Chapter 41: Looking Back With A Smile Brings A Hundred Times The Charm

Chapter 41: Looking Back With A Smile Brings A Hundred Times The Charm

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After using some vulgar tactics to get rid of Cai Yan, the troublesome police flower, Yang Chen arrived at the parking area without a hitch, he started the car and looked at the time on the dashboard. It was almost 1AM. Afraid of not having enough time to do intimate things with Rose, he fiercely stepped on the accelerator, and the M3 shot towards the heart of the city like a rocket!

At the same time, the 3 divisions of police cars led by Cai Yan felt that something wasn’t right……

After a policeman picked up a phone call, he hurriedly ran to Cai Yan who was deep in thought, “Bureau Chief, something big happened!”

Cai Yan was gloomy about how the criminal they were waiting for was not found yet, and turned around in a bad mood, “What happened?” she asked.

The policeman quickly said, “We just received an insider’s report. A mysterious person intruded the Chen Residence alone tonight, then killed Chen Dehai and a large number of his subordinates. The Chen Residence has now changed its master, and it is one of the late Chen Dehai’s assistants, Zhang Hu. That mysterious person’s whereabouts is unknown.”

Cai Yan’s dense and fine eyebrows creased, her heart full of astonishment, “No wonder Chen Dehai still hasn’t left to participate in tonight’s drug deal, he has actually died……”

The other policemen were quite happy and one said, “Bureau Chief, this is a good thing, it’s about time that Chen Dehai received the retribution he deserves.”

“What do you guys know?” Cai Yan felt angry and berated, “Why don’t you guys think about it, what kind of person is able to single-handedly intrude the Chen Residences, kill Chen Dehai, then withdraw alone? Someone like that appeared in Zhong Hai, are you guys not the slightest bit worried!?”

All the policemen looked at each other in dismay. Someone like that was truly more scary than Chen Dehai!

Cai Yan pondered for a moment and said, “Hurry up and contact the insider, investigate the cause of the story as much as possible. It would be best to find out who this mysterious person is, and at the very least we must find out his appearance and characteristics. Also, the surveillance in this area must not slacken just because Chen Dehai is dead. Since Chen Dehai died, Zhang Hu, who succeeded his position, will definitely need to purge the old stubborn ones by blood. We must make sure that there will be no civilian casualties!”

“Yes! Bureau Chief!”

After giving out a series of commands, Cai Yan glanced towards the direction Yang Chen left, her cold and beautiful face revealed a little stubbornness, and she mumbled to herself, “Yang Chen, I will definitely find out your bottom line……”

* * * * *

When he arrived at ROSE bar, human voices still emanated from within. Being able to drink wine and have fun from night till dawn was to be expected of Bar Street.

Yang Chen called out to the happy and giggling Little Zhao, then urgently ran into the hallway at the back of the bar, and on the path, all the bodyguards respectfully greeted him. Although Yang Chen didn’t mention it, everybody was long aware that the life of their president was saved by this man who seemed ordinary.

After pushing open the beautiful door to Rose’s room, Yang Chen did not find her in the room. Inside the spacious and cozy room, only the side table’s light was switched on, the illumination in the room was dusky.

Turning his head, he discovered that a seductive figure was sitting by the swimming pool outside the room.

Rose’s swimming pool was formed by using large pieces of cobblestone. At that moment Rose wore a white cotton gauze nightgown, and sat on the cobblestone by the swimming pool. A pair of pure white, flawless, smooth and exquisite little feet full of luster, created ripples to the mirror image of the starlight in the water.

In the quiet courtyard, several Yulan Magnolia flowers swayed with the wind on the tree branches, bringing with it threads of cool and natural fragrance.

Among the clouds a shy smile was shown by the crescent moon, shooting its plain and tranquil moonlight onto Rose’s charming yet slightly indifferent pretty face. The moonlight also added some innocence to her, as if she was Chang’e who fell from the palace in the moon to the secular world, yet also like a goddess in a white dress from ancient greek mythology.

[TL: Chang’e is the moon goddess in Chinese mythology.]

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Rose slowly turned her head over. She did not open her mouth to speak, and only revealed a peaceful smile to Yang Chen.

There’s an ancient saying “Looking back with a smile brings a hundred times the charm, while the ladies of the three palaces are all colorless” describing a fox spirit of a concubine like Daji. Yang Chen didn’t find Rose to be like Daji, because right now her smile was even purer, as if she was a wife who had missed her husband, and seeing that her husband returned home safely, she revealed a happy smile.

