Chapter 40: Cooperate With The Investigation

Chapter 40: Cooperate With The Investigation

“Why’s a grown man like you crying?” Yang Chen couldn’t help but sigh, he witnessed firsthand, and naturally knew Zhang Hu was grieving over what happened to his sister. These words weren’t fake, and if it was any ordinary person, they wouldn’t have chosen to openly betray during such an extreme situation like earlier.

Zhang Hu abruptly raised his head, swiped away the tears, and sincerely said, “Boss, from now on, my Zhang Hu’s life is yours. I will not regret it even if I have to work like an ox or a horse!”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh, and then said, “You’re so straightforward at changing bosses. How do you know I want to be your underworld boss, how do you know I am willing to be your boss?”

“This…… This……” Zhang Hu couldn’t get another word out, then shamelessly said, “Other than fighting, killing and seizing territories there’s nothing that I, Zhang Hu knows how to do. If Boss has no objection, please let me be Boss’ bodyguard!”

“Do you think I need that?”

“Erm……” Zhang Hu’s face instantly turned pale, he once again thought of Yang Chen’s frightful movements. He could only lower his head, and softly say, “You don’t need it.”

Seeing this deflated expression, Yang Chen had begun to like this straightforward burly man. Most importantly, this Baldy was daring yet careful, and knew when to take a step back. That time at the bar, he noticed that Yang Chen’s combat skills were abnormal, and then he prudently apologised with gifts immediately, and never got rash or got into a daze. This time, for his sister, his real nature was revealed, resolutely choosing to believe Yang Chen, and brought on a heroic life and death bet.

Thinking for a bit, Yang Chen stood up, and said to Zhang Hu, “Zhang Hu, although I will not take over matters regarding the underworld, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let others take over.”

“Boss……. What do you mean?” Zhang Hu felt a glimmer of hope, and immediately raised his head to ask.

Yang Chen slowly walked the room, and then said, “The moment Chen Dehai is gone, this area’s underworld will turn into a huge mess. I need you to take over Chen Dehai’s position.”

Troubled, Zhang Hu said, “Boss, to take over the old ghost’s territory isn’t difficult. Right now that old ghost’s most important henchmen were all shot dead by Boss, with your godly marksmanship, and I’m the only one left. These few years my reputation in the society has been pretty good, so if I use some cold-hearted tactics, those brothers willing to follow me will definitely be able to keep this territory under control. But…… But I don’t know how to manage it, the underworld also have businesses, and these businesses were personally managed by the old ghost in the past, so I don’t understand those.”

“You don’t need to worry about this.” Yang Chen smiled and said, “You only need to stabilize this area, and not let Chen Dehai’s forces scatter, but keep it firmly in your grasp. As for other matters, I will have someone tell you what to do.”

“Someone?” Zhang Hu uncertainly asked, “Not managed by you, Boss?”

“There’s someone more suitable to take over than me, and in the future you will handle matters according to what that person says. Don’t question anything unnecessarily. As for the West Union Society’s side, as far as possible, you should try to replace Chen Dehai’s position, and follow along with West Union Society’s decisions as before.”

Without waiting for Zhang Hu to say more, Yang Chen took a piece of paper, wrote down his cellphone number, and passed it to Zhang Hu, “Here, this is my cellphone number. My surname is Yang, and in the future don’t call me boss. I’m not Chen Dehai, and I don’t want you to be my henchman.”

Zhang Hu hurriedly took it, firmly held it in his hand, and revealed a candid smile, “Yes, Boss…… Oh no, Mr. Yang.”

Yang Chen nodded in satisfaction, “About what comes after, you make the decisions yourself. I will have someone contact you directly, and help you manage this area’s forces. If you run into an obstacle you cannot resolve, you can give me a call, I will get rid of it at my own discretion. If there’s nothing particularly important, then don’t call this number.”

Zhang Hu listened with a serious face, and did not dare to have the slightest bit of disobedience.

