time I’ll take note to knock.”

“What’s this?” Mo Qianni put down the pen in her hand, and stared at the cheque on the table with skepticism——amount, 400,000 dollars.

Yang Chen laughed, “Didn’t Miss Mo send me to chase a debt? A balance of 400,000 dollars, not a cent less.”

Mo Qianni picked up the cheque, and looked at the drawer’s column, it was really Hua Cheng Apparel’s shameless hoodlum leader, Guo Ziheng. Shocked, she raised her head to take a good look at Yang Chen, she truly had no idea how this fella managed to make the opposite party obediently hand over the money they owed.

“You’re…… unharmed right?” Mo Qianni finally couldn’t resist asking. She sized Yang Chen up, she kept thinking that Yang Chen should only return after desperately struggling and being beaten to a pulp. The past few times even specialized personnel were sent, and they all entered the hospital, there was even one who was still injured and was still wheelchair bound.

Yang Chen pretended to know nothing, he made a motion with his hands, and “puzzlingly” asked, “What harm, isn’t it just asking for a payment? I found them pretty easy to talk to, it was even Boss Guo who personally ordered people to send me back.

Curse it! Could it be that the bunch of gangsters have turned into herbivores!? Mo Qianni was enraged in her heart, to be able to bring back the money owed was of course a good thing. But seeing the man in front of her eyes without any injuries, and with that relaxed face, why did she feel so unresigned in her heart!?

Such emotions naturally couldn’t be shown on the surface, Mo Qianni took a deep breath, then said, “Thanks for your trouble, you will receive a bonus along with the end of month’s salary, you may get off work now.”

“Then I really have to thank Miss Mo.” Appearing to be very satisfied, Yang Chen nodded, stood up and walked to the door, right before he walked out, he turned his head back, and with a smile that wasn’t a smile he said, “Miss Mo, that black clothing of yours is not bad, very pretty……”

After Yang Chen left, Mo Qianni was still baffled and looked down at her body, she was obviously wearing a white blouse, where did the black come from?

Taking a careful look, she realized there were 2 faintly black areas in front of her chest, it was because the blouse seemed a little translucent due to the desk light, which was why the brief outline could be seen. That wasn’t a blouse, it was a bra!

“Yang Chen……” Once she understood, Mo Qianni flushed with anger and clenched her teeth, she slammed the tabletop with her palm, and her eyes looked as if fire was about to be shot out, “Just you wait!”

After bidding farewell to the numerous sisters in the office, Yang Chen finally understood the joy of being a white collared worker. This job was indeed a little boring compared to selling mutton skewers, but its ‘environment’ was indeed pretty good. Merely the ladies’ fragrance that permeates the air was not something that the stink of the farmers’ market could compare to.

Arriving at the basement carpark, Yang Chen got into his car, and suddenly his phone rang, it was Li Jingjing.

Yang Chen laughed and picked up the phone, “Hello.”

“Big brother Yang……” Li Jingjing’s words were spoken with a tinge of happiness, “Thank you.”

“Thank me for what?” Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to admit that he was the one who slaughtered Chen Dehai.

“For the matter regarding Chen Dehai……” Li Jingjing spoke softly, then seemed to come to the realization of something, as she changed the topic saying, “Anyways, thank you, dad, mom, and me are all very happy.”

Hearing the girl’s gentle voice, Yang Chen sighed with relief, it seemed like this brat was also quick-witted. He laughed and said, “Is that so? Then it’s all good, let your father continue doing his business, I’ll come to chat with him tomorrow morning.”

“Yep, understood.”

“Is there anything else?” Yang Chen didn’t mind chatting with Li Jingjing a little longer, but as it gets late, there might be a traffic jam.

“Other things…… There’s nothing else.” Li Jingjing hesitated for a moment, and said, “I just want to know when big brother Yang is coming to the school to see me.”

Only now did Yang Chen remember agreeing to this matter, he couldn’t help but feel vexed by his own carelessness, and hurriedly said, “I’ve just started work this week, so I’m a little busy. However, I will definitely go during next week, don’t worry.”

Only with this did Li Jingjing happily agree, and put down the phone.

Just as Yang Chen was about to start the car, the phone rang again. This time, it was actually Wang Ma.

He was baffled as to why Wang Ma called him at such a time, as he had already mentioned that he was coming home for dinner. He picked up the phone and before he spoke a word, on the other side of the line, Wang Ma impatiently shouted—— “Young Master! Please hurry on back! Something big happened!!”

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