[TL: The original poem is from the Tang Dynasty period about a concubine named Yang Guifei, One of the four great beauties of ancient China, original poem has six palaces instead of three. Daji is unrelated to the poem, calling out the author for his mistake! Daji is the favourite concubine of a king during the Shang Dynasty, often portrayed as a wicked fox spirit.]

This woman is always able to give me warmth and comfort on a spiritual level. Only today did I finally discover that I’m truly unable to leave her.

Stripping off his socks and pants, Yang Chen slowly walked to Rose, sat on the cobblestone by her side, dipped his legs into the cool water, and exhaled deeply. Thereafter he felt his whole body loosen up comfortably.

Only now did Rose open her mouth, and with a slightly mischievous smile she said, “If you still didn’t come, I would’ve gone to sleep.”

“If you were asleep I could still wake you up, and if you slept when I asked you to wait for me, then I would also have to spank that butt of yours.” Yang Chen grabbed onto Rose’s soft and fragrant shoulders, allowing her to comfortably lean on his chest. He conveniently rubbed onto the soft flesh on her chest, provoking the beautiful woman to pout coquettishly.

“You’re such a tyrant,” Rose winked, “Red Thorn Society’s president getting spanked on the butt by a man; if this gets out, how am I going to command my subordinates, my many brothers and sisters?”

“Then we have to see who is the one spanking……” Yang Chen kissed Rose’s fragrant hair, it smelled great, so he smiled and asked, “You changed your perfume?”

“Who would spray perfume on their heads?” Rose straightened her body, and rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, “Do you like this young lady’s body fragrance and shampoo’s fragrance mixed together?”

Yang Chen vaguely smiled and said, “I do like it, but you were slightly wrong on one point, you’re no longer a young lady.”

Rose’s pretty face turned red, “Then what am I?”

“Considered a young married woman.”

“A young married woman who is not married?” Rose playfully blinked her eyes.

Yang Chen was instantly speechless, this was considered his guilt towards Rose, and something that was difficult to talk about. He smiled and said embarrassed, “This…… Rose my darling, can we change topics?”

“Look at your expression,” Rose chuckled then said, “I’m just teasing you for fun, it’s your fault for making me wait so long, it has been nearly 4 hours.”

Yang Chen gloomily said, “Hey, my darling Rose, I went from my house to Chen Dehai’s house, then came here as soon as I was done. The route was simple, but I didn’t stop by my home in between, I’m already pretty quick.”

“What was the result?” Rose asked in a relaxed manner, as if slaughtering an underworld boss in his stronghold was a trivial matter.

Yang Chen didn’t waste anymore time, and made a simple narration of the events that took place, at the end he said, “In brief, right now Chen Dehai’s forces will be cleaned up by that Zhang Hu. You will get in touch with Zhang Hu, and have him listen to your arrangements.”

Rose nodded without the slightest bit of surprise, “I really didn’t expect that Zhang Hu actually had some brains, in the past I saw him dim-wittedly following Chen Dehai’s side, I didn’t expect to err in my judgement.”

“He is dim-witted, otherwise he wouldn’t choose Chen Dehai as his boss.” Yang Chen did not deny it.

Rose suddenly sighed with remorse, “No matter how silly he is, he cannot compare with me, who willingly allows myself to be a person’s mistress, and even the type that waits deep into the night, until I’m about to sleep……”

Seeing this little vixen reveal a ‘I’m pitiful’ expression, Yang Chen could only feel a fire sprouting ferociously from his dantian. In one move he grabbed and hugged Rose’s extremely flexible waist, then lowered his head to kiss her flawless face, and smiled, “My darling Rose, you’re really good at increasing appeal, with such an expression aren’t you scared your husband I will go crazy?”

“What kind of crazy, hubby?” Rose’s exhaled air smelled like orchids, as she asked with a low coquettish voice.

Yang Chen gave a strange smile, and suddenly moved with force, their bodies entered the swimming pool in an instant!

The two immediately stuck together, and shared a hot kiss. Among the splashing waters, murmuring was heard from time to time.

“Rose, let’s do it in the water……”


“What? Okay? Oh, good, very obedient……”

“I said……Wu……”

“I know you want it, saying it once is enough, hehe……”


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