Chapter 46: Mister Has Great Insight

Chapter 46: Mister Has Great Insight

Following the receptionist into the elevator, he discovered that the elevator was shabby like the building. On the four corners there were even advertisements that people usually only paste on lamp-posts, things like folk remedies that could cure big and small illnesses, with directions to go to a specific lane, to a specific alley or address, there were all kinds. Rhetoric and gorgeous to the point that it can turn those large and proper mainstream advertising companies red with shame.

Yang Chen relished in seeing the various advertising languages, continuously nodding he said, “These advertisements are great, I like it.”

The lady who constantly maintained a lovely smile staggered, awkwardly smiled and said, “Mister has great insight.”

The elevator only stopped when it reached the top floor, walking out of the elevator, Yang Chen was flabbergasted. He was surprised to smell the pungent scent of smoke……

He saw that in the large office in front, the arrangement of desks and chairs were in a mess, all kinds of paper, newspapers, paper napkins, toilet paper and even used women’s underwear were randomly strewn on the ground. The computer monitors were mostly covered in some kind of filth and were blurry, while many monitors were obviously smashed broken.

It was as if the entire hall hasn’t been cleaned for several hundred years, dust flew around chaotically, even half the fluorescent lights on the ceiling were blown.

This scene was like an abandoned office, moreover the type that has been maliciously wrecked before. But what made Yang Chen bewildered was, inside this place the “office workers” were a tide of people moving about.

He could see a ton of people wearing all kinds of strange clothing, some are young, some are old, consisting of both men and women, who were assembled at different tables. They were either loudly throwing dice, tapping on show hand poker, playing mahjong or even playing solitaire.

A majority of the men had cigarettes in their mouths, swallowing in clouds and spitting fog, the women were also gaudily dressed, walking around the men. It was unknown if they enjoyed being taken advantage of, or enjoyed freeloading off men.

Breathing in the air that had smoke fumes that could choke a dead person, Yang Chen finally understood, this was a “gangster company” opened by friends in the underworld! It’s no wonder nobody came to chase for the debt from Yu Lei International. It’s likely that they only realized it after the deal was made, and probably nobody from the PR Department dared to come!

Actually Yang Chen was half-right, Yu Lei International indeed realized Hua Cheng Apparel Company basically wasn’t a regular company after the deal was made. At that time, because the business transaction wasn’t considered big, after receiving the deposit they sent the goods. But after that, when they did send specialized personnel to chase for payment, it was a pity that every person who saw Hua Cheng Company’s true side all pissed their pants and ran away. Hua Cheng Apparel’s boss even sent out word, that if anybody still dares to ask for payment, they would beat the person to death and throw him out.

Because the contract’s deadline hasn’t been reached, Yu Lei International also didn’t have the option of filing for a lawsuit, so they could only stay passive and let things drag on.

By having Yang Chen come here, Mo Qianni obviously planned to use Hua Cheng to “attack by using the strength of another” and have Yang Chen leave the company of his own accord because of this.

To an average person, this kind of scene was indeed frightening, but to Yang Chen, rather than frightening, it was somewhat familiar to him. It could even be considered child’s play to him.

The front desk receptionist turned around, expecting to see what kind of frightened expression this fool had, but instead saw Yang Chen’s interested appearance, looking in all directions with a smile.

What an idiot, let’s see if you can still smile in a while! The woman sneered in her heart.

“Mister, our manager’s office is right over there, please follow me.” Said the woman with a cold laugh.

Yang Chen nodded, laughed and said, “Your office environment is pretty good, even letting people smoke in the office, not bad, not bad.”

Some black lines hung on the woman’s forehead, she was already suspecting whether Yu Lei International had sent a fool.

The appearance of Yang Chen attracted quite a number of gazes from Hua Cheng employees, several well-built males evilly grinned as they walked over, looking at Yang Chen with provoking and contemptful looks. A dark-faced well-built man extended his hand to casually touch the woman’s body, while asking who Yang Chen was.

This woman obviously had an “unordinary” relationship with this group of people, as her boobs were fondled by that man a few times, she flirtatiously laughed. Under the bright light her face remained joyful as she replied, “He’s sent by Yu Lei International to chase for the debt, he wants me to bring him to see the boss.”

“From Yu Lei International again?” Several men and women laughed out loud, “Two months ago that man said he’s a black belt in Taekwondo, but he was still crippled in a few moments, what belt is this brat then?”

The crowd of hoodlum employees all laughed in mockery, looking at Yang Chen with an incomparably interested gazes, as if he was a fish on the chopping block, just about to be filleted.

A round-faced delinquent girl who wore a black short-sleeves shirt and denim miniskirt came forward, blew a breath of smoke towards Yang Chen, and coyly said, “Hey handsome, why chase a debt, come accompany big sister to experience some fresh pleasures!”

“You little vixen hadn’t had your fill last night, how about some brothers here take turns to battle with you for several hundred rounds!?” The other short-haired skinny man loudly laughed and said.

The delinquent girl covered her mouth and smiled, then raised her miniskirt and swayed it back and forth, with a welcoming expression, “Great, big sis is standing right here, you guys can all come!”

“That sounds good.” The dark-faced man who was rubbing the receptionist’s butt gave Yang Chen a look of scorn, “Coincidentally, a fresh pretty boy delivered himself to us today, so our brothers can still explore some new positions.”

Hearing this small bunch of bandits spouting nonsense to scare him, Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel that this was funny. He was too lazy to speak to them anymore. Seeing the front desk’s receptionist in the dark-faced man’s embrace and moaning, he nearly turned into a pool of water. He then minded his own business and walked towards the manager’s office.

“Hey! Brat! Are you treating our words as shit or are you deaf!?” The dark-faced man saw Yang Chen simply ignoring him, and immediately became angry.

Yang Chen carried on walking, totally ignoring him.

The dark-faced man was enraged to the point his face and hands were twitching. He pushed away the receptionist in his embrace, pointed at Yang Chen and shouted, “Brat, do you believe that if you take one more step, I will kick your balls till they burst!?”

This time, Yang Chen stopped, and slowly turned his head to glance at the dark-faced man.

With a mere glance, the dark-faced man felt as if he fell into an abyss of ice, with all of his blood congealed!

What kind of gaze is this, without any chance of survival, without any possibility of resisting, a powerful feeling of oppression as if trying to suffocate a person, pushing a person into an ash-colored world of desolation without ever coming back……

“I’m here to pursue a debt, not here to play with you guys.” Yang Chen naturally turned his body back, tossed away the documents folder to one side, and with soft steps he walked towards the large man. With a dull voice like plain water he said, “Originally, even if you guys didn’t pay, I wouldn’t even mind, if you gave me the money I would’ve instead found going through the procedures to return it troublesome. However, being spoken to like that by you, now I’m really planning to bring some money back. To be honest, I’m a very easy-going person, if you didn’t cross the line, and it’s just a joke or two everybody can laugh about it. But you people……Why are your brains so uncivilized? I will only say this once……”

“I, hate being threatened the most……”

The moment those words were spoken, it was as if Yang Chen disappeared from where he was in a flash, when he once again appeared, everybody present could only see that the previously standing dark-faced man’s body was crooked, and slowly dropped onto the ground, foaming at the mouth, with his eyes rolled back as he fainted. He had actually fainted from the pain!

Yang Chen stood by the large man’s side, withdrew the fist he slammed into the large man’s stomach, and indifferently looked at his surroundings. He then evilly smiled and asked, “What are you people dawdling for? Your brother has been hit, aren’t you all going to avenge him?”

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