Chapter 24: Delivering Food

Chapter 24: Delivering Food

Even Yuanye, who promised TangTang to deal with Yang Chen became tongue-tied and terrified. The two other men who witnessed Yang Chen’s driving skills were also dumbstruck and cowering behind Yuanye, without the guts to take another look at him.

Only TangTang had a different look in her eyes, as if she noticed something exciting. The way she looked at Yang Chen totally changed in that moment.

Yang Chen claps his hands, somewhat unsatisfied and shook his head, then gave Yuanye a teasing smile, “Young master, do you still want to stand up for this little girl?”

Originally Yang Chen thought, when Yuanye witnesses his absolutely overwhelming presence, he would choose to back off and no longer stand up for TangTang, but Yuanye’s behavior was instead beyond his expectations.

After a short little tremble, Yuanye continued to resolutely stand in front of TangTang, his tone was no longer as domineering as before, but still just as resolute as he said: “I admit your skills are very strong, but don’t think I’ll be afraid of you just because of that, I will definitely protect TangTang.”

Apparently TangTang did not expect Yuanye to unswervingly stay and protect her, her eyes show that she was quite touched, but she doesn’t speak any words of gratitude.

Yang Chen makes a weird smile and says: “Unexpectedly a dedicated emotional seedling, not bad not bad, pretty similar to me your uncle.” Yang Chen who just took in a mistress laughs out loud, turns and walks towards his M3.

“You’re just leaving like that!?” Yuanye stared blankly, then understands that Yang Chen has let him go.

Yang Chen returns to the BMW, and blinks at Yuanye, “You’re Yuanye right? You might feel that some of the words I say is me acting old, and some of the words may sound cliche. On behalf of your character being pretty good, let me tell you. Don’t think too highly of yourself in the future, the phrase ‘a man beyond a man and a sky beyond a sky’ is not blindly made. I’m just advising you with no other intentions. However right now, you guys should no longer be stopping me from going home right?”

The two young men who were blocking the road have long been hiding in a corner, who would still dare to obstruct him? Yang Chen starts the car and quickly left the scene.

Watching the BMW gradually drive off into the distance, Yuanye and TangTang finally came to their senses, but were still unable to make heads or tails of what happened.

“Such a strange person.”  Yuanye has a little lingering fear, on his handsome face was both discontent and reverence.

Yet TangTang instead has a face of freshness, with a pair of beautiful pupils full of wittiness, no one could possibly know what crafty ideas were going about in her mind.

Returning to the villa at Dragon Garden, WangMa welcomed him the moment he entered, and with a warm smile said: “Young Master you’re back, have you eaten? If you haven’t, I’ll heat up some dishes.”

Yang Chen rubbed his stomach, considering the piston exercise with Rose in the afternoon, along with racing and pummeling people earlier, he totally forgot to eat. Yang Chen promptly laughed and asks WangMa to prepare a meal.

After gulping down two bowls of rice on the western dining table, Yang Chen finally burped in satisfaction, he faces the satisfied-looking WangMa and said: “The feeling of having someone who cooks at home is so great, especially someone who cooks as well as WangMa.”

WangMa cleans up the table while happily saying, “It’s good as long as Young Master likes it, compared to what Young Master had done, I could only cook and watch the house.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Chen was a little confused.

Hesitating for a moment, WangMa face turned a little bitter, “Young Master, today when master came, if it wasn’t for young master, Little Miss would most likely be incredibly angry again today.”

Yang Chen understands in a flash, so it’s just about the father-daughter matter in the day between Lin Kun and Lin Ruoxi. Not knowing to laugh or to cry Yang Chen says, “From what I see Ruoxi is already pretty angry, being called by her own father a…… being called that, any daughter would get angry.”

