Chapter 23: The Young Lady’s Threat

Chapter 23: The Young Lady’s Threat

TangTang was a little stunned by what Yang Chen said, but immediately followed up with a ‘gege’ sound of laughter, revealing a somewhat strange look, “Uncle, you’re very humorous.”

“I do not know whether I’m humorous or not, but I need to trouble you guys to open the road, I want to go home.” With that said, Yang Chen glanced at the two men.

The two men just regained their senses from the dangerous situation earlier, hearing Yang Chen ask them to give way, one of the two, a boy with hair dyed yellow gives a cold hmph, laughs and says: “Give way? You just did such a dangerous thing to our big sis TangTang, without even lowering your head or an apology and yet you want to leave? The way you think is too simple!”

“Big sis TangTang, how about we make a call for help?” The other long-haired man recommended with a somewhat threatening tone.

TangTang pouts, “What nonsense are you spouting, did I say I want to do something to this uncle?

“Then big sis TangTang you……” The two men were somewhat surprised.

TangTang sweetly smiled, faced Yang Chen and said: “Uncle, your driving skills earlier is so cool, just like those in the movies, can you teach me?” With that said, she reveals a youthful longing look exclusive to young ladies, that makes others instantly grow affection for her.

The two henchmen seems to never have thought TangTang would suddenly request for a driving coach, but thinking of Yang Chen’s tail swinging moves, they too reveal a little longing. Despite the fact that they have good cars, they aren’t able pull off such cool driving moves.

Yang Chen shook his head somewhat unhappily, “No way, it’s too dangerous, you’re all still young, be good go home and sleep, don’t go racing late at night.”

Hearing these words, TangTang’s smiling face totally collapsed, she made a hmph sound and said : “Uncle, the reason I asked you to teach, is because your driving skills are not bad, it is me thinking highly of you. But don’t you think for a moment that the scene of you nearly killing me earlier is already forgotten.”

These words led Yang Chen to be unable to hold back from laughing, “Oh? How do you want to settle it?”

“Aren’t you great at driving? Don’t you wanna go home? Good, then I will call people here to wreck your car. Then see how you’re going to drive, and how you will go home!” TangTang proudly pulled her hand away, and the yellow-haired man at the back immediately followed the command, he happily drew out a brand new iPhone and made a call.

“Big bro Yuanye, big sis TangTang is being bullied, hurry and come!” The yellow-haired man shouted, and gave Yang Chen a mean smile, apparently judging Yang Chen to be finished.

Yang Chen pulled out a cigarette with slight interest, the night is long, and he also doesn’t mind disciplining these naughty rich kids.

“Uncle, right now this is your last chance to reconsider, are you going to obediently teach me? Or will you let you and your car receive a little punishment tonight?” TangTang’s pink wig lightly blows in the wind, the beautiful face is, at this moment, unlikeable just like a little devil.

As if hearing the least convincing words Yang Chen ignored her. Yang Chen has always been lazy to make unnecessary extra moves onto people, he slowly turned his head away, looking towards the several cars closing in rapidly.

In a flash, three sports cars stop in front of Yang Chen, the leading car is actually the new Audi R8, another magnificent car with a V8 engine, the black body showed the great texture lines of the car, in the dark night like a proud black knight.

Very quickly, coming out from the R8 was a handsome young man wearing a Versace shirt, sharp angular face, starry eyes with sword-like brows, upright posture, and a head full of short hair that gives the feeling of being energetic. He is approximately twenty years old, but seemed very mature.

The moment this young man named Yuanye stepped out of his car, four male bodyguards in black suits stuck to his back, tightly protecting him.

Seeing this scene, Yang Chen’s eyes gained some playfulness, in this generation those who drive supercars may not necessarily be extremely rich, there are things like payment by installments, but people able to hire bodyguards, within the entire ZhongHai are the few within few, they are either rich and powerful or an incomparably important person.

Yuanye only took one look at Yang Chen, and immediately averts his gaze, as if looking for one more second would be a waste.

“TangTang, what happened?” Yuanye reveals a warm smile to TangTang and asked.

TangTang pouts impatiently, as if she doesn’t care about giving Yuanye face, she signalled to the other two behind her to speak.

The two henchmen are perhaps also considered rich family’s young masters, but in the presence of this young man named Yuanye they turned extremely tame, they greeted “big bro Yuanye” and explained the dangerous scene to him.

Once Yuanye heard TangTang nearly got killed by Yang Chen’s car, his eyebrows tightened together, from his initial gaze at Yang Chen of disdain, gradually changing into cold anger.

“Don’t worry TangTang , I will settle this matter.” Yuanye as before spoke to TangTang very warmly, but now made a “move” hand gesture to the four black clothed men.

The four bodyguards neatly nodded, then moved forward together, an imposing pressure instantly rises.

Yet Yang Chen laughed, seems like these bodyguards have went through military training, only soldiers have this type of aura, however this little bit of aura is still completely useless.

The four bodyguards initially intended to simply throw a few punches to satisfy the master’s request, but who knew, even before getting 3 steps closer to Yang Chen, they felt a strong aura flooding out like a raging tsunami!

These guys who were all soldiers before had their backs starting to sweat. Their nearly completely degenerated keen senses told them, this man is extremely dangerous! At an unprecedented level!!

Just like a tiny cyclone, directly slamming into the entire sea’s cold waves, the feeling of being unable to fight back emits from their hearts.

Yuanye, upon seeing the four bodyguards stop is extremely unhappy, “What’s going on? Settling one person is so hard? Do you need me to do it myself?”

The four bodyguards look at each other and sourly smiles, after taking someone’s money to help protect them from misfortune, as a bodyguard servant, despite knowing that they are courting death, they still have to go!

At seemingly the same time, the four uniformly charges at Yang Chen, with violent fists and kicks thrown towards the left, right and lower body of Yang Chen at the same time!

Yang Chen blew a final breath of smoke, and tossed the cigarette butt with sparks into the air, his pair of legs lightly tapped the ground, and the body flowingly made a forward somersault, as he lands, he is already behind the four bodyguards, barely dodging the four people.

Immediately after, Yang Chen throws his hands towards the back, and accurately catches two bodyguard’s back collar, the two bodyguard’s bodies come to a halt, and they feel an irresistible force pulling on to them from behind. Involuntarily, the two bodyguards flew away!

Just like in a movie’s special effects, Yang Chen’s body makes use of the counter force of throwing the two bodyguards to fall backwards, at the same time, his two arms bend, and he directly elbows at the remaining two bodyguard’s lumbar spines!

In the flash it took to execute these moves, the four bodyguards that were charging forward, have all been knocked down onto the ground, wailing in pain, unable to crawl back up.

The cigarette butt tossed into the air by Yang Chen, only now falls onto the asphalt road, and shoots out several tiny sparks.

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