Chapter 45: Negotiation

Chapter 45: Negotiation

In the special region of Yu Lei International’s dining hall, the management level employees split into numerous groups to softly discuss the problems from the meeting.

While on the CEO, Lin Ruoxi’s side, other than the secretary and assistant Wu Yue, there were only 3 other female senior management-level employees who sat close. The other executives would also from time to time glance at their CEO, but didn’t dare to get too close.

This caused Lin Ruoxi’s surroundings to form an eccentric atmosphere, which was unusually weird.

The other person who sat closest to Lin Ruoxi was Mo Qianni, at that moment she didn’t have the mood to eat the delicacies on her plate, she lowered her head to think for a moment, then finally spoke up with a low voice, “Boss Lin, the person you met yesterday, what do you think of him?”

Even while eating, Lin Ruoxi maintained an elegant posture, just like a princess who had been through etiquette training for the royal family. Hearing Mo Qianni’s words, she put down her chopsticks and bowl naturally, and with an indifferent face asked, “Who?”

“That Yang Chen, isn’t his attitude very bad?” Mo Qianni had constantly been puzzled by why Lin Ruoxi vetoed her proposal to fire Yang Chen.

It was impossible to tell if Lin Ruoxi intentionally or unintentionally turned to look into the main  dining hall. She then picked up her chopsticks and bowl, and said, “If he does not make a big blunder, go against the company’s interests, or harm the company’s image, then don’t pay attention to him. I will handle everything else.” With that said, she continued to eat in small mouthfuls.

This time, Mo Qianni was even more bewildered, the expression on her elegant face rapidly changed, and in the end she still gave up asking what Lin Ruoxi’s plan was. Her many years of experience told her that this woman, who was outrageously beautiful to the point where even jealousy was hard to arise towards, was not willing to converse anymore on this topic.

Fine, since the CEO is not going to fire you, I will let you hand over the resignation letter yourself…… Mo Qianni hatefully thought.


In the afternoon Yang Chen played over an hour of games. Originally, he had planned to take an afternoon nap, he even prepared a inflatable pillow he borrowed from Zhao Hongyan, but Mo Qianni had indeed walked over.

Upon seeing his slim, graceful and beautiful superior, Yang Chen felt that it was going to be a pain in the ass. Why was it that on that confident and beautiful face of hers, a smile that resembled the way the big bad wolf looked at the three little piggies is present?

“Yang Chen, you have idled for most of the day, accompany me to a place to run some errands, there is a need for you to do some work.”

Yang Chen looked around at his surroundings, seeing his other female colleagues serious at work, holding in their laughter and not helping him, he helplessly said, “As a chauffeur I’m alright, as for other things I’ll have to consider.”

“When the time comes you’ll know what you need to do.” Mo Qianni was extremely angry, this fella still has an abandon life and court death attitude!

Following Mo Qianni into the basement carpark, Mo Qianni’s ride was a red Audi A4, the moment he got in, he could smell Mo Qianni’s enchanting body fragrance.

Yang Chen couldn’t resist enjoying a few sniffs, then laughed and said, “Miss Mo, your car’s interior is really fragrant, and has the same smell as you.”

“You’re really thick-skinned.” Mo Qianni’s pretty face couldn’t help but blush, “Are you always so frivolous in front of women?”

“This is nothing, if it smells good I’ll just smell more, after all ‘sniffing the fragrance is to know the woman.’ Those who secretly sniff are the wretched ones. A foreign scientific report I’ve read concludes that when men and women get together, attraction by scent plays a huge part. Once a man desires a woman, when he gets together with that woman, it is frequently because that woman’s body scent conforms to that man’s preferences. Among the hundreds of couples they surveyed, almost all were able to find their mate by their body’s scent.” Yang Chen then winked at Mo Qianni.

“I’m too lazy to continue speaking to you.” Mo Qianni started the car and ignored him, but a short time after starting the car, she couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Does this mean that, when you married your wife, you depended on your nose to sniff?”

Yang Chen was stunned, in his mind the frosty and pretty face of Lin Ruoxi surfaced. In his heart he muttered, “My wife’s smell is something men cannot endure.” But his mouth laughed and said, “That is not the main point, I like my wife’s smell, but I also like other women’s smell, Miss Mo yours is not bad.” After speaking, he took another big sniff.

“You……” If the Audi A4 had those ejection seats found on fighter planes, Mo Qianni truly wanted to have this vulgar fella ejected into the sky!

Throughout the whole journey, Mo Qianni’s white face had a sheen of red on it, that she couldn’t remove no matter how.

After more than a quarter of an hour, the car stopped at a relatively old office building. Mo Qianni breathed a sigh of relief, coldly glanced at Yang Chen, and said, “Can you see the Hua Cheng Apparels signboard?”

Yang Chen yawned, and widened his eyes to see. In the middle of the office building in front, there was indeed a sign with white background and black words stating “Hua Cheng Apparels Limited Company” on it.

“Is that our destination?” he asked.

“It’s yours, not mine.” A trace of craftiness flashed past Mo Qianni’s face, “I need to go to another company to negotiate, this one is yours.”

“Negotiate? About what?” Said Yang Chen bewilderedly.

“This Hua Cheng Apparels Company ordered 600,000 dollars worth of apparel the previous year, but still owe a balance of 400,000. Originally the deadline is next year, but I heard Hua Cheng is already on the verge of collapsing, so we need to expedite the return of that 400,000, to prevent bad debts.”

Yang Chen felt that there was something wrong with this situation, “Miss Mo, so much money is at stake, yet you want a new employee like me to collect it? The difficulty is a little too high right?”

“The other PR employees all have things to do, and only you are idling about. Moreover I’m having you expedite a return on debt and not to kill people, if you are a man, then don’t dilly dally.” Said Mo Qianni as her pair of almond-like eyes stared at him.

The fact is, Yang Chen was really tempted to say “I am a man who dilly dallies.” But thinking about how he can’t get away from this, he accepted it, received the business transaction information from Mo Qianni’s hand, then very slowly walked towards the office building.

“Once you’re done give me a call, and I will come to pick you.” After Mo Qianni said that, she charmingly smiled, then made a U-turn and left the car park, and while she was at it, she turned off her cellphone……

Yang Chen still hadn’t learned that he was fooled by his superior. He unhurriedly walked into the office building, and upon entering he saw a gaudily dressed receptionist with heavy makeup who was painting her nails to overcome boredom.

When the woman saw Yang Chen enter, she immediately revealed an enchanting smile, “Mister, do you need any service?”

Yang Chen brandished the brown envelope in his hand, “I’m from Yu Lei International, I’m hoping to discuss a problem regarding the funds of our business deal.”

“Yu Lei International?” The woman gave Yang Chen an odd glance, then proceeded to check some things on the computer at the front desk, before she queried, “Excuse me, is it regarding the business deal’s outstanding balance?”

Yang Chen was happy, it seemed like this company was pretty good, they recognized the matter so quickly, and doesn’t plan to renege on the debt, making it easier on him. He then nodded, “That’s right.”

The woman smiled extremely charmingly, walked up with her hands together on her abdomen, squeezing her pair of particularly eye-catching well endowed breasts. That deep ravine looked like it could draw someone to fall into its abyss, “Mister, please follow me, I shall bring you to the manager’s office.” With that said, she turned her slim waist and outstanding butt, and leisurely walked to the elevator.

At the same time Yang Chen kept up with her, seeing the woman’s swaying rear view, a comfortable feeling aroused in his heart, seems like that little girl Mo Qianni is not bad, this debt chasing job is not bad at all!

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