Chapter 25: Taking A Job

Chapter 25: Taking A Job

“Why?” After a long period of silence, with a poker face, Lin Ruoxi finally spouts out this word.

“Why what?” Yang Chen asks back.

Lin Ruoxi threw the coat in her hand at Yang Chen, she wanted to ask why he suddenly decided to care and put a coat on her, and send her that meal, but when the words reached her throat she felt a little too embarrassed to say it, and could only say: “Why didn’t you wake me up.”

“What are you talking about? I have no idea.” Yang Chen pretends with an innocent face.

Lin Ruoxi creases her eyebrows, in her heart murmuring how this man is still such a rogue, “Don’t you know I’m in a hurry? Since you saw me sleeping you should have woke me up, what if it delays my work!”

“I’ve already said that I have no idea what you are talking about.” Yang Chen pulled out a cigarette, and minded his own business lighting it up, he intended to take it to the grave.

Helpless, Lin Ruoxi didn’t speak more about it, and only coldly said, “Without my permission you’re not allowed to enter my study and bedroom, otherwise I will have you move out.”

“Haha…….” Yang Chen laughs, “Move out? I’ve never said I want to move in, it is you who made me move in, why does it sound like I’m the one who begged you to let me move in? Hey, my dear wife, these words of yours are pretty baffling.”

“You…….” Lin Ruoxi wanted to protest, but remembered that it was indeed her that had him move in, she even prepared a room and bought essential items needed for daily use for him. With nothing better to say, she could only angrily glare at Yang Chen, “I’m not going to ramble on and on with a rogue like you, remember to go find a good job from tomorrow onwards!” With that said, leaving a wave of fragrance she once again goes upstairs.

Halfway up the stairs, she heard Yang Chen warmly say from the living room: “Remember to take your meals.”

Lin Ruoxi’s footsteps paused, a mysterious warmth flowed into her heart, she turns her head and stares at the back of the man smoking and watching TV, a little spellbound…… All these years, other than Wang Ma who raised her, and her long passed mother and granny, there truly had not been anybody else who had given her this type of family warmth, considerate care, and even more so a man. This feeling was very unfamiliar to Lin Ruoxi.

Once again, recalling how Yang Chen protected her during the day and how he threw that insufferable father Lin Kun out of the house to vent his anger for her, she couldn’t help feeling a little bashful about it.

Fact is, when Yang Chen covered her with the coat earlier, Lin Ruoxi was already awake. But with her innately cold character she did not know how to express her feelings, and also did not dare to open her eyes to face that scene, which was why she could only continue pretending to be sleeping.

Now hearing Yang Chen remind her to eat, she felt a little touched but her face remains as cold as ever, and returns with a line, “I don’t need your care”, then quickly returned to her study.

When Wang Ma who just left the kitchen witnessed this scene, she couldn’t help but to reveal a contented smile.

Located at the central business district of ZhongHai, Yu Lei International headquarters was a building over forty stories tall, the word “International” was not just boasting either, considering the fact that it has blossomed in three markets namely Europe, USA and Japan. Yu Lei International has even become one of China’s top 10 companies in fashion and cosmetics.

The entire Yu Lei building was just like a slender and elegant silver tulip, its smooth lines and simple yet elegant decor makes those who enter the building feel more lively and invigorated.

The air was filled with the faint smell of perfume, and all kinds of flowers and plants are attractively placed all around the building, bringing the beauty of nature to the plain white-toned decorations of the building.

However, what makes Yu Lei International Headquarters famous isn’t its unique style of decor, but the many kinds of beautiful employees wearing OL (Office Lady) uniforms instead.

As they are a part of the fashion and cosmetics industry, it was as expected that females are the absolute majority. But what takes the cake was this, as Yu Lei International recruitment obviously takes corporate image into account, all of the employees who enter the company, are intelligent and beautiful city girls, even the worst are delicate and pleasant ladies. As for the company’s or their partnered models, they can induce millions to daydream .

As a result, there are many lonely city men walking in circles outside of Yu Lei International, every single one of them hoping to hook onto one of the women inside. The only problem is, those who succeed are next to nothing.

[TL: This is the saddest story T.T]

With such an environment, to enter Yu Lei International has become the optimal choice for countless men. One can imagine, from the moment Yu Lei International released its advert of the Public Relations department recruiting, the number of men that wreck their heads trying to apply!

Therefore, for Yu Lei International’s recruitment, they have come up with a few special requirements only applicable to men:

Number one, male applicants must possess a university bachelor’s degree or higher from the top 50 universities in the world.

Number two, male applicants must be proficient in at least two foreign languages.

With such conditions, the men who wanted to take advantage of this opportunity for their personal desires were all scared silly. If there’s a man who fulfills these conditions, why would he even go to Yu Lei International to be a public relations officer!? Even if they aren’t top level executives they would be the elites of any company. Beauties may be important, but if one’s rich would they still be lacking beauties?!

In the end, on the day Yu Lei International was conducting its final interview, among the dozens who came for the final interview, the only men remaining numbered less than ten. And among these men, every single one of them were wearing branded goods all over, with arrogant expressions of being unparalleled in the world. They were obviously not taking this job seriously, believing in their hearts “I’m the best in the world”. They are such pampered sons, their aim, and also the reason of their job application, was merely to look for thrill and women because they were bored.

Right now there’s still five minutes before the start of the final two tests. The first was a written paper, and second was answering the examiner’s questions. Of the final thirty-over people remaining in the hall, a majority of the ladies seemed nervous, while the remaining seven or eight men were relaxed and carefree.

Standing in the wide fan-shaped hall, on Yang Chen’s side sat a fat man with an oily head and coquettish face, narrow spectacles, fully clothed in Armani branded goods.

“Hey, brother, which flower have you taken a fancy to?” The fatty got closer and said with a wretched smile.

Yang Chen uncertainly asks: “What do you mean taken fancy to which flower?”

“Still pretending!” Fatty mischievously smiled and said: “Brother, you don’t need to act so cold and reserved, at worst I can go first, I’ve taken fancy to the Public Relations department’s chief Mo Qianni. Alright, your turn!”

Yang Chen was speechless to the fatty’s honesty, and said: “I’m just here for the job, I already have a wife.”

“Fuck you! Who believes such a fake story!” Fatty gave Yang Chen a look of incomparable contempt, “Honest people don’t speak lies, which of the other brothers sitting here aren’t here because they have money yet have nowhere to spend it and so have come to find women? You are wearing this summer’s CK’s (Calvin Klein) newest fashion to apply for a small PR job, do you think I’m the fool or you’re the fool? And even a wife…….If you said you have ten lovers I would believe, but who has nothing better to do than marry a wife to manage oneself?”

Yang Chen was astonished, he quietly shook his head, sighed and said: “How is it that this country is even more open than overseas, has the world changed so fast? Could it be that I’ve become a good man of this generation?” and he no longer paid attention to the fatty’s groundless torment.

Right at this moment, the hall’s doors were pushed open, a lady in a fitting black dress, snow-white shirt, and hair rolled into a bun slowly walked in, behind her followed four beautiful OL carrying materials.

“She’s here, she’s here! So Mo Qianni is personally supervising the test……” The fatty beside him starts acting like he took some Ecstasy, he was excited to the point that he started shifting his butt on the seat, his two wolf-like eyes stares hard at the lady in uniform named Mo Qianni. It is not just fatty whose mood got excited, even the other men also reveal earnest gazes, they too obviously viewed this tender flower as their prey!

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