Chapter 229-2: As consolation

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 229-2: As consolation

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He saw Li Jingjing who wore a beige collared shirt with a gray-white checkered skirt supporting Old Li who didn’t seem to be in the best of health walking over.

Li Jingjing who he hadn’t seen or contacted for a while seemed more haggard than before, but she exuded a more mature and confident aura as well. As she walked over, her feminine figure and beautiful unadorned face attracted the gazes of numerous passersby.

Ever since Old Li laid out his desires for Yang Chen to stop interfering with Li Jingjing’s future, Yang Chen silently put up a wall between him and Li Jingjing. He didn’t allow himself to see her, but now that he had once again seen this girl whom he used to be close to… that could now be considered a woman, Yang Chen found it hard to hide how much he missed her and how gratified he felt to see her.

Old Li and Li Jingjing both saw Yang Chen at the entrance. Old Li was rather surprised and happy, while Li Jingjing looked at him with complex emotions and lowered her head.

“Little Yang, I didn’t expect to bump into you here, is there something wrong with your health?” Asked Old Li.

“No, I’m just here to see a friend. Old Li, are you ill?” Yang Chen didn’t look at Li Jingjing more, and instead greeted Old Li with a smile.

Old Li sighed, “I’m old and my posture is bad. My intervertebral disk is giving me problems. Since it’s a Saturday morning, Jingjing doesn’t need to go to school, so she brought me here to have it checked.”

“You should take care of yourself, don’t wear yourself out. Right now, this problem shouldn’t be that bad.” Yang Chen took out his phone to take a look at the time, “I still have matters to attend to, so I’ll be going now. Let’s meet up for a drink sometime soon.”

Old Li didn’t hold Yang Chen up. He just nodded and said goodbye to him.

Seeing Yang Chen just walk off into the distance like that without even taking a look at her or saying a word to her, Li Jingjing’s eyes reddened a little. She bit her lip, and remained silent.

Old Li noticed his daughter’s reaction and sighed, “Jingjing, Dad and Mom are doing this for your own good. Little Yang is a good person, but he’s not someone you should be falling in love with.”

Li Jingjing revealed bitterness and unwillingness, but there was also a peculiar shine in her eyes.

On the other side, Yang Chen had gotten into his car. He shut his eyes for a while and shook his head to clear away Li Jingjing’s downcast expression from his head. Just as he was about to start the car, his phone rang.

He took at a look at the number, and was sure that he had never seen it before, but he still picked it up.

“Hello, is this Mr. Yang?” The voice on the phone was a rather unfamiliar and neutral male voice.

Yang Chen’s knit his brows together, “Zhou Dongcheng?”

The caller immediately giggled. This man was using a woman’s way of laughing, but it seemed incredibly real.

“Please call me Chanel, Mr. Yang. I’m really happy that you could recognize me through my voice.” Chanel was overjoyed.

Yang Chen had an awkward smile as he said, “You’re really bold. With your intelligence, you should know that the one who initiated that large-scale attack from behind the scenes was me. Aren’t you afraid of exposing your whereabouts?”

“I know that you wouldn’t bother with a weak lady like me, Mr. Yang. That’s why I feel at ease with giving you a call after finding your phone number.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Chen snickered inside. This fellow was indeed smart, for he indeed had no interest in killing him, and wasn’t even interested in making things difficult for him.

“I’m about to leave the country. Before leaving, I wish to meet you once more…… Just think of it as consolation for me by seeing me off. Is that... possible?”

Yang Chen remained silent for a while, then sighed, “Tell me where then. Choose somewhere where you’d feel safe.”

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