Yang Chen glanced at the clock on the wall, this “business trip” took almost 2 hours, it was nearly midnight, remembering what he promised to Rose, a fervent feeling rose in his heart, then he said to Zhang Hu, “It’s pretty late, I should get going. Your sister might still be in Chen Feng’s room right now, and Chen Feng was knocked unconscious by me, but I reckon he isn’t dead. I recommend you hand over Chen Feng to your sister to handle, just think of it as ‘reversal of the wheel of fortune’.”

Hearing the two words “Chen Feng” Zhang Hu’s eyes radiated coldness, then he seriously nodded, “Mr. Yang, my sister and I both express gratitude to your kindness for the new lease on our lives. In the future if there’s anything that you need I, Zhang Hu, to do, just send the word, and I will not decline even if it’s jumping into a mountain of knives or a sea of fire.

“If you have no education, bootlick less, you make it sound as corny as a dialogue from the 80’s ancient TV dramas.” Yang Chen did not know whether to laugh or to cry as he tapped Zhang Hu’s shoulder, then directly left the study room.

Since Chen Residence was already a mess, Yang Chen who fought his way in basically didn’t get obstructed at all. He left the main entrance relaxed and satisfied, then walked in the direction of the parking lot.

But before he managed to even walk a mile, Yang Chen was startled to realize, that at the side of the dark public park’s forest ahead, there were 3 police cars parked, moreover there stood quite a number of policemen.

Yang Chen wasn’t stupid enough to think that Chen Dehai called the police. Isn’t that a mouse calling a cat for help? Furthermore, these policemen seemed to be waiting to ambush, as for what they were taking the initiative to do, it must be some other mission, and only a coincidence that it was held at this area.

Pondering for a while, Yang Chen decided to just take care of his own business, leave and pretend he didn’t see these policemen.

But only a mere few steps were taken, when he heard someone shout at him from behind……


The melodious female voice was somewhat familiar. Yang Chen turned around, saw the person walking over, and couldn’t help but expose a playful smile, “Oh, it’s Bureau Chief Cai, it’s so late yet we still bump into each other, fate huh?”

The policewoman who walked up was precisely the one he once met from that time, Cai Yan. Cai Yan who walked closer in the wind of the night wore a dark green police uniform, her sharply contoured face outline had a heroic air that normal women didn’t possess. With face powder, eyeliner and light pink lipstick, this policewoman full of confidence had a more lady-like charm, while her outstandingly good figure was like a blooming tuberose.

Cai Yan looked at Yang Chen with a suspecting gaze, “What are you doing here?”

“This……” Yang Chen rubbed his hands in a somewhat embarrassed manner, laughed and said, “About this, it’s considered a private matter, can I not say?”

Cai Yan looked at the happy and giggling man with disgust, but didn’t let down her guard. She remembered the time he overthrew two of her civil police subordinates, and expressionlessly said, “A police asked you a question, so you better answer truthfully, this is to cooperate with the investigation.”

Yang Chen leisurely said, “Bureau Chief Cai, it actually was nothing big. I was just at the riverside with a female friend kissing her little lips. I rubbed her boobs, took off her skirt then pinched her thighs. If there was something more to say, then it would be that I also let her grab that part of mine…… You have no idea, she has a heavy hand. The point is she was too excited, and said that part of mine was bigger than any other men she had ever touched, at that time I was so happy, then……”

Hearing such words, Cai Yan’s face and ears immediately turned red, she clenched her teeth and said, “Shut up! You’re not allowed to say more!”

Why is this man so shameless! Cai Yan felt like puking.

With a straight face, Yang Chen said, “Bureau Chief Cai, you wanted me to cooperate with the investigation, I even let out such a private matter to you. But this attitude of yours is such a letdown to me, a kind-hearted little civilian willing to help the police, right?”

Cai Yan truly felt like going up to Yang Chen to give him a slap, but remembering that she still had official business, she endured her anger, thought of the “wise and virtuous women can wait 10 years for revenge” principle, waved her little hand, and said, “You can get lost, hurry up and leave this place!”

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