WangMa shook her head, “Young Master has no idea, Little Miss may be angry, but this time cannot compare to the last two times. A few days ago, Master brought Little Miss to a marriage meeting with Xu family’s Young Master, he even used the old villa to threaten Little Miss, Little Miss was so angry that she ran out to drink. When she returned her whole body smelled like alcohol, the day before she didn’t even return home, and spent the night out. I’ve watched Little Miss grow up, our family’s Little Miss has always been very self-disciplined, if not for getting that angry, she definitely wouldn’t get drunk.

Yang Chen awkwardly rubbed his nose, I know right, drunk to the point of being oblivious that someone drugged her, and even letting me sleep with her like a bar hostess, if it wasn’t for me she wouldn’t even know who did it.

“Things are better now,” WangMa gratifyingly said: “With Young Master here, it will no longer be so easy for Master to bully Little Miss anymore, sure enough having a man in the house is the only way to live in peace.”

Yang Chen was embarrassed to continue listening, and changed the conversation topic by saying: “WangMa, where’s Ruoxi? Has she eaten?”

WangMa sourly smiled and said, “Little Miss is upstairs working in the study room, after being disturbed by the matter with Master in the day, only in the evening did calm down and have the mood to work, saying there’s not enough time left for work, she hasn’t even eaten dinner.”

“This isn’t the way, one cannot function on an empty stomach, even if pouring all effort into work she still has to eat right?” Yang Chen frowned.

“That’s what I think too, but Little Miss is stubborn, once she starts working she doesn’t even allow us to knock on the door, and also doesn’t allow us to bring things for her, otherwise she would get angry.” WangMa’s expression was both helpless and doting.

Yang Chen ponders for a moment. The future may be a mystery, but at least now she’s still my wife, if she starves I won’t feel good about it, therefore he says : “WangMa help me prepare another portion of food, I will send it to Ruoxi.”

“Really? Perhaps if it is you, Young Master, sending it Little Miss would eat,” as if WangMa had been hoping for Yang Chen to say that, she happily rushed to the kitchen.

Soon, Yang Chen carried a tray full of steaming dishes up to the door of Lin Ruoxi’s study on the second floor. From the outside not a sound could be heard from beyond this scarlet door.

Yang Chen raised his hand to knock the door, but there’s no reaction. Under the basis of his extraordinary hearing, it was so silent that Yang Chen felt it was strange.

With a little confusion, Yang Chen pulled open the door to the study himself, and quietly entered.

In the room, a vast array for books greet him, being placed neatly in all directions of this spacious room, a mixed smell of paper and Lin Ruoxi’s body fragrance filled the room. Between two artistic pots of bamboo was a big mahogany office table, atop of it was filled with various kinds of documents and books.

The Lin Ruoxi of this moment, was surprisingly sitting on a black leather chair, leaning on the office table asleep.

With a peerlessly pretty sleeping face that was missing its usual coldness, her curvy slender eyebrows, delicate little jade nose, tender-slim red lips, every single part was an attraction. The bright table lamp refracts the head full of wavy black hair’s attractive luster.

Suddenly witnessing his wife’s soft and weak side, Yang Chen feels a little regretful, as a woman, she’s under so much pressure and yet she’s still has to desperately work. It is no wonder her smile has never been revealed despite being this beautiful. Thinking that, Yang Chen is unable to avoid feeling pity.

With the meal placed on the table, Yang Chen observed the study. He walks to a clothes hanger and takes a coat off, slowly walks back, then covers Lin Ruoxi’s body with it. He gently places the coat over her, fearing that she will wake up from the noise. Done with the coat, Yang Chen turns off the table lamp, bringing the room to complete darkness and leaves the room silently.

Downstairs, WangMa was already busy in the kitchen, seeing that it is still early, Yang Chen turns on the huge LED TV in the living room, lies on the big comfy sofa and watches the evening news.

Not long since, a ‘Da Da Da’ sound of footsteps comes from the staircase, Yang Chen turns, and sees his wife Lin Ruoxi already downstairs. In her hands is the coat he put on her, and she looks at him with a complicated expression.

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