Chapter 47: You’re Even An Action Movie Star

Chapter 47: You’re Even An Action Movie Star

Yang Chen’s words were like a spark falling into a barrel of gunpowder, the entire hall’s men and women all revealed wrathful looks.

“This brat is tired of living, don’t think that nobody here dares to touch you just because you have some skills!”. A man with a large physique threw down the poker cards in his hand, furiously raised his clenched fist and dashed at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didn’t even lift his eyebrows, he fished for a cigarette in his clothes with one hand, while the other casually moved to block the fist swung at him. Abruptly, Yang Chen’s claw-shaped hand rapidly moved, and before that large fist landed, the man’s wrist was tightly grasped.

With a slight turn of the wrist, in the blink of an eye, the man’s hand changed forms just like twisted churros!


The man cried in pain, and fell to the ground holding onto his hand. The bones in his arm were completely dislocated, and he was in so much pain that he had cold sweat all over!

The rest of the hoodlums, who originally planned to charge in and beat Yang Chen to a pulp saw this dramatic reversal, and couldn’t help but stop their legs and hesitate. They were afraid of losing face, but were even more afraid of pain!

After Yang Chen lit up a cigarette, and enjoyed a puff. The crowd of men and women who were just hooting now revealed bewildered and irresolute expressions as they carefully observed at Yang Chen. They didn’t press forward but also didn’t retreat.

“Those who become well-known gangsters, are mostly those who don’t care much about their face, it seems like you people can only be considered intern gangsters, and haven’t become true gangsters.”

Yang Chen sneered, then picked up the document folder, “Your boasting abilities are much stronger than your fighting abilities, I don’t know what the people Yu Lei previously sent for Public Relations were like, but I think there’s a little difference between me and them.”

After finishing, Yang Chen turned around and continued walking towards the manager’s office.

“This mister has great skill, but you came into my office, yet treated my subordinates like this, it is indeed difficult for me, this Guo to swallow.”

A hoarse male voice was heard coming from the manager’s office. Slowly, a mature middle-aged man who had a sharp face and wore an ash-colored suit and shiny leather shoes walked out.


This group of gangsters, who had lost their vigor previously began shouting once again upon the appearance of this man, as if this man could bring back all the face they had lost.

Yang Chen looked at the man with interest, his side-parting hairstyle, Armani suit, Louis Vuitton leather belt, and Pierre Cardin leather shoes, they all fit well with that calm and prideful look only successful people possessed. No matter from what angle, he looked like a big company’s manager, and not the leader of these hoodlums, or the main boss of a dummy corporation.

No wonder Yu Lei suffered a loss, it turns out that there was a secret boss, Yang Chen snickered in his heart.

“Mister debt chaser sent from Yu Lei International, your actions makes things difficult for this Guo, what do you think is the best way to manage this situation?” Boss Guo revealed a nefarious smile, looking resolute yet indifferent, like an old school gentleman from the west.

Yang Chen looked at the information inside the folder. The person with the surname Guo in front should be the this hoodlum company’s boss, Guo Ziheng.

“These expensive apparel of yours are pretty good, you must have cheated quite a large sum of money.”

“I’ve never cheated money, without strength, no matter how you cheat nobody will give you money. I am from the school of strength, not the school of idols.” Guo Ziheng appeared to be entertained.

Yang Chen flicked away the cigarette ash and said, “The way you act arrogant has even greater prospects than me. I can at most win a Golden Horse award, while you can already win an Oscar.”

[TL: The Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards is a film festival and awards ceremony held annually in Taiwan.]

“Oh?” Guo Ziheng coldly laughed and said, “But why do I feel that, this mister is the one from the school of idols?”

“And how did you figure that out?” Yang Chen laughed as he asked.

“What I see is a fool, one who totally doesn’t understand what he is doing, a blockhead with the same amount of self-confidence as a retard……” Said Guo Ziheng, as he suddenly took off his Armani suit jacket, revealing his white Gucci dress shirt.

Witnessing this scene, the rowdy men and women in the hall all began shouting, yelling at the top of their lungs for Boss Guo to put down this arrogant brat.

Guo Ziheng signalled everybody in the hall to keep quiet. With some arrogance on his face, he lightly stretched his muscles. It was as if the muscles in that dress shirt were alive as it bulged out, and cracking sounds emitted from his bones.

“Yo, you’re even an action movie star?” Yang Chen was merry, “Quite a lot of effort was spent on sculpting that body, with those muscles you can even enter a male beauty contest, and qualify to live off rich women.”

“You are courting death.”

Yang Chen sighed, “I advise you to put on your clothes and return the money. I don’t really want to make a move, someone from the school of idols like you also need to keep up with appearances right?”

Guo Ziheng was finally furious, he suddenly took a big stride charging forward!

Sure enough, a body full of strong muscles was not just for show, after Guo Ziheng rushed till he was two-thirds of a metre from Yang Chen, then he threw a roundhouse kick at lightning speed!

He most likely had learned a mixed martial art of some sort, Guo Ziheng’s movements were extremely proficient, with ample strength!

This kick brought forth a gale, which directly blew all the documents on the surrounding tables into mid-air!

Under the circumstances where everybody didn’t know where the kick was going to land, unbeknownst to anybody, Yang Chen suddenly moved his left hand to guard the position slightly below his chest.


Unlike how everybody present thought, Yang Chen was not sent flying by that kick. Instead, they saw the leg of Guo Ziheng tightly caught by the ankle in Yang Chen’s left hand, exactly at an inch below Yang Chen’s chest, unable to move an inch forward!

“The accuracy is not bad, just a bit slow.” Said Yang Chen as if he was evaluating a student’s performance.

Guo Ziheng was terrified inside, his mixed martial arts standard was unlike those plays on television where they casually swing about, it was real abilities honed by taking lives in underground fights. The power and speed of that kick of his was something he understood clearly, there had never been a person who could subdue it like this, blocking his attack as if it was a child playing house!

The intense feeling of humiliation made Guo Ziheng’s heart irritable, and his face was purplish-red as he fiercely said, “Let go……”

That’s right! He was simply unable break his leg free from Yang Chen’s grasp!

How can this man be so ridiculously strong!?

“You return the money, and I will let go.” Yang Chen casually smiled and said.

A trace of severity flashed across Guo Ziheng’s eyes, “I have to return to my office to retrieve my chequebook.”

“That is obedient of you.” Yang Chen nodded, then released the grip on Guo Ziheng’s leg.

Everybody present were incomparably shocked, they simply couldn’t believe that the boss who in their hearts can never fail would suddenly lose at the hands of this plain and average looking young man. The bunch of men and women couldn’t help but begin retreating to the elevator’s entrance.

After Guo Ziheng took an unresigned look at Yang Chen, he slowly returned to his office, in no more than a minute, he once again walked out.

“You will regret the decision you made today, I, Guo Ziheng, have never lost, therefore, today you must die!”

Guo Ziheng slowly walked out of his office, that handsome face of his had a hazy look cast on his face, and madness in his eyes.

Surprisingly, in his hands was a loaded rifle! The deep-dark muzzle was pointed directly at Yang Chen’s forehead